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On the healthy side

2020 was a year that brought little health challenges. For sure there were a few things, here and there, especially when dealing with a chronic illness, but overall I have to say that it was manageable. A key word that makes all the difference for us suffering from chronic pain. Manageable, still a major annoyance and pain in the rear, but deal able.

Somewhere near the beginning of 2020 I got a little break. Big enough to jump on the bandwagon and run with the crazy idea that I could change my stars and improve my health. It’s amazing what a little believe, hope and motivation can do. It literally feels like it gives you wings and wings I had. I was soaring high.

I focused on water intake, more veggies in the form of juicing, which in turn helped me shed a few pounds, reduced the daily pain which then helped me become more mobile and active. Everything played an important part, equally contributing to the snowball effect. I pushed myself harder than ever on the physical aspect, and at times it even felt as if the clock was turning backwards. All of a sudden I achieved things I didn’t in younger years. What a high. How wonderful life could be if it wasn’t overshadowed by physical pain. There was still the emotional aspect of pain I seldom talk about. A life less fulfilled that I was trying to keep in check, but for the moment it was working and living with reduced pain fueled the quality of life. So much as though you’d think it to be enough motivation to keep going. I had such great results, how could something ever throw me off track again? Well it did and it’s called life. Life itself throws us off track and I didn’t even notice. Not until I took that honest look and of course the pain reminded me of an old familiar feeling.

More and more it returned. Not bad, but enough, swollen limbs and all, a constant dull pain with the occasional sharp stab. Things took more effort again and became a challenge, you’d never know what was going to hurt the next morning. Eventually even the dull pain, the manageable, the nudges and reminders that not everything is well, got to me and I tell you, it does some tricks on your mind. You almost become an instigator, acting out of character, starting up something so you can justify the lousy way you feel. Kind of like “I’ll give you something to cry about.” It’s awful, until the tears break and you get relief from one thing but now are left with the emotions aspect of feeling low and like a person with major issues.

I was feeling more vulnerable, emotional, perhaps subconsciously worried of going back to a point of feeling debilitated, fighting pain every day. I had been there so many times and it’s a scary, scary place. It still wasn’t “that” bad, but a warning sign that reminded me of how fast things can turn for the worst. It was time to reassess. What in the world happened? Why did I needed the reminder that this is out of my control, that the pain free days are a gift? I think I knew why and it was because I had taken things for granted. Feeling better and not feeding my body the nutrients required to keep going. I wasn’t honoring my temple, at least not in the way I needed to.

Despite of what initially was perceived as a setback, as a pain signal, turned around once I searched for the lesson, the positive, the silver lining, the cause, and what was in my immediate control. And it was eye opening.

One of the biggest things I noticed was that my water consumption had halted dramatically. I wasn’t even drinking 32 oz a day. In other words I wasn’t flushing out toxins. I wasn’t hydrating my body, my joints weren’t oiled and instead rubbing on each other. Time to fix that, it should be easy enough, now that I was consciously aware of it. And it was another one of these “what the heck happened” moments.

Another was that I took feeling better for granted. I was eating more of the stuff I love such as pasta and pizza, yeah even the occasional soda that is ultimately also the stuff that causes inflammation. Still drinking my veggie juice, it simply wasn’t enough to balance the things causing me harm. Inadvertently it became a bandaid for eating the bad stuff, and that’s missing the point all together isn’t it? Health halted and instead of making more progress, I slowly regressed.

More joint pain became the norm which in turn triggered and caused more inactivity. Surely it was the winter months when things are always a little worse, but could I – or truly wanted to use this as a crutch, as an excuse? It didn’t seemed right and I knew I wasn’t true to myself if I believed this to be the reason.

I used to sleep with my Copper gloves at night. They cradled my hands in perfect comfort, easing the stiffness in the morning, cutting down the time I could actually function somewhat normal and complete simple tasks such as dressing. It’s been months since I wore the gloves at night and despite swelling and increased stiffness, I have to admit that I was still functioning much better compared to recent experiences in the past.

So overall, despite regressive changes and more pain, I believed that I was still in the green and could reintroduce a couple of things that had fallen off track. Today, I’d start with measuring my water intake to oil the joints for better movement. Once again I am dedicated and motivated to build a better future for myself. While I realize that there are things not always in my control, my focus lies on those things that are. So here we go….drink up and flush away those toxins.

