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The little chapel 

While exploring a few pictures from my vacation in Maui, this one stood out and I remember it as if I was just there. We traveled another narrow road, this time going into the opposite direction from Hana, as it was winding it’s way along the coastline. Along rocky volcanic outcrops and dream island beaches, every turn brought new beauty to our eyes. Visiting a blowhole was on our agenda for the day as we took our time taking in beautiful, never before seen sights. 

Coming around another lucious forested bend, a tiny chapel caught our attention. Nestled into a setting beautiful and serene, it laid amidst the green grass framed by flowers and a vibrant hillside. Overlooking the ocean and sitting above a black sand beach, we watched the waves crash ashore in a never ending repeat. It was a sunny day with the bluest of skies and a few clouds for added drama. Life in paradise was perfect. 

I wondered how many visitors the quaint little chapel saw each week and what services were performed here. For sure it would be limited and only house a few people in a very private setting. It really didn’t matter as I allowed my thoughts to paint their own vision. The picture my eyes saw, the location of the chapel, the unique and small size was perfect in every way, leaving me wishing to attend a gathering while giving thanks to a new day, the friendly people encountered and the beautiful landscape waiting to be explored and gazed upon once more.

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Beach Day

Maui was beautiful during my visit in February of 2015. I had just left the “Ugly Beauty Store” behind me and I was on the road of finding my own truths while healing and putting some bad experiences far behind me. Maui was a dream and just what the doctor ordered. My mind was distracted by so much to see, even if it was only temporary, I had piece of mind and it was all that mattered. 

The ocean was beautiful, from the colors of the water to it’s sea turtles emerging and resting at the beach, to the countless seashells that washed ashore and the whales in the distance swimming by, emerging every once in a while to take a deep breath and blowing water way up into the sky from their blowholes. 

The vegetation was a luscious jungle, green and full of life that we often enjoyed observing from our enclosed and furnished porch. It felt as if we were in the Amazon, backed up to the jungle with all of it’s mysterious creatures, tropical blooms and stunning beauty. 

The roads were narrow and we drove the famous highway to Hana that is only 52 miles long but roughly takes about 2.5 hours to drive. The highway passes over 59 bridges, 46 of them being one laned. The stretch includes 620 curves and you can imagine the adventure one finds themselves on when attempting to drive this narrow highway, locals zip through as if it was no big deal. I imagine them dealing with their own frustration when it comes to driving this heavily traveled tourist marvel. 

Maui stays on my mind from the constant sound of a rooster crowing outside my bedroom window each morning. I was surprised to hear it the first time and it came unexpected. I live in an area that is not zoned for farm animals and immediately it made me think of Hawaii. Roosters roam freely there, walk the streets and wake you up in the middle of the night or before the sun begins to rise. It was funny at first and it was definitely a “What the heck” kind of moment as we heard it the first time, but laughter turned into annoyance after a few days, ha. I’m not sure I would want to deal with it all the time, but in a way I already do with my local rooster. At least this one sleeps at night and doesn’t start to crow until 8AM. A blessing in disguise and the silver lining after all.

But today I’m leaving the rooster and the traffic behind and remember this beautiful day at the beach while dreaming of relaxing in the warm Maui sun. 

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Chipmunk – Spirit Animal 

Chipmunks and squirrels are a frequent sight when I’m out on the trail. It’s not uncommon to encounter them in their natural territory, yet every once in awhile one hangs out and is just a little more mischievous. I’m not sure about the significance of waking up this morning with a chipmunk on my mind. Was there a particular reason this little furry critter crossed my mind? Could it be that I dreamed about an adventure running through lush meadows, having a picnic with my animal kingdom friends while frolicking in nature? I don’t know and I seldom remember any of my dreams, but my curiosity was peaked. How did the chipmunk fit into the picture today? 

It seems that these days everything has a meaning and is some sort of a spiritual sign, so it was no surprise to learn that chipmunks are spirit animals. I find it amazing of how much my awareness has raised, how trusting my intuition has become and how rewarding the journey, the adventure can be when you don’t resist and when you are grateful for the current moment. I can only imagine reading about raising your vibration is associated with what I just described and a positive outlook. 
 The symbolic meaning of the chipmunk stands for changes and revelations. Seeing the initial description made me smile. “What a surprise there” came to mind as I continued on to learn more. Chipmunk announces that something good is on the way. Something that will delight your heart and make you smile and laugh. (I’m smiling already). Chipmunk has hidden pathways and tunnels in proper sight all around us, popping up out of nowhere while sharing the energy of play and exploration. Chipmunk loves a good adventure and exploration while noticing every little change within its environment. A pebble or leaf out of place, chipmunk will notice and tell anyone near by who is willing to listen to the changes of the environment. The chipmunk totem brings the gift of artistic endeavors and creativity while teaching the magic of intuition and wishes being granted. My intuition is strong already but I’m wishing and dreaming big right now as I manifest these changes to take root within my life. The dreamer within me is in hot pursuit of its “Happily ever after” and believes that wishes and dreams come true every day. That magic is around the corner for all of us and is hiding in every secret tunnel and pathway. Believe, seek and you shall find…

