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Mono Lake 

Another quick picture from the archives until I have time to write. 

I’m off today, but I’m going out in search of smelling the flowers. Wildflowers that is and I hope to bring you some pictures later on today. Fingers crossed, but in the meantime here is another one from Mono Lake with its unusual looking Tufa Towers. ❤

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Let it all go….

The signs continue to be strong in my life. I feel weightless at times as I let these signs guide me in utter and complete trust. I believe that there is a higher meaning, a message that is being delivered, for those who are willing to listen. All that is required is to open our eyes, stay positive and believe in the magic. The Crow  has made a few more appearances since my post the other day, even though not in physical from, it is incredible what wisdom you can find when you put everything together. But that most likely depends on if you are a believer or a skeptic.Like everybody else I also have times the ego chimes in and holds my heart in that vice grip I recently talked about. I think it’s just (hence – just) anxiety as the unknown can instill fear and is a stressful place. I have to be honest though and say that I believe life already has a plan for us, so why try to resist and control that plan that will come to fruition regardless? It’s undue stress as it poses questions without resolve, questions who beg to be answered but only inflict pain that threaten to tear your heart apart. We know, and still we can’t help but wonder while getting sidetracked as we allow those very things to drive us crazy.

I like to think that I have learned to roll with these punches and I have noticed that there seems to be no in between for me. It’s either the highest of highs or the most painful of lows. I remind myself that either won’t last, but I rest in my happy place to pull me through the darkness that all of us experience. Today I’m thinking how incredible it is and what a difference a day can make. Just yesterday I felt so tired and my feet (Bones) bothered me so much from the pressure in the weather. When that happens, every step becomes painful and I feel like I am 99 going on a 100 years old. Today, the storm front has pushed through and I feel as if I could climb the highest of mountains. I wish every day was like this. I know we all do….

My point is that life is full of ups and downs and we don’t feel equal each day. My heart has been going out to some people in my life, as well as dear friends here on WordPress who are suffering in a variety of ways. I have yet to meet somebody without that suitcase of baggage attached to them. Some of us carry it better than others, but we all have it in some form and way. Some may be lucky to have just a tiny clutch while some threaten to be crushed under that super XXL suitcase. I think it’s important that we relate to each other and know that we are not alone. Have you ever looked at somebody and wondered about their baggage? What they are carrying around with themselves and how good they are to conceal the contents from the outside world. Smiling into your face while they are crying behind closed doors and feel alone in this world. Have you ever wondered or been there yourself? Maybe it is the key and what we need to remember to drive compassion for each other, and maybe it is something worthwhile of trying.

For myself, I know that somebody is suffering right besides me, that they have their own story and the empath in me is feeling their struggles. I know that we all are trying to find our way, that we just want to contribute and be heard. And sometimes, we crumble under the weight and need a little help, perhaps in the tiniest of ways and an ear that is willing to listen.

And yet other times we just need to let things rest. To let the things at war deep inside of us find their own way. Remember that stars can’t shine without darkness and that every rainbow needs a downpour to exist.

Sometimes we just need to let it all go and let things be….

This video is for everybody that needs to know that they are not alone. If I could, I’d make it all go away, but I can’t and the only thing I can do is to be right besides you in spirit.



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Face – Rock

Snow has covered the land overnight and the wind is blowing hard in my little corner. 

Gray skies have enshrouded my world, cutting the visibility but I trust the familiarity as I have been here many times.

I know my mountains are close by and even though I don’t see them, I feel them in my heart.

I’m in no hurry for anything today and dream of favorite places such as this. 

And when the sun returns, a new search begins. For places and memories that will carry me through future storms.

Alabama Hills and Mount Whitney with Face Rock and me.

