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New moon in Cancer

We just had the new moon enter in Cancer a few days ago and new moons are perfect for setting new goals and manifesting dreams. With every new moon we set our intentions of what we want to achieve during the month and with every full moon we release the energy that no longer serves us.

I came across a great little affirmation for the Cancer moon and we can use it each and every day, not only on the new moon. Since Cancer is my birth sign and this affirmation feeling right for me at this part of my journey, I thought I remember it and use it throughout the month. Just imagine how powerful we can build this energy up to. Please join me if this speaks to you.

“I build my dreams for the future on solid ground. My goals are rooted in my deepest truth. I manifests my desires into reality. I am supported fully by the universe.” ~Ara

And by the way we have a new spirit animal that has stepped forward to support us through July. Check back tomorrow to see how it can relate to you.

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Beautiful messenger

Yesterday, a beautiful dragonfly landed on the metal zip line that is holding our sunshade in place. I immediately knew that Mom was paying us a visit. She stayed for nearly 30 minutes, every once in awhile lifting off, only to sit back down within seconds.

Much is going on right now with the purchase of land and potentially building a house on it. Also a house that is meant to honor and suit her since she has set us up in a back to make this dream a possibility. Thanks to her teachings I still could have done it on my own but having a little extra capital to work with definitely helps. Despite of her mot being here in person anymore, it is very important for me to get this right. She always wanted to live near the mountains with a view and the lot purchased definitely offers that part of the dream. I think that when everything is said and done, she will feel at home.

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On the way…

The moving company notified me the other day that all of my possessions from Germany, the ones I wanted to keep have left the port on the 19th of June via container ship just like this one. The expected port arrival in Florida should be on July the 6th, give or take a week. Then it will be offloaded, has to clear customs and arrangements for delivery will be made. My fingers are tightly crossed that everything is surviving the journey in one piece and completely dry.

A lot of my possessions from the sale of my house here in the states have been in storage. Earlier this month I cleared and rearranged some space in my current storage unit to make room to accommodate the arrival of this shipment. I know it will fit but it will be pretty tight and full with minimum room to maneuver around. Maybe there is still some time to sort and get rid of a few more things that will not make the second cut. I will be limited with my current plans as to what stays and what has to go. So we shall see what happens. I know that a big part of the boxes that hold my crafting supplies will move into my “She Shed / healing space” and that should help a great deal. I am just going to let it unfold as it must.

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Dreaming bigger yet…

What a big step, but I did it and if I don’t take the plunge now and just go for it, my dreams will never happen. I believe that opportunities fall into all of our laps, whether we have the guts to pursue them is a whole other story. It definitely takes courage to say the least. Well here we are…I purchased land and this picture showcases a small section of where the future building site will be. And I would like to keep the wooden poles…yeah don’t ask.

It’s funny how life works sometimes and I have become a great listener and seer of the signs and opportunities it throws our way. About a year ago, we found a cool little lot that already had electric and sewer on it. That’s quite an expense to be saving but the lot was a little small and too shady with little sunlight. Back and forth, undecided, weighing the pros and cons of the little light but it being in an area that was highly desirable, the lot sold and soon a little camper moved in.

Within the same year another lot became available. Perfect in size and higher up on the mountain, with amazing panoramic views. The road itself is remote and only two more houses were higher up which would make it a very quiet and peaceful area to live in. Still not quite ready to purchase and with Germany hanging in limbo, I don’t know how many times we drove up and just sat at the lot, taking in the views, dreaming of all the possibilities and what could be. The lot was a bit pricey, but still worth it. But we didn’t jump on it and Germany had to be sorted first. So I went…

Just a few weeks before my return back to the states the lot was taken off the market and the “For Sale” sign disappeared. Long story short, eventually it had a contractor sign on it and we realized that someone had bought it. The second opportunity had passed by, in that quiet serene area, on that very road we wanted to be. There is only a number of houses in that area, while several land parcels are untouched, but how is someone to know who they belonged to and if they were interested in selling. Anyways, I was sad to see the opportunity had passed by and it stung a bit even though I tried to convince myself that the right one would come along when the time was right.