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A matter of mind 

Being the sucker for quotes that I am, I constantly come across quotes that either validate what I already feel or a few new ones that open my eyes even wider to take in all the beauty that surrounds me. To find a new appreciation for the gifts I already have received while feeling perfectly content in the current moment and my “Now”. It’s not perfect by no means and most might say and believe that life is never perfect, that there are always battles to be fought and that you always have to have things to strive for. Yes and no as long as we don’t forget to appreciate what we already have and don’t allow our ambitions and goals to turn into discontent. 

The quote that spoke to me today: 

“The moment you start acting like life is a blessing, it starts feeling like one”

Dream big, chase your stars and appreciate all the gifts you already have.

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Will work for travel

I have mentioned it so many times before that I just love my time off. I love it more than money and I can’t even say that I ever loved money. I got paid twice for two days off to my recent ocean trip. Sure, nobody will complain about seeing a little extra cash on their paycheck, but I rather see that PTO (personal time off) balance healthy and well and didn’t cared about losing those hours. I’m planning on taking those two days anyways without pay, just so I can enjoy my time away and my solace.

Money is necessary to live and survive, but my riches come from my freedom and being out in nature. I love exploring new places and let the wind carry me wherever it may. But I also love old familiar and favorite ones that instill comfort and peace. My mind has been working overtime lately, trying to place all the puzzle pieces, understand my intuition and the signs and messages from the world around me. I know that I have talked a lot about this lately and maybe I am losing some readers with things that might only make sense to me right now. But hopefully I’m also reaching a few that can relate and love to share in the journey. Bare with me please…..

I’m excited about the future even I don’t see a clear picture yet, but here are a few glimpses of what occupies my mind and could come to fruition in the near future. 

  • A international move back to my home country
  • Matters of the heart, closing doors and opening new ones
  • Strengthening and deepening relationships with friends and people of my tribe
  • Minimalism and giving up most material things I have worked for over my life in order to end up richer than ever before
  • A thru hike and spending a few month on the trail 
  • A tiny home (on wheels) or a school bus
  • Travel, lots and lots of it, while seeing the world
  • Publishing my book and indulging in other artistic hobbies
  • A new four legged fur baby that has been long long overdue 

Just to mention a few 😉 and I’m sure the list is not all inclusive. Times are changing…..stay tuned. 

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City by the bay

San Francisco – Cultural melting pod 

This picture was taken on one of those rare occasions when the Golden Gate wasn’t shrouded into a foggy cloud cover. I got lucky and snapped away. Even the seagulls came out but the waters remained choppy. 

Sometimes we get a mixture of things and can’t have it all, but that is only if we can’t appreciate the gifts we already have. It doesn’t always have to be perfect and that itself is perfectly perfect. 

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The Entertainment Blogger Award 

Thank you so much Sunny for the nomination to the Entertainment Blogger Award. It’s always a great honor and still to this day it feels a little like as if I just won an Oscar. My favorite part is to pay it forward, pay homage to my nominators and highlight other writers. I will never forget the first award I received and how special it made me feel, it’s definitely a feeling that needs to be shared. Please make sure to stop at Sunny’s labor of love and find yourself inspired while saying hi. 


 • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

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 • Answer all the questions below.

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 • Nominate other bloggers who are funny, inspiring and most important of all ENTERTAINING!

I always had a passion for writing and kept a diary from little on. It was my confidant, something that always listened to me, even though it never spoke back. It knew my heart and my struggles growing up without a Father. It always had time for me when I was ready to talk (write) and it never judged me. Qualities that I still found missing in the real world as an adult. I decided to share my journey in the hopes of helping others who might struggle. To offer a different perspective, to show that it can be done and to hopefully inspire and motivate. Further I would like to become a writer (Storyteller) and this platform is a great way to see if anybody would even care to listen to my ramblings  😉


This is very difficult to pick only one and if you follow my blog, then you know that I’m a bit of a bookworm. If I had to pick one for the sake of the “Now” and what is currently inspiring me, I would have to pick a recent book that my friend Kyle Rohrig has written after finishing a Thru-Hike of the Appalachian trail. This book inspires me beyond means and has been a key piece for me on my own spiritual journey of living to the fullest vs. being alive. It is down to earth as he writes in the same manner he would talk to you and it is a true testament to the human spirit and that anythjng is possible. It is full of dedication and discipline, a hunger for a life away from conventional norms. Inspired by comradeship and bonds, a means of finding what truly matters while being stripped down to a “less is more” theory, it showcases the adventures that will fuel the memories of a lifetime. It’s a must read for anyone who considers themselves to be an adventurer, hiker, freedom seeker or has questions on how to escape the routine and do more of what YOU like. Since completing the Appalachian Trail, Kyle and his Shiba Inu Katana aka Catfox have completed the Pacific Crest Trail and are starting their triple crown adventure of the 3100 mile long Continental Divide Trail tomorrow. If you would like to follow their adventures you can do so here at Boundlessroamad. Let’s cheer them on in the quest of a lifetime. 



