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Breaking the cycle

If you’re an empath, and just so happen to be an introvert on top of it, you will often find yourself carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. From time to time it just catches up with us, and we yearn for a break from all the times we had to be so strong.

I keep talking about what a huge transition year 2020 has been for me and it’s not over yet, and will cross into 2021. Eagerly I take each step, already looking forward to the next in anticipation of where it will take me on this journey called life. By now I have completely surrendered to being guided, and the only time I interfere is when things don’t feel right and are threatening my authentic self.

More and more it becomes obvious what I’m working towards and the rewards of such make every struggle worthwhile. I don’t complain and I recognize them as an essential step in the journey. I am picky these days, picky with how I allocate my time, who I spend it with and on what. It all has to allow time working towards a better future, while nourishing my soul, to stay healthy and as balanced as possible. When I say balanced I mean to support my health, since I fight a chronic autoimmune disease. It has taught me to look after myself more and putting myself first, I’m still a learner when it comes to that process but I’m doing it.

My plate is full with no boredom by my side, but I am not too busy that I forget to breathe deeply and take time. I have made it a priority and it is important for my mental and physical well being. As an introvert I need time in Mother Nature or time to myself to recharge. Gifting myself such moments is sheer bliss, but seldom understood by others. I come across as too busy and perhaps it must be boring to just sit there and gaze at the sky, to listen to the birds, marvel at the full moon, watch an animal nearby, smell the flowers, or daydream while letting my soul absorb the sweet nectar of such a precious gift. One persons boredom is my heaven and a time I need and commit to. Another is this blog, and a few more.

I have come to terms with so much over the course of this year. I am constantly adding more peace to what’s already within my heart. The struggle lessens more and more although some days still pack a heavy punch. Numbers appear as signs from the universe and especially today, the messages are so obvious and in plain sight. Three different number sequences appeared today with 777 being the last one.

“Don’t chase, don’t beg, don’t stress, don’t be desperate, just relax. When you relax it will come to you. Make your wants, want you.”

I am at peace and I am a warrior of the light. I am that person who breaks the cycle.

Where I was judged, I choose understanding.

Where I was rejected, I choose acceptance.

Where I was shamed, I choose compassion.

I am that person I needed when I was hurting, when I was growing up. I am not the person who hurt me.

I vow to be better than what broke me, to heal instead of becoming bitter. To act from my heart, and not my place of pain, no matter how many times it might be perceived as a weakness or foolish. My heart will not harden and it is not up to me to judge and punish those who take advantage of me, for they will have to answer in their own due time and my prayers continue to be with those. For they do not know what they are doing.

I am a warrior, the person that breaks the cycle and like a dear Sister always says “The revolution begins with me.” Come join us and see. But either way, please make sure to stop by her blog and say hello. You won’t be disappointed and she is simply amazing.

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The last month of the year has started and usually it’s one filled with a lot of joy, but akso some kind of hectic. Whichever it is, I know you will make it a good one. In the meantime I’m here sending you off with a little reminder about self care. Rest in specific, and for sure I myself need to follow my own advice.

My question is, are you getting enough rest these days? It’s hard to fit in, isn’t it? Days are simply not long enough and most likely taking care of yourself is one of the easiest things to compromise. After all, the chores need to be done, and when something unexpected adds to your already long day, it’s likely that sleep and rest are shortened and suffer. Who am I telling, it’s 7:30 PM and I have two loads of laundry going at this god forsaken hour when I really should rest and peacefully let the day come to an end, instead of racing the clock to finish, folding and all, but might put the finished laundry away another day, tomorrow.

I think my rest suffers a bit these days because I have a new Baby to care for. Cinnamon, my four legged baby. Can you believe that yesterday marked a month already since I got her? 😳 Another post is due to tell you about all the progress she has made. She is a joy but let’s just say she gets me up much earlier than I usually do, leaving me wanting to go to bed by 8-9 PM because I’m exhausted and tired. Perhaps I’m just getting old, ha, and it’s probably a bit of both.

Back on subject, rest periods and sleep are very important to you, and your body. You can run in super hero mode for awhile, but eventually your body gives out and sickness has an easier way to creep in. Keeping your immune system strong will be key to get through the winter months and a pandemic at large. There are a few things you can arm yourself with to keep your system strong. Conscious choices and changes whenever possible will be key for rest – sleep – and balance.

