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Wizard of Awareness

It was a new moon last night. A time to focus on your wishes and dreams, a time to be precise and specific, telling the universe exactly where you see yourself down the road. While doing so it’s important that you act as if it has already come to fruition, as if you are manifesting, and commanding those dreams into your life.

I thought last night was perfect for a little Oracle card magic. It’s been awhile I drew card and I was excited to see what wisdom was waiting for me. It wasn’t so much the need for direction or guidance, but more to quench a sense of curiosity and find reassurance in what I actually already know. I shuffled the cards, spoke my little mantra, and soon one card stuck out so much higher than the rest, waiting to be pulled from the deck.

I drew the “Wizard of Awareness”, no surprise there, and I have mentioned that the path is getting clearer once more.

“Your Soul knows best; be still and observe” was the headline with the rest of the message as followed.

Mindfulness is about being observant, and remaining neutral about what goes on in the world around you. This applies to the environment within you, too. If you struggle inside yourself, stepping into an observer position gives you a new, powerful perspective that neutralizes any discomfort or overexcitement. You have the capacity to see things clearly now, unencumbered by opinion or desire.

Wearing the world as a loose garment requires you to adopt a sense that nothing that happens to you is personal. People come and go, experiences evolve from one state to another in a continental shifting and change no matter how much you want things to stay the same. The wizard of awareness ask you to give up your need to define or limit what you’re experiencing now. It’s all good! Let it be, and watch the miracle unfold without any direct influence from you.

I am on track and reassurance was provided. 🙏🏼

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Spirit message

I like to consult in the cards sometimes and never received a wrong message to this day. Whether it’s oracle cards, tarot, Angel, or spirit messages, I have always found validation in what the universe was trying to tell me.

Why pull the cards you wonder? I know that some people in the past have been afraid and frightened of the cards. Afraid to pull a message that might shatter the illusion we sometimes build around us. Better not knowing was a better idea than to disturb the balance and raising thoughts of worries. I would say it depends on how you feel about the cards, and if you are like me, believing that there are no bad messages and nothing to worry about, you will be quite alright. I remember once drawing the death card in my tarot deck and yes initially my heart might have skipped a beat. Soon I was able to understand that this card is not death in the physical form but more like transformation and letting the pieces of ourselves die that no longer serve us. A much better viewpoint wouldn’t you say? Sometimes pulling a card is to steer you into the right direction, to offer viewpoints and suggestions you may have not considered yet. Sometimes it is reconfirmation of what you already now and you just need that little extra push trusting your gut instincts.

Today I pulled a card for all of us. It comes from my postcards from spirit deck by Colette Baron Reid, and I am here to share it with you. Maybe somebody needs to hear this right now and I hope it can provide that little nudge.

Dearest You,

There are times you get lost but refuse to see your part in things. Happens to everyone. Something feels familiar but sort of off. If you’re feeling confused, it’s best to throw away that map you’re using, which only lets you navigate based on your past experiences. That isn’t what you need right now. Instead, take a deep breath and open to the truth. A desire to stay in denial means that part of you doesn’t want to be responsible for the pattern that’s shown up in your life. Yes, this is the right Time to wake up and start again. By the way, you will always get another chance, you have unlimited chances to start again!

We love you so much. We really do. Be gentle with yourself. Coming out of denial it’s like being temporarily blinded by super bright lights, allow your eyes to adjust. Carry-on, special one. A beautiful life awaits. Loving you so, so much…

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Postcards from Spirit

It was time again to see what the cards had in store for me. This time my inspiration came from an oracle card deck by Colette Baron-Reid, called “Postcards from spirit”. It wasn’t long until a card jumped out, which I actually bypassed the first go around shuffling the cards. As the card appeared a second time, it was a for sure sign that this was meant to be my card.

Besides the the actual message, (below) I noticed there was also a little hidden message on the front of the card, urging me to “Celebrate Life”.

The message:

Dearest wonderful you,

To help you manifest a life for the highest good, we invite you to examine your deepest desires. Imagine all your desires, no matter what kind, like magic seed pods in a basket, glowing with infinite potential. Look closely at each one. Are you afraid that some may bring you too much attention and invite negative reactions from others? Is change too daunting? Or are you afraid to stretch and grow? Let yourself be led forward and let the seats of positive intention take to the wind.

Your desires count and you are worthy of them. They are essential for co – creating your world. Did you ever consider that when I desire comes from deep within you, it might be spirit moving you to create something beautiful to share with others? Some desires are infused with miraculous powers to move the heart and influence the world in ways you can’t possibly know.

We know you and love you so deeply and are so happy to support you!

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Sacred Traveler – Miracles & Protected by Angels

The sacred traveler is a oracle card deck by Denise Linn and has grown on me to be a favorite. Ever so often the thought resurfaces about oracle cards and tarot, and it is my cue that it’s time to draw another card. It was here on WordPress that I was introduced to the magical messages of the cards while waiting for a reading that someone had offered me. Sadly it never happened and sadly I never heard from that person again. I had no other choice and decided to get involved myself, doing my own reading. I was so nervous in the beginning and today I know that it wasn’t because there is something to fear about it, but because I was so new to it and knew so little. That is history today and I have been doing my own readings ever since. Over and over I find myself amazed at the accuracy of the cards. The timing that never seems to be off, that either brings reassurance or a different perspective on how to walk down the path of life.

Two cards jumped out at me while shuffling the cards this time, a for sure sign and omen that these were suppose to be my messages.

My first card was,

Miracles “Expect the wondrous to emerge”

Meaning: Just around the bend, a miracle is waiting to happen. Release fear and uncertainty, and majestic wonders wait to unfold for you. Watch for them and embrace them. Some come in an unlikely form. Trust that all is unfolding for your higher good. Expect miracles in your life. What is expected tends to be realized. The more you become aware of the small marbles in your life, the more they will grow in magnitude. Celebrate and cherish them when they appear, no matter how small they may seem. What others see as ordinary, the secret traveler sees as wondrous. Look at your life in a new way. Let go of fear and expectations, and allow the creator to solve your challenges in mysterious and wondrous ways. Don’t limit the way you think miracles can appear in your life. All is well.

God knows this card was heaven sent, and a much needed reminder to not always just accept things for how they were, but to believe in the magic for myself as well instead of trying to sprinkle it for everyone else.

My second card was,

Protected by Angels ” You are cherished by the angels”

Meaning: You are blessed. Immense blessings from above a showering over your life. The angelic realm is only a thought away. Angelic intervention is available to you at all times. Simply be open and you will feel their presence. This is the time to spread your wings and soar. You are so protected and so safe. Sometimes it might seem that you can’t see the road ahead, but have faith that by your side are shimmering angels supporting and guiding you in unseen ways. Watch for their signs, especially in the form of feathers. There’s a secret plan for your life. Your life is guided. The angelic message is that you are going in the right direction and everything is unfolding exactly as it should be. When you receive this card, it can also mean that you are an angelic, healing force for others because the light within you is so bright.

I needed this on so many levels and this card is pure magic although I don’t understand why I have to experience such pains in the meantime. I will call on my angels tonight and more often to share the journey with me instead of just walking silently with me. To thank them for the lessons and experiences and to allow me to continue to shine my light for others.

Xo ❤️🦋

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Acceptance is the key

After writing “Feeling your vibe” yesterday, the feelings lingered for awhile and I continued to sense struggle and pain from you. Tonight I had a little free time and checked in on some blogs that I felt the strongest need from. How I felt to check on these, I don’t know since I hadn’t read anything since the “Time out”, but I just knew. My feelings were confirmed as I read your lines and it was right there where my intuition and empathy was colliding with your pain. I left some comments and talked about acceptance. Little did I know what a key role that word would play in a confirmation just minutes away. I was suggesting to make peace with the past and was hoping that the guidance could prove helpful. Shortly afterwards, still thinking about those struggles and the word “Acceptance”, I decided to draw a oracle card for all who need a little ray of light at this time.