So it came to be that while inquiring about another lot that the realtor casually mentioned that another lot is coming up for sale in that area that hadn’t even been listed yet. Within that day the lot was seen and inspected for possibilities. Low and behold it was just slightly below the pricey one that had just gotten away. Same size, same potential, same views (after clearing a few trees) half the price. A commitment was made to purchase and the land is currently going throw escrow with an expected close in mid July. I have spent the last two days revisiting my prior house plan I designed last year and made some changes. Big plans for a house and a “She Shed”, a panoramic deck, a future Air Bnb at the bottom of the lot, and more are on the way. I hope that I get to build this home in all it’s detail while still staying self retired. Worse case scenario I will be in a bigger tiny home on wheels, but on my own land. I need to dream bigger and see it in all it’s glory that in my mind already has come to pass. Much work lies ahead but the planning process shall be fun.

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Happy Birthday sweet Cinnamon

Cinnamon and her first trip to the ocean. I think she loved it, especially napping in the warm sand.

Happy Birthday sweet Cinnamon girl. It’s hard to believe this little rascal is turning two today. Where has the time gone? Please slow down so my time with you won’t go by so fast.

There will be lots of treats today. A new collar to replace the old faded, sun bleached one, a new toy to rip apart and lots and lots of love, kisses and smooches all over. Plus of course a nice hike with tons of playtime. A birthday for the little queen and person she is. She never fails to amaze me. How smart she is, how keen her senses are, how quick she learns and copies us thinking she is just one of us. She has sure brought much happiness and joy into my life and today I celebrate this little girl and thank her for choosing me to be her fur-momma.

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My guilty “choices” and conscience

I can’t help but feel that some things fell a little short while I was in Germany. Some of it was my leisure time and my mind keeps wandering back to two special people I had planned to meet during my 2 1/2 month long stay. Sadly that never happened and perhaps deep down I had an inkling this might transpire this way. After all I didn’t come to Germany on a vacation and there was much emotional and physical stuff that needed to be worked through.

Not seeing these two wasn’t a matter of transportation since I was mobile for the most part. So what was it then? I’m going to be very candid with myself because I don’t believe in excuses about being too busy and the likes of it. If something is important, we will make the time and we will always make it happen, regardless. So what am I saying here…am I giving the impression that these people simply weren’t important enough for me??? This statement couldn’t be further from the truth and yet, my time expired and I never got to meet my dear blogger friend Irene and the awesome Streets of Nuremberg photographer/blogger Marcus. It was a few years back that I got to meet Marcus for the first time on a Blogger Meeting and we have been friends ever since. It was during our meeting that Marcus gifted me a beautiful mug with his blog / photography logo on it and I have used it most every day while I was in Germany. I still hold very fond memories of our initial meeting that I will forever hold dear in my heart.

Irene on the other hand, I sadly never had the pleasure of meeting in person. This would have been our first time and up until then, we continuously stayed in contact. We’ve known each other for quite some time now and I feel that we share much common ground. There is an understanding that does not require words. There is a seeing each other for what is true, raw, vulnerable and authentic. Although we have never met, it doesn’t feel like that at all. As a matter of fact, I feel connected to her from a way of the heart-space and she has gone out of her way to support me and help me through the journey that was Germany. I couldn’t have asked more and there truly wasn’t a stone she left unturned to make our meeting possible. Many times we wrote each other, exited about finally meeting, and I am truly sad this never happened. It’s worse than feeling sad…I feel awful, like someone that broke his/her word. That disappointed and gave false hope and information.

I couldn’t have foretold how Germany would transpire and along with challenges such as no running water at the house, getting sick and family obligations, my time was used based on priorities. I believe it’s always priorities in our lives as to why some things happen and others don’t. It is the honest truth no matter how terrible it sounds. Not being the priority sound like someone or something is less important and is therefore put on the back burner. I know that this wasn’t the case for me, but I knew that the little free time that I had needed to go to someone who I felt needed me more at that time. I had to make a choice so I could live with my conscience and I can’t say that I sacrificed my time because being able to be there was important for me too. Still I feel bad of having missed a meeting with these two wonderful people and I can only hope life will present me with another chance.

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Silent times

During my stay in Germany I got really really sick. I still believe that I never experienced anything like it before. I had the worst respiratory infection and for about 3 weeks I was in truly poor shape. then, finally I got better but I don’t think I ever fully recovered. Two days before I left Germany I seemed to relapse with what started with a sore throat. I was afraid at that time that I might not pass the mandatory Covid test for the flight to the US, but I did. I left Germany and the soreness would come and go. What did stay absent was my voice and for the first time in my life I had lost my voice.

