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Crow Spirit – September 2022

A powerful helper has shown up for this month reminding us that now is the time to co-create with Spirit. We have done so all along right, but now is the time to see it through as harvest time is just around the corner. Before us comes a time to slow down from the hard work, from everything we have sown and witness our surroundings by taking it all in.

As you look around you, can you see the magic that pulses through the world? Have you witnessed how every thought can become a thing? How every intention can call the universe into action as the sacred laws shape what you experience? The universe works in perfect order. When you align your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with Spirit, you will want to crow with delight, feeling the excitement and wonder of being in harmony with something much larger than yourself. Have you felt the shifts happening? Have you taken a moment to witness how far you have gotten?

Crow Spirit says you are right on target now to see your dreams magically come into being in the visible world. The laws of Abundance, Compensation, Frequency, and Praise are operating in your favor now. Remember to be grateful and praise what is yours, even if it is still coalescing into form, still residing in the invisible realms of co-creation. No matter what area of your life you’re concerned with now, what you hope for is on its way – for Spirit is your co-creation partner.

Protection message: Crow Spirit wants to know why you think there is no magic in the world. Or do you believe that there once was, but it ran out, leaving nothing but ordinaries? Although conditions have become challenging, you have no reason to believe that everything you’ve set an intention for will elude you. Right now, the outer world is shifting. Can you feel it? Maybe you are fretting about experiencing the results of some of your poor choices or judgements from the past. Crow Spirit is here to remind you that you can always course correct and get back on track.

Maybe you’ve been hit by a loss or disappointment as a result of an event that had absolutely nothing to do with your manifesting, yet it has shaken you to the core. Crow Spirit asks you to trust that no matter the temporary conditions, things will right themselves very soon. The Law of Balance makes it inevitable that this too shall pass.

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Pig Spirit – August 2022

“Use your mind wisely” is our message from Pig Spirit and our motto for the month of August. Yikes, can you believe it’s August already? Take a look at the following message and see how it applies to you.

Pig spirit appears to remind you of the right use of intelligence, a gift we all have that is meant to be used with love, compassion, and discernment. Intelligence means recognizing the value of intuition partnered with smarts and common sense, which leads to intelligent solutions. When pig spirit appears, you are called to respect your analytical mind and use it for the highest good, recognizing that all facts must be considered even when they do not fit with what you know already.

Spirit blesses us with wisdom when we allow pig spirit to nudge us into open minded, thoughtful dialogues, whether with others or internally as we mull over our ideas and what we have come to understand. You are intelligent and capable of clear minded thinking shaped by the wisdom you have accumulated and the intuition that will tell you when you have more learning to do because not all facts are in. Now is a time that your decision-making powers are reliable, for you are in alignment with pig spirit’s keen intelligence.

Protection message: Are you ruminating, turning thoughts around and around in your head but not getting nearer to a decision or solution? Pig spirit is here to protect you from analysis paralysis! Let your mind rest now and allow your intelligence to mingle with the mysteries of intuitive guidance, releasing your tight hold on facts and unsolved puzzles, whether it be a relationship or any other aspect of your life. In fact, now might be a good time to think about something else altogether and release your grip on needing to know. When your thought processes are muddied by fear and anxiety, allow pig spirit to lead you back to the right use of your natural intelligence. Take a break, relax, and release the ball of worry. Soon the smart choice will become clear to you. More facts may be needed, more digging for information and more questioning, and seeking to learn more, enjoy the process of using your thinking powers. All the elements of your intelligence are reliably guiding you now once you’ve given your mind a rest.

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Dove Spirit – July 2022

It’s that time again and beautiful Dove spirit has stepped forward to lend us her energy for the month of July. Her message is a reminder and comes with the urge to be at Peace. So many Chapters have been dealt with in such relatively short time, that sometimes we stay stuck in survival mode and forget to breathe. I know I have, and yet it is on a very different level than before. Much is going on in my life right now as I forge my future and implement the next steps and perhaps you feel the same, busy, constantly on the go, from thing to the next. Perhaps this message is for you.

With her peaceful cooing, the gentle Dove Spirit invites you to embrace the energy of peace and allow compassion to warm your heart. You always have the power to generate peace within you, and the appearance of Dove Spirit is a reminder that today and every day is a good day to meditate, to quiet any turbulence within as you embody tranquility.