I used the “Postcards from Spirit” deck from Colette Baron-Reid and confessed to the cards the struggles that I have felt from you. I asked for guidance and protection and a message that is easily to be understood. My question was simple, just like it is so often for myself when I consult the cards for my own guidance. I merely asked advice for this point of your journey and for what you should know and consider at the current moment. And here is your message….

Dearest You,

Did you know that when you stop fighting and accept everything exactly as it is right now, miracles start to happen? There is a freedom in this kind of radical acceptance. Let go of unrealistic expectations and see things as they really are, not how you’d like them to be. You’ll be surprised at how everything seems to fall into place.

When you refuse to accept things, life gets messy, you act messy, and your world stays in chaos, tensions, and disarray. But don’t try to force a change or manipulate circumstances. Instead, learn about what is in front of you, and face it with your eyes fully open. Then you can decide, stay or go, sink or swim, move or stay still. Acceptance is the key to freedom and opens the door to real opportunities waiting to be discovered. Set yourself and others free,

Loving you so much, always and forever…

Acceptance is the key and I hope this message brings healing, light and love your way.

This is the backside of the postcard from spirit card I drew for you. Notice the heart and a message that comes to you with love. Your postcard from spirit, the guardian angels and the 2 cents from heaven within the soft and pleasing colors of the card.

Read your message as often as you need to and see how you can work towards acceptance. The past often scars us with traumas sometimes unimaginable, but we no longer live there and we have to learn to let go and to accept, for us and for our loved ones. I believe in you and I am here.

With love, always…🦋💙

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Discovering Truth

New Year’s Day was better than average despite that I had to work. I received word that Mom was doing ok and my cousin had gone to visit her in the hospital. Mom looked good and it was visibly noticeable that her diabetic food menu and added intravenous fluids left positive signs on her overall well being. I found out that she lost her toe on the opposite foot as the one prior toe loss before. Of course everything was wrapped up and bandaged, and leave it up to Mom to not even know which toe she had lost. She will be hospitalized for awhile and has to undergo rehabilitation. Depending on which toe, it will and can play a role with her balance and just maybe she will become more open and less stubborn in agreeing to get a walker. It would definitely help support and protect her. I pray the stars aligns and she can see it this way. Chances are slim, and I know it.

Later in the day I got a message from Kyle, an accomplished thru hiker, writer, friend and big inspiration to me. We never met in person, but somehow I feel connected to him, his wisdom and his insight. He is unconventional like me and has managed to jump off the hamster wheel that governs today’s rat race. Less is more and I can definitely relate to the feelings of the trail and the simple life. From time to time we send a message, say hi and see what the other one is up to while lending support to each other. Sometimes your biggest inspirations come from people you have never even met and Kyle is such a person to me and I hope that our paths will cross some day. I’m not even sure if he knows what important role he has played in my life but I will write more about this later, as it deserves a post all on its own.

I finished the day with a New Years oracle card reading from my new Sacred Traveler deck from Denise Linn.

“Discovering Truth – You stand in the light of truth” was the card I drew for the kickoff of 2018.

Card meaning: Listen to the wisdom that rises from your soul, even if those around you don’t agree. Trust your instincts. Be yourself, whatever the situation, and respond from the authentic place inside. Be starkly honest with yourself. Speak your truth. Live your truth. Walk your talk. Listen to your inner guidance and follow it. You radiate the energy of truth to others so that they can find their truth.

If you are facing a decision, and your mind says one thing and your heart says another, follow the dictates of the heart, and you’ll be on the right path. If you get a nudge to speak to someone or go in a particular direction, don’t hesitate; follow this guidance. On your journey, others may indicate what path you should take and why. You can listen to their advice; however, if your heart indicates another way, follow that. There’s a place inside of yourself that always knows the truth. Take time to be still, to discover that genuine place of knowing within. Often the hardest thing about living your truth is discovering what it is, so it’s important to slow down, be quiet, and listen to the whisper of your soul. If there’s an area of your life in which you’re not being authentic or where you’re not in integrity with your values, this is the time to make some changes.


