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Blurred focus

I love the color combo of the soft pinks and greens in this one. I love the highlights on the green and the leaves that were touched by light. I don’t mind that the picture is not fully focused and actually it was done so on purpose. See, sometimes things can still be pretty awesome and beautiful even if we don’t see the entire picture crystal clear. Sometimes the softer side is even more powerful than the controlled harsh contours. What to you think?

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A few days ago I patronized you for feedback to an idea I clearly didn’t think through all the way. Lol. Or perhaps, I didn’t recognize the potential that this could have. Since asking what I thought was an innocent question, my mind has worked overtime as I remember an idea I had a long time ago. It would link to the possibility of what could happen here, and therefore it has to be perfect. At least in my mind it does and I have to know that I gave the best possible shot to turn into success. Can you hear the perfectionist coming through?Ahhh, life is tough when you have high standards about your creative ideas like this.

Many of you liked Luna and wanted to see more of her. Sure, I could easily post a picture or two, but the idea was to give you an insight look into her spoiled life by getting to know her better. What better way than to let her personality speak for itself in regular blog posts. There are a few ideas floating around and the negotiations have started with the little critter to see what kind of voice she wants to have. I can’t rush this and it has to be right. Future projects and ideas might depend on this initial first effort.

If you have any ideas of what you would like to see, you can comment on here or email me at This all has to remain a top secret….for now and I hope to share more soon. Ha, have you noticed that I’m putting more pressure onto myself without even trying? Here is a little insight without giving too much away about Luna and the life she lives.

She is the boss

She is pig-headed and independent

She has her routines

She is very smart given that she is such a little critter

She knows what she likes and everything has to be on her terms

She is very vocal

She is sassy and feisty to say the least

So if those personality traits spark an idea, I would love to consider all of them before the final decision is made. 😉 Thank you xoxoxo

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Thank you…xoxo

Thank you for the well wishes and for going out of your way to contact me. You made my day here at work and your kind messages touched my heart. Although I’m not a 100% (yet), I’m much better and I can function. Today is day 6 out of 7 and after tomorrow I can rest a bit. The plan is to do few chores and spend some time outside to allow Mother Nature to work it’s magic on me and heal the ill away.

Picture: From a earlier Fall hike this year and experimenting with double exposures.

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Besides walking around with a chronic illness, I don’t get sick very often. Despite of it, something was off yesterday and my body was fighting to stay healthy. Shortly after getting to work, I felt clammy, which changed into alternating hot and cold flashes, but mostly left me feeling nauseous and dizzy. There was pressure in my head and I couldn’t focus throughout the achynejss. Maybe I’m getting allergic to work these days ha, I just couldn’t shake the feeling. Minutes felt like hours, and you get what I mean when you have to work through misery. I’m sure we all had to do it a time or two. Taking the advice I would give someone else, I drank lots of fluids in the hopes to flush out, or at least dilute whatever little monster had taken over to play havoc inside my body. Nothing really helped, and the urge to vomit remained. I considered it but didn’t want to kneel down in a public restroom and you get the idea without me having to gross you out even more. Luckily I didn’t had to do it. Three hours later into the fight and with three more days ahead of me, plus a closing shift that I can’t miss, I figured it was better to leave and try to get well, vs. fighting through it or making it worse. Everyone was already steering clear of me, avoiding me, or otherwise making it clear that they didn’t care to get sick. I didn’t blame anyone and tried to keep my distance while not breathing into their direction.

We had big storms yesterday and on the way home I passed several semi trucks that had flipped over and were blown off the road. Many cars struggled driving in the high winds, especially the high profile ones. Sudden swerves from wind gusts were common and I stayed back or hurried to get past them. I didn’t care for the headline ” Wild spirit crushed by tipped over semi truck” and I stayed alert. Driving conditions were intense and I couldn’t wait to be home. Finally in my neighborhood, it appeared that several neighbors lost parts of their Christmas decorations. Items shifted from prior noted spots and some big inflatables and other outdoor trinkets were missing. The first thing I noticed getting home was that the garage door opener didn’t work and I had to park in the driveway. By now it had started to rain and it was pouring hard. The wind was swooping the rain sideways, hitting me in the face as if someone just emptied a bucket full of it. Shower anyone – check. The winds had moved the cast iron umbrella stand, the umbrella and the patio table inches from teetering off the patio edge. The chairs had relocated as well and I wasn’t surprised of the power these winds created, given they could push over a loaded semi truck. There was no power inside the house which explained why the garage door opener didn’t work, and I decided to take a quick shower. The real thing this time, with warm water to wash away the ill, before the hot water ran out. Who knew when, and if the power would return. I was grateful to be home, being able to rest. I ate little yesterday but some Emergen-C and hot tea made my feel better in the evening and allowed me to stand taller once again. I’m not a 100%. but another day has broken with the opportunity to do it all over again and to make another dollar, ha. Wishing everyone a beautiful Monday and a great start to a new week. Take care of yourself and stay well. Don’t forget to take a little time to be good to yourself….you deserve it.

