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I recently came across this video of a couple building their cabin on nearly no cost at all. Immediately I was drawn in and felt inspired by their tremendous ambition of going against the ordinary while seeking their own truths and pursuing their dream. I have been a huge fan of “Tiny houses” on HGTV and I could probably binge watch it all day without getting tired of it. The idea of having my own tiny home with all it’s various aspects and avenues has been on my mind for awhile now. If you’d asked me ten years ago, I would have never considered selling our house in Germany, but my opinions have changed since then. I have few memories attached to the house of my parents and I don’t see myself living there until the end. I have to much left to see from this world and I need a whole other lifetime to do so. And as far as my house here goes, I have no children to pass the 2300 square foot home on to, once I finally pay it off that is. I’m questioning a lot these days. Even being in a position of doing so and not having any children makes more sense to me now, despite I will never understand the reason for the two miscarriages and the pain they brought. Maybe there was a reason and I was meant to travel through life, a vagabond, free spirit, exploring and letting the wind carry me to wherever it might. Prior to discovering this video, I have often sat here, at the house that I have worked for for so many years and just looked around. It’s incredible how much “Stuff” has collected over the years and how little attachment I have left for most of it. And that itself helped answer some questions as my eyes gazed upon all of these possessions, sitting there, collecting dust. One by one I looked and paused at each piece. “Does it bring me joy” I asked, answering each question, finding which pieces spoke to my soul and had sentimental value and which pieces didn’t. Of course I liked them all at one point, otherwise I would have not bought them, but what mattered now was not the attachment to material bliss but the emotions awakened from a piece that had some sort of significance. I saw things I wouldn’t miss if they were gone, I saw things nice to look at and I saw very few things actually associated with a memory that brought a smile to my face and made me happy. The “Stuff” I worked for all these years was suffocating me these days. I said it before that less is more in my current state and it still rings true. I don’t want to clean the “Stuff” anymore, nor do I want to see it and deal with it. Somehow I sense a burden to be lifted once the “Stuff” is gone. I wasn’t always ready for this, but I am now and everything is a matter of timing, maturity, questioning the status quo and the spiritual awakening to the things that truly matter for us. And I sense several huge garage sale coming up in my near future.

I could easily see myself being happy in this primitive cabin and feel richer then ever. My very first oracle card about the “Wishing well” was a powerful reminder of letting go of the attachment and pursue a life of higher self. And while it is different for us all and no two lives are alike, we seek inspiration from those that speak to our soul and guide us in our journey. We all answer the question of what stirs our emotion, and for some it is more and for some it is less. We choose….


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The old mine

This is one of the old buildings remaining at Jamison Creek Mine. I photograph it each time I happen to hike by and there is something about the nailed shut windows and the rock foundation that always draws me in. It’s a bit spooky, mysterious and haunting, but also full of history and life. Coming back from a long hike late in the afternoon, the sun hit it just right, casting a beautiful spectacle of shadow and light against the facade. I had to pause to capture the image, which I later digitally enhanced even more to add drama to a moment that was already spectacular. It’s fun to push the boundaries at times, to add and transform the image even further. Most likely an attribute to my rebellious nature, but you know what they say. “A picture speaks a thousand words”, and this one speaks of long past times, backbreaking labor and hard work, sweat and tears and a way of life during mining days. 

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Trust to let go (Oracle reading)

I took a deep breath, trusted the divine spirit and I drew my very first card. 

