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All we need has always been inside of us

Another powerful piece that makes me pause and ponder to what feels so familiar and true. I am not sure who created the artwork and the words behind this, and I’m sorry I can’t accredit the artist, but I hope it speaks to you, and you take a moment to pause.

Have you ever considered that everything you need has always been inside of you? Whether it comes to adjusting to a new earth and a new way of life, our new reality and how quickly life can change, or your own personal struggles and challenges, it is said that your soul already knows what to do. So why do we feel so lost at times, so unsure, uncertain, worried and restless if we have everything we need inside of us you might wonder! My theory is that we simply don’t know we have all we need, that perhaps we don’t believe enough in ourselves, and can’t see how much control we truly have already. We wait to be rescued, for something to happen on the outside, for someone to take action, miraculously changing our reality, while it has always been up to us. Remember that the key to our own luck should always be in our own pocket and not in the pocket of someone else. My other theory is timing and that we simply aren’t ready. If we’re not ready to see and understand, the wisdom inside of us lies dormant until we can appreciate and act upon its value. After all “The teacher will appear when the student is ready.” And here are the words besides my own to back up my own thoughts and theories.

Creator said: “I want to hide something from the humans until they are ready for it. It is the realization that they create their own reality.” The eagle said, “Give it to me. I will take it to the moon.” The Crestor said, “No, one day they will go there and find it.” The salmon said, “I will bury it on the bottom of the ocean.” The creator said, “No. They will go there too.” The buffalo said, “I will bury it on the Great Plains.” The creator said, “They will cut into the skin of the earth and find it even there.” Grandmother who lives in the breast of Mother Earth, and who has no physical eyes but sees with spiritual eyes, said “Put it inside of them.” And the creator said, “It is done.”

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Spiritual Awakening Stages

With so much uncertainty and confusion right now, we look to understanding, a little hope and perhaps some reassurance that everything will be ok. It also makes me think of our own personal journeys, trying to understand things, and sometimes even feeling alone with nobody to share or relate to you. I thought this might be a good time to repost the 7 stages of spiritual awakening.

  1. Unhappiness and emptiness
  2. Perception shifts
  3. Seeking answers and meaning
  4. Finding answers and experiencing breakthroughs
  5. Disillusionment and feeling lost
  6. Deeper inner work
  7. Integration, expansion, Joy
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For our hero’s

This is a new 8×10 canvas painting of a dot Mandela. I created it to honor our front liners fighting this pandemic. I wanted to say thank you to the ones working tirelessly in an effort to provide for others. The ones offering help to the less fortunate, as well as all essential workers risking the or own health to keep us going.

This Mandela is dedicated to t he survivors, the families that have been faced with Covid 19, and t he souls that have returned back home and left us way too soon. May we never forget these hero’s, and may we feel a heart full of gratitude for our C-19 hero’s.

Thank you for all you do. 🙏🏼

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Kundalini yoga

During my self quarantine I started kundalini yoga. It’s something I always wanted to try but felt that I might not be able to keep up in a class with other kundalini students. Why…well, I usually don’t give my chronic illness much consideration, nor do I let it adapt a mind frame that hinders me in any way, unless the pain gets too much and I can’t ignore it, of course. I think that in some ways it has even motivated me to defy the odds and that very attitude has served me well so far. It even has left doctors astonished that there isn’t any joint damage to my bones. Yet I have been bad enough twice to know how quickly things can change and how debilitating it can be. Something I might did today, may bring me trouble tomorrow and consistently in performance is not a given. So what better time as the “now” to try kundalini yoga in the comfort of my home!

If any yoga friends are out there reading this, you know that it is much harder than it looks. I had to start with chair yoga because it was hard for me to sit in lotus position on the floor. I have since progressed to sitting on the floor and although still a bit uncomfortable, at least I got there and can tell the difference.

My session started with the powerful mantra of Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. The words mean “I honor the infinite wisdom, I honor the teacher within.” Immediately I felt connected. What followed was a seemingly easy routine of stretches and breath work, holding your breath suspended and building immunity. 20 minutes of hardly moving left me breathless and I couldn’t even complete the entire routine. But I stuck with it and there was something so fulfilling, something that left me feeling good and strong. I could always notice the difference, right after my workout and guess what…I got better. At this point I continue with the same workout every day until I get the feeling that I have nailed it, before moving on. At that point I plan to focus on a new routine and eventually combine the two, and so on.

The benefits I have seen so far is more flexibility and strength. Even some of the stiffness from the arthritis is subsiding and I notice an overall increased well being. My mind is clearer and I want to say that I am in a different state emotionally, especially during this time that can be challenging for all of us and perhaps depressing. I think kundalini yoga has allowed me to stay stable, to not forget the overall picture and being grateful for everything I have. I know I have said it before that things could always be worse and I won’t take my blessings for granted.

Each session ends with another mantra, called “Sat Nam”. This mantra can also be used during your exercises, using Sat to inhale and Nam to exhale. It’s a wonderful way to support the exercises, the work you are doing and helps you to stay focused. It means “I am truth, truth is my identify or truth is my essence.”

Simply beautiful isn’t it 🙏🏼

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Until I see you again…

Couldn’t you just here and marvel for awhile? I know I did and Yosemite is a place close to my heart. It’s a connection to ancient times, a prior life perhaps, a sense of home that has me sighing deeply each time I am within it’s marvelous surroundings.

