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Happy New Year

It’s hard to believe, I am writing the last post for this year. A year that was so hard on so many, and a year that has brought so much learning and growth to all of us. In silence and stillness I look back and give thanks to all that transpired, while looking ahead with a hopeful heart at all that is yet to come. My celebration will be quiet, spend in comfort and within a small circle. I am ok with it and perhaps my years of rushing outside into the freezing cold, chasing fireworks and parties are over. Today I much more enjoy the safety and warmth of a cozy space and there I will be, enjoying the moment and reflecting.

Much has transpired for me this year and as hard as it has been, it will always be remembered as a game changer. A year in history that changed a great many things for me, and made a difference. Again, I ditch the New Years resolution and rather carry on from where I am. From what I have learned and achieved so far. Well, perhaps this is not entirely true, and perhaps you could see it as a New Years resolution that I have vowed to myself to take better care of me from a nutritional standpoint. I was gifted a book “Healing Arthritis” and a new friend put together a wonderful autoimmune protocol for me. I feel it is time to build upon this, and I feel that there are things I can do better. Although I can’t see stress ever being completely absent from my life. Not for awhile at least, but even here, new developments are on the way to lessen the weight. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am content and at peace. I know that the pieces that still need work will fall into place one by one and 2022 will be another game changer year for me. I know that the worst is behind me, that I am no longer climbing that mountain, but I am rather on the downhill descent. I am excited for what’s to come and I know it will develop exactly how it is meant to be. So here we go 2022, I welcome you with open arms and look forward to all the lessons and all the gifts you’ll bring my way.

Happy New Years everyone. May you feel peace and love within your hearts. Tomorrow we will take a closer look at which spirit animal has stepped forward to support the energy for the beginning of our year.

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The adventurous Moon-Child and coming to terms with yet another lifestyle change

It seems like the last quarter of 2021 has been a powerful time for me. A pulling it all together, an acknowledgement of all that has come to fruition, all that has been shed, including a newfound view on all that is yet to be. I am so much more at peace and I believe it shows when I look at this picture from just a few days ago. I have always displayed my worries on my face and it’s true that “the eyes are the windows to our soul.” Plus I usually have a little forehead wrinkle when I am worried or in pain. Now, this Moon-Child is preparing for the adventures that lie ahead. A year of new opportunities is dawning, a year of new adventures that will hopefully top this years lull and dormancy due to pain. More transitions are around the corner and I can feel them without being frightened or seeing them as intimidating or a threat.

In the meantime, two potential prospects have come forward and have shown interest in the purchase of my house in Germany. One party has viewed it already with the help of my cousin, and another walk through with an appraiser is scheduled for this Friday, the last day of the year. It remains to be bittersweet, and just coming to terms about selling it was a difficult Choice for me. My entire life I wanted to do right by Mom and I can’t see my decision being right in her eyes, so it was a matter of making peace with it and accepting that I had my own dreams to chase. And they were different than up-keeping the ones that were never mine. I struggled with so many emotions throughout this process, including guilt and being viewed as ungrateful. But who was truly viewing me? I must have thought of Mom in heaven and all I could was her further disappointment in me, not valuing what was so important to her all these years. Her house. It was quite a process to arrive where I am now, but now I am here.

To be truthful to myself and live honoring my higher self, I had to remind myself of who I am and where I am at this point of my life. This curious Moon-Child remains a soul that is always found wandering away from this world. She is a dreamer, weaving her future, being the co-creator of her life. She has become picky about what and with whom she spends her time. The is no more time to waste. In and out she creates, through every phase of her life, learning new lessons along the way, acquiring new skills and knowledge, turning it into wisdom and enlightenment. Eager, yet hopeful she faces each day, regardless of what it holds in store. She has a passion for life, for turning her challenges into powerful experiences that shape her into who she is meant to be. She finds a way to stay positive, even through the darkness and the pain, unlocking yet deeper parts of herself. She is drawn to the Moon, to the Stars, the Animals, and to Nature in ways that just can’t be explained. And no matter how dark life gets, she always find her way to the light. Adventure always finds her and she is looking forward to what’s next.

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Native American Indian spirituality Laws

Painting by Autumn Skye called “Forgotten Elders”

Another post that spoke to me is turning into another share on this blog. As the year is coming to an end, I found this article by Matthew Beuno as a perfect reminder and in perfect timing to close out one phase and to enter another.

He mentions that there are four Native American Indian Spirituality Laws that say nothing happens without reason in life. When you understand this, it’s very easy to handle and you confidently look at what’s happening, thankful for what was there and happy for what’s going to happen. This couldn’t have spoke to me more and see myself as having arrived at that point. Perhaps it is the point of there.

The 1st law says: “The person you meet is the right one.”

That is, no one comes into our lives by accident, all the people around us who interact with us, stand for something, either educate us or to help us in our situation.

The 2nd law says: “What happens is the only thing that can happen.”

