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Why do Shadow work?

My lil Angel, the “Cinnamon Girl” is standing in for this post about shadow work and finding the light, enjoying both, the light and the shade, depending on time and place.

I’ve talked a lot about shadow work lately and I have done quite a bit of it to be honest. You might wonder what the benefits are from doing this work that so many of us shy away from. Let’s be honest, it’s hard work, perhaps even a bit scary to confront the darkest aspect of ourselves. But what if we could ultimately gain great freedom from it and an overall lightness that makes us feel as if we are finally breathing? Would it be less scary to consider the rewards, would it make it more worthwhile? Perhaps it could allow us to truly breathe for the first time in a long long time. Here is a little more insight about shadow work and what I have come across in my own journey that is often considered a soul loss.

Many cultures throughout the beginning of time, all over the world believe in the idea that you can lose your soul. When you go through extreme trauma, your spirit will leave your body to protect itself – leaving you to run on autopilot and feeling very detached as if lost and without hope. This can also lead to depression, feeling fatigued and easily subdued by the ego.

Soul loss or shadow work is the act of searching for the light in the darkness – making sense of those old wounds, your triggers, behaviors and transforming into a balanced and spiritually evolved being that is able to harness all their inner power. Once you’ve put in the work and this happens, it is then when your soul comes back home.

More reasons to do shadow work

  • Reclaiming the parts of ourselves we’ve denied and ignored for healing.
  • By owning the parts we’ve not proud of and accepting them, we feel more whole.
  • When we are aware of something, it no longer has the same kind of power to control us.
  • Our shadow thoughts lead us to act out unless we consciously choose not to let our ego-mind lead.

I hope this list provides a little more insight and perhaps even motivation to dig into your own shadow work.

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Cliff dwelling practice

I finally made it and got away for a few days. It wasn’t as if it was planned, and it just so happened. During the elimination of backyard weeds, it was decided to better remove Cinnamon for a few days to keep her safe. I felt guilty and downright panicky, thinking of the deadline ahead and that I couldn’t really afford to take a break. I still still think I couldn’t, but I ran myself right into the ground. Life and the current situation was taken a toll, rightfully and understandably so. Eventually my body weighed in and like so many times before, it told me differently. It made me aware that on a physical and emotional level, I needed this break perhaps more than I realized. It was downright essential and although I know this, a few shreds of guilt and concerns still remain.

This would be Cinnamon’s second overnight trip and I remember being in a great deal of pain during the first one, which in turn made it tough for me. I was happy that despite of everything, this trip turned out better and it provided that much needed break. Cinnamon had a blast and activities were kept minimal to give myself a chance to heal. Keeping stress and agitations at bay, the pain also minimized and I handled things better than expected. As always the time flew and before I knew it, it was time to return. My heart grew heavier knowing and anticipating what was awaiting me, but that’s for another day, let alone it being my confirmation and validation that the old life was killing me.

In the meantime and to describe the above picture, we went to one of my favorite places. If you’ve seen Iron Man than you know the backdrop and the area called the Alabama Hills. It was cool as always but it getting warm and Cinnamon struggles with the heat. I was on the lookout for a shady spot to give her a break (me too) as I spotted two little caves in the rock formations. The first was too small and onward to the second one which was slightly behind the first, it was. This one was like a little dome tent, enough for a few people, gear and a dog. It was clean and without any creepy crawlers, such as snakes or spiders. It was big enough to sit upright or to lay down and take a nap which we all did. Shielded from the sun and later the wind, this was our view as we watched a storm roll in over the Sierra mountains and Mount Whitney. It was very serene and peaceful, exactly what I needed and I will definitely go and revisited this beautiful cliff dwelling home again and again, over and over. I’m sure others have seen it, but it looked untouched and without disturbance. Always a bonus when restoring nature’s beauty and leaving it exactly how it was meant to be.

