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Pronghorn Antelope – Spirit Animal

Last week I encountered a large herd of Pronghorn Antelopes. Although I’m used to seeing this magnificent animal in that one particular spot, it was the number and the size of the herd that made me pause. It’s not unusual to to see a couple, but 35 in one spot is a seldom sight. As you would know me, of course right away I started to think that this had to be a sign of some sort. Whether it was the animal itself or the sheer number of how many there were, something was unique and a message was in need of being told. Here are the things to ponder when antelope crosses your path, and you can see how to apply their spiritual meaning to your life and your current situation. When encountering Pronghorn Antelopes you are being asked to make decisions and take the appropriate actions. Trust your intuition and allow it to guide you. Make your decisions based on instinct rather than intellect and choose wisely. Follow your gut feeling and make up your mind quickly instead of contemplating. The time has come to allow the antelope to show you the way. To see through their keen eyesight and recognize the path and what is being offered.  

Antelope can also show you how to adapt to the most difficult of situations. Using it’s spirit like medicine will help you find greater love and an abundance of life in most anything you encounter.

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A special guest

I had a special guest visit the store today and this fourteen year old pooch and his owner came walking towards the registers to pay for their purchase. Apparently it was time for a new toy and off to the plush aisle it was, where he (the pooch) picked up a new stuffed animal. Seeing him walk across the sales floor was definitely not something I expected, or for that matter ever seen before, but it instantly brightened my day. Between conference calls, a dentist appointment, interviews and a corporate visit, he was a heart warming sight to see, and seemed happy and content with his selection. After asking the owner for permission, I got this shot and a few cuddles, which I thoroughly enjoyed. 💙

It was unusual how this animal entered my life today and I can’t help but look at it as a spiritual sign. When a dog spirit enters it brings the gift of awareness and protection. You might be surrounded by problems you can’t see and it is time for the dog to sniff out the situation. Trust in the power of protection and remember that it is ok to play. The dog spirit belongs to those who love unconditionally. Dog spirit also indicates adventure, excitement and something new. It is time to feel very excited because something exhilarating awaits. There is a playfulness and curiosity, a reminder that we should never hesitate to ask questions and pursue our interests. You could also be urged to evaluate the people who have treated you badly and consider how you are dealing with them.

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Hummingbird – Spirit Animal 

It was during our last backpacking trip to Winnemucca Lake, that I spotted a beautiful patch of blooming wildflowers. The color was so vibrant that it stood out against the rest of the scenery. Located quiet a bit higher than the waters edge, a giant boulder was right in the middle of this amazing color display. My curiosity was peaked and determined I set out to make it to the rock. After a little bushwhacking, I was there, sitting surrounded by the flowers, in the sweet smell of bliss. I was immediately still watching the water below me in silence, taking in the beautiful mountains across from me, while feeling that I had found my own unique place of peace and serenity. A flutter passed right by me, towards the display of beautiful magenta colored flowers. It’s quick, precise movement startled me initially, until I made out a tiny, beautiful little hummingbird that stopped by to visit. Flapping it’s tiny wings at speeds the human eye was unable to make out, there he was right in front of me, suspended and floating effortlessly through the air while drinking the sweet nectar from flower to flower. Click, click, click, I needed to get a picture of this unusual little friend, but it proved to be a bigger challenge than I imagined. As soon as I locked focus, he moved to the next flower, which repeated in quick successions. Eventually I got one that would turn into my best effort and it would have to do. I felt grateful being allowed to visit this special little display and I was anxious to learn about the spiritual meaning of the hummingbird. 

Here is what I learned…

When a hummingbird flutters into your life, it might be a reminder to enjoy the simple things in life. To be more present and INDEPENDENT. Hummingbird helps lift negativity and is swift to respond. It might be a tiny bird but it is resilient and able to travel great distances. A reminder that strengths can often be found in the tiniest of packages and that mind over matter definitely has a good chance at winning. We are never know what we are capable of, until we have to be strong. Prepare to be amazed when it does happen. 

