High Tide

This picture was taken the same night we enjoyed that beautiful fire at the beach. We walked along the cliffs earlier in the day, unexpecting and enjoying the view. That was before the tide came in and swallowed the passage to Capitola, CA. With no sign left, the beach was submerged and took on an entirely different feel with the fog. Beautiful, mysterious with just the right amount of leaving a haunting memory planted deep within. 

Wherever the path may take you 

Wishing everybody a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and safe steps in wherever the path may take you this weekend and always. Sometimes we have to carve out our own destination if the trail is faint or does not serve our purpose. Don’t be afraid of doing so because in the end, how could we ever be lost if we stay true to our hearts. Trust the divine and the plan it has for all of us.

Have a great weekend everyone ❤. Xoxo

Muscle Relaxer Therapy

I’m not much of a pill popper and I would rather heal everything the natural route. Sometimes that’s just not optional. Tonight is one of those nights and what started two days ago with the feel of my right shoulder being a little sore, has escalated into severe pain. Initially I thought that perhaps I slept funny, but this was not the case and it was only the onset of much worse to come.Today, I know that somehow I dislocated my shoulder and the bone of the normally round shoulder blade looks lime it shouldn’t. Desite my high tolerance for pain, this one is painful. The ice pack is resting in the my shoulder and I hope it will freeze the pain into submission. I took a muscle relaxer, as everything is starting to tense and I can barely write and keep my eyes open. Nothing has really helped so far and my fingers are crossed for tomorrow and working the whole day. 

Have a beautiful Memorial Day weekend everyone. Hugs xo 💙

10 Commandments to follow in life!

I fell in love with these commandments and it is a message in need to be shared. Please stop by the blog of silentarmour and be amazed and left in wonder. Xo

SiLeNt PeN

Someone has written these beautiful words. Must read and try to understand the deep meaning of it. They are like the ten commandments to follow in life all the time.
1. Prayer is not a “spare wheel” that you pull out when in trouble, but it is a “steering wheel” that directs the right path throughout.
2. A Car’s WINDSHIELD is so large & the Rear view Mirror is so small? Because our PAST is not as important as our FUTURE. So, look Ahead and Move on.
3. Friendship is like a BOOK. It takes few seconds to burn, but it take years to write.
4. All things in life are temporary. If going well, enjoy it, they will not last forever. If going wrong, don’t worry, they can’t last long either.
5. Old Friends are Gold! New Friends are Diamond! If you get a Diamond, don’t forget the Gold!…

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Easier way….

A few years ago, the trail provided me with an unusual sign and I recall the moment seeing it as if it was yesterday. Perplexed at it’s sight, we laughed and wondered about it’s intention of being there. Was it meant for navigation or did it hold a different message all together. Perhaps the trail would be less challenging going the other direction, who knew. We never found out and to determine the meaning and our own evaluation, it would have required us to hike both sides of the trail. We never did and turned away from the easier direction to tackle the tougher way. Today, my inquisitive mind would probably question why we choose the harder route and didn’t give in to the easier route, but then again, some questions are not meant to be answered. Metaphorically it spoke to me on different terms and had little to do with the trail itself. It was about life and brought a message that made me pause and reevaluate the path I was going on. Many years after seeing the sign, I still remember it from time to time whenever I feel to need to reevaluate my course. A barrage of questions usually follows as I wonder if I’m still on track. Am I headed in the right direction, am I taking the hard way again and is there truly an easier way to be followed? I’m reminded that life provides us with choices and opportunities that we can keep as simple as we want them to be or complicate them to the point that we feel as if we are drowning. I pay homage and recognize the power of our minds, the ego that can falsify the simplicity of the the easier path to cause us confusion and hardship unless we recognize the process of what is going on.

One of the simplest and least complex examples would be my transition of fading to grey. I remember my first gray hairs, oh no, plucking out each one at the sight of it. Believing it to be a sign of age, (society influenced) I wasn’t ready to enjoy the easier path of just letting them be. As a matter of fact I never saw the easier path and therefore it wasn’t something to consider at the time. In hindsight, I took the harder route and did what was fitting for me at the time, coloring my hair, masking what was, for what….my self esteem, to not be labeled and perceived as old? I would emphasize the reddish tint my hair already naturally held, which also meant more upkeep and red is the hardest color to keep in your hair. On top of it, it would only take one sunny day on the trail without a hat and your color was altered into a totally different red. More ginger like and beautiful if that was what you are going for. If you didn’t care about the deep rich, vibrant hues of your locks fading, lacking the shine they initially had with their healthy appearance, now replaced by a dull, lacking luster kind of red. Both beautiful in their own way, but different from what you might have gone for initially. I wasn’t and it was the deep, rich hues I was after.

