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It’s been a couple of lazy days, but it’s been anything else but fun. Nothing got done, no laundry, no cleaning, I didn’t see Mom and things that need to be taken care of for her, have been on the back burner. I got sick with a summer cold, courtesy of my cousin Michaela, who had it first. Some things are not meant to be shared so eagerly, and this would be one. 😉 I’ve been miserable and the bed is permanently shaped to the contours of my body. The vampires (mosquitoes) have still been active and robbing me of much needed rest to recover quicker. It’s been heading up temperature wise and I have my window open at night. Only now, already punished being sick and bitten, my neighbor has decided to turn on his bright yard light that illuminates my bedroom and work in his shed until 2 AM. Last night was the second in a row….perfect timing.

Today is the first time I’m writing again and my scheduled posts have been depleted. Luckily I had them scheduled ahead, because there was no way to hold a thought without dizziness and my head threatening to explode. I can’t remember having a headache like this the last time. But all is making perfect sense now, and it is clear to me what it was that I needed protection from. First the black feather that I found and then numerous messages in varying ways, urging me to rest, to take it easy, and step a little slower. It all compiled up until this very moment, I’m just not sure if the resting period now is proactive or responsive to something that was required earlier. Honestly, I feel it’s been brewing for awhile.

My mind has gone blank and I have not interacted much on the blog, nor do I feel like I have put out quality material. I have posted what I call fillers for the majority, although this statement does not apply to all. I have been uninspired for the most part over the past two weeks and I find it hard to concentrate. I know im tired and I have gone with the motions just letting life and it’s circumstances float me through the days. There are things that are important to me, things that concern you, and still I can’t find the energy to do them. I know I will….soon. In the meantime, I hope to leave you content with another picture I took in Rothenburg recently. It’s a famous and most photographed spot called “The Plönlein”.

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Celebrating “YOU” ~ M from Silentsmoulderingwords


This week’s submission comes from Novus and is a dedication to M from Silentsmoulderingwords. It has only been a short while since Celebrating “YOU” was created, but already it has left it’s mark on my heart, and I’m touched to see and learn about all the friendships that are formed here. How bloggers cross paths, leave their mark, find their voice in the eye of adversity, spread hope and light, build friendships or become sisters, and inspire and touch the hearts of those around who care to take notice. It’s simply beautiful and I’m touched to be a part of it. Life can be tough at times and my biggest inspiration comes from those who overcome and choose to go on. Which means pretty much all of us, since we all have someyhing to say and a story to tell. Blessed be….

And finally Novus’s words for M. Make sure to click on the link and pay M a visit for additional love and support. Congratulations on your nominations M and for inspiring us this week and beyond.

Today I want to give a
shout to M from silentsmouldering (
). I’ve known her a bit more than a year ago. Since the
first time I saw her as a big sister, we had a lot in
common, it was as if I was looking at a mirror. She was
cheerful, happy, smart… her husband was the rainbow of her
life and her son her joy. She was and still is a great poet.
Her poetry is magical! She suffered a lot when she was
young, some people were pushing her down, shaming her,
calling her names.
Now she still have problems in her life but she focus more on her baby .
Her poetry can take you far into unknown lands, deep into the sea, on mountain tops…. she’s a great writer and poet.
I wish i could hug her and tell her that she means a lot to me. She should put her knowledge to the help of others.
She’s pure magic.

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Angel – Prayer

I came across a poem again. I once wrote it for a friend who became a quadriplegic, and there is a reason that it has surfaced again. Mom’s life is changing so much. It is filled with loss and gain, acceptance and letting go, finding new meanings and reasons to go on. A life once familiar is no more and adjustments are needed to embrace the unknown. I’ve said it many times, but as time ticks away, my gratitude for being here to help her with this mission is growing to new heights. I know that her days would be much darker without me.

I believe the poem is relevant to what is going on and I will share it once more. As it becomes multi dimensional, and perhaps is fitting for many others, I will dedicate it to Mom and to everybody that needs help, encouragement and love. May you never forget to dream and feel loved.