Hummingbird is a reminder to take joy in the simple pleasures and to enjoy yourself. A symbol of encouragement, to open your heart and express yourself more to joy and love. Are you ready to become who you are meant to be? There was once a time when you used to dream big. What happened to all these dreams? Just know that there is still another version of yourself who didn’t give up on those dreams. Hummingbird is here to remind you that it is never too late to make your dreams a reality. 
Xoxo 💙🦋

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Wolverine Fitzgerald

Met a little friend on the trail yesterday and it took me a moment to figure out what he was gnawing on. Actually I saw a few, popping out here and there, strangely comfortable right next me instead of scurrying away. I love to watch these little critters and this one got himself a mushroom for supper. That was a first for me and I never knew that they eat mushrooms. 

The blog title came to be because I name the animals I come in contact with. I know, I know, pretty soon I will start talking to myself…oh wait, I already do that. They often bare silly names that we laugh about and what can I say “I guess I’m easily amused and find fun in the most basic ways and circumstances.” Holding on tightly with his sharp, little claws, there was no doubt that he reminded me of Wolverine. I sat for a moment and envisioned this little superpower furry critter fight you with all it’s might for mushroom rights. And the last name, well I’m not sure, perhaps it came from encountering some fellow Germans on the trail (even though Fitzgerald is not a German name) or because of U2 releasing a new song yesterday. It will sound great live and I’ll see you next year. So perhaps a good old, traditional, American last name fell to the wayside this time. 

As I’m sitting here, writing this post before work, my resident squirrel “Dirty Jake” is collecting his breakfast, filled with nuts a d veggies on the porch right next to me. “Good morning and beautiful day to you my little friend.” I have to smile at myself how much peace floods through me, watching such simple little acts. It seems like they are becoming more and more priceless, and one day all the little things will add up and become the big things of our lives.

The unusual behavior yesterday came across as yet another sign, as if my little friend “Wolverine Fitzgerald” was trying to tell and teach me something. Here is the spiritual meaning of chipmunk…

Something good is on the way to you and something delightful and wonderful will touch your heart and make you smile and laugh. Chipmunk is very benevolent and grants the deepest desires of the heart by making wishes come true. Chipmunk is a totem of abundance, friendship and preparation. It is said that there will be an important conversation that is coming your way, pay attention to the details. Chipmunk has secret tunnels for a quick getaway, symbolic of illusion and the power of magic. Chipmunk also loves a good adventure and is constantly noticing new changes to the environment. He will quickly tell all those close to him and who care to listen of his findings and the tiny pepples that have moved. 

The only thing I can say to this is “Germany, I know you will have important things to tell me and I’m preparing for the journey. I know you bare secrets, not yet visible and hidden in secret tunnels, I will leave it up to you to show me the magic and reveal what you think is necessary in the next step. 

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Red Dragonfly 

It’s been the summer of Dragonflies, a magical time of Fairy realms, change, transformation and adaptability. Dragonfly has invited me to dive deeper into the realm of emotions and feelings. To be on the lookout for false illusions and deceit and be prepared to see through the veil of what is not always clear. Dragonfly has been a constant companion during this year’s outings and I don’t remember ever seeing so many. Unexpectedly, they have appeared in the most of unusual places, such as the parking lot at work, sitting on an antenna ball, swarming shallow water crossings in high numbers, they have landed on my arm, unafraid or bothered by my human presence or flew around me while swimming in an alpine lake. 

The majority has been blue in color with a few brown ones, but that was about to change as the other day, I had the pleasure of having a red one land on a tiny branch right next to me. There it sat, keeping me company, while together we admired the glistening lake as a back drop right in front of us. Dragonfly, a tiny, whimsy reminder and messenger of everything that lies ahead and what is yet to come. The signs have bee amazing and without resistance but full of wonder, I value the guidance they have provided for me.  

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It’s been awhile that I wrote what I would consider a real post. Life has been busy, busier than usual but the experiences have been nothing short of happening in this period of personal growth in my journey. 