Nothing but absolutely nothing of what happens to us could have been different. Not even the most insignificant detail. There just isn’t “If I had done it differently…it would have been differently…” No, what happens is the only thing that can happen and needs to happen, so we can learn our lessons to get ahead. Everything, yes, every situation that happens to us in life is absolutely perfect, even when our spirit resists our ego and doesn’t want to accept it.

The 3rd law says: “Every moment when something starts is the right time.”

Everything starts at the right time, not sooner or later. When we are ready for something new in our life, it’s already there to begin with.

The 4th law says: “What’s over is over.”

It’s that simple. When something ends in our life, it serves our development. Thats why it’s better to let go and move forward, bestowed on the experiences that have now been gained.

If you stumbled across this post and if you are reading this, I don’t think it’s a coincidence. If this text meets you today, it’s because you meet the conditions and understand that no rain drop anywhere in the world accidentally falls in the wrong place.

Let it go well….

Love with your whole being….

Being happy without end….

Every day is a happy, happy day!

I am. You are. We are one.

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Salt Water Flush

What exquisite timing to come across the health benefits of a Salt Water Flush. While there are many, it might be best known for cleansing your colon, treat chronic constipation and help detox your body. It has also become a popular trend as part of the Master Cleanse detox and fasting program. Maybe you even find yourself in need of such a detox after indulging yourself in too many holiday goodies. Be forewarned though about the laxative effect and don’t venture too far from the porcelain god as it usually causes an urgent bowel movement within 30 minutes. Gee, what a topic, how did I get here?

For me it’s more of a matter of detoxification, removing toxins and old waste material, as well as parasites that lurk inside the colon. However before you consider doing one, please conduct your own research and see if this is for you. Further I was impressed with the additional benefits that come with doing one of these Salt Water Flushes.

Eases sore throats

Cleans wounds

Lowers pain in inflamed muscles

Contracts muscles in the digestive tract

Clears fluid retention

Balances hormones

Establishes optimal ph level

Provides trace minerals

Forces out toxins and cleanses the colon

Balances electrolyte/mineral levels

Facilitates metabolic processes

Clears up digestive issues

Recipe: Dissolve two teaspoons of non iodized salt such as pink Himalayan sea salt in one quart (four cups) of warm water.

Add lemon juice to improve the taste if desired.

Drink the mixture as quickly as possible on an empty stomach.

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The last quarter Moon

Today is last quarter moon and it’s all about finding balance. Just yesterday we talked about waiving this year goodbye, to accept whatever will be and to stop interfering. Again it proves that it is all about that balance, that importance that we find harmony which in turn will translate to inner Peace. Today our energy turns inward once more and you may be questioning your impact on the world, as well as issues related to purpose. You might feel a push to purge and release, or at least sorting through memories and issues of trust and fairness.

The Crone is working her magic now, reminding us of gentler habits, to continue rest and restoration, setting down urgency and slowing down, while reflecting as the subconscious surfaces. This is a time to balance the creative, dreamy side with practical steps. It’s also a great time to share from the abundance of realized intentions. Just take a look around you and see all that you have achieved. Set aside some time for a session of alignment. Take a walk through your home and find gratitude for all the things you have attracted. Don’t forget that you are in the process of creating your dream life and it shouldn’t always feel like the chase. Marvel in what is and how far you have come. Even a race car stops every few laps to regroup. Give yourself that gift and room for self praise. Only you know what you’ve been through, and only you can bring meaning to the position of giving yourself the credit you deserve. Thank the universe as you find your connection without attachment, without fear, without control, without all the people, things , growth, and experiences, you’ve manifested. And guess what…this is just the beginning.

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Qué será será

Whatever will be, will be. The future is not ours to see. Don’t worry, if it’s supposed to happen, it will.

I can’t remember when I stopped to interfere. When I allowed life to unfold as it is supposed to be. When I somehow incorporated the attitude and the motto that is Que sera sera. What I know is that while I consciously add layers of depths to this concept, it has helped me a great deal lookin back. In which ways…it simply makes life easier. At least it has for me. It has given me more freedom, a lighter heart and somehow more peace of mind. It’s as if a burden was lifted and responsibility has been taken away. I have become an observer, a philosopher, a co-creator. What I have shed is the controller part, the interference, the need to force things. It has never worked for me in the past.

As the year draws to an end, the time is perfect for new years resolutions, to wish for a perfect upcoming year, with certainty a even better one than the one we just experienced. Of course we are all hopeful in that way, it’s human nature, but can we appreciate it all…whatever comes our way? Can we truly waive goodbye and not worry while resting in the comfort of the unknown? Ahh, there it is…the unknown. It’s a frightening subject isn’t it? It can be, but here too, if you find yourself on the worried side, it’s perhaps because you haven’t bought into the concept that is Que sera sera. Maybe you are still holding on tightly to the reigns, hoping to control the outcome, while not being hopeful and optimistic. Maybe you have your doubts about the new year, maybe warranted, justified and rightfully so as you found yourself on a streak of bad luck and unfortunate events. Have you ever wondered about your experiences? Why you had them, what the point of it was and what you could take away from them? Have you felt that you had it harder in life compared to others, have you experienced more? Why do think that is, are some just born luckier? So with that question raised, have been able to let go of the negative ones or are they still lingering, hidden deep within you, banished to the darkest corner, hoping they will never resurface again. You might hope the won’t and perhaps you’ve even tricked yourself into believing it, but you know the truths, don’t you! Soon or later they will rise and come to surface, over and over, until you face them, deal with them and then let go.