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It is well with my soul

Times continue to be hectic in my corner of the world and peace is a fleeting feeling right now. I do my best to balance things, but mostly it’s impossible. I can’t listen to my body when it begs me to rest because time is ticking away and I am frankly running out of time and energy, fighting the pain of exhaustion.

I do love essential oils and came across a diffuser blend for a feeling of peace. Let’s give it a try.

2 drops Lavender

2 drops Wild Orange

1 drop Geranium

1 drop Clary Sage

Mix essential oils in diffuser, inhale, relax and feel the peace.

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Pluto retrograde – Expect magic

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I don’t know about you but with so much planetary activity, energy and super moons and now a Pluto retrograde, I am ready for some support and good energy coming my way. While mercury retrogrades seem to be a little tougher on us, Pluto is here to support us.

April 27th is when the retrograde begins and over the next 5 month, till October 4th deep transformation will occur for your highest good. You will undergo an inner process of intense re-alignment.

Expect significant positive changes in regards to your inner strength, behavior patterns, discernment, perspectives, goals and determination. Within the next 5 months you are likely to attract new miracles into your life. Release limited patterns and pursue your deepest desires, because you have entered a season where your hard work will be highly rewarded. Expect magic.


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Pink Super moon April 2021

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The first super moon of the year is upon us and it’s time again to prepare for the energy it has in store for us.

Rituals associated with the full moon include connecting with nature and manifesting dreams and goals. It is believed to be a symbol of optimism for the future. During this time, one can expect to have some of their goals and dreams achieved. In order for this to happen, however, one must figure out which parts to let go of in order to move forward in life. We are being asked to trust and believe in ourselves as we attempt to grow and change. Allow yourself the chance to fail and the courage to try again. This is a big one, isn’t it and often we are far too hard on ourselves and hold unrealistic expectations. Give yourself a break. You are doing your absolute best. Remember this…

Be willing to adapt and redirect from your original course or strategy. This will help make your intentions and goals successful and long lasting. Besides progress and optimism, the pink moon is also linked to other spiritual meanings, such as lightheartedness, adaptability and generosity.

Full moons are seen as powerful tools to manifest wishes and goals. What are you wishing for at this point of your life? This Monday evening when the pink moon rises into the night sky, listen to some music that triggers happy emotions. Speak with gratitude and imagine yourself already hearing about the good news. Sit outside, be still and allow nature’s beauty to bring good energy your way.

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Rebirth – The cycle

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This post goes out to all of you, conquering things you once believed to be impossible to tackle. Things that always seemed too far out of reach. You know the things you dreamed about but never thought you could. Things you thought were for someone else to do.

If you are lucky then the day comes when it happens, and if by magic superpowers these things become possible. Even for you, for us, who have doubted before. Some of you may breeze through them with a ease that is unexpected and surprising. You see, when working in the garden of our life, everything has it’s timing, everything unfolds, buds and grows when it is ready. I believe that when things are hard, when nothing falls into line, and when things are working against you, it’s perhaps that we try to plant in the wrong season. With patience, the right timing, and a little wisdom, we are supported by the universe and we are ready to push on. Once we reach that point, we become that Phoenix Rising and when that happens, there is no looking back. The seed has been planted and it sprouting. Spring is the time to cultivate our buds and encourage their growth.

Slowly…slowly…it dawned on me.

Why did I keep trying?

The answer is very simple, considering.

You see…Once the seed has been planted, once you have started to sprout and bud, new life begins. You are born again, and it can’t be undone. There is no other choice but to move forward and grow anew. Use this time for your own growths and remember that beautiful things are born out of adversity or when we plant the seeds of our life.

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At the gates of ancestral trauma – The chamber of the wound

Despite my current hectic, life goes on and the journey continues. To get up to speed and have insight as to how we arrived here, you can easily catch up here.