Slowly I grabbed the card and turned it towards me. My heart was pounding for what I was about to see, feel a d experience. Every sense was heightened as I drew card #48 the “Wishing well”. I had examined all cards briefly before I started to shuffle them, but now was different since I drew this very card in direct relation to my question of what I should know about my journey at this current time. I stared at the card for quite a bit and noticed that I saw much more detail then I had prior observed. Little hidden objects which I had gone unwitnessed, turned into messages and some sort of significance. One by one the signs jumped out at me, begging to be pondered and contemplated. It was amazing and everything made perfect sense. Still I wanted to consult the little guidebook to learn more about the card and it’s potential meaning. Even though I was pretty much set on my own interpretation and the intuition I felt coming from the card. 
Guidebook meaning: Wishing Well 
” Desire is the sacred impulse for life. Feel it, but let go of all attachment to ownership” 
Desire is the most important impulse for creating life. You are now seeing the relationship between desire and inspiration and find yourself at the moment of truth and inception of a new life. A “Aha” moment when everything suddenly makes sense. You are awakening to the presence of unforeseen forces that enable new beginnings. Divine intelligence activates the field of possibilities where new life is co-created in a magical way. You can’t control the progress of growth. Step aside and be a channel for higher forces and relinquish any attachment of how this new creation should appear or when. Form your intention and take action by dropping the coin into the wishing well, then trust in spirit. Prepare to be amazed. 
All in all I was more then ok with the description of the guidebook and the wishing well being my first oracle card drawn. Still I believe that there is more to this card and a more personal message meant for me at this time.
I start with card #48 the “Wishing well” and I was 48 when I first started to question the status quo. When I had my first experiences with spiritual awakening and seeking out my own truths. 

I see the wishing well as my life, full of riches and things acquired throughout life. Full to the rim with gold/coins and treasure, perhaps material and monetary wealth that still ties me to this life and burdens me down. One hand still on the well, I see myself standing with my back to it, turned away from it as if bracing myself in the process of walking away from all I worked for. A life that has come full circle and realizes that those things no longer bind me. Perhaps the well is filled with intentions that were never quite formed or came to fruition due to timing. Wishes that gone unheard and were unanswered until now. 

I see a mask in the well sitting on top of all that material burden. A false sense and a life that is hidden underneath a mask, disguised if I am to remain attached to the weight of ownership. Again I see the effort in the figures stance that is trying to break away with her back being towards the well. 

I see another mask that has risen from the well and is engulfed by sunshine. See the light at the end of the tunnel and trust the process. You already know what needs to be done. You can be free if you find the courage to grow wings and fly. And I see little winged friends and their entire body full of light rising towards heaven, a new life and freedom.

Lastly I’m standing in a field of blooms. Could it be time to smell the flowers?

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Today, I’m sharing another slice from my home and this picture was taken in Würzburg, Germany. Just a short drive from my home along the hillsides of wine country and the banks of the Main River filled with it’s barges, it has always been a neat place to visit for me. I love the combination of strolling through the old medieval town center with it’s ancient architecture, the heart of the city that is infused with modern shopping and a thriving metropolis. The big “Marktplatz” (town center) is filled with vendors during the summer months, offering unique trinkets, crafts and too many fresh goods to mention. You might even find yourself buying a bottle of wine from the local surroundings or honey. But whatever it might be, once again it boils down to the whole experience and the ambience of being surrended by culture and “Gemütlichkeit” which stands for a relaxed get together. 

On this day we also found a few young artists sharing their bubble – magic with their bypasser’s and blowing huge bubbles into the air. Their playful attitudes were captivating to me while I stood and watched in wonder. Some others stopped and entertained the play for awhile, while yet others rushed by without giving it a further look. I noticed a similarity in those who stopped and everybody seemed to smile while being whisked away into the bubbly magic. Time stood still and there was a certain carefree nature to those special moments. A feeling surely anyone would have enjoyed, would they have been able to brake away from the claws of hectic to enjoy the magic that is always all around us. 