I know it’s easier said than done. I know that everyone’s circumstances are unique and different, so there is not a one fits all remedy. But there are guidelines, suggestions, ideas, motivations and inspirations that hold something for everyone. I know I have been blessed with time away from the rat race. Time to listen to my body and learn to obey it’s language. I have learned that treating ourself to rest is important, and at times our life depends on it.

Sleep is when the body repairs and restores itself to full function after another day of being alive. Relaxation is necessary for our mental and emotional well being. When our busy lives keep us buzzing, we can miss the signals to get the rest we need. More than ever we need to pay attention and reevaluate our circumstances. Listening to our bodies and implementing change, to be good to ourselves, keeping us strong and healthy will be key elements to conquer the months ahead. Winter and more indoor time add another hurdle to the challenges already at hand, so please take a moment and see where you can introduce a little zen to your routine. It doesn’t have to take up a lot of the time you already don’t have, but it should be something that fuels your passion. A bath, reading, crafting, going for a walk, calling a friend, listening to music, taking a nap, laughing, anything can do the trick to boost and recharge. Commitment and persistence will help you through, but if you need a little extra help, please check out my Ginger Syrup and Elderberry lung support Syrup to keep you strong and the trouble at bay. 🙏🏼

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Picture taken from google and loved this one.

It’s new word Monday and a special word spoke to me this week. The word is Valda and translates into “Spririted Warrioress.” It sounds amazing doesn’t it? Two little words with such a big meaning. A balance between kick ass and the right dose of wisdom to be guided by spirit. A shadow side to the light, a yin – yang, a toughness and fierceness to a softer side and poise.

Somehow this word has taken on a bigger meaning for me. I have learned to smile when the universe unveils the right symbols and signs at a time when I seemingly need them the most. There is a message waiting to be uncovered, and I think I know all too well what it is. It’s time to act. I while I relate to both sides well, it’s perhaps the poised side that is urging the warrioress once more to raise herself in all her glory, to fight for her dreams, to chase her stars, and to not lay down and let time pass and slip through her fingers.

The time has come for all of us…

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Reiki healing 11/29

Tonight’s healing is complete and I wanted to share the experience with you. Together we did a full body healing, a restoration of healthy light, a shining aura, and removal of any blocked energy. The healing frequency was 222 hertz, also an angel number. On a side note and for you who would like to know, 222 is a sign that you are heading into the right direction and need to keep the faith.

Tonight’s healing was partly a reiki session and partly a shamanic journey. It wasn’t planned that way, but being a conduit for energy to pass through, there is no control of what actually does come through.

Right from the start I felt a warm welcome from you who had tuned in and who were waiting for me. There was so much love and warmth’s, it was simply beautiful and a feeling I cherished deeply. It immediately made me smile and just seeing you, coming together, empowering each other with support and love, was a beautiful thing. Slowly I nodded at each and every one of you, hands in prayer position 🙏🏼 letting you know that I see you in all your glory and beauty. Together we marveled in love and light.

I could feel the divine energy passing through my body. Entering my head, flowing all the way down to my feet. It was like a gentle river and I could feel it’s movement. Unobstructed, I could feel each chakra kicking in, spinning in harmony, letting me feel that everything was in order and exactly how it was meant to be.

I stayed like this for awhile, truly enjoying the feeling of this moment. Soft and gentle, calming every last cell in my body, everything was restored and whole once more. I proceeded to pass the pure light on to you and watched it fill you with new strength, love and hope. Your cup was full once more and you looked beautiful.

This is how I held your image, until I felt something more. I called on my spirit guides and helpers to show me what it was they wanted me to know. Somehow I had the feeling as if I was needed to relay a message to you. A regal dog stepped forward out of the fog. Next came a black horse, majestic, a stallion. The fog behind these animals, spirit guides, slowly lifted and I could see a woodland area emerge. But wait there was more. The clearing and wood’s edge was lined with people. The women were wearing long white flowing gowns and the men were dressed in white also, standing behind the women. It was like a scene out of the Middle Ages, and then I saw it. Mom and Dad in the middle of everybody. Waiving at me, letting me know that everything is fine. That they are ok. To take comfort and to grief no more. It was in that moment that I finally felt accepted, supported and loved beyond measure.