Above, below, and all around you, much may be happening to distract you, but you are called to engage it with the heart of the peacemaker, asking yourself, “What would peace do?” Can you agree or disagree? The peace you seek rises within and spreads out into the world as Spirit sends her messenger to remind you of the beauty of a harmonious existence with all that is. How beautiful and powerful is your compassionate heart!

Protection Message: However disturbed the waters around you, however troubled your heart, Dove Spirit is there to remind you that peace without begins within as you reconnect with Spirit through practices that awaken you from spiritual amnesia. Your true nature is a peaceful child of Spirit, but how easily you forget! You’re being invited to sit in the cozy safe nest of Spirit. Soon, the waters will become still and you will feel peace again. Be compassionate with yourself at this time, for all of us can forget that peace is always at hand, always there, gifted to us by Spirit. Become the peace you wish to see in the world so you can reduce any suffering, performing acts of kindness and radiating love. Dove Spirit also reminds you that when you see inequity or someone harmed or in need, trust that you have the capacity to bring peace through smiling, sending love, speaking a kind word, and listening with a compassionate heart. Do your part to be a peacemaker, nourishing compassion, reminding others of the joy of harmonious co-existence so that they may embrace Dove Spirit within themselves too.

Final thought: Be peace and strive for balance. Peace is within you and you can invoke it at any time. Inspire and be the change you want to see in the world and in others.

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A powerful spirit

It wasn’t all that long ago that the powerful Wolf spirit came to visit me and strolled through my backyard. Cinnamon is still on alert, looking to the hills, sometimes growling at something that is out there, unseen, and yet I too sense that it is there. It can be beautiful and frightening at the same time, especially at nighttime. What a powerful and amazing animal.

It is interesting to note that among wolves, no matter how sick, no matter how cornered, no matter how alone, afraid, or weakened, the wolf will continue. She will lope even with a broken leg. She will go near others seeking the protection of the pack. She will strenuously out-wait, outwit, outrun, and outlast whatever is bedeviling her. She will put her all into taking breath after breath. She will drag herself, if necessary…from place to place, a healing place, a place for thriving.


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Panther Spirit – May 2022

Panther spirit is supporting the energy this month and it is time to reclaim your power. Are you ready? You sure worked hard to get to this point and the time has come.

There was a time you weren’t sure you’d ever get here and you had trials and tribulations. At times it feels still a little wobbly, but that is only due to old beliefs and thought patterns you adapted for far too long. You have learned so much over the past few years and you have truly come into blossom. No longer do you have to deny what is rightfully yours, and it is time to lay out the new pattern of your new life, and a new thought process. Sure there will be challenges and new lessons waiting to be learned, but this time it’s different and you can feel it. You have done the work, gained the knowledge and the tools to handle the process. The process is no longer handling you.

This is an exciting time for you and you are loved and supported. Things fall into place almost in a miraculous way with minimum efforts on your part. The hard work is over and it’s time to sit back and watch it all unfold. This is how it was always meant to be. You can now look back and see the journey for all that it was and for all that is yet to come. You have come so far sweet soul and you deserve it all. Claim your power and feel the unconditional love of enlightenment that is yours, truly, always. 🙏💙

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Brown Bear Spirit – April 2022

It’s time once more to see what spirit animal will support the energy throughout the month of April. This is a monthly segment that has brought great joy and insights on many levels. Sometimes it’s and immediate knowing when a card is drawn, almost like confirmation of reassurance, a proof of what we already know. And other times, we don’t see the message instantly and have to dig a little deeper. This was such a card for me and being in Germany with all I have to accomplish, the message of “Take time out” seemed out of place at first. I knew I wouldn’t be able to take time out, but I soon realized that I only looked at it from a physical aspect and not through eyes of a dreamer, a co-creator, a visionary, one that can recognize the old leaving but one who also creates room for the new. I have been talking so much about balance lately and this is no different. I can’t only focus on the hard work and let it be my guiding compass over my time there. In between, I need to make room to dream at night, to rest, to still meditate and invite new opportunities into my life. This card like so many before are a guiding post, an invitation to dream big and to be actively involved in my life. I hope you can apply it in similar ways to yours and may it speak to you and guide you wherever you see fit.

Brown Bear brings a message to take time out. There is a time to act and a time too focus your attention on patient strategizing. The arrival of Brown Bear Spirit signals that you are best served by foregoing hard work toward your goals at this moment and instead taking the time out to meditate – or just take a nap so you can refresh yourself and begin planning what you want to co-create next. Come to know the lay of the land as you contemplate and imