About me

This page is work in progress, as am I.

Constantly changing and evolving, hopefully for the better, the best, most authentic version of myself. With each new experience, wisdom is gathered and nothing stays the same, but that’s a good thing. After all we do have a choice, of what direction we want to take. We are the creators of our own journey.

This page is for you as much as it is for me. For the dreamer, the challenger of the status quo, the rebel, the hopeless romantic, the misfits and the believers that everything is possible.

The blog itself was created to share the journey, the path of a warrior as I see it, and how I’m overcoming adversity and life’s challenges. Thank you for sharing this wild ride with me and if you are reading this, then I extend a warm welcome. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you find inspiration and motivation, a sense of belonging, of being heard and supported, and most of all, a sense of knowing that you are not alone. Namaste 🙏🏼

In a nutshell….Who am I, and why I write.

I’m a dreamer, because the power to dream is the power to participate in the creation itself. Where would we be without our dreams, from time to time holding our heads up high, touching the clouds and tickling the sky!

I’m the one that’s holding on to the silver lining when the skies are gray, believing that a positive mind-frame makes all the difference. Our thoughts impact the balance between chronic illnesses and healthy wellness. So keep thinking positive as much as possible.

I am an energy healer and Reiki Master. It has become my most preferred and only method of managing my autoimmune disease that has left me debilitated in the past. Needless to say, I lean towards natural healing and approaches, as much as addressing the root cause. I believe and cherish Mother Nature and the outdoors. Hiking and my adventures provide a great balance of exercise, recharging and just being still.

I’m an optimist and anything is possible. I am an empath, which is a blessing and a course, as I often pick up the vibrations and the unspoken word. I don’t believe in coincidence, but in everything having purpose and meaning. There is always a reason, even in the rough bits we struggle to understand. In my book, there are no ordinary moments, and everything holds magic and beauty. We just need to slow down enough as not to miss these mystical messages, or they will repeat until we do.

I have made peace with the past. The painful experiences, the disappointments, heartaches, the ugliness, and the losses. I have learned to embrace the pain and recognize it necessary and important for who I am today. I am grateful for the lessons, even the pain, but I managed not to dwell there anymore because the past has seldom something new to say. I learned all I need to know form that place and I am not looking back.

I no longer chase people, to be likable, hoping for them to see something in me. The ones that are in my life are there because they want to be and that’s the greatest blessing, being accepted exactly how you are, without ulterior motives and regardless of what’s to gain.

I have learned to forgive myself and others for any shortcomings, mistakes and imperfections. I don’t have to win all the time, but I have to know that I gave my all. I am gentler with myself, and I have dropped unrealistic expectations and standards. Of myself and others.

I don’t work myself to death anymore for a company that would replace me within a week. I am working for myself these days, listening to my body, knowing that stress is not our friend.

I’m constantly working on simplifying my life and eliminating triggers. Downsizing has become a big and important part of my life. Kinda crazy when you think that you gather stuff most of your life, only to get rid of it in your later years.

I have loosened the reigns and the need to have everything under control. Instead I invest in trust and building a believe system that everything always works out the way it is meant to be, for my greater good. This meant letting go of fear, which keeps us prisoners, and unable to live up to our full potential. It’s a huge step and it takes tremendous trust and courage, but it’s the only way to truly become free. As daunting as it shoulda, all we have to do is dare to take that first step.

I have lost myself a few times in order to find myself. I shattered into a thousand little pieces, in order to be whole again. Today I realize that it’s all the cracks that allow the light to shine through from within, and it’s actually very beautiful. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve gotten up more times then I have fallen. I’ve been reduced to ashes numerous times, only to rise stronger with each occurrence.

I am a free spirit and lover of the unconventional lifestyle. I have mustered the courage to stick to me beliefs and what feels authentic to me, even if it means going against the grain, not winning the most popular vote, and having a small circle of friends.

I’m a big child and I don’t take life too seriously. Dumb, silly, humor is my game. I’m also a moon child and I could gaze at the night sky indefinitely. Stars melt my heart and remind me that we can’t shine without the darkness. I’m a collector of moments and memories, and no longer collect material wealth. I got huge plans, but they don’t require much space or stuff.

Today I shoot for the stars and chase my own dreams. Not only to be the best version of myself, but for financial independence and freedom as well. It requires reevaluating my needs, downsizing, and living by the motto that “less is more.” You can find some of my endeavors at Youniqua, my online shop on Etsy, or on Facebook under Youniqua, and on Instagram as Youniqua2020.

I write because it allows me to be a storyteller, an influencer and a motivator for others. It allows me to share all these pieces of my own story, not just as an outlet for myself, but also to shed awareness and bring light to others. I feel it is needed as many struggle in silence and alone, fighting battles we know nothing about. It is my hope to bring you inspiration and alternative ways of thinking, to tackle day by day life, and it’s struggles. I am here to tell you that you are not alone, and your voice is being heard loud and clear. Hang in there, you are amazing and your light is needed more than ever. Thank you for being here and for choosing this blog and these words.

In light and love….Rhapsody Bohème 💙🦋