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The power of choice

“What you think, you become.

What you feel you attract.

What you imagine, you create.”


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Celebrating “YOU” ~ Introduction

I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile now, but things kept changing. By now it has turned into something entirely else and has expanded in its purpose. Just a post was the original idea, but now I want it to be much more. I think it could be wonderful, but I feel I have to explain before I do the actual post. Here are my thoughts.

I’m always amazed at all the wonderful people I have met and continue to met on this platform. To hear the voices that need validation and just want to be heard, and to take wisdom from the teachers that gladly point the way. There is a tight knit community that doesn’t let one fall, there is no false sense of personal gain, and we are here because we all have something to say and need support at some point. I have felt more connected with people here, which I have never met, than with some others I saw in person. I have found encouragement and laughter, and most of all acceptance without judgement. I have found inspiration and a purpose to continue. This is a place for shared wisdom and personal growth. I hope this never stops and continues for all times. I think that the world needs more of it and to do my part, I would like to start a weekly post called “Celebrating you”.

My life has been so busy, well dedicated to one person I should rather say, and like I mentioned before, I am doing important work here with Mom. I still need balance and want to say thank you for all of your support and help you have shown me. You stuck by me regardless of the late responses and the missed posts from you. You haven’t abandoned me and cheered me on from afar when I felt weak. Each week I am touched numerous times by your generosity. You give me strengths and you are literally the wind beneath my wings. Celebrating “YOU” will be a weekly segment, well, Celebrating “YOU”. It could be anything, a comment that touched my soul (heaven help me to pick just one – why do I set myself up already), it could be a post from you, a random act of kindness, really anything. Celebrating “YOU” is exposure and getting the word out about your important work and what you have to say. It allows me to give back to you and share each other by exploring new blogs and welcoming newcomers into our circle. We will continue to grow, support each other, and learn from each other.

If you like the idea, have somebody you want to celebrate, or want to participate in this weekly segment and be a part, I would be honored and love to help, posting your submissions. Simply send me an email under and I’ll be happy to include your praise and of course give you the proper credit. I think it is wonderful to empower each other and see the transformation in each other. Be it through whatever means we can.

It was the very reason as to why I wanted to pick one of my favorite butterfly pictures. The butterfly stands for metamorphosis and endures a great deal of pain to transform from a caterpillar to end up a beautiful butterfly.

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Major Arcana Cards

About a year ago, I got involved in laying tarot cards. I’ve been long intrigued and started out with a deck of oracle cards. I heard that oracle cards may not be as complex as tarot cards, and therefore easier to read. I got hooked immediately and a few different decks have spoken to me since. I didn’t know what to expect, but kept open minded, positive and convinced that the cards didn’t bare any negative messages but only guidance and reassurance. No card has ever lead me wrong so far and I carry a deep respect for the wisdom they hold.

Coming to Germany, I brought my Tarot deck, thinking I would have all the time in the world to learn about them in detail. Well, let’s just say that my own, personal time has been limited, but I learn a little here and there. Tonight I noticed something reoccurring after consulting the cards, and I will talk about it after a short intro of how the cards are devided.

The first division of the deck is between the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana Cards. Arcana is a lovely old word for “secrets” and the cards are my helpers to unveil the secrets that have long been determined. One part of the deck, reveals the big, or major secrets, while the other part holds the small, or minor secrets. There are twenty two Major Arcana Cards. They are numbered from 0-21 and have names like Fool, the Chariot, Temperance, and the Moon. The images on these cards often date back to the beginning of tarot in the fifteenth century. As the major cards in the deck, they represent significant influences in our lives. These are the milestones and life lessons of the human experience. When interpreted, they often carry with them deeply spiritual messages. Because they are such powerful forces in a reading, it is often said that they represent events and developments over which we have little control. They are like weather fronts that we cannot alter but can prepare for. They reveal situations such as moving somewhere new, getting married or divorced, starting a degree program, finding or losing faith, or organizing a business.

What I noticed tonight was that the core cards I have drawn, or otherwise have come up by formulating my birthday or such, are mostly Major Arcana Cards. My life has been filled with major life lessons, (especially lately) and the human experience couldn’t be any greater. Each lesson carried deep and powerful messages with events I had little control over. I had to learn to roll with the punches, change approaches, believe in faith even more so, fill my heart with nothing but love and listen within. As a blessing, the divine has embraced me with spiritual gifts and a understanding of dimensions and signs not previously seen.

The cards have been like a map of my journey, telling me exactly what it is that I need to know for that given time. I think it’s incredible and here is a brief outline of what happened with my Major Arcana Cards. The cards are listed in the order they have appeared and make perfect sense to me.

  1. The High Priestess ~ “She is completely batty, I tell you. Didn’t say a word that whole time. Just sat there smiling at me. Core meaning: Something that can only be understood through experience.
  2. Justice ~ “You play the hand that you were dealt. The way you play it will determine your next hand. Core meaning: The consequences of your actions are at hand.
  3. The Devil ~ “It’s bloody hard work keeping this thing going.” Core meaning: A choice, situation, or action that is contrary to your best interest.
  4. The hanged man ~ “A little shift in perception, that’s all that was needed.” Core meaning: Willing surrender to an experience or situation.

I have written posts about the first three cards if you care to read further detail. The hanged man, I drew tonight which I will further detail in another post.

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Mother’s Day

Wishing everybody a wonderful Mother’s Day filled with many special moments and memories. May you always know how loved you are, and what a difference you make, human and fur baby alike. Your love is unconditional and never ending. Day after day you brighten our days through your unselfish commitment and care. We could never thank you enough, and our bond gets stronger with each passing year.