Now is the time to waive goodbye. Perhaps you could consider a different route, perhaps something new. After all, how has that control thing worked out in the past, it’s exhausting isn’t it? It keeps us on edge, by the seat of our pants, on our guard and most of all, tense. This tension turns to anxiety and before we know it we have added stress and hectic to our life. who needs that! I think this concept and keeping away the stress has been a guiding post for me when it comes to dealing with the RA. I haven’t perfected it and at times I too struggle to embrace Que sera sera, but I try to remember as often as possible. To bring my awareness to it, to give myself that pep talk when I need it, and to cling on to the light during those moments of sometimes. For me it is one day at a time as too many variables don’t allow for consistency in my days. But with it, it allows me to practice this concept anew every day and my focus is not on an entire upcoming year. Not even a month or a week, but more like a day and even an hour. So here we go, Que sera sera, whatever will be will be.

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Christmas Eve…2021

It’s going to be a white Christmas this year and the next snowstorm is on the way. With it, significant amounts of snowfall is expected and severe warnings to wrap up travel have been issued. It’s a Christmas we all envision, with a world covered in an innocent blanket of white. Picture perfect, my world is surrounded by snow covered pine trees and the occasional deer strolling by. For me it will be a quaint, simple Christmas and I will focus on as many comforts as possible during this time that so easily could have me feeling the holiday blues. It’s still a time when loved ones on earth and in heaven are missed just a little extra.

I have felt Mom’s presence more than ever this season, and I know she is by my side. I can see the effort she has made, coming to learn about my side of things vs being so focused on her view like she has been all these years in her time on earth. Now in heaven, nothing is secret anymore as she looks into my heart and sees my deepest thoughts and pain. Everything and all is on the table. There is no mistaken anymore, no more misunderstanding, it’s all there. It seems as if old ways of thinking have been released, and without any spoken words from her, the message couldn’t be any louder. I feel her support and she is showing it through ways I could have never imagined. It makes the holidays “without” even more bittersweet and she will be with me throughout a little bit more than usual. I will find some one on one time with her, to dedicate my love all over to her and to thank her while remembering her and her memory.

So huddle and be close to your loved ones this holiday season. Count your blessings if you have them to unite in person. Take a moment and slow down, to breathe it all in and feel every moment with every sense. Create new memories that will be passed on for years to come and enjoy this season of love and giving.

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Holding space for another person

Has somebody ever told you that they are holding space for you? Most likely this would have happened in a moment and a time where you were vulnerable, where you could be wounded or perhaps was, or as you need a break to breathe and regather your strength. If you have heard this phrase, it most likely came from a spiritual, unconventional soul. An empath, someone who feels deeply, who has compassion and a love for humanity. Perhaps these words were spoken from someone who was able to see the challenges and struggles we can face from time to time. Perhaps that someone has walked the path themselves, and therefore finds it easy to relate. Perhaps that someone is paying forward the wisdom and the experiences that they themselves have gathered before us. Perhaps that someone has been in our shoes and knows what it feels like.

So what is this expression of holding space for someone? Heather Plett has explained it perfectly and it means that we are willing to walk alongside another person in whatever journey they’re on without judging them, making them feel inadequate, trying to fix them, or trying to impact the outcome. When we hold space for other people, we open our hearts, offer unconditional support, and let go of judgement and control. Have you ever encountered someone holding space for you, or perhaps have you held space for another person?

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Less time – my soul is in a hurry

Picture: unknown Word: Mario de Andrade

“I counted my years and discovered that I have less time to live from here on out than what I have lived until now.

I feel like that kid who won a pack of sweets; the first ones ate them with pleasure, but when he realized there were few left he began to taste them intensely.

I no longer have time for endless meetings where statue, rules, procedures and internal regulations are discussed, knowing that nothing will be achieved.

I no longer have time to support dumb peoples who, despite their chronic age, haven’t grown up.

My time is short: I want the essence, my soul is in a hurry. I don’t have much sweets in the package anymore.

I want to live next to human, very humane people, who know how to laugh at their mistakes and who are not inflated by their triumphs and who take on their own responsibilities. This is how you defend human dignity and move towards truth and honesty. It’s the essential that makes life worth living.

I want to surround myself with people who know how to touch hearts, people who have been taught to grow up with gentle touches of their soul.

Yes, I’m in a hurry. I’m rushing to live with the intensity that only maturity can give.

I don’t mean to waste any of the leftover sweets. I’m sure these will be delicious, a lot more than the ones I’ve eaten so far.

My goal is to reach a satisfied and peaceful end with my loved ones and my conscience.

We have two lives and the second one starts when you realize you only have one.”