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Rock Bottom – or is it now?

It’s been a few weeks ago that I drew a new oracle card. I was wondering what guidance and insight the deck would have for me at this point of my journey, as I carefully removed the cards from their silk satchel. I was ready for another card and felt the anxiety building within. I have done several readings for myself by now including a few for friends. Of course you could find skeptics who don’t believe in this sort of thing and might think the descriptions are vague or could be fitting for a variety of scenarios. Most likely it is also the same kind of people you won’t find owning an oracle or tarot deck, and that is ok. For myself, I have to say that I have grown quite found of my oracle deck “The enchanted map” by Colette Baron-Reid. I have felt a special connection right form the beginning, and have chosen to believe in the signs and the wisdom the cards hold for me. It’s hard to explain what it mean when I say that I felt a special connection, and it’s something that has to be experienced and felt from person to person. It’s definitely not a one fits all, but when it does, it’s quite incredible. Every card I have drawn so far was right on (for myself and others) with almost an spooky kind of accuracy, not that there is anything scary about it. I promise you become a believer when the cards outline your current situation and you find relevance to your life in their meaning. The cards are a tool, a guide that may point to answers and resolutions, a chance to ponder or evoke a new thought process otherwise not considered. You might entertain a different point of view altogether. Further, for me there remains a healthy respect for the deck and the spiritual experience they bring while shuffling the cards. There is a little nervousness, but it is one that is of good nature and doesn’t have to be feared. 

This time was no different and I started shuffling my cards. I held the deck for a moment and stopped once I felt that my card had found it’s way to the top. There it was, still face down, waiting to be turned over, revealed and viewed by only me. I took one last deep breath, grabbed the card and turned it to face me. I briefly looked at the graphic, unaware, as my eyes quickly scanned the name of the card…. #10. Rock Bottom 

I would lie to say that it didn’t scare the wits out of me at first sight. I felt my heart pound and sink at the same time. My first reaction was frightful as countless thoughts raced through my brain. Rock Bottom a turn prior known for having hit the lowest of lows, how could drawing this card be a good thing? I starred at it for a moment and another deep breath followed. Finally, I began reading the generic description of the card, there was no backing out now and here is what it claimed. 
“Surrender and acceptance are the keys to freedom.”
As difficult as it may be to accept, it seems that you’ve reached a point where you can go no further in the same manner in which you’ve been doing things. Perhaps you’ve hit a proverbial brick wall, or experienced a deep sense of loss and don’t know where to turn. The old way of doing things must be discarded fully in order to move onward and upward. A new direction and a new strategy are called for. The only way out is through surrender. Accept things as they are, and admit that you have no idea what to do next. If you wait in that heartfelt moment of release, then a stairway will appear, like magic, and all manner of synchronicities will show you the way to higher ground. The Rock Bottom card is a sign that a miracle is about to occur, but only if you let go completely.

Needless to say I got passed my initial scare and the card became much more comforting. I went a step further and researched the card meaning online. It was said that this card was actually the barer of a quite positive message and in no way had it to do with the worst state of one’s life. It made reference to a snake shedding its skin and a caterpillar going into its cocoon. Metamorphosis all over again, urging me to shed the old and welcoming the new. Emerging a sleeker self and blossoming into a beautiful butterfly. Receiving is key as well as releasing old fears. Sometimes the fear of the unknown keeps us sticking around, unable to take advantage of the bountiful beautiful life that is all around us. We stay in the safety of what we know while we compromise and prolong, sometimes even give up the life that is meant for us. We don’t see the abundance in the opportunities and stay within our safe rut. 