If you suffer from chronic pain, I send you blessings and a reminder that it’s often the simplest of things that can make a difference for us. I hope you found something here you might even be able to add to your own routine. 💙🙏🏼

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Sometimeslifeis weird. But…lifeis alsoeverything. Everything. (Every breath…every smile…every laugh…) Even,especially,when it’sbad. (Every sigh…every…


Check out this beautiful poem from one of my WordPress followers. Please stop by her blog and say hello. She is amazing.

This post is my point of inspiration for the day and I am so glad that I read it. Life is everything, throughout each tribulation and each struggle. This message comes at the perfect timing. Thank you so much. 🙏🏼💙

Don’t forget to tune in tonight 7PM PST for our weekly Reiki healing session. I see you there and I am building the energy throughout the day to bring you maximum light and love.

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Downsizing and decluttering

This is the story of an ongoing journey, one that I started awhile back already. I’m talking about the journey of lightening the load, of downsizing and decluttering everything and anything, including the closet.

I have to admit that it is getting more and more intense as the “is this bringing me joy” method is slowly losing it’s effectiveness, especially when it comes to the wardrobe. There must be 5 different sizes in that closet and while it might not bring me joy right now, it is anticipated that “that” size will come into my near and dear reach shortly again, perhaps bringing much joy when it does. But for the moment it just takes up space and is of no use to me. If I don’t want to move the un useful load, I need to find another enticing reason, making it easier to get rid of it now.

Another culprit is the “how can I get rid of it, if it’s still in perfect condition” syndrome. The struggle is real here and new drastic measures are called for. One of my new approaches amongst others is “would I buy this again, do I really want to wear this again, despite it’s condition etc.” Let’s just say that it is slow going to fill up that huge lawn bag to donate. Perhaps I should move to another room, the she shed / crafting room. Not sure if I find more success there, but it needs to be done.

It’s inevitable that I have to move out of this house soon and put in on the market. I don’t want to be a slave to the current mortgage anymore which is only one of the reasons. For the time being, I prepare myself for such a move and dream of going tiny. Tiny today has many possibilities and faces. We shall see what’s waiting around the bend.

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Preventing derailment

It started with an honest look back at the end of 2020 to take stock of the year just passed. I wrote the post to take inventory and to assess myself, reminding myself about what worked for me, to take a look at the shortcomings, where I was at the moment, what needed to be done, and where I see myself down the road. It was an awful lot of information as I took myself through the trials and tribulations of the past year, as well as the successes.

Looking at the blog I felt that I took on a bigger role as a cheerleader, spreading inspiration wherever I could. So much though that I got away from telling this warriors story. I felt that it was something that was needed as the world and many of us struggled. It was a year that required motivation and healing on many levels, for many of us,physically and mentally and you could say, I kind of slipped into my own role trying to bring this to the table as I went with the flow of what felt natural.

At the beginning of 2021, I made a promise to myself, listing all my thoughts and goals, mainly showing support and understanding for myself, being my biggest fan and supporter. I was asking all versions of myself to join forces for one common goal. Does this goal have a name, a clear picture, a schedule and plan of how it is to unfold? No it doesn’t, other than 2021 needs to be the year for big changes. There are still lose ends and not all questions have answers, but I am being encouraged to just take that leap of faith. That I don’t need all the answer and that I should trust the universe as things will fall into place. While I know and believe in such a theory, it’s always a little different to action it, isn’t it?

Eight days into the new year, I am recognizing old familiar patterns. The initial “gung ho”, new year – new me, the drive, the motivation is slowly fizzing out as routine and the old familiar wants to claim a hold of me once more. And yet something is different and the old “let’s just plug away, do what you can, here and there, depending on health and how I feel”, is taken on a different sense of urgency, as if time is running out, as if I don’t have or don’t want to wait another year to transpire how the past 16 years have past for the most part. There is a new drive that is preventing derailment and that is pushing me to go beyond my best and do more. Is such even possible? Maybe I can and haven’t given myself enough credit, maybe it needs to be more structured, planned, broken down into actual and achievable steps. Maybe I need to set goal, daily, weekly, monthly goals. Maybe…who knows what…maybe.

