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100.000 of years

This was at the entrance to the Leutasch Geister Klamm (Leutasch Ghost Gorge) from yesterday. It is in the Alps more then anywhere else that you still find these traditionally stacked hay stacks. I love them and they are a common part for me when I’m in the mountains here.

The grey granite wall used to be the ocean floor that was thrown up in violent times to stand upright as we see it today. If you look close you can see white lines throughout the rock. It is said that the space between the white lines signify 100.000 years each. Incredible….

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Leutasch Klamm

It’s a few years back that I got to visit the Leutasch Klamm, a gorge cut through the mountains near Mittenwald. Today I got to visit the turquoise waters once more, this time from the other end which was much shorter and ended at a waterfall.

I always get a bit vertigo, walking across the wet wooden planks or the see through metal grids that allow you to witness the power of the rushing water beneath your feet. Honestly I’m not sure which one is worse, but to experience this beautiful sight is well worth the effort. Returning to the Klamm today was a bit like coming home, revisiting old memories and seeing a different, never before seen angle. Have I mentioned how much I love to explore new places?

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Mom’s special day

Mom’s birthday outing on Thursday went as well as it could, perhaps even better then most expected. She had zero problems with anything and her face lit up as the celebration of life returned to her face and she smiled from ear to ear without any prompts. It had been ten long months since she has seen daylight and felt the sun on her skin. She has been dormant, as if asleep during the past ten month and yesterday she finally came back to life. It was an event that left me emotional at the end of the day, although everything went perfect. Returning her back to the nursing home didn’t help things. I know she doesn’t want to be there and I could visibly see her coming off of her high and fall back into the dark. She made her comments and I knew she wouldn’t welcome her return with open arms. Not all days are equal as we tackle each day anew. In the meantime I am happy that she had a break yesterday, that she enjoyed her time and that the sunshine returned back into her life.

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Bullet Train to Mittenwald

Mom’s birthday was a success yesterday and today the celebration continues with my own birthday and a trip to Mittenwald. I can’t remember riding a train last, let alone a bullet train that already reached 300km/h. Wow, I’m smoothly flying over the ground in record time and I’m amazed with with how fast one can go from point A – B. Cars and the autobahn are a fast means to get around, but this direct line at this speed is on a whole different level. I’m excited, although I know Mom is missing to spend the day with me.

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Celebrating “YOU” ~ She from This door is alarmed


It’s time for this week’s reveal and another celebration on Celebrating “YOU”. I am delighted to get to know so many wonderful bloggers and the talent just blows me away. I already got to check out this weeks site and I am now a follower, spreading the word and sharing the joy.

Novus  brings us this week’s nomination for She and I can relate to Novus’s words. I know what it feels like to feel a connection so strong where you feel like you are soul sisters and have known the other person forever. I am glad to share this beautiful feeling and that other feel the same way.

And here are the words as of why “She” is our celebration for this week. Thank you for impacting and inspiring us all.

And another You that is very dear to me, She from (
I think that she’s my soul sister. We have soooooooo much in common that I sometimes think that she comes from the future. She’s a writer, linguist, cook apprentice, camper, hiker, traveler, wife, cat lover, friend and jovial spirit. I’m so grateful for her friendship and common interest (in language and travel). She’s the best friend who is capable of understanding me as I need someone to understand. I wish to say thank you for her time and patience.

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Happy Birthday Mom

Today is Mom’s Birthday and it is a huge deal in so many ways. Besides it being her 80th, it is also the first time that she has been out of the nursing home. I will detail the day and tell you all about it at another time. I am prescheduling this post and my fingers are crossed that everything is going well. In the meantime here are a few thoughts.

Dear Mom,

You are a fighter and you have come a long way over the past weeks and even months. Perhaps nobody believed you would survive and even you had doubts on some days that you could pull through. I’m glad that I was by your side to share the pain as well as the scary moments.

You are defying me he odds and you are learning to walk again. You have fallen many times in your life, literally and metaphorically speaking. You have always got back up and this has been the longest you have stayed down. Yet you never gave up and there was a spark, a desire to live left that kept you going.

Dear Mom,

Life might have been tough in many ways for you, but still you managed to do many things right. Even now you still know what is going on and have much to be proud of. Things that required unimaginable strengths to go on and things of personable perseverance.

Dear Mom,

You raised me alone and I don’t think that I turned out all that bad. You left your influence on me and although we have our differences, you have had always someone that stood by your side and cared deeply. You might have felt that I abandoned you leaving for the states, but our bond could never be broken.

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The Fairy Garden

This is a section of the garden that was recently preserved and I love the feel of combining the old while creating a new space. The board once lined a flower bed and is mostly deteriorated. Still it holds some nostalgia and the memories of the past. This board holds a lot of history and was cared for by Mom and my grandmother. It was meant to stay rather than being discarded.

I believe it is now resting in a place where fairies live. Surrounded by tiny green ground covering that is sprucing up all over, it looks like a perfect place to dance between the soft green petals, or take a nap in the warm sunshine.

The stones on top where stones Mom collected at some point and used for her own garden beautification. Who knew she liked stones as well. They now dot the board and are paired in perfect harmony. The frail (board) and the strong (rocks), as a reminder to overcome all obstacles and to stay strong during tough times.

A few wild flowers, recently planted are sprucing up nearby. May they add color to the scene and remind us to always see life in color instead of just black and white.

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Celebrating “YOU” ~ Feature Recognition ~ She from This door isn’t alarmed


Whoohooo, it’s Wednesday again…time for the teaser announcement for Friday’s Celebrating “YOU” post.

Celebrating “YOU” is a weekly segment of celebration. A way to show recognition for someone that has inspired you. touched your hearts, or otherwise made a difference in your life.

It could be anything, from a simple “Thank you” and a few short words, to something as big as a novel. Rules don’t really live here, and it is up to you how much, or how little you want to share about your selection. There is no specific format, but we would love to know how this person has made a difference for you. Here is your chance to pay it forward if anybody has ever made your day.

If you want to be a part, please sent an email to with your submission. Your submission should include your name and blog name, so I can properly give a shout out from who the celebration is. (Unless you want to stay anonymous which of course is always ok). Further, I need the same from your nominee, a name, blog name, along with a few lines should be perfect. All submission will be posted in the order they are received and without further editing. Please double check and make sure everything you want to include is said. Thank you for each and all interest.

I look forward to support and get to know your choices, with a personal blog-follow from me. May our circle continue to grow, in an effort to help and support each other. ♥️

Novus brings us another nomination this week with the celebration of “She” from This door is alarmed. Like so many of us “She” has found an outlet to have her voice be heard here on WordPress in the blogging world. She doesn’t claim to be a good writer, but she has something to say and the secret must be told. 

Stay tuned for the full story in Friday’s post and please show your support. Feel free to comment or re-blog the post for maximum exposure in sharing our beautiful nominations. Thank you, and see you then….

Pssst: And don’t forget to submit your own submission and make somebody else’s day. Xoxoxoxoxo

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Wifi issues

Wifi was a bit of an issue last night, and still is this morning, so it is hard to post. The Celebrating “YOU” segment will go out later today once I’m at Mom’s where I can access the Internet.

In the meantime I finally made her beloved Bratwurst since she talks about it every day in the sense of wanting one. Seeing them all in the frying pan reminded me of a picture and joke someone once showed me about the German wifi. The timing seemed perfect to recreate it, so here you have it, while I’m working on by German wifi signal 😉