It was talking about de cluttering ones space to prepare for the miracles that are about to come. (A constant mission of mine with too slow and too little progress, due to too little time, working full-time and being tired). Donating and getting rid of unnecessary things that block the flow of energy, basically the things that no longer serve me. It is barely simple how I come to that conclusion these days. Just try it with me and pick up anything in your house and hold the item. Look at it and ask yourself if it brings joy to you, does it strike up emotions, how does it make you feel. If you want to declutter and the answer is “No” “Meh” or something else unfavorable, maybe it’s time to part ways with that item. In the beginning, I did a few virtual practice runs by just looking around the room, asking myself to find the things that do bring joy. I was amazed of how little there was truly left and that is why I know that with ease I could live in my tiny school bus home one day. This also works fabulous with clothing. How do you feel wearing that outfit? Meh or does it make you feel beautiful? You decide for which to go for. Settle or empower, the choice is yours. If you ask me, you should feel nothing less than beautiful and life is too short, but I’m getting sidetracked into another post here. 

Lastly it said to be on high alert, to look for signs and to not miss a thing. To go outside, meditate with palms wise open towards the sky, connect to the divine and your higher self. Expect nothing short of miracles and be prepared to receive. Your positive expectation is the key to the door of opportunity. 

I surely felt much better and in the end I was glad that it was this card that found it’s way to the surface. Now a few weeks later, it is also that a few things have already fallen into place in this journey that is ever changing. Stay tuned…

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Sad Embrace – Oracle card reading 

Sad Embrace….

“Loss is a part of life. Let go and allow time to heal you.”
This was the card I drew during my third oracle card reading and I have to admit that my original feelings were a little frightened. Just the title itself was enough to stir feelings of worry, as I could feel the ego trying to take advantage of my vulnerability and paint the scenarios of “What if.” I’m lucky to say that I won in the end and held the demons at bay.

Initially the card looked plain and out of all the ones I drew so far, this one had the least signs and messages for me to take away. So I thought, but eventually this would change and I would find a few things to ponder and take away from this card. Taking out the book describing each card, I looked up the general description to find my own meaning between the lines and here is what it said. 

You may be entering into a period where loss is the theme. Perhaps you’re having to let go of a long-cherished dream. This ending may have been for your highest good, so take heart. A better and more powerful dream will be realized in your life if you can accept the loss. Relationships on faulty foundations are meant to end at this time. Disappointment is a form of perception. If your expectations weren’t met, a sense of loss arises, along with sadness and grief. Express these emotions. Tears are like healing rain that can restore life to a parched inner landscape. Growth is always assured. Whatever the loss-however great it is- let go, and experience your feelings so that you may soon see what beauty lies ahead.

Not all that frightening anymore if you can trust and believe that all will find its place. Here is what revealed itself after further observation and studying the card some more. It was easier to notice once I got passed the initial fright of reading the words “Sad Embrace”. I saw daylight and nighttime, a matter of night and day which could be applied in a variety of different ways. Both beautiful in their own ways as well as a reminder that sometimes the smallest of things can make the difference between night and day. I see heaven and earth, the moon and the night sky, as well as the blue sky and daylight, separated with a band of clouds. I’m in between with my being enshrouded in the clouds. My head is drawn to my knees, my vision is covered and I don’t fully see all the wonders ahead and what the cloud cover is hiding. There is still sadness over how a thing or two developed in life and perhaps in my subconscious, it still has an effect on me. I have to let go if I don’t want to be stuck in between heaven and earth. I see a net tied to myself that is secured and attached to a rock to keep me grounded and down to earth while I go through the process of personal growth. My hair is surrounded by the universe, shaping it into a new style, a new self that is still not revealing of how the finished product will look like. I am the creator of my aura and I raise my vibrations through my thoughts. I have grown my wings to take flight in the process of metamorphosis and therefore the best of both worlds will be mine if I can learn how to fly while staying grounded at the same time. And finally, I see the moon and the stars. I remember a quote that the stars can’t shine without darkness and my birth-sign alone is often referred to being a moon-child. 

So there we have it, definitely work in progress as life molds us all. 