I am learning as to why New Years resolutions have such a high failing percentage. We spend a few hours assessing ourselves, come up with something clever that sits well with our soul, that soothes our being and makes us feel like we are on track, making progress. We finally got it figured out and this is going to be our year for sure. We are hopeful and motivated. But then, feeling good and all about ourselves, we drop it and forget it. Maybe we push a little, as we enjoy that feeling of euphoria, but it always fades, soon or later. Life swoops us up, gets busy, throws curveball’s our way and we postpone our dreams. Next week we try again, won’t we, until we cave in and our goals become a distant memory. We don’t like to think about it much, because it only makes us sad, and perhaps there comes a point after several failed attempts that we avoid it all together. It’s like we learn to predict the outcome, knowing exactly what is going to happen. Subconsciously it’s our effort to protect ourselves from disappointment and hurt. But subconsciously it’s also the end of our dreams and the possibility of achieving them.

Eight days into the new year, I am ready to make a new promise to myself. For one to review the promise I made at the beginning of the year as often as I need to. To remind myself what’s in my heart and to let it stand as self motivation. I might even print it out to place somewhere visible where I can see it every day. A visible reminder.

Second, I know that it takes more than an initial plan. I am realizing that it takes hard work, an honest look and a promise to myself each and every month. Recapping the year at the end is simply not enough and I believe that if we want to stay on track, we should recap each month to keep us flexible and on track. At least that is what I decided to do. This monthly recap will include a recap of my daily photographs seeing and magic and beauty in every day.

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We are travelers

“We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.”

Paulo Coelho

Presence II by Robert Bissel

I think this is beautiful and it is my inspiration today. Thank you for stopping for a moment, for taking the time, for reading, and for making this a precious moment. It is definitely one to write down in my book of 365 blank pages for 2021.

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A promise to myself

A couple of days in, we might still ponder New Years resolutions and goals. Instead of burdening myself with extra “must do’s, trackers and achievement deadlines, I decided to shed more expectations in 2021. To dump the New Years resolutions and burdens one often places on themselves during a time like this. Instead of clouding my journey, I am starting my year with a promise to myself.

One of the things I decided to return to, is something I used to do quite a lot, yearly actually. Throughout the year I’d collect special pictures and photographs taken by me. In a way it was my vision, the world through my eyes. These would become the favorite ones, the special moments, the ones that stand out and which you recognize at first glance. They were inclusive to places I’ve been, moving and emotional moments, animals, friends, family, art, crafts, flowers, architecture, anything that touched my heart and made me feel alive.

I decided to go back and make these photo moments a yearly tradition. What stands out after missing many years is how special these collections always were, how they could lift and pick me up during a low. As if by magic they put a smile back onto my face and allowed me to take a break from the hectic and the troubles.

At the end of the year, these daily moments became the pages of a photo book or a video. I even included songs from that particular year that moved me. Songs that equally had meaning and told the story of my journey, complimenting the pictorial moments, while allowing me to look back and hold dear the most favorite and memorable of times. To remind myself of the beauty and magic in each profound moment, as they stitched together a beautiful quilt of memories to warm the heart.

Still to this day it’s soothing to my heart to pull out a prior video or book and relive the moments of that year. It’s always a treat, even years later. With moments fleeting and time racing faster each year, I decided that these pictures should focus on the beauty and magic of every day life. That I wanted to seek them out and make a conscious effort to notice. In other words I am encouraging myself to slow down and smell the roses.

A busy life often takes us away from truly celebrating the small moments that all too often become the big ones down the road in life. In a moment of stillness, we can find magic and wonder all around us. This is not about adding another thing to our schedule, as it doesn’t require a huge time commitment. What is encouraged is a little willingness and prioritization to gift yourself those special moments. The payoff is big and who couldn’t use a little extra magic in their every day routine!

It encourages you to stop, to see something beautiful, to acknowledge it and to let it fill your heart with gratitude, beauty and magic. In my book, beauty and magic can be found in the smallest of packages. Actively pursuing it, brings light, love, hope, imagination, creativity and positivity into our lives. It allows us to pause long enough to witness the beauty that surrounds at all times.