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The “Divine” package

The email notification stated that my two oracle card decks would arrive by Saturday. It’s always fun to receive a package and I compare the excitement to times long passed when I used to develop my pictures on film and had to wait for them to be developed, which roughly took two weeks. Yikes! Digital photography was yet to make it’s debut and we’ve sure come a long way since then. But thats the kind of anxiety I felt and I could hardly wait for the decks to arrive. I’ve been intrigued for so long, trying to learn a few bits and pieces here and there, that it was time to take the next step. I still have questions but I took the leap and my very own cards were finally on the way to me. I couldn’t help but wonder if I had chosen the right deck and how would I know. I remembered somebody saying that I’d somehow know and feel if it was the right deck, and yet someone else suggested to never order the cards but to go to a store where you could see and hold them in person. For time and convenience sake I ordered my cards but would love to browse a store once I’m more familiar. In the meantime I was left wondering what feelings they would invoke and what insights would the cards have in store for me? I was filled with excitement but also with a deep respect for whatever it was that would unfold during a reading, including the moments leading up to it and simply holding the cards within my hands. 
I had to work Saturday and so the anticipation was drawn out even longer. I would be home late that night and the whole day was filled with energy that seemed to grow stronger with every passing hour. A text from Fed Ex confirmed that the package was delivered, but I still had four more hours to go. Finally at home, I spotted it sitting on the kitchen table. I was alone and somehow I felt as if I needed to be. I tried to square a few things away in order to give the cards my undivided attention, glancing at the box from the corner of my eyes until I was finally ready to hold the cards. I took the first deck from the box and tapped the cards to release any prior energy from handling and the shipping process. Carefully I examined each card as my heart was racing a little. I was trying to pick up on every emotion, every feeling and every sign I might’ve receive. I made it through the first deck but didn’t notice much of anything besides a little nervousness that I can’t be sure of a 100% of what it was about. I can only deem it back to the respect I felt for the power, the intuition and the guidance of these cards but I think there might have been a little fear of not proper utilizing the cards in my inexperience and perhaps upsetting some energy by accident in an unfavorable way. In hindsight and writing about this, I think this probably was the reason as it finally brings the feelings to the forefront. 

I took the second deck, called “The enchanted map” and carefully removed it from its packaging. I held the cards with my left hand, pictures facing away from me and gently knocked on the deck to clear it of all energy. I ran my fingers across the edge of each cards which is suppose to infuse the cards with your own energy. I fanned the cards, pictures facing me and held them against my heart. In a little prayer I asked for protection and a pure, clear message from the cards. To only let the divine show through and remove all negative energy. I gave thanks to the cards for the guidance I was about to receive and with a deep breath I blew the prayer into the cards. One by one I looked at each card just as I had done with the previous deck. Conscious of my feelings throughout this process, I did feel a deeper connection with this deck. The artwork and the symbolism on the cards spoke to me in ways I can’t describe and even now a few days later I feel as if it was the beginning of a relationship between the deck and myself. A partnership so to speak that might be hard to understand from any skeptic. 

I started to shuffle the cards in various ways and there was no right or wrong. I attempted to stop a few times to conclude shuffling but felt compelled to do it again and maybe from another direction. Finally I felt as if I was done and for a brief second I considered from where I should draw my card. The thought disappeared as quickly as it came to mind and I knew my card was on top of the deck that was sitting in my left non dominant hand. I took a deep breath, trusted the divine spirit and I drew my very first card. 
To be continued…

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Wild is her favorite color 

I have written about the big W before and the wondrous things that start with this letter. The things that capture my heart and allow me to stretch my personality. From my Instagram name to a shared Facebook travel page, to the very things that stir at my very core and make me feel alive, they all have something a little wild about them. It defeats the ordinary which often resembles a routine that includes mundane tasks and are boring and unfulfilling. Wild wakes your senses while making you tremble with excitement and anticipation. You feel alive even if it scares the wits right out of you. It’s the only way to feel every detail and give you the stories and memories to tell and hold dear.

Another quote stumbled it’s way into my life today. The timing seemed perfect and it made me smile in a big way. I’d say there is no better way to start the week as with a little Monday mantra and a great phrase. Which one would you choose for yourself? Make it a great week everyone….