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Oracle card reading – Card #37

A few weeks ago I did my first oracle card reading and drew the Wishing well. It was a card that seemingly fit my current circumstances, as I found myself relating way beyond the basic book description. There was a connection to the card I can’t explain and it appeared to be more on a personal level. Of course it was personal, it was my own reading, right? Still, it was different. I had glanced at all the cards before, but once I actually drew the card during the reading, I found myself identifying with the images that all of sudden popped out and spoke to me as if talking to me in a voice only I could hear. I find the guidance of the cards like a journey and a process that will go on for quite some time. All good things take time and nothing happens overnight. I’m ok with that as long as I keep moving. I have been smiling a little bigger, ever since I drew the wishing well and the confirmation of what my intuition already knew, brings me a strange kind of comfort. I’m reassured and I’m calm and relaxed, while I hold a great respect for the cards and the wisdom they bring into my life. There are no wasted days and each day serves a purpose, even if not all days produce actions. It’s a journey of the soul as much as it is a physical process. It is something that brings me closer to my goals, something that moves me towards what feels right and something that must have timing on it’s side. I was off last Monday and the oracle cards came to mind. I decided to do another reading and just like the first time I had no specific question to ask. I wanted to know in what direction the cards would point me. What else was there in addition to the wishing well? Was there any news, anything else that I should prepare for and know at this point of my journey? Heart pounding again with the utmost respect for the cards, I held them against my heart, speaking a little prayer, as I did the first time. A deep breath followed as I began to shuffle the cards. I was thinking about my question and the guidance I was about to receive the whole time I shuffled. A mixture of nervousness, respect, trust and believe filled the air as I felt compelled to stop and slowly drew the first card off the deck.
Card #37 Cleaning house

“It’s time to clear the clutter to make way for better things”

Could this be anymore accurate? Again I don’t know how it works, how my energy infuses the cards, but with each reading they become a little more sacred to me and I believe that the entire process is a spiritual experience to me that I cannot put into words. There is a higher power at work and I will always believe that.

I smiled as I held the card and somehow I knew it’s meaning even before I was reading the description in the booklet. There was a knowing, an understanding, a believing and a feeling of trust, as well as gratitude and thankfulness within the message of this card. The book explains the card that it is time to de-clutter your life. Getting rid of unwanted things in the physical home, and release what no longer is wanted and needed. It questions if there is unfinished business that should be addressed. Perhaps it has to do with thoughts, memories and emotional baggage that must be swept out of the house. It reminds that the conscience must be clear for me to move freely in the world. And here it is again, that word. “freedom”. It also mentions to celebrate the spring-cleaning and to feel the freedom to make way for much better things. To look at what I’ve resisted discarding and to be honest about its value. Be honest. Clean house.
And here is my own interpretation and what I see in addition to the book description. It’s a long one so bare with me.
My eyes immediately wander to the middle of the card to what seems to be me and my upper body is dressed like a jester. It’s unusual to say the least so there had to be some kind of meaning. I was surprised of what I found and once again, the shoe fits. It is said that a jester was a person who had achieved high levels of enlightenment. A person to rid the world of unwanted rubbish – ideas principally. They are there to make people rethink, to hear via the removal of bad processes and functions, to clean up via the fire of purification. They act like children and their principle question is “Why”. With them they carry a balance of humor and a certain amount of isolation. Jesters have a role in helping society change. They might be regarded by those they challenge and by those who cling to the old ideas, to be “bad”, but new things cannot be introduced unless old things disappear.

My legs are broomsticks, attached to the rest of my body, my physical and mental being that will allow me to go as fast or as slow as I need to. Every step will kick up a litte more dust until my house is clean, as long as I move.

There is a window above me that I can’t reach and see out, while the door is way down there and I would need to duck to get out. One is light while the other is dark. Heaven and hell and I’m in between. The window (Hell) shows storm clouds, dead tree branches with wilted leaves which I think symbolize the things that no longer serve my purpose and the things that are dying off. The cat in the window symbolizes the exploration of the unknown and according to the cat totem it signals acting when the time is right. Waiting, observing and striking at the perfect moment. Back to the door in the bottom of the card, it is cracked open as light and butterflies enter the room. Metamorphosis, seeing the light and leaving the cocoon while transforming into a beautiful butterfly. The wallpaper around the doorframe is peeling back, slowly getting rid of the old to make room for the new.