I re- started this project on January 1st and pondered what this first picture, this special moment, the magic and beauty movement should represent. Keep in mind that this is highly personal and will vary from person to person. For me, the most fitting was a current selfie to take an honest look at myself. To realize that everything starts with me and that my own personal outlook determines if and when I see the beauty. I am checking in with myself on this first day to set the foundation. A mirror image so to say to motivate, myself, my inner child, my higher self and my shadow self in preparation of all that lies ahead. Known and unknown.

Today I ask all versions of myself, my soul, my spirit guides, and guardian angels to come together and work as one. I take an active part, promising myself to always have my back, to make the best out of the challenges ahead, to always see the silver lining, to be supportive and a cheerleader to myself when I need one. I promise to live and learn, to believe in myself, and feel empowerment with endless possibilities and opportunities. I promise to share the light and spread inspiration wherever I can, to help those who struggle, including myself. Today I turn a new leaf, not being afraid to ask for help when I need it myself. I recognize that I don’t always have to do it all on my own. I recognize that i am surrounded by love, by people who hold the space for me when I need to lay my weapons down. Today, I remember that ultra independence is a trauma response.

I will continue to wear my heart on my sleeve, without worry and fear that it might get wounded. It is out my control if it does. I surrender and trust. I believe and anticipate the successes that are just around the corner, for they are my rewards for all the hard work. Today I reassure and remind myself that I am worthy, that everything is as it needs to be, and that everything I am deserving of, will find it’s way to me and won’t be denied. I acknowledge the strengths that it takes to walk in my shoes, to step out alone and to take that first leap. I honor the process and I am proud to have found the courage to stand on my own.

As I take this honest look, I vow patience and forgiveness for any shortcomings and mistakes. In myself and others. I promise to be gentler with myself, knowing that no matter how things turn out, it’s impossible to be liked by everyone, not all will always agree with me. I am at peace as long as I know that I have given my best and came from a place of unconditional love.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Here is to me, the dreamer, the artist, the writer and misfit, the one going against the grain to support a free spirit and the growth of the authentic self. Here is to the like minded, the misunderstood, the judged, the used and abused, the ones that have to create their own magic, reinvent themselves time and time again. The ones that continue to fight the good fight, the ones that never stay down for too long and who are finding their own sunshine, heartbeat and love. Today, I look into the mirror, into that self imagine and into all of you who struggle to hold on. Today I tell myself and you …

“You got this, and only you decide how the story ends and where it goes from here. You are in charge and the co-creator of your life and destiny. Only you can make it happen and you are more powerful then you think. Don’t wait any longer. The time is now. You are enough.”

Here is to beauty and magic, and a year of special moments and wonder.

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An honest look back

As the hours are ticking away, I am taking an honest look at 2020, the year many can’t wait to put behind themselves in the hope for a new beginning, and a better year to come along.

Today on this last day of the year I notice an exhaustion, mentally and physically that has settled into my body. I am tired and perhaps it should stay as simple as that. Nothing more and nothing less, and still I want to recall the challenges and lessons of 2020, as well as the successes to justify that there is something more and an actual reason as to why I am feeling tired, even downright depressed at times. So let’s begin.

2020 brought with itself a huge focus on the health front for me. More than ever I was determined of feeling better, which meant living with less chronic disease pain. I was tired of feeling sick and tired, to hurt and have a lousy quality of life. I didn’t want to go on like that. I was going to be more than just a statistic. I was going to change my stars, get stronger and healthier.

I did a lot of energy self healing and Reiki for myself and others. It was a huge part of maintaining a healthier balance. It was a stepping stone that fueled my passion for more.

I started juicing and up’ed my vegetable and fruit intake while cutting back on carbs. I lost 20lbs so far which in prior attempts had always seemed impossible. Now, my body was craving the shakes, literally thanking me with a better and more consistent performance. It was like a sweet partnership, taking care of each other.

I up’ed my step goal per day and with increased health and mobility became more active.

Physically, I pushed myself to strenuous hikes that I had put off for years and years. Mainly because there was no way of achieving them before. Was it a piece of cake now? No, and you wouldn’t believe how many times I was near quitting, but I pushed through, I did it and I made it, resulting in sweet victory and new sights. Man oh man is Mother Nature and our planet beautiful. Physically I have achieved more then I have in younger years, and believe me it is a great feeling while aging and naturally declining.