Another funny happened to me the other day and I’m thinking about submitting the story to my friend Linda at for her guest in jest series. She loves a good laugh and who could not use a little extra humor in their life. I hope to reach my goal to lift her recent tough days and scares just a little while bringing a smile to her face. If you haven’t stopped at her site, please take a moment to do so and be prepared to laugh and find sass around every corner. 

Anyways back to my story. It’s about 7:30 AM the other day as I arrive at work. The parking lot is empty for the most part with only a few random cars from other employees. It’s still early, before store opening and the world is quiet from all the hustle and bustle of retail life that is about to begin. I sit for a moment and as usual I’m fashionably early by about 30 minutes. What used to be calculated to the minute in younger years with not a moment to spare, has turned into easing into the day and putting the rush on a back burner whenever possible. A random woman is walking the parking lot. Her hair is sticking up wildly and appears non groomed. Her clothing old and dirty, I watch her for a couple of minutes and conclude that she might be homeless. She lingers around the area and takes another stroll through the lot. It’s time to go inside I decide as I grab my purse and lunch pail. A few steps away from my car, something on the ground catches my eyes. It appears straw like and the color contrast against the dark asphalt was hard to miss. Perhaps a twig of some sort, but somehow it commands me to look closer. Wow, well “Hello there dear Praying Mantis”, I almost mistakingly took you for a stick. Luckily I missed you and didn’t run you over with the car. I forget about everything around me as I try to snap a quick picture with my phone. The top view doesn’t do it any justice and I’m not happy with the result. I know that I have to get down low if I want to capture anything worthwhile. Purse and lunch pail aside I’m now on my knees in the empty parking lot in front of this Praying Mantis that can’t be seen from a few feet away from me. A picture that would even had the wild haired homeless woman wonder and raise an eyebrow in good old “What the heck” fashion. I don’t care and frankly I forgot all about her even being there. She is somewhere close by and all I know is that she could be standing right next to me, this very moment. I’m focused (literally and all pun is fully intended) on my little unusual friend. On my knees, upper body extended forward my hair is on the ground and I’m inches from the dirty pavement. I finally get my picture and I’m happy with the new and improved version of the prior picture. Back at my feet, I see the woman weirdly stare at me from a distance and I realize that she was still there, obviously watching the whole thing. She is now hanging out at the front door of which I have to enter, waiting for me as I appear to busy myself on the phone reviewing the pictures I just took. She waits, unwavering, inquisitive look on her face and all and a confrontation with her is unavoidable. Within a few feet from her, she decides to meet me half way and begins walking towards me. I prepare to give her some money for a warm meal but instead she has another type of question for me. She grabs my arm, bewildered with a look of seeking to understand what just happened in front of her eyes. What weird thing possessed me to hit the ground, arms extended in front of me facing south she is curious. “Where you Praying out there?” she asks my with the most serious look on her face. Now it’s my turn to sport the bewildered look as all I can muster to say with a short laugh was “Well yes, I was PRAYING with MANTIS. I’m sure she didn’t understand what I was talking about, but the picture and this incident became the joke of the day and even now is still a funny one to tell. 
So, here is the picture I did capture of my friend “Mantis” and I hope you enjoy the story and it brings a smile. Xo 🦋💙

As a spirit animal, Praying Mantis brings the blessings of stillness, intention, attainment, fulfillment and satisfaction. 

In a symbolic meaning  it will bring the magic of evolution, hypnotism and spiritual perception. 

Not at all strange to see this beautiful sign from the universe at this point of my journey. 

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A recent picture and a butterfly in my hand. He stayed there for quite awhile, still and just hanging out. The signs of the spirit animals and the guidance of my journey continue to be strong, entering my life at dizzying speeds. Yesterday alone I had six signs that I will detail in another post as I still interpret how all of them are connected into one solid message. 

I believe that the signs are always here, so keep your eyes open for anything out of the ordinary. There is a reason as to why they are sent to you and the universe is trying to tell you something. 

Butterfly, a sign of personal transformation and metamorphosis. Big things are in the making….

