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Birthday week Day 5 – Taking time to pamper

On day 5 of my birthday week countdown, I embrace the importance of taking time for yourself. To pamper yourself or do whatever else that makes you feel good. Life is hectic more times than none and it’s easy to skip routines and rituals, tossing them to the wayside in a day that never has enough hours. I have written about it many times and continue to do so, because it’s important and keeping a good balance is life changing.

It’s on this day 5 that send this reminder out to you, and myself, but honestly it feels like I have already turned this into an entire week of pampering. Some of these things I have skipped for far too long, and this week I reintroduced to nourish and take care of myself. Plus you’d be amazed what it can do for your self esteem. Let’s get it straight… life pulls and tugs, it takes us in a million directions each day. At home we relax and let ourselves go. We deserve it, right, and we have worked hard. We are in the comfort of our home, so who’s gonna see anyways! Am I right? But we don’t realize that we are actually doing ourselves and partners a disservice. That it affects our attitude and makes us settle into a routine. A routine that can have many side negative aspects, including being a killer of all romance. So you hopeless romantics out there hear me when I’m saying that it’s not a matter of dressing up, but what about sexy messy? And even if you do dress up and wear your Sunday best, I’d say go for it. What I’m talking about is the messy bun, the long shirt and bare legs, painted toes in leg warmers, maybe no make up but only lipstick. Not practical and you are a busy Mom with kids? You still need to find time to pamper yourself, whatever that means to you. It can be physically or psychologically. A pampered mind is just as important. So if it means you take time out of your day to read, stargaze, dream as the clouds roll by, take a walk in the rain, nap, do some arts and crafts, listen to music or whatever it might be, please give yourself that gift.

My pamper week so far included taking extra care of my skin. It’s summer and healthy, hydrated skin is beautiful all year around but especially in the summer when we showcase it more than usual. Mine happens to glow more since I started the Green juice and with four days in the books I have lost 6 lbs. (In weight, but in reality it feels like much more counting the emotional baggage that so often weighs us down. And PS. this prescheduled Post was written Sunday, 3 days prior to posting it and I hope more pounds have come off by the time this goes active.)

I have started using skincare for my face and body again. Lotions and potions I still have from my days managing a high end beauty shop. Ok long story short, I’m lifting myself back to before the weight and age dragged my facial expressions down. 😂

One of my favorite pamper moments this week was when I decided to color my toe nails. I can’t remember the last time that I did and I loved it. It’s a small thing with a big impact, and immediately I felt sexier and pampered. So even if you have kids or are super busy, I think each woman has that super power and can do it. The way I see it is with painted toes, in legs warmers, bare legs, white long shirt, loose…maybe your mans dress shirt, hair up in a messy bun with red lips. If you need to tone it down maybe add leggings and lose the lipstick. What do you say…instant sex appeal and diva status hahaha. And what about you my dear male readers…wouldn’t you enjoy to see your woman like this? A win win if you ask me. ❤️

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Birthday week countdown Day 6 – Taking a dip

On day 6 of my birthday week countdown and the temperatures being in the 90’s all week, I am treating myself to a dip in the cool blue goodness of my favorite swimming hole. Water always helps the arthritis, loses any tension I might hold in the body, and just look at that place!!! Wouldn’t you love to hang there for the day?

It’s a moderate climb to the lake and the good thing is that it’s only a little over a mile. I don’t do well hiking in the heat and usually by the time I get there, sweating and all, the water is more than inviting to cool off. I remember back to as I hiked it the first time years ago and what challenge it was for me. Having to stop along the way and rest, struggling to catch my breath. It’s almost surreal to think back to it as I realize I was years younger but in worse shape than I am now. I have definitely gotten stronger and these days I can handle the trail with much more ease and without stopping. Even in the heat and I guess I’m just determined to get there sooner rather than later, knowing the water and the rewards await.