I couldn’t make out anyone else who was standing at the forests edge, but I believe it was your loved ones, relaying a message through me. It was a prime time since I energetically connected to you in this reiki healing.

This has never happened before that a reiki session mixed with a shamanic journey but I am not surprised. Energy is energy and perhaps I was a conduit to relate a message to you. A message of love and light and that everything is ok. That your loved ones live on in another dimension and plane and are always with you. I know there is a reason it happened and I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens again.

Maybe this makes sense to some of you. Some who may still struggle in some way and who need some closure. Maybe some of you don’t relate at all, but I doubt it and if you tuned into this session already, you are likely open minded to the amazing powers of energy healing. Whichever the case, I hope this has some meaning to you and perhaps helps in some sense.

PS. And it was great seeing you all. Thank you for being there.

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Reiki healing reminder

I wanted to come on here and send a loving reminder that tonight kicks off our weekly reiki healing for anyone who needs a little extra help. These healings will reoccur weekly at 7PM pacific standard time.

There is no need to set your alarms, or to set time aside during that hour. Just know that you are embraced and held in the purest of white light. That healing and love is on the way to you, filling your energetic being with light and blessings. Go to bed with a smile, open your heart to receive, and take comfort in knowing that everything is fine and as it should be.

I meet you tonight as I prepare myself, in being the conduit to pass this energy on to you. I will see you soon dear ones. 🙏🏼

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The Vagus Nerve

Picture from google

Just a few days ago I learned about the vagus nerve and I wonder if someone else has ever heard of it! It is the longest nerve of the autoimmune nervous system that regulates blood pressure, sweating, digestion, speaking, and heart rate. It relays anti-inflammatory signals to and from the gut, heart, lungs, liver, and spleen while promoting healthy digestion and vital living. But only when it is functioning optimally.

The article even suggested hacking the nervous system for healing. Now how would someone do this? Here are a few things we can do at home for vagus nerve stimulation.

  1. Breathing exercises like Buteyko
  2. Meditation
  3. Exercise. Movement is good; too much is not
  4. Yoga
  5. Omega 3 rich diet
  6. Probiotics and a probiotic-rich diet
  7. Singing and chanting
  8. Splashing your face with cold water
  9. Hugging
  10. Massages
  11. Intermittent fasting

If you feel like your vagus nerve is not performing at optimal level, here are a few more things to research and consider.

  1. Heal your gut. I have long believed that autoimmune issues develop in the gut, from conditions such as leaky gut.
  2. Balance your minerals. Is your body too acidic?
  3. LAUGH! Laughing is so helpful for the stimulation of the vagus nerve
  4. Gargle daily
  5. Work on neck and shoulder tension

I hope I have given you a glimpse into alternative treatments and considerations. All you have to do is pick one and commit to it. Once you have made it a habit you can layer on another, and so on. What you have to lose? Potentially feeling better and your health it’s what at stakes here. So let’s make a conscious choice, and pick one.

There are few on the list that apply to me and which could benefit from improvement. I am tackling a big one as I frequently deal with neck and shoulder tension. I have honest heart to hearts scheduled with myself to address the issues that cause these tensions. Hot showers and range of motion exercises will also be helpful alleviating some of the triggers.

Good luck everyone….

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Read this message if it appears to you

Read this message if it appears to you.

This was the title of a message from S G Ruddy. Being a firm believer that the universe throws bits and pieces our way, I often feel that these pieces are words we need to hear to either be reassured, that it is a confirmation that we are on the right path, or a motivation to keep going. So this was no different, and just like being told, I read the message as if it was written for me. I hope you can feel the same because I want to share it with you, and you too need to hear it. So here we go…

This message is appearing to you today for a greater reason and purpose. It is simply a reminder from your guardian angels and your spirit guides. They want to remind you that no matter what you may face, they will continue to stay by your side. They will be supporting, encouraging, guiding and uplifting you every single step of the way. As you’re reading this message they are each stepping forward to wrap you up in a blanket of unconditional love, peace, protection, strength amen healing. They want you to move forward now with an understanding and an awareness of just how special, supported and loved you are.