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Changing times

It was during my birthday hike and exactly one week from the first sighting that the snake made yet another appearance. Sitting on the rock, our feet in the water, we unexpectedly gazed off into the distance to breath in the landscape of one of my favorite places. Huh, wow, a quick startle, pulling our feet swiftly from the water, a water snake was right around our feet. It got startled as much as we did as it shot off to get some distance between us. Our eyes still peeled on the water, in the direction it had vanished, we saw it make a comeback. Head out of the water, red tongue flicking it’s body appeared coiled as if in striking position. Strange and eerie, this was now the second time that I felt pursuit by a snake. Another one came straight for me down a hill last year which was just as eerie and weird. Shouldn’t they just hush away, shy of humans, go hide and avoid contact and conflict? Not that one, and it came ashore on the rock right next to me, strange. It slowly slithered up on the rock, all while watching me and me not taking my eyes off of it, it soaked up the rays. It could have gone anywhere, on any other rock, but no, right there next to me it had to sit. Weird right? 

Two weeks in a row now that there has been a snake sighting and a reminder that more change is yet to come. The last time all the snakes made an appearance, was in 2014 when I almost stepped on one, fell and dislocated my elbow and left the ugly beauty store. I know it will be something big again and let’s hope it’s not in the form of bodily harm.  

Change does not have to be a bad thing if we can embrace it. 

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Signs of purification, change and transformation

The signs remain strong, and if anything, they might have become more frequent, but haven’t let up in any way. These days, there is never a doubt and nothing is left to coincidence. Everything unfolds at what seems to be the perfect time and how it is meant to be. I don’t question fate and everything has meaning and finds it’s purpose along the path of my journey. Ready to reveal itself and ready to be noticed, it is an adventure and a very personal experience. The journey fills with moments of recognizing what is meant to be noticed. It could be something out of the ordinary or something that simply all of a sudden makes sense. It’s a feeling of knowing, a reassurance in times of doubt, while yet in others, it is the guidance needed to show me the next step, waiting to be taken. The timing is perfect, whether it is understood or hard to realize and nothing appears out of the perfect timeframe and in the wrong moment. I’m not even sure if I fully understand the last sentence myself and it entails great detail, depths and complexity. It goes back to an old quote that the teacher appears when the student is ready and without interference and trying to alter the outcome, I choose to allow things to unfold on their own terms. That doesn’t mean that I always understand the things that might not be favorable, but I always believe that I’m ready to learn the lesson that they bring. I’m wondering if these signs have always been there and how many times I have missed them in prior years. I know that my awareness has grown during my period of self growth, and with more awareness these signs are easier to notice. From the spirit animals that randomly make their appearance, to synchronicity that quite frequently belongs into my day to day life, I’m aware with a sharpness unmatched and at a level never felt before. 
On a recent hike, three spirit animals entered my life in a very unusual way. 

First came a frog that hoped out from underneath the brush and sat directly in front of me. You could think it would have waited for me to pass, shy, laying low, but instead it jumped in front of me and paused. Even while standing upon him, he remained still and did not move. The symbolic meaning stands for cleansing, rebirth, renewal, transformation, metamorphosis, life mysteries and ancient wisdom. Should I be surprised anymore?

The second one was a snake in the water and within a close distance, peeking it’s head out while looking at me. A symbolic sign for change and that it is time to shed my skin to emerge a sleeker version of myself. Metaphorically, for letting go or losing the old in order to start anew. A smoother life lies ahead. 

Lastly was the dragonfly landing on my arm and just hanging out. More signs of my personal journey and transformation to reach my full potential. Metamorphosis and the search for personal authenticity, symbolic of the light but also the illusions. Raising awareness of false deception and intentions. 
Life happens fast sometimes. I’m ready for what’s next….

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Little dragons

This picture was taken earlier this week during my birthday hike. Dragonflies have come into my life in an abundance of numbers. A few weeks ago one landed on my arm and they have been a constant companion for me not only on my hikes, but also by encountering them in normal day to day places. 

One of the biggest symbolic meaning of the dragonfly is change and adaptability. It seems like the universe is sending me constant signals to reassure me that everything is normal and that I can do it. 😉💙🦋🐛