The spot I visit has a perfect, big, flat, rock at the water’s edge that is partially shaded by mid afternoon. Usually a breeze kicks up later in the day making it a perfect spot to escape the heat, do a little swimming, and take an afternoon nap. Even with temps in the 90’s down into in The Valley, up there at higher elevation, it usually feels comfortable and much better.

It’s also where “Slitherine” lives, a Mama water snake with her baby and it’s the only thing I’m less fond of. I’m sure it’s because several years back I dislocated my elbow in a fall almost stepping on a snake by accident, with over correcting on wet, slippery ground. Since then snakes and I are not the closest friends and I wasn’t happy seeing Mama snake hang out under the rocks where I enter the water. I thought for sure she would be startled just as much as I was and stay away. That was until I was sitting there, on a rock, feet in the water, all of a sudden seeing some movement and her slithering right over my shins. Yeah, unexpected, just like the huge scream I let out hahaha.

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Birthday week countdown Day 7 – Wishing Rocks

Picture taken from Pinterest

My birthday is arriving this month and talking to my girlfriend the other day, she asked me if I was looking forward to my birthday and if I was getting excited about it. For a moment I starred at her written question as if I was observing myself to see how I felt about it. What finally came to mind, was that although so much personal progress had been made recently, it also became apparent of how much hard work it really has been. I was determined and motivated no doubt, but was I enjoying the journey along the way? I couldn’t answer at first, but my realization came in the sense that I really have done very little on the fun side for myself. The pampering side, the laugh out loud side, something that would celebrate ME and all that I had accomplished. Instead I just powered through and kept on in the same manner. I knew I could use a break, and then suddenly I remembered another friend who has always celebrated her birthday with an entire birthday week, taking the week leading up to her birthday to do something meaningful for herself. I decided to partake this year and this is my first post, 7 days out from my birthday, counting down to day my special day with remembering wishing rocks.

I am an avid rock collector and have rocks from every place I ever hiked to. There is always one that catches my eye and my selection has grown quite large over the past 14 years of hiking. So large that on my quest to lighten my load, I have gone through many and relocated them in my front yard. It looks beautiful, but it was hard and I wish could say that this was my forever home where I can always admire them, but I know it isn’t and the time is nearing I will have to say a final goodbye. Yeah, weird I know, and yes we are still talking about rocks.

Somehow I’m attracted to the striped ones and I have a great many. Legend has it that if you find a rock with a white stripe running around it, it is a wishing rock. If you make a wish for yourself, it will come true, but if you make a wish for someone else, ALL your wishes will come true!

Today a wish goes out to whomever is reading this or not, for you to always be safe and that your deepest dreams to come true. 😉

Also last night at 3 AM my elderly neighbor was taken by ambulance and fire department. My prayers go out to here and I hope she is ok. Let’s send her some positive energy and healing vibes. Thank you.

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Today I release…

We constantly evolve. We change, and whether we realize it or not, we don’t stay the same. Our experiences shape us as we travel along the journey, with it leaving ever changing impressions on ourselves. Sometimes finding the timing to realize we have changed and changing our ways on how we deal with our experiences and lessons is not always in sync. Sometimes the same methods don’t work anymore and yet we try to tackle our lessons with old familiar tactics that are simply outdated. If we are not the same anymore, the same results all of a sudden no longer suffice.

But it’s not only our reactive state that’s most important, but also our consciousness and awareness. To recognize these times even if you look back on it in hindsight. You have still recognized it and have the opportunity to correct and address up it course of action. In all honesty, it’s quite a bit that comes at us most of the time, and why not release a little of the energy that makes us feel heavy and weighs us down.

So today I release….let’s say it together.

Toxic thoughts and emotions

Unhealthy environments

Unfruitful relationships

Thoughts of revenge and in forgiveness

Thoughts of envy and strife

Negative words I spoke about others

Negative words I have spoken about myself

I let it go today, right now and I love a life filled with love, peace and freedom.