As the portal to a new world is opening next month, take comfort in knowing that you are ready. You have prepared for this for such a long time and your rebirth is nearly complete. Everything is as it should be. Rest. Be assured. You are loved and protected.

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A time to give thanks and such…

This time of year marks thanksgiving here in the States, a time associated with family gatherings, lavish feasts, and giving thanks to a bountiful harvest.

On a total side note: Why am I thinking about the unimaginable amount of turkeys that lose their life every year so we can give thanks. I have no idea where that came form, but I think I’m in trouble, and I’m not sure this post is heading into the right direction. Yet it is true and it is what’s crossing my mind. If I want to be authentic, I guess then it belongs, and it is a part that shouldn’t be suppressed. Outdated programming and beliefs tell me that today is a holiday, that I should play nice, bring you inspiration and a joyful message for a blessed day, and while I do hold those wishes for myself and you, I can’t just pretend and write something that’s not in my heart. Sure, the timing to write a semi depressing post, on a day like this is not the greatest, but it is what is.

Well anyways, let’s try this once more. It’s today that we give extra thanks to all the blessings in our life and draw extra attention to it. Personally I do this on a daily basis, without a set holiday dictating to me when I should do so. I feel each day we are given is a day to celebrate, a day to be grateful for. This year feels different on so many levels, and I have to admit that I don’t feel all that festive. I don’t mean it to sound negative, I just merely have no feelings or opinions about it one way or another. Time is kind of rushing me by. I have big dreams and big goals, but I have even bigger responsibilities that need to be tended to in order to become free to pursue these dreams. Basically what I’m saying is that there is a bunch of ugliness to deal with before beauty can unfold.

I should be decorating the house, baking cookies, getting into the holiday spirit, but I’m not. This is my favorite season as far as holidays are concerned, and yet I lack the gusto to embrace it. The inner child in me wants to deck the halls, and live through all the traditions the holidays bring and yet it’s the surroundings that feel out of place.

I remember how much fun it was to unwrap ornaments and trimmings each year. That in itself was like unwrapping present and greeting an old friend you didn’t see for an entire year. Oh wait, I did started Christmas shopping, does that count? I do know what the problem is here, and only I can make the changes to match my reality with my vision for the future. In the meantime another season passes by and the decorations stay packed until they can be enjoyed in the right circumstances and time, when everything has been accomplished, when my stars are changing.

What else is different? There will be no gatherings if one wants to see Christmas. Festivities are cancelled due to Covid 19 and much of the population celebrates in silence and isolation. I’ve been thinking about Mom a lot. I’ve been thinking about the cancelled Christmas markets in Germany I enjoyed so much and not too long ago. I have felt the somber mood all across the world, that threatens to suppress the magical spirit of this season for so many. Maybe even for myself to a degree, although I think it’s more of the vibrations I pick up from you. My circumstances are not perfect, but they are being handled. It’s the vibrations and unspoken words I pick up from time to time. We talked about it here before and from time to time I feel the heaviness of things.

Personally I feel like I have much to be grateful for, despite the challenges 2020 posed. I should give special thanks today and really spend some time to reflect and ponder the next moves. For me it has been a transition year, with more to come. With Moms passing in October last year, I went through the holidays without her, and you’d think I’ve experienced what it feels like without her. Still it’s different. More focused, more aware, more conscious, on the subject that she is gone and not here anymore. Everything was so fresh, so overwhelming and saturated with grief last year, that it was hard to identify and really sort the feelings. I like to dedicate a holiday to her, to remember, to celebrate, to create my own family customs, including her. I will, hopefully do so next year.

Finishing off this less than perfect post on a day like this, I’d tell you that things are seldom perfect. That there are always things in life to work on, tweak and to make your own. Despite of those things, we need to remember the good things, the things to be grateful for, so we don’t get overwhelmed and are able to keep balanced. Perhaps things could always be worse. You are the co creator of your life, so if there are things you need to change, develop a plan and implement those changes. Keep gratitude in your heart and share it with those around you.

In love, light and gratitude for all of you.