I am grateful to spend the day with Mom, and make her laugh here and there. Mostly I am happy that she is not alone today, and that a couple of gifts could bring her joy. Mom’s pandora bracelet is slowly filling up and I picked the “The tree of Life” for her new charm. It spoke to me and I found it fitting for this point of her life story.

Here is the symbolic meaning of it and today I would like to dedicate it to all of you, and all the mothers in the world. Thank you for all that you do.

“May the tree of life bring peace your way, many blessings and endless love. May it continue to grow within your heart, through the chapters of your life, and keep you safe and protected from all harm”.

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My most important work

Work was always important to me. A do it right or not at all kind of deal, while always giving a 100% and being fully committed. I worked hard and never knew how to pace myself, I worked my way up the corporate ladder, and finally ran my own store. I’ve spent many years in management, mentored many others, and provided the stepping stones to their own promotions. In the beauty store that I managed, I had the chance to make women with low self esteem feel beautiful and empowered. What a beautiful and important thing. It was very fulfilling, and still, I feel it is now that I am doing my most important work yet. I look back at my career and the opportunities that I had in each position, and can’t help but feel grateful for the experiences I had, for the people that I got to meet, and the time that I was given. Each impacted not only my life, but also the lives of those that I worked with.

I have shared my recent journey with you, and you have been witness to everything that has happened over the past weeks. Working with Mom had challenges and successes, just like a real time job. It’s not physical work, but mentally I’m fried some days. We had a huge break through recently and things continue to go well. It seems that we are getting closer with each day, and questions involving trust problems from the beginning, have vanished and are none existent anymore. As time passes, more and more reasons about my purpose here appear, and the picture is widening and getting bigger. Perhaps it always was, as a matter of fact, I know it was, I just couldn’t see it yet. It’s so much more than just caring for Mom, to take care of her affairs, pay the bills, look after the house and be company for her to make things easier. I’m also repairing our relationship, to put things into the past that have stood between us for decades. Things that threw a wedge between us, and drove us further apart with each passing year.

Lastly, neither one of us received professional help as my Dad died. Everything else died with him that day, and although I have never forgotten, I have learned to move on. That doesn’t mean that I was ok, but perhaps the incident scared a part of my soul right out of me and left a gaping hole to protect the rest of me. I used to call it ignorant bliss, not fully comprehending of what was going on to protect thy self. It just seemed easier and I was too tired to ask. Mom never healed and neither did I. But if someone was going to help and put some things back into perspective, to promote healing and perhaps bring a certain amount of closure, who was it going to be? I felt the call and knew that it would be no one else then me. That is of course if it was remotely possible to put some pieces back together. We are both learning at the time, but I knew I had to try and I knew there was no other choice, no way around it. So far the pieces are falling into place, I’m calmer. Snail spirit has slowed me down, and I see my little messengers everywhere to remind me that nothing can be rushed. I’m keeping perfect balance and my two swords, (Two of Swords post) Faith & Love are my protectors to ensure success in the end. I don’t need to be right and make a point, but I need to be understanding, I need to have faith and be compassionate. I need to be insightful and inspire trust. I am my fathers flesh and blood, I do possess his wit. I am the closest reminder of my Dad and he lives on through me. Mom sees him everyday through me and I see it in Moms eyes. She had gone a step beyond, and has started to get to know who her daughter is. I would even say that she is proud of what she sees lately, but we are not at the verbalizing point just yet. However she has hugged me back for the first time the other day and held on tight. I always hug her, but she has never hugged me back until now. It is because of Mom and our past that a huge opportunity presents itself. One that will leave me believing that my best and most important work is yet to be done….

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Doctors orders

A little humor has never hurt anyone and this one was too good not to share. Please read this wise man’s advise, and choose at your own risk. I think a nap sounds great and I’m still needed around here. Have a beautiful weekend everyone and be good to yourself. Hugs….😉

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Take a step at life

Life is a bit like hiking:

The journey only requires you to put one foot in front of the other….again and again and again. And if you allow yourself for opportunity to be present throughout the entirety of the trek, you will witness beauty every step of the way, not just at the summit. ~Unknown

Happy Friyay 😉 keep your eyes open…..

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Old soul

Have you ever heard somebody say that he or she is an old soul? What makes it so and when is this sentence vocalized?

Have you found yourself alone and isolated for as long as you can remember? Do you lead a solitary existence, need your own time, feel misunderstood, and like you often don’t fit in? Do things seem familiar, like you have been here, or done this before? Have less patience for the rat race, and struggle to tolerate contempt? Guess what – You might be an old soul.

Have you ever wondered….”How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” ~Satchel Paige

I have long believed that I’m an old soul, but what makes one really an old soul? Surely anybody could claim that title and say “I’m an old soul too”. For me it often is the familiarity of things, being in the know of how something works, although I have never done it in this lifetime. Sometimes it is my intuition and the wisdom that I bring to the forefront, without ever learning about it. I just simply know. And sometimes it is a feeling of being ahead of the times, knowing what is about to go down, even before something happens. And lastly it is others who have made comments about my old soul. I bit intrigued and went as far as reading a book from Aletheia Luna called Old Souls. I found it rather interesting and recommend it if you ever wondered yourself.

Here are 9 signs that might indicate that you are an old soul

  • You tend to be a solitary loner
  • You love knowledge, wisdom and truth
  • You’re spiritually inclined
  • You understand the transience of life
  • You’re thoughtful and introspective
  • You see the bigger picture
  • You aren’t materialistic
  • You were a strange, socially maladaptive kid
  • You just “feel” old