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Here it’s almost 10PM already and then there is me thinking about going to bed early tonight. The night owl in me usually doesn’t make it to bed before midnight, but today I feel tired in many ways. My body is tired and my mind seems foggy. A slight, just enough to annoy me headache is lingering and my body feels tense as if somebody is holding me tightly in a vice grip. I would take a bubble bath if it wasn’t so late, but I can’t seem to find the motivation for that either. Today was day five at work and without a doubt when that day rolls around, I’m usually ready for some time off. My feet have been bothering me as of recent and years and years standing on concrete floors are not taking kind to me as of lately. But most likely, at least for tonight, I feel the pressure of the upcoming rain storm in my bones. I think I’ll hibernate overnight and pray for the raindrops to hit my window, soothing my soul, carrying me away to wonderland.It’s been silent in my homeland and I want to believe that no news is good news for now. It’s only been today that my Mom was admitted into the hospital and I’m sure it’s too early to know anything. Nevertheless, I know the subject is occupying a big part of my mind and lately, if it hasn’t been that, it has been something else that makes me think and analyze the signs. Life is pushing me fast and I’m ok with the sense of urgency as there is no time to waste. The faster I get to where I need to be in the end, the more time I will have left to enjoy the destination. Yet, the journey is the destination and there is no rush as I stand on the sidelines to let my life unfold how it is meant to be without resistance. 

Life is not always roses and it would be unnatural if it was. I’m ok with that and nobody has ever turned a wise soul without experience. 

Tonight I’m tired and this Meme seemed perfect and funny 😉. Plus learning a new word isn’t all that bad either, haha.

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Busy, busy, busy

With a hectic week and demands from different directions, my mind drifts to escape to one of my happy places and I have to dig into my library to give you a little glimpse. 

Photo of Olmstead point with Half Dome and Clouds rest in the background. Yosemite National Park ❤

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Being human

What does it really mean to be human? How do we define it?

Some seem to struggle with that very meaning and cause us to lose faith and trust. Inhumanity leaves us feeling beaten down and sad. What does it even mean to inhumane? It’s an emotion beyond words, a feeling that cuts deep when it happens to you and you are on the receiving end. It’s usually unjust and leaves us angry, vulnerable, hurt and lost.

But then there are others who seems to have just a little more compassion and patience. Who are nurturing to our soul and who touch our hearts in ways that are unexpected yet so essential. The ones who give us the strengths to fight another day and who help us restore our faith in mankind just at the moment when we’re about to give up.

Being human may not always be easy, but it is the only way to coexist and live in harmony.

Can you imagine what could be if the effort was made and we took the chance to be human?


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Call of the Crow 

The spirit animals have made a strong presence within me lately. Just about daily one shows up in some way or form, but perhaps they have always been there. Maybe it is now that I have become more receptive, that I’m finally listening, and maybe it is just now that I am taking note of the messages they are to bring. But why now? I look to learn about the meaning for their appearance while I try to understand the timing and search for the message the divine universe is trying to deliver. On second thought, I feel sure that they have always been there but I never noticed because the timing was off. Many would think it to be mere coincidence and that I’m reading into the signs too much. Maybe I have read too much, wanting to believe in the signs so much that it allows me to fabricate the stories that go along with those spirit animals. But then on the other hand, so have others before me and there is plenty of written documentation to support that I am not the first to have those thoughts and feelings. I’m not alone here. I have no explanation or scientific fact that backs any of this, it is mainly intuition that guides me through those experiences. If I know something for sure, it is that this is mostly something I feel and not all things always need to be rationalized. I am learning not to resist, to let it unfold and to go with my gut feeling while I trust what my heart feels. I believe that this is more than just serendipity, but with anything in life we believe what we want to believe in the end. I say believe in what you will, as long as it serves your purpose, as long as it fuels your soul with fire and as long as it allows you to live in the now. 

Yesterday morning the call of the crow was coming from outside my window. It was loud and distinct, almost obnoxious and there was no way to mistake it for another bird bidding me good morning. It was a crow and something either got it very upset, or it’s mission was to wake me from my slumber at any cost. It succeeded as it’s call woke me early, but why was it there? Was it here to tell me something? What was the message to be delivered? For as long as I remember, I have never had a crow outside my window, making so much noise, being so persistent with it’s call. While I was getting ready for work, the thought lingered and later I remembered the crow throughout the day. I believe that during the day I got my question answered and coincidence or purpose was no longer an issue. I knew….