Happy thanksgiving my friends, my tribe, my people. Xo 💙🙏🏼

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Lifting each other through the rough bits of life

We talked a lot about struggle and pain lately. From time to time I can’t help but pick up on the vibrations of your pain. And sometimes I fall victim myself and sadness sweeps over me for no apparent reason. Stay tuned for another post about this. This week has definitely been such a week. You can check out how we got to talking so much about it, here, here, and here.

During that time, when I feel the burdens and sadness of the world, when picking up it’s struggles, I hear the unspoken words, the misery behind closed doors. Secrets and challenges not shared, kept deep inside, anchored to your soul. I hear the cries, yet no words are spoken. No SOS call is made, and yet I know and feel the need for one. It’s a time when we feel helpless and struggle to find ways to help. For ourselves and others, being the one affected or being the helpless bystander. How can it be that we are armed with wisdom and knowledge, but it merely deflects off of us? When we don’t hear our own voice and can’t see the light?

Perhaps the only way to make a difference is to practice awareness and mindfulness. To sit with yourself and allow those feelings. To not suppress them and putting in the shadow work on yourself. There has to be a reason this has come up for us. It is during that time, that we should recognize this important work in ourselves and in others. What could we do different to support and ease that time? Not all of us are always going to be down at the same time. We will likely take turns between being strong and needing a little TLC. A small token, a kind word, a smile, can make the difference for someone who is struggling. I know I have spoken about random acts of kindness before. Do yourself a favor and pay it forward to someone and see how good “giving” truly feels. It can make the difference for someone, it can make the difference for you.

Today I remember a time when I have found myself in such a moment. When a stranger gave me a compliment, or when someone simply told me how awesome I was, that I made a difference for them, that I helped them in some way. I want to remember that feeling, how good it was to my soul and my heart, even though I am, or you are, not the greatest at taking compliments. Fact is that from time to time we need to hear it, awkward or not. So get used to it and make it a regular practice.

I want to take this very feeling and use it to motivate you. I want someone else to experience this gift and pay it forward. To know that it made someone’s day, turned it around, gave hope, and a renewed look at life. What if we had the power to remove the darkness from someone’s life and show them the light at the end of the tunnel? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well guess what? We do have such a power and we can.

Today I’m using this platform to start, and I want to tell all of you how amazing you are. You all make a difference in my life and it means the world to me. I am forever grateful for all of you. May everybody reading this or not, find the blessing of a gift in some sort. And may everybody use that energy to bestow such a gift for someone else. A friendly smile at a stranger may be an easy way to start and you can layer on from there. We can do this, and together we will make a difference.

Much love, aways 🙏🏼

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Weekly Reiki healing

I have thought about it before and even solicited input on the subject of doing weekly reiki distance healings for anybody that wants to tune in. The question is probably coming up in a post that is still scheduled or may cross with this one. Having a new Baby, one as in myself has to write whenever a moment presents itself haha.

Anyways, the idea is to offer this service, free of charge of course, in a time I feel many need a little help. Including me and it is always a special time for me to tune in with you and be a conduit for healing to commence. I have recently done such a healing and the energy was overpowering. I felt a strong need, a sign that more of this was needed, and the initial healing, I actually had to disconnect prematurely due to the overwhelming pain I felt from you. Well, I have decided to go forward, and set a weekly time that you can mark for yourself if you feel called to and want to join. Before we get to it, I want to talk about a reiki and it’s benefits a little more to expand the picture for you.

A reiki healing includes channeling the universal life force energy to bring about holistic wellness. You can expect…

Mental Clarity: helps connect you to your intuition, or higher self. This brings about a clearer sense of direction for challenging issues.

Emotional Cleanse: helps you to release negative feelings and emotions. This allows you to let go of the past and move forward.

Physical Health: helps relieve stress and promote relaxation. The enhances a greater sense of well-being.

Energetic Balance: helps to balance the chakras, or energy centers of the body. Balanced chakras leads to higher vibrations and improved health.

If this sounds amazing to you, then please consider yourself invited to join me every Sunday at 7PM US pacific standard time. You don’t have to be woke or set your alarm. Just know that your healing will be done at that time and go to bed with a smile, open to receive. Like the last time, I might share the experience with you if I come across something you should know. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Namaste and see you soon 🙏🏼🦋💙