Talking was strenuous and everything turned somewhat to whisper mode for me which presented plenty of other problems. Even the flight attendants struggled to understand my drink order. Well, it never truly went away and I still struggle three weeks later after my return. Some days are better than others, but it’s truly a pain. Doing some research I suppose it could be normal after a bad respiratory infection and antibiotics might be required to get fully rid of it. There are also other possibilities that I might have injured my vocal chords and I was dealing with acid reflux for a bit.

The reason I haven’t seen a doctor yet is because the better days always bring hope that this might subside by itself. I chalk it up to the RA meds that compromise and suppress my immune system as to why it is taking me so long to get over it. And of course I stay hopeful that there is no permanent damage. I can’t see this as my permanent future, it even if it was, we’d learn to adapt somehow aren’t we!!!

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Chapters understood

I knew that my trip to Germany would address many different chapters that I wanted to work on. It took a long time after Mom’s passing to come to the conclusion to sell the house I inherited from her. Going to Germany meant putting this conclusion into action which would turn out to be on a whole different level. Oftentimes the heart doesn’t catch up quite as quickly as the mind does, so even though knowing it was the right thing to do, executing it addressed a more personal, a more sensitive point. I would close the chapter of my family and childhood home. There would be no return after this. There were other personal chapters that needed attention such as finding closure, dealing with the loss of Mom nearly three years later, still, as well as other losses and chapters that needed to be put behind me.

For the most part I would say that I addressed them all, so from a rational, head-space kind of state they have been dealt with and closed. When it comes to the emotional side of it, it’s sometimes hard to put a timeframe on things like this. I knew that I had 2 1/2 months to work on these matters, and I also knew that the heart would have to catch up at some point, even most likely after I left Germany. You can’t put a timeframe on these things and say that by that time all is resolved. Life doesn’t work like that and it is part of the human experience. Again I say, these chapters have been worked, but I’d be lying if I said that the effects of these experiences still don’t linger from time to time. I feel that by no means do they have a hold on me like they once did, but I patiently work through the process of healing the heart-space as well and not just the mental space. What I have learned along the way is immeasurable and it is that very ingredient that is setting me up for success to overcome on all levels. I don’t try to rush it, but instead I trust the process. To be honest, what I am working on now is to dream bigger and adjust to the concept of being deserving and worthy. I know that I am and it’s not a matter of self confidence or the lack thereof. It’s a matter of adjusting to abundance and dropping the concept of hardship and challenging times, not expect to mg them to linger around the corner.

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The little Buddha and my outdoor space

As Mom was alive and in the nursing home, I used to read the stories of “The little Buddha” to her. They were short stories of wisdom and life experiences that soon drew us into all three books available at that time. During my recent trip to Germany I learned that two more books under the series were released and I had to have them.

I’ve always related to Buddhism and it not being a religion to out other religions down, but rather a way of life. So I always wanted a little Buddha for myself representing and paying homage to my beliefs and likes. I recently purchased this little guy to do just that and help transform my outdoor space in to a sanctuary of bliss and zen while bringing some personal meaning to it. In front of him is a Abalone shell that I brought from my ocean trip. The rocks lining the tree stump are also from the ocean and represent Hag Stones as well as rocks with white lines called wishing rocks. In the Abalone shell sits a gold colored dragonfly, symbolic to Mom and the one that landed on my hand after her passing. Dragonfly’s are said to help our deceased loved ones on their ascend to heaven. Over his hands holding the prayer beads sits a heart shaped stone, also from the ocean. It is overseeing all and stands for love above all. Love is the answer…always.

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Zen things

Zen is a form of Buddhism, describing a peaceful and calm energy. It also speaks to not worrying about the things you cannot change. Zen refers to a 6th century Chinese practice of mediation, insights and discipline. Zen is also our license plate for the Tiny Boho Chateau on wheels that has been home for the past year. It speaks to my journey, to my goals, beliefs and all the recent changes in my life. Day after day I make it a goal to stay in a zen state of mind and just like life would have it, some days come natural and others might be a bit challenging. It’s just the way it is and life happens to us all. All we can control is how we react to those challenges. Here are a few zen things to do to help keep the balance and stay in a calm, relaxed space.

1. Do one thing at a time

2. Do it slowly and deliberately

3. Do it completely

4. Do less

5. Put space between things

6. Develop rituals

7. Designate time for certain things

8. Devote time to sitting

9. Smile and serve others

10. Make cleaning and cooking become meditation

11. Think about what is necessary

12. Live simply

What do you think about this list? Some points might be challenging and may take getting used to, but aren’t all things worthwhile? Maybe you can start by picking one or two, let them become a habit, see how you feel and then layer on. It should be fun…they said 🙂