Seen is this picture taken at Glacier point is Half Dome, my favorite landmark of the park, but then it’s hard to have only one. In the picture as well is Clouds Rest, Liberty Cap and Nevada Falls.

I will never forget the beauty seen when we took a bus to Glacier Point and hiked the Panorama Trail all the way down to The Valley, past Illilouette Falls to Nevada Falls and Liberty Cap, intersecting with the Mist Trail and Vernal Falls. A almost 9 mile journey with 3200 ft in elevation change.

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My wish for you

Today I sit here, thinking of you, which I actually do quite frequently, but today there is information entering my mind, things and thoughts I want to share with you.

Last Sunday night I had a tough time falling asleep. I must have tossed and turned for several hours before finally drifting off into dreamland. The next morning I woke and noticed that I was only wearing one of my copper gloves. I wear those to help with the arthritis pain and they do soothe and comfort me, reducing the amount of stiffness I feel in the morning when getting up. I did write about the benefits before and if you have any questions, please just ask. They are amazing and have made a world of difference for me.

Anyways, I don’t remember taking one glove off at night and tugging it under my pillow, but somehow I must have. It never happened before though. Monday, I had a friend ask me when I was doing my meditation because he wanted to join. We agreed on a time and at the comment we started an owl came to visit and joined us. I felt a distinct difference during my meditation and there was a heightened sense of calm and stillness. I felt so comfortable, surrounded by love, warmth, and just perfect, I didn’t want to stop. It felt powerful and healing and I meditated longer than usual.

Tuesday came and with it a message that on Monday April 20th was the day the new earth ascension blueprint was downloaded into Mother Earth and all of humanity. It was stated that if you had trouble sleeping Sunday night, you most likely tuned into the preparations for this moment. It was also said that you might notice a change in energy, in your surrounds or yourself and that everything was different and yet the same. It made perfect sense to me as we all received a piece of the energy that is unique to us. Today I wonder if you felt something similar you might not be able to explain. Maybe this will shed some light, but most of all I hope you are ok. Today this post goes out with a wish for you, wherever you are. Be safe and know you are loved.

I hope you are doing good and things are ok for you.

I hope you are finding sanity when things are crazy.

I hope you find stillness when you feel like screaming.

I hope you see the glass half full even when precious resources trickle away.

I hope you never forget what the sunshine feels like even when darkness holds you within it’s grip.

I hope you learn to dance in the rain and your optimism never fails you.

I hope you never forget how special you are and to someone you are the best thing ever.

I hope you are patient with yourself and you are quick to forgive yourself, because you are doing the best you can.

I hope you find more ways to smile than ways to frown.

I hope you love with all your heart and your heart chakra is wide open.

I hope you never give up and that you get up more times than you have fallen.

I hope you never forget that you can do it no matter how tough things get, because nothing lasts and this too shall pass.

I hope you share a smile with a stranger because a smile is a beautiful thing to gift to someone.

I hope you take the time to be good to yourself because you truly deserve it.

In love and light 🙏🏼❤️

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Happy Earth Day

She is changing our Mother and a new earth is being born. A earth that has always loved us, but have we always loved and respected her back?

As the earth celebrates the 50th anniversary of earth day alone and without huge events, she still speaks to our conscience with a few powerful facts.

  • A reduction in global air pollution
  • A dramatic fall in carbon emissions
  • Clearer water
  • Happier animals

In Eckhart Tolle’s Book titled “A new earth”, we are invited to awaken to our life’s purpose. He talks about making a case that humanity must either evolve into a new ego free enlightened state, or face possible extinction. A new earth outlines a crazy and destructive place, but also shows us that we can save it together, by looking into our minds and detaching ourselves from our ego, so we can practice acceptance and enjoyment. Could this be such a time?

Watch the news or any Covid 19 themed program and you have heard it. “We are in this together” is the slogan, but what does it truly mean to everyone on an individual basis? Are we in the learning stages, trying to figure out how this applies to us? Are we all doing our part, or are we trusting that someone else will, are we evolving or facing extinction? What exactly is our part and what does it entail you might wonder!

Tolle and a new earth encourages us to live our life in each present moment and to create happiness for ourselves without emphasizing material possessions. What would this mean for each of us? Could we let go of the world we have created, the place we have come to know to make room for a better one? Perhaps not everyone could see change as a better world, struggling to leave behind their comforts and ego. After all we have worked so hard in an effort of having things our way, haven’t we? Have we gone too far, has the balance been tipped?

You might have heard that the earth is ascending and received a new blueprint last Monday. Everything is different and yet the same. Have you noticed a change, have you seen how beautiful our planet is? How clean the air is and how far we can see without a smog line on the horizon? If you are missing these moments, it might be due to feeling unhappy about the disruption this has caused in your life. But even that can be in our control if we only allow it to be.

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.”

~Eckhart Tolle

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Enjoy the beauty around you

A day for few words, a day to not add additional clutter, but to just let it be. I got a challenge for you today and it is to find something in your day, anything that allows you to breathe deeply and brings a moment of stillness and peace to your day. It’s often the little things we deny ourselves, so take a moment and revisit that stillness. ❤️