You may face some of these points from time to time, and you don’t need to be perfect. You have just put it out there for the universe to hear and it’s your intention and your willingness, your awareness and your consciousness that counts. 🙏🏼

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The green mean juice

Picture taken from google

With the discovery of the natural remedies book and the Master Herbal course, a third sign knocked on my door to solidify my efforts and give them the willpower and strengths to withstand what was lying ahead.

I came across a video on YouTube, actually a documentary how Joe Cross changed his stars and turned around his health with the help of a juice reboot. He calls it the “green mean juice” although you think a name like “magic wonder potion” or something like it would be more fitting. Perhaps mean indeed in the sense of knocking out disease and being serious about better health. The documentary is called “Sick, fat, and nearly dead” and it resonated with me in a big way. There is a chronic illness that needed further tending to control, maybe I should rephrase that since I feel it is under control but needs to be send into remission further. There is physics weight I’d like to shed along with the material weight I am working on log lightening my load. And with all these things falling into path to keep going, misery, pain and death could wait a little longer.

Joe did nothing but juice for 60 days, plus incorporating some exercise and other lifestyle changes. I don’t remember how much weight he lost in the end, (but it was a lot) saving others who struggled along his journey, but his story and health improvements were remarkable. He reversed many conditions, got off of harsh pharmaceutical medicines, and again I felt that this was the next puzzle piece for myself. However, not going to the doctor for the ok to go ahead, I would start with only one juice per day instead of going all in.

I long sensed my rheumatoid arthritis being linked to my food intake. The wrong foods for that matter, foods my system can’t process and digest, resulting in adverse health conditions. Consequently I believed to suffer with poor gut health and toxins leaking into the blood stream from the foods consumed. I have never been diagnosed with it, I just know somehow. I had nothing to lose but everything to gain. Wednesday was my first day to take an active step. This post was written after completing 2 full days and here is what these days looked like…

Morning: 1 glass of veggie/fruit juice 80/20

For lunch I made soup out of the pulp. Yeah I know it doesn’t sound appealing, but it was actually pretty good and as you go through your regular food withdrawal, it is a welcome change.

Dinner: Mixed green salad with one egg and sardines in olive oil which became my salad dressing.

One the second night I indulged in homemade popcorn in olive oil.

The results and findings so far with only two days in.

Weight lost 5 lbs

An overall feeling of lightness beyond 5 lbs and I don’t feel so weighed down and heavy.

There are more times my joints (hands) move with more ease and seem fluid. The strain that often persists to make them work seems to have lessened and I feel good overall.

The food tastes better and by the evening the salad comes around, you truly have learned the meaning of mindful eating, which helps proper digestion and absorption of your food and nutrients. I heard the food cravings/hunger pains subside after a few days as your system adjusts and detoxes.

One of the big ones I thought to give up was my coffee in the morning, but even that has been easier than I thought it would be. I always enjoyed my coffee, but as of lately I seldom finished my one cup in the morning, and my relationship to it has changed. It almost feels like a higher power was trying to prepare me for the juice reboot. It reminds me of how it was as I quit smoking. Mind over matter and the urge to give in only lasts a few moments. Put it out of your mind and stop entertaining the torture. You know that you can do it.

Over the past two days I actually felt some hunger pains and every time I do, I just drink more water. Overall it has been a great experience and I look forward to how this continues.

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A few days after the natural remedies book fell into my lap, another sign appeared confirming that I was on the right path. It felt a little like a urge to keep going, to continue the thought process I had entertained, although I hadn’t bought the book yet.