A quick search about the crow as a spirit animal revealed the following. It is said that the crow was associated with life’s mystery and magic. I could use some magic for sure, I thought, but couldn’t we all? It was also associated with providing the insight and the means of supporting intentions. A messenger of luck or being a trickster. What a combination, a lucky trickster while raising awareness to deceiving appearances. And yes not everything shiny is a great treasure. At the time of discovering these associations with the crow, I couldn’t have known that I would actually come face to face with some of these traits later on in the day. To the point that some deceiving appearances would hit me smack dab in the face. And while I should have expected them, (in hindsight and while giving too much credit while no credit was deserved), I was still taken back by the tricky and deceiving way it all came to be. 

The crow was also said to be a supporter and developer of sight, to see what is real and what is not. It was supporting the power of transformation in connection to life’s magic. 

Further symbolic meaning of the crow 
Intelligence and higher perspective

Being fearless and audacious 




Destiny and personal transformation 
After reading and inquiring about this unusual encounter, I definitely felt a connection to the meaning. First came the unusual never before visit and what followed later throughout the day solidified what I read earlier. The signs became obvious and even though it ended up being one of those days, I recognize it as a day vital in my destiny and personal transformation. No matter how painful life is from time to time, I firmly believe things happen for a reason. Those very reasons guide us to take the road we must travel and perhaps even decide which direction we need to take while standing at the fork, contemplating the path.

May you always travel the path of your intuition. Remember to listen to the signs and know it doesn’t always have to make sense. No explanations needed…
Thank you my crow messenger….I see and hear you. 

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Keep the Wolves away

My friend David posted this song yesterday and it stuck with me through last night and today. I had to revisit it and the song inspired these thoughts and this post tonight. I found it fitting in many ways, especially since we are getting ready to start another workweek. Is it because we want to or to keep the wolves away? I wonder what the answers would be….

David and I always shared a passion for music, exchanging finds while letting the music convey what words sometimes can’t. If you asked me, there is a song, a genre for every occasion and mood. And some make me literally feisty, depending on time and listening to them at the perfect moment. If I could I’d only have songs and days like that, but unfortunately that is not always the case and life has it’s darker side. But you know what I’m talking about, and you know the feeling when a song comes on and a smile finds it’s way to your face. You may even act downright giddy, dance like nobody is watching and sing it in your perfect karaoke voice, god knows I do, lol. The same goes vice versa though and a song can make you ponder life, your path and the direction it is going. You may feel nostalgia or sadness and a new wave of emotion is flooding your soul.

This song spoke to me on multiple levels, of which first and foremost in the way of ending poverty and hunger. I know, we, the world can do more and we can do better if we truly want to. It would be a dream if nobody had to go hungry anymore and I applaud the band “Uncle Lucius”  for their effort, their time and dedication to make a difference.

The song also spoke to me personally and even though I didn’t raise a family, I have always been the breadwinner, the supporter, the “One”. Great responsibility comes with being the “One” and sometimes you will find yourself doing things you don’t really want to do. But you have to do them and you pay with your health, perhaps your life working on somebody else’s clock. Remember it doesn’t have to be forever.

Tonight as I pay it forward and share this song, I wish that you, (including myself) may find more times to do what you want to do and spend less time doing the things you don’t really care to do. May more songs bring a smile to your face vs. leaving you ponder life and how you got there. One by one we can change our stars.



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My Mountains

Missing my mountains today….

Photo: Sunset of Clouds Rest as seen from North Dome, Yosemite National Park ❤. It remains a great memory and my first backpacking trip. No better way to end the day as to stare at this and watch the sun disappear to give way to a starry nightsky full of wonder.

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Those days…

We all have those days…..

The days when being strong all the time catches up with us, 

The days we feel like lowering our guard,

Because we have been strong for too long.

The days when it’s not always easy to fight the good fight,

But we do it anyways, for we would lose ourselves if we didn’t. 

The days that seem unfair and unjust, and the days that just don’t make sense. 

I’m talking about the days when our heart hurts and we can’t hold back the tears,

No matter how optimistic and positive our outlook might be.

When the actions of others cut us deep and leave us wounded, 

In those days that lack compassion and love from our fellow humans.

The days we forgive anyways for they do not know any better,

And it is not up to us to judge or revenge.

And finally the days we are being taken because giving is all that we know. 

Today was such a day and today I feel tired.