On the right sight is a chest of drawers. I see a key in the top drawer, but it is no longer locked and is cracked open. Visible are various parts, tagged “ME”. Parts prior locked away, prior inaccessible, perhaps my legs and pieces to my health as I associate this card with ridding myself of the things that ultimately put a strain on my health.

In the top left corner are scissors but only half of them remain, unable to cut properly, they would create much difficulty in use. It would be a challenge to cut, but not impossible and there is a way. A sign to be prepared that even though things are tough at times, there still remains possibility.

I see further tags on top of the chest and on the floor signifying the day I was born. The day of ups and downs. It looks as if birds are picking away at the tags to destroy the things that tie me down. After all, birds are the symbols for freedom. Perspective messengers of the gods, they provide humans with a bridge between the mundane and the spiritual life.
And there it is and it can’t get anymore personal than that.

PS. Sorry to keep you hanging until now my dear fairy sister. I know you cheer with me and get excited alongside this journey. Xo

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Trust to let go (Oracle reading)

I took a deep breath, trusted the divine spirit and I drew my very first card. 

Slowly I grabbed the card and turned it towards me. My heart was pounding for what I was about to see, feel a d experience. Every sense was heightened as I drew card #48 the “Wishing well”. I had examined all cards briefly before I started to shuffle them, but now was different since I drew this very card in direct relation to my question of what I should know about my journey at this current time. I stared at the card for quite a bit and noticed that I saw much more detail then I had prior observed. Little hidden objects which I had gone unwitnessed, turned into messages and some sort of significance. One by one the signs jumped out at me, begging to be pondered and contemplated. It was amazing and everything made perfect sense. Still I wanted to consult the little guidebook to learn more about the card and it’s potential meaning. Even though I was pretty much set on my own interpretation and the intuition I felt coming from the card. 
Guidebook meaning: Wishing Well 
” Desire is the sacred impulse for life. Feel it, but let go of all attachment to ownership” 
Desire is the most important impulse for creating life. You are now seeing the relationship between desire and inspiration and find yourself at the moment of truth and inception of a new life. A “Aha” moment when everything suddenly makes sense. You are awakening to the presence of unforeseen forces that enable new beginnings. Divine intelligence activates the field of possibilities where new life is co-created in a magical way. You can’t control the progress of growth. Step aside and be a channel for higher forces and relinquish any attachment of how this new creation should appear or when. Form your intention and take action by dropping the coin into the wishing well, then trust in spirit. Prepare to be amazed. 
All in all I was more then ok with the description of the guidebook and the wishing well being my first oracle card drawn. Still I believe that there is more to this card and a more personal message meant for me at this time.
I start with card #48 the “Wishing well” and I was 48 when I first started to question the status quo. When I had my first experiences with spiritual awakening and seeking out my own truths. 

I see the wishing well as my life, full of riches and things acquired throughout life. Full to the rim with gold/coins and treasure, perhaps material and monetary wealth that still ties me to this life and burdens me down. One hand still on the well, I see myself standing with my back to it, turned away from it as if bracing myself in the process of walking away from all I worked for. A life that has come full circle and realizes that those things no longer bind me. Perhaps the well is filled with intentions that were never quite formed or came to fruition due to timing. Wishes that gone unheard and were unanswered until now. 

I see a mask in the well sitting on top of all that material burden. A false sense and a life that is hidden underneath a mask, disguised if I am to remain attached to the weight of ownership. Again I see the effort in the figures stance that is trying to break away with her back being towards the well. 

I see another mask that has risen from the well and is engulfed by sunshine. See the light at the end of the tunnel and trust the process. You already know what needs to be done. You can be free if you find the courage to grow wings and fly. And I see little winged friends and their entire body full of light rising towards heaven, a new life and freedom.

Lastly I’m standing in a field of blooms. Could it be time to smell the flowers?