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A June Summer hike

I’ve been eyeing this hike for awhile now. An annual favorite, to do over and over as long as the season permits it, it’s a place I visit every year and it’s one of the many I call my favorite. The scenery is spectacular and made of mountains, wild peaks and dotted alpine lakes galore. It’s pristine, plus a few of my favorite spirit animals are usually easily to be found there, adding to the experience by giving it an extra bonus. What’s not to love about this place? These reasons alone are a huge part as to why I give thanks and feel lucky to live within an hour of such beauty. And still, it’s not the only reasons and I have to include the ambience and the vibe I get from this place and how it makes me feel. It’s serene, majestic and nourishing to my spirit. I can feel the calm cover my soul as if I was wrapped in a warm, soothing blanket. It’s a place where all hectic ends and peace is restored, where I can breathe and not worry about a thing. Where I can marvel in the endless beauty and lose myself. It’s a place where I’m restored, a place that ends the turmoil within while satisfying your inner tranquility as if you had giving into some of your deepest of cravings. The sense you experience when you feed your body with healthy food, when you take that first big gulp of milk right out of the jug after craving it’s taste and being unable to wait to pour a glass. It’s the orange juice you have been missing for so long, the moment you walk out of work and know vacation has officially started. It’s things like that and I find them simply marvelous as they resemble pure magic to me. I love it….

And here we were, on the way to that very place that could be all of these things to me and stir all of these emotions.
The heavy winter made it impossible to go visit until about two weeks ago and even then I was unsure if we would make it up to the lake due to snow. The Jeep was the only car at the trail head parking lot, an unusual sight to be cherished as this would change quickly in a few weeks. Even so, it never gets too crowded in this wide open space and we have a few special places that we usually can claim to ourselves without interruptions. The tiny creek at the beginning of the trail was as full as I have ever seen it. Filled to the top of the crossing, it was threatening to spill over the soft mossy grass that was fully saturated with moisture. One obstacle down and surely there would be more to come during the ascend to Long Lake. The trail was beginning to climb but felt effortlessly to me. It had not always been the case and I credited this success to a combination of getting stronger over the years and pure adrenaline propelling me forward. I was determined and I wanted to make it all the way up. Prior struggles in the beginning of my hiking days seemed to be a thing of the past, no longer making me pause while trying to catch my breath. I didn’t stop once but instead found my pace and steadily kept climbing. Little streams, waterfalls and new lakes had formed everywhere with water shooting down from above. The trail appeared to be swallowed up by winter and in large part it was washed away. After conquering an obstacle course filled with fallen trees, ponds and alternate routes, we hit the snow line and it was amazing how much snow had remained and hadn’t melted yet. We decided to bushwhack of the beaten path that was currently invisible and took a new route with sunnier exposures in the hopes of encountering less snow and being able to summit all the way up to the lake. 

It was spectacular, with new, never before seen angles of the area, new rock formations and a couple of deers that looked at us as if they were surprised to see us of the usual trail. Calm, they never got spooked and accepted us as one of their own, slowly walking past us within a short distance, carrying on to whatever location was calling their name. I spotted a marmot sunbathing on top of a huge rock pile overlooking the land, but I never got a good picture of it. I was smiling in the comfort of seeing them around as this would fill the day with possibilities of potentially spotting these furry little Critters once more. 

The trail continued to climb and we found ourselves again in the snow. It was impossible to escape with the climbing trail and it was in,y a matter of time to encounter it again. Tree trunks were buried in several feet of snow, but luckily the snow was pretty packed which was a relief for me and my phobia of sinking into a deep crevice and getting stuck. Ahead was one big glacial ice field that was spread out in front. The snow was shimmering blue as we passed some deep cracks and pushed on towards the lake. And then it happened. We had reached the rim above the lake and a still frozen, snow covered lake nestled into a rock granite bowl was lying at our feet. We’ve made it for the first time this year. All feelings described in this post caught up with me ten fold over as it was also my first time seeing the lake in all its winter wonderland glory. We spotted a great sun bathing ridge and the canopy of a giant tree within a short distance. That was it, picture perfect and the ultimate hang out spot for the entire day. Life was good during those moments sitting under the branches of the old faithful giant, bent from the wind but standing strong and firmly grounded. And we decided to stay for awhile….

Xo 💙