I was remembering the sign this morning and it made me think about how the things that once mattered change in our lives over time. Instead of plucking and coloring my hair, each morning is now filled with happy anticipation to discover more new grays. Crazy isn’t it? I have come to enjoy the silver highlights throughout my hair and by naturally lightening the rest, the contrast is not all that stark anymore. I no longer resist what is meant to naturally unfold and I’m good with it. I’m freer because of it as I search to apply this concept to more areas of my life. I feel that there is an easier way to be discovered that starts with reevaluating the tougher things that no longer serve my purpose. The major decisions that have yet to unfold as I stand at the crossroads of choosing my path. I will try hard to find the easier way and explore the path this time around to see what secrets and wonders it might hold for me. I realize that some habits and levels of comfort might be hard to break, but I believe it is only if you stay confined within the very box that traps you in place. Thinking outside the box may be the easier way to a less complicated life and the choice is ours.

Light it up 

Moving on from the foggy woods, the short trail was slightly descending downhill towards the beach. With the trees and brush behind us, we quickly conquered a few short staircases and were greeted by the wide open spaces, ready for our feet to hit the sand. It was late already as dusk set in with little daylight left, but who would resist a short stroll along the beach, right? It was priceless to hear the waves crash ashore and I would love to add that we were watching the sunset, but the foggy conditions were hiding the rays within its thick, opaque cloud of mystery. The picture perfect sunset with the romantic views (did I mentioned before that I’m a hopeless romantic?) of the sun disappearing into the ocean were replaced with a mystical feel of serenity and peace. It was perfect even without the warm fireball that was hiding from us.

I scoured the area for treasure, such as rocks, driftwood, fossils, leaves and seashells. Whatever I could find that evoked some kind of emotion while speaking to my heart. Of course time went by even faster and somehow it always seems to do so when we enjoy ourselves in whatever it is that we are doing. We didn’t get very far as we decided that we better turn around and head back. Snapping a few more pictures at the wooden tepee that almost knocked me out earlier with a plank coming loose and landing straight on my forehead (well, yeah I had to check the inside and yeah, I did feel that one as it would leave my forehead sore to the touch for days), we came across a group of people that were in the process of leaving the beach. “Enjoy our fire if you want to” we heard them call towards us as one by one made their way up the stairs. Within close proximity was a decent fire (actually it was pretty good size) and we couldn’t believe that it was left behind with nobody tending to it or putting it out to prevent the escaping embers to set a fire. The initial plan was to put it out, but I have to admit that I’m a sucker for campfires and I love sitting around that glowing ring of fire while letting its warmth’s hug my soul. Plus I never knew that you could have fires (where have I been) at the beach and it’s hard to believe that in all my years this has finally been a first. I can’t believe what I missed in all my hiking years, but like they say “Better late then never” and I’m sure it won’t be the last fire of this sort.

We stayed and sat next to the fire, rearranging the burning logs and keeping the fire fed with what was already within the built stone fire ring. I didn’t want to leave and I know that I could have easily slept next to fire all night. I’m sure the thought crossed my mind as I wondered why we paid for our campsite as the beach was free. Surely, I would have gotten cold at some point during the night, unless I kept the fire going, but I didn’t cared much and maybe it was then that a plan was born to cowboy camp in the soft sand next to ocean some day. It got darker and darker and the shoreline on either side of us was lit with fires that was dotting the beaches. I saw a young group carrying their musical instruments make their way to the right of us and shortly afterwards a new fire was born. I couldn’t help but think about how cool it would be to make a little video of them around the fire, playing their music to the background of the ocean. I was close and I was contemplating to ask, but in the end I respected their privacy and let them enjoy themselves among each other. There was something primal about all the fires lighting up, something you don’t see every day. It felt wild and you know how much I love the word “Wild” as I associate it with the memories that stay with us through thick and thin. The memories that stand out and translate into the wild moments of our life that we remember. The moments of our life when we “Light it up” in whatever form possible.

I would have to lie if I said that I wasn’t a bit nervous of walking up the hillside, through the brush and the woods in the dark, and yet I couldn’t tear myself away from the fire. I was mesmerized and it was the best campfire of the trip, plus it was inherited on top of it. We left eventually and I found that the worries of the dark were no worries at all. I even preferred to lead us up the trail which is a bit unusual for me since I’m usually the tail-light and don’t mind letting somebody else safe guard the path for me in the form of giving slithering reptiles (snakes) a chance to get away by the time I make it through. I had no problem at all that night and the half moon provided enough light to make out the path. Worries were replaced with a sense of adventure and some sort of adrenaline rush that had me enjoy every moment. I loved it and I’m sure that this experience was wild enough to stay with me forever. Definitely a must do if you visit the ocean.


Finding clarity within the fog


It was a scene of mystery and make believe.

For the active mind, it could easily have been the stuff of horror movies, but for the visionary and dreamer, the artist and romantic, it was a place filled with surrealism and beauty.

Standing amongst the trees, I was surrounded by variety. Some tall and some short, some bent in gnarly twisted ways, while others formed a straight line to cut through the chase and get right to it. Each one with the common goal of reaching for brighter skies and to stand proud and tall. The place itself was an unexpected surprise and it had to have been one of my favorite moments from my recent trip. Somehow it always pans out to be moments like these, the ones that just happen with little to no planning that steal my heart.

There was something mystical about the rolling fog that…

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