As mentioned before I dabbled into homeopathy a little bit here and there, always looking for ways to cut out toxins and inflammation, while leading a healthier lifestyle. With much under control already, there was also much left to go. To seal the deal and into my lap it fell, was an affordable online course to become a certified master herbalist. 😳 There was no denying it was a message, just like it had been in April of last year as the Reiki course miraculously fell into my lap in the same manner. Right away I recalled all the successes since becoming a Reiki master, and the rest is really history. I bought the course and with only one chapter in and 9 to go, I am not perfectly a 100% but I am at a passing score and plan to keep it that way. Wish me luck… 😉

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Back at the ranch

With the trip concluded and back at the ranch (back home), there was no denying that my time spent, brought much needed bliss to my soul. I had scaled mountains, and pushed myself to new heights, crossing a waterfall with rushing waters, while feeling more sure footed than usual. My body felt stronger than ever, and I had the feeling that I had turned a corner, reaching a new milestone. A few times I felt near tears, wanting to give up and just sit it out, not taking another step and just give in to that inner voice of exhaustion that wanted me to stop, give up, and rest. I struggled with it especially during the last hike, but it became apparent that much of it is mental and that you can push past it, and so I did. I slept on the ground, under the stars. I grounded with Mother Earth, a little stiff the next morning but full of healing, and I saw majestic places many never see in their lifetime.

Sure I had trips like that before, and was no stranger to moments like these, and yet something was different this time around. I didn’t immediately knew what it was, but the answers literally fell into my lap. Something had shifted, something was no longer the same that would allow me to continue in the same old fashion as always. I was no longer the same and I like to think that I was evolving to a better version of myself, one with improved health. I couldn’t pinpoint the exact time it happened, but being out there, I felt it and it was liberating. Pain is the worst, debilitating, and robs you of your life quality. It was gone for the most part and I would say that walking more, kundalini yoga and my spiritual growth, all contributed to this shift. Now that I was “here”, I also knew that new circumstances required new measures because if you continue to do the same old things, you will get the same old results. And if you are not happy with your now, maybe you need to take a different approach to yield a different outcome. I was ready to move on and recognized the moment.

Either way, I felt gifted and grateful, and somehow I knew that I was perfectly aligned to take the “Now what” question to the next level. To somehow find the courage to take the next step in this transformational journey of my life, even though much of the insight would come in hindsight and was only revealing in tiny pieces.

Shortly after getting home, one of the gifts that fell into my lap was the discovery of a book about natural remedies for all kinds of ailments. I felt called to expand my learning and take the occasional dabble in homeopathy I was already practicing to the next level. I’ve long loved the natural approach to healing and I’m not a big fan of conventional medicine and big Pharma. There was a time, long ago when I had to take the steroids and the harsh medicines that did more damage than good, because I was in so much pain from the rheumatoid arthritis. Back then I couldn’t function and had to mask the pain so I could go to work and earn a living. It was a costly bandaid to ease the pain but treat nothing in any way. Much has changed since then and it’s been years that I tossed those harsh drugs into the trash. With the help of energy healing I have learned to control my pain levels and with an entire year + under my belt, my focus is shifting to repair the damage caused from this chronic disease I carried for so many years. Sure it can flare at any moment and come back full force, but in the meantime I’m arming myself with knowledge and health where I can to combat it if it does.

Not too long ago I discovered essential oils and I fell in love. I have treated allergies, headaches, pain, an earache, stress, swelling and inflammation so far with great success. Was this the next step? It surely felt it was.

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Being humble

Being humble doesn’t mean that you can’t show off from time to time, and that you have to hide all your uniqueness, beauty and talents. No, but being humble means recognizing that we are not on earth to see how important we can become, but to see how m h difference we can make in the lives of others.

~Gordon B. Hinckley

Can you imagine how much this would change the world and how we interact with each other? I see a world flooded with love and compassion and it takes each one of us to make a start. To try and start our days with the goal of impacting somebody positively throughout our day. Once we have that down packed, it becomes second nature and we build on it.

You might say “nobody has ever done that to me, or nobody has ever treated me right.” I know what it feels like and there will always be cause and reaction, but you don’t have to be a product of someone else’s bad behavior. Wouldn’t you agree that you are much better than that? Somebody treating you poorly, does not excuse it give you the right to pay it forward, become disgruntled and now treat others the same. You have bridge to cross, a decision to make which path you are going done. Choose wisely.