To continue with my ancestral healing, I knew that I had to travel to the chamber of my wounds. Only there I would discover the story of my original wounding. How far it dated back and when it began. I was unsure of what I would find. Was it one wound or multiple? I wasn’t too concerned with the details as long as I made a start. Where and when they originated, and how they manifested within myself over all these years was most important and like a learning process. The time had come, and I was coming to terms, understanding and perhaps even reacting and handling things differently going forward once aware.

I knew that in this journey of discovery I would learn much about myself, perhaps even on a deeper level. I wanted to see things with a clearer vision, like looking in on myself from an observer level, which had started already. Could it be intensified? I prepared myself mentally to travel to this chamber of my wound, which held decades of hurt and despair. I knew it involved Mom and I would need to meet her in the energetic world. I believed it was there, that we, together would mend the past. And so it was, only a few days later, during a powerful shamanic journey, that old, stagnant energy, as well as wounds that held us both hostage were cleared and released.

It’s too early to tell if the clearing was permanent or whether it needs to be repeated, but I am grateful that I was able to do this important work. I do feel a difference. I will schedule a follow up post why you should consider looking into shadow work, inner child healing and ancestral healing. What the benefits are and what to consider. May it be helpful for you as it was for me.


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Rest day – postponed

It’s been kind of non stop for me and for weeks now my days are packed with chores and activities. Just the other night I could have sworn I’d come down with something. I simply felt run down, the needle of my tank was on empty, leaving me with chills and the feeling of exhaustion. To the rescue came a big gulp of homemade Ginger Elixir (Dragons-Breath) and Elderberry Elixir (Dragons-Blood) to step up the immune system. Tomorrow I was surely going to slow down and take a rest day. It felt blissful to imagine the day with no chores, able to start and end it to my hearts content. Of course it never happened and before I knew it the day was filled with Radon, Home and Pest inspections, amongst t preparations for it and other stuff. Such is life in a schedule right now and other times are coming once more.

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Hekate – Goddess of boundaries

April…month of setting boundaries.

Just a few days ago a snake slithered across the road, inches in front of my feet. A sign of change, rebirth, shedding ones skin to emerge a sleeker, new version. I wasn’t surprised to receive this message and sign from this spirit animal.

Given my current circumstances, I was also not surprised that Hekate crossed my path, although I didn’t know about her until now. She is known as a goddess in Ancient Greek religion and mythology, often shown as holding a pair of torches or a key. She is also shown as triple bodied for her ability to see the past, the present and the future.

Hekate is associated with crossroads, entrance ways, night, light, and magic to name a few. She is the goddess of boundaries and is associated with being “between”, frequently characterized as a “liminal” goddess. She stood guard, protecting the individual passing through dangerous liminal places. She can easily traverse between the realms.

It is said to work with Hekate when you find yourself at a crossroad. When you are ready to truly embrace your power. To help guide you into higher realms of consciousness. As a torchbearer she can help bring light to the shadows.

The signs are in abundance and I feels like I am being guided and reassured by unseen forces. A few hours before Hekate surfaced, a glance to the microwave flashed the number 444.

“The Protection” The universe and your spiritual guides are protecting you. Pay attention to your thoughts and your environment.

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Some of the best things

  • Some of the best things are free and don’t cost a dime. For instance, real knowledge is free and it is encoded in your DNA. All you need is within you, and you have all the wisdom, all the answers, and all the knowledge you’ll ever need already within you. Great teachers have said this from the beginning of time. Often times this information lies dormant until we are ready to receive it. Find your heart and you will find your way.
  • I am searching these days. I am trusting, I am listening and I am finding. I believe and I surrender to what is meant to be will find it’s way. I am ok with the outcome and I don’t try to change or fight it. For the universe knows what’s best for me and in that I trust. Nothing is lying dormant anymore and everything has been disrupted. Everything has been set into motion and nothing will ever be the same. Nor will I ever allow my heart and health to suffer like this again, although even that has it’s purpose, bringing wisdom and lessons that could have not been learned otherwise.