“An Angel spreads it’s Wings”

An Angel spreads it’s Wings over you by day and night,

an Angel quietly sings when you wonder what life brings.

When everything is gray and makes no sense,

he brings you strengths, comes to your defense.

He takes your pain and lifts your sorrow,

you’ll see it gets better, just wait till tomorrow.

With patience you will face each day,

finding new means in every way.

You find hope and courage, the sun begins to shine,

each day will bring new progress and everything is fine.

It’s a new beginning but never the end,

your life goes on, an Angel was sent.

An Angel spreads it’s Wings to help through the night,

to conquer every mountain, to join you in the fight.

Picture taken from Pinterest

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Celebrating “YOU” Feature Recognition ~ M from Silentsmoulderingwords


Whoohoo, it’s Wednesday again…time for the teaser announcement for Friday’s Celebrating “YOU” post.

Celebrating “YOU” is a weekly segment of celebration. A way to show recognition for someone that has inspired you. touched your hearts, or otherwise made a difference in your life.

It could be anything, from a simple “Thank you” and a few short words, to something as big as a novel. Rules don’t really live here, and it is up to you how much, or how little you want to share about your selection. There is no specific format, but we would love to know how this person has made a difference for you. Here is your chance to pay it forward if anybody has ever made your day.

If you want to be a part, please sent an email to with your submission. Your submission should include your name and blog name, so I can properly give a shout out from who the celebration is. (Unless you want to stay anonymous which of course is always ok). Further, I need the same from your nominee, a name, blog name, along with a few lines should be perfect. All submission will be posted in the order they are received and without further editing. Please double check and make sure everything you want to include is said. Thank you for each and all interest.

I look forward to support and get to know your choices, with a personal blog-follow from me. May our circle continue to grow, in an effort to help and support each other. ♥️

This week’s submission comes from our dear friend Novus again, and goes out to M from Silentsmoulderingwords. Thank you again for your continued support Novus, I appreciate your commitment to Celebrating “YOU” and for giving us another shout out.

M sounds like a wonderful person and artist, perhaps one like so many, born out of adversity. It warms my heart to read those submissions that become testaments of the support and the strength that we find in each other.

Stay tuned for the full story in Friday’s post and please show your support. Feel free to comment or re-blog the post for maximum exposure in sharing our beautiful nominations. Thank you, and see you then….

Pssst: And don’t forget to submit your own submission and make somebody else’s day. Xoxoxoxoxo

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We saw the medieval executioner during a tour on the town in Rothenburg, and it looks like some heads are gonna roll.

It is pretty neat to take various tours, with the executioner, or the night watchman to learn a little more history. It’s educational and fun, what a way of life it must have been back then.

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Vampire hunt

It’s not even 5AM and I’ve been on the hunt for the past hour. My body itches like crazy as red welts are building all over. The ceiling is stained with my blood from the ones that fed on me, got caught, and paid with their lives. It’s mosquito season and no matter how careful I am or was, somehow the annoying blood suckers got inside. The windows I open have screens and there haven’t been any moments leaving the light on to attract them towards the golden glow. I’ve had them before, maybe one or two, but tonight it is as if a nest hatched in my room. I have grown restless and although I can’t feel them sitting on me, I know they have been there as another spot starts to itch and swell up. Other times you can hear their humming sounds around your ears and head as a warning sign of approach. I know there is at least one more, but I can’t find him. He got away, for now and I can’t have another repeat of the same scenario tonight. I already feel overtired and sick, I’m in for what might be a long day.

There, one followed the light into the kitchen and this time he didn’t get away. Perhaps I give sleep another try…wish me luck.

Well, before this actually got to post there was another in my room, and yet another that got away. I think I might have broke a wooden panel from my Lattenrost (Boxspring), and I am giving up on sleep for tonight, sipping my morning coffee at 6:27 AM.

Hello Tuesday….