2020 has also been a year of spiritual growth and maturity. A year of coming into my own, reevaluating and recognizing what is truly important, making peace with the past, going more with the flow and simply surrendering without interference to what is. It was a year of shedding old programming and systems that were never mine to begin with. I realized that there isn’t always an answer to the events in our lives, and that we can live an easier one loosening the reigns of control a little. 2020 taught many lessons under the umbrella of worries and fear, especially on the financial front. Trying to figure “it”, that daunting “it” that is so encompassing out, so the future can unfold as it is meant to be. While it is work in progress, I do my best to trust and believe in the process, no matter how scary it gets, and despite who understands and who doesn’t. This also applies to some of the following paragraph’s.

After all I haven’t worked, earning an income in nearly 3 years, and I pride myself that I, myself has made it, never dependent on anyone. Mom would be proud of that, having raised me to always fend for myself, being responsible and hard working all of my life. I have not missed any financial obligation or had to rely on someone else.

The jobless adventure started leaving for Germany for 10 months in 2018 to care for Mom, and again in 2019 for another 3 months. The last 3 years have been filled with fighting stress, illness and bodily debilitation. Luckily with money saved to fall back onto, but also on a frugal budget with no room for luxuries or just going on a shopping spree, I gave my body the precious gift of healing while acknowledging it’s every whim. Yeah I do miss the splurges, but I tell myself that it is the price for my current lifestyle and that that new wardrobe will be a reward once I lose the additional pounds I still want to lose. So it’s not all that bad.

2020 was a year of still heavily mourning the loss of Mom who passed the end of 2019. More losses followed in 2020, with more family loss and once who were close friends and soul connections I thought would last a lifetime.

Hey, I did finally opened that Etsy shop and did a lot of creative stuff. I even made some sales and learned a lot on the homeopathic front which further was a building block in my journey. This was a welcome diversion to bury my thoughts and emotions into a more positive aspect.

2020 claimed my long locks and I cut my hair much shorter. I miss my hair at times but not the work and care that was associated with it. I stopped coloring it, accepting the becoming of a grey fox and a healthier approach, lol, and for the most part I am ok with it. Maybe 2021 will be a year to reinvent myself once more. Whatever direction that might take, and I know there will be a few.

2020 has been a year of downsizing material bliss/burdens. I donated bag after bag and the load is getting lighter as I situate myself for a “less is more” future.

2020 brought my Cinnamon girl, unplanned and unexpected, with not the best timing, but also such a big blessing. As if she came into my life to personally help me through some tough times. I think I know who sent her and why she is here. Although she is part of the reason I am tired lol. She needs playtime and exercise, walks and care that take time away from everything I need to do, but it keeps me active which is a good thing too. I’ve had her 2 months now and we have been battling allergies, worms and still balding spots on her coat as she is adjusting from a feral fur child to a pampered life.

Today I could have used a break although I love our time dearly, and my bones were hurting during our walk. Perhaps it is the weather changing and the snow that fell overnight. Overall it reminds me that I am doing much better with the barometer drops. While there is some pain and pressure at times, I didn’t experience the many occasions I could barely walk, like I have in the past.

I do love that I can always somehow focus on the silver lining, always seeing the good within the challenges, always looking for the lesson and always being grateful for what is, for I have experienced far worse far too many times before.

2020 brought many new WordPress followers and we have crossed the 3000 mark. I have met so many wonderful, like minded and unique souls on here and each one of you is brightening my life on a daily basis. Thank you and bless you kindly, for reading, commenting and simply being you even when I am absent at times and don’t get to you right away. 🙏🏼

2020 has left me pondering about the future, my future and where I see myself in the coming years. Torn between two countries, a house inherited in Germany, and prior upholding the dreams and wishes of loved ones, putting my own last, I think I finally know where I belong and where I will live and pursue my own dreams.

2020 was a year of personal challenges and immense struggles on the Homefront, as a married person on paper, a roommate, often just being tolerated while still living under the same roof. Not all of it has been bad but the majority has been from knowing each other for 26 years. 15 bad ones to be exact. It’s something I haven’t brought to the blog and it’s usually something I don’t talk about. It’s complex and seldom does anyone understands. Not even myself at times, but like with everything there are reasons and I am tired there too, tired of fighting to be understood. Yes it even has cost me a lifelong friendship. I will most likely write and talk more about it in the future as life can’t go on the way it has. How quickly will it all change…I have no answer as everything is unfolding, but I feel the change, the end and I will need to vent from time to time. It is costing me my sanity and health at the moment as everything has escalated beyond tolerable and respectful measures. There is nothing left and I have reached the point where I need to save myself.