I would have to say arrogance and entitlement while belittling other people. We are all in the same boat, we all bleed the same and it is not about cutting the next person down but rather lending a hand while helping each other. Nobody is better and we all deserve only the best. Life is tough enough but it’s also beautiful. 


Mmmmh that is a tough one since I don’t eat at the mall. But if I had to, I’d probably have Chinese food to offset the fast food guilt with lots of vegetables and something halfway nutritional. 


Being on my own time to pursue whatever of my many interests peaks at that given time. I love hiking, writing, travel, photography, art, reading, music, my motorcycle, creating some sort of crafts, animals, knitting etc. It’s really limitless as I explore many different avenues to always discover new hobbies and favorite past times. I love to push the boundaries between reality and the fairytale that I try to encompass into my artistic expression. I’m a dreamer…..

Our mixed box
Avid observer

As always, please have fun with this but do remember that there is no obligation to participate.  

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Triple digits 🔥

It’s gonna be another triple digit day today but, it’s suppose to cool off into the mid 90’s. Haaaa, what a cooling trend and that’s still plenty hot. The heat is draining me and I feel exhausted even though I just had two days off. I need a nap, run around naked or find a body of water. And hey today is national naked hiker day and I could accomplish all three, but I’m at work instead and somehow it doesn’t sound like a great trade off. 

This picture seems to be fitting for my mood today and I wished I could soak up the rays while being submerged in a cool body of blue. To dream the day away and smile towards heaven with not a care in mind. 

Stay cool out there…..Xo

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Butterfly – Spirit Animal 

A butterfly fluttered into my life yesterday, twice and then again today. It’s summer and you could say it’s common to see these little fairy winged beauties everywhere. No big deal, right? And maybe you would even say that I have become over aware and try to see a sign in everything, as if making something out of nothing. I’ve considered it and thought so myself at first but I know that it isn’t so and I know that I’m guided by intuition and that I’m meant to see those signs. It was late afternoon yesterday as I stepped out into the front yard to check on my newly planted sunflowers. They’ve undergone a little shock being transplanted and losing some of their roots, but there tough and luckily they are hanging in there for me. I was out for maybe 20 seconds, so not long at all as the huge yellow butterfly flew into the yard. Still no big deal, but it flew straight towards me and started to circle me. Over and over, it flew around me as I slowly stretched my arms out in front of me. I was hoping it would land on me, but it didn’t and eventually flew off into the yard again. It stayed close and after watching for awhile I went back inside. 

Later on, during the evening hours I went back outside to water. Not thinking anything about it, I had long forgotten about the butterfly incident, let alone that it could be a potential messenger from my spirit animals. It never crossed my mind and apparently I had written the whole incident off to coincidence, it being summertime. And then it happened again and the butterfly reappeared soon after I entered the yard. And again it wasn’t the usual flutter by, but the rather unusual behavior as if it was trying to catch my attention and bring awareness to something. I would have missed it all together had it not come back for a second time. This was not normal and I went to research if butterflies could be spirit messengers. No surprise that they were and within a short time a lizard came into my life, then a caterpillar and now a beautiful yellow butterfly. Here is what I found out.
“Unquestionably embrace what is being offered right now. Accept the changes in your life” Butterfly
Further it was said that if a butterfly has fluttered into your life that massive changes are afoot. (Further proof of what I already know and feel) The physical transformation of energy around you is taking root and may expand in ways that surprise you. (I’m ready) Release any expectation you might have about the outcome and try not to control it. Simply let it flow through you and keep the faith. (Done)

You may also be reminded to get up and move. Dance brings sweetness and joy to our life’s. Further we are reminded that we are on a long journey of the soul. We encounter endless turns, shifts and conditions that help us morph into ever finer beings. 
At our soul journeys end we are inevitably changed and not at all the same as when we started on the path. 
Today on the trail another butterfly came fluttering into my life and stayed for awhile. And today I got up to move and danced along a mountain ridge. 

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Pelican Rock 

It would be beautiful to start this post saying that I love pelicans, but in all reality it is more like which animals don’t I love. I am a lover of the animal kingdom and animals tend to flock to me without fear of being a stranger, but with a comfort as if recognizing me as one of their own. I have been lucky to hold numerous special encounters with my little furry friends that will always have a special place within my heart.

This picture was taken off of Highway 1 and the California coastline during my last visit to the ocean. It was the first time that I saw pelicans dive and fish which actually looked quiete comical. In this shot they are congragting on what I named “Pelican Rock” and I loved the contrast between the birds and the ocean in the background.