Xoxoxo 🦋💙

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German Christmas Markets

Christmas is my favorite holiday, but also I time that I get more homesick. I remember childhood traditions of times long past and I miss the cozy get together’s with friends and family. It’s been years since I have visited a German Christmas Market, but the memories have remained and are stored along with those of other fond occurrences.

I remember shopping for Christmas decorations and handmade ornaments, while walking from booth to booth. It only adds to the ambiance and atmosphere, if the snow is silently falling and you can warm yourself on a glass of Glühwein which is a hot, spicy, red wine. It’s simply wonderful and here is a sneak peek of what you can expect when you visit. It’s a definitely must do, in order to indulging yourself in the culture and the food of this annual tradition.

I have heard, but yet have to see it for myslef that there is a Christmas Market for Dogs. Has anybody heard or been to one? How brilliant and amazing…

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Bear – Spirit Animal

It’s Monday and time to join Roda’s critter challenge. I actually work today so I’m lucky that I got to spot a special critter during my outing last week. I had submitted a picture of Luna, thinking I wasn’t going to find some noteworthy critter and then it happened at the end of the day.

Dusk fell over the short days that definitely mark winter time as we made our way back. We weren’t on the road long as we noticed something (a few somethings) tumble across the road up ahead. Every second was of the essence as I squinted to confirm what I thought I was seeing. My heart was pounding as adrenaline pumped through my veins with such excitement that I jumped out of the car, left the car door wide open, I didn’t care, and started to chase after the three brown lumps that had by now crossed the road and disappeared downhill into a ravine. A second later I spotted Mama Bear cross the river below and her two cubs were in close tow behind her. I stood and watched them safely reach the other side and crawl straight up the hillside as if it was no big deal. They are excellent climbers and despite their clumsy looking nature, they are pretty agil and quick. I wouldn’t want to be chased by one, although that thought really never crossed my mind and I never had a problem with a bear. They usually want nothing to do with us unless they feel cornered or threatened. Luckily I have never come up on one by surprise and there was no need to feel alienated. If I could, I would give them a big bear hug, hence, pun intended. Bears are my favorite animal and resemble much of my own wild spirit. Strong, wild and free is how I see them, and if I had a Spirit Animal, a bear would probably have a strong presence in my chart. Seeing any animal in the wild is always a bonus, but this was definitely very special and it’s been a long time since my last bear encounter. I was elated and the day ended discussing this huge highlight all the way Home, and beyond. I had the hardest time not to share this with you, and I have been carrying this secret for a week now. Phew, am I relieved now that it is finally out even though the thrill was worn a bit.

Of course you don’t get to see these guys in the wild every day, so there had to be a message that came with the sighting and here is how it translates to when a bear crosses your path.

Bear is here to provide strengths in challenging times when we feel helpless or weak. Bear encourages us to stay the path and muster the courage to deal with difficult situations. Bear is definitely up to the challenge and if you have been swallowing your words, bear is here to remind you to stay true to your vision without compromise. Bear may also ask us to take on an authoritative role, not only in our own life but also when it comes to guiding others. Wow, it’s truly amazing and crazy at the same time and I feel I had a few moments like these recently. When you think of the height and weight of a bear, it simply demands respect. This is not the time to “play dead” but it is the time to engage and make things happen.

I’m sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. Dark lighting didn’t help and these guys don’t exactly sit there and lose until you got your shot, but I still hope you can enjoy this. Until next time…

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Feedback, please….

Without a doubt, pets have long been our extended family. Just like us, they come in various shapes and sizes and often have a huge personality packed into a tiny body. They are known to soothe our restless soul and calm us down by merely petting them. Pets bring joy and laughter to our lives and they are often so much more than just a pet. We are their pack leader and bonds/friendships of a lifetime are formed. The memories made, stay with us forever as we cherish the moments spent together.

I recently introduced Luna and without a doubt she is a character with a capital C. She might already has found her way into the hearts of some of you and that’s why I’m asking for your feedback. She is a small little piggy, that comes with a big, big attitude and she definitely thinks that she is the boss. At least she believes it.

A few month back we talked about sharing the adventures of Luna through illustrations and stories, perhaps a…..pssst…..hold on, not so fast. I can’t reveal it all just yet, but her popularity has me wondering if she could have a start here on the blog? Perhaps on Sundays – Fundays such as….gee here I go again, ready to spill it all, as I’m reminding myself to leave some elements to surprise. So if could please, share your thoughts. Just wondered if her adventures would be of interest, and if anyone would care to read and see?

Thank you for your insight…😉