I recognize the reasons as to why I feel mentally and physically exhausted. Just like the land lies dormant during the winter, nurturing itself in stillness, awaiting new life in spring, I too have to turn inward and tend to myself. I need to utilize this time of dormancy with self care so new life can blossom when springtime arrives. I am standing at the crossroads of change and the edge of forever. A new book is opening tomorrow, 365 blank pages with a new year and I hope to make more happy entries vs. the sad and bad ones. It will get ugly before it gets better but that’s my story and my warrior path for now.

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Full Moon in Cancer

As Santa returns to the North Pole, the year 2020 is coming to an end with the last full moon of the year. It’s the full moon in cancer, my own astrology sign, and I can’t help but take the message of this full moon personal as if it was written for me. It’s a great message to end the year, and fact is that we all are in need of a great message to welcome 2021 restored, with open arms, and a glimmer of hope and a twinkle in our eyes.

According this last full moon is bringing spectacular blessings and soul renewals. The full moon in cancer will create the most magnificent energy for freeing yourself from the past. What an amazing way to close the year and tie up loose ends. The moon cycle marks the birth of your new life and the manifestation of new dreams. Your spirit will be renewed, your divine connection enhanced. Life comes full circle!

Get excited my friends, the universe is smiling upon each and every one of us and this is what we’ve been waiting for.

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If we only remembered

Life in the moment is often unexpected and takes us off guard. It’s not always easy to remember and apply the wisdom we have learned as we tug along each day. I’m not always that quick witted to recognize what’s going on, and sometimes I just can’t help it, even if I do remember my own advice. Sometimes we get stuck, and situations and even people get the better of us, leaving us behind wishing we could relive that moment. In hindsight we often come to the conclusion that we would handle things differently the next time. The fact remains that life is not perfect, and neither are we. We will not always have the perfect response. We will make mistakes or come up short. If we are lucky we get to try again, another time, down the road. Perhaps sometimes it helps to check our perspective and way of thinking. And perhaps other times we just need to give ourselves a little slack. I guess I am saying that there is always more to it then the most obvious. Life is complex and so are things. Seldom can we come up with a one fits all solution, but understanding the inner workings, the complexity of it all, and being just a tad kinder to ourselves might come to the rescue.

Maybe this can help…

Anything that annoys you is teaching you patience. Anyone who abandons you is teaching you how to stand up on your own two feet. Anything that angers you is teaching you forgiveness and compassion. Anything that has power over you is teaching you how to take your power back. Anything you hate is teaching you unconditional love. Anything you fear is teaching you courage to overcome your fear. Anything you can’t control is teaching you how to let go.

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Ascending towards the heavens

Picture taken from yahoo

2020 is coming to an end, and what a sad end it is. My aunt passed this morning, exactly two weeks after her husband passed. Both cases Covid 19 related and it’s truly hard to grasp. It feels like an awful nightmare you are hoping to wake up from, but no matter how many times you try, the outcome always remains same with a harsh and awful reality. Just like that, both gone in a matter of two weeks, a family wiped out.

My cousin, there youngest son who is my age has also tested positive for Covid and I can’t even begin to imagine what must go through his mind. The grief about losing both parents and being sick himself with a vicious disease that claimed the life of his beloved parents. Things change and you truly come to value life and how precious it is when a crisis such as this knocks on your own door. I personally have reason now to despise and hate this vicious killer.

My heart is truly heavy and aches for the families, all of us left behind trying to come to terms with all the loses encountered over the past two years. Even the non physical ones and countless hours are spent reminiscing and connecting in spirit. Some things are just beyond heartbreaking and don’t get easier in time. As another angel is ascending towards heaven today we cling to memories and beliefs in an effort to comfort our own aching heart.

Yes my aunt and uncle are reunited in heaven once more, and yes Dad got another one of his sisters to keep him company in heaven. May they all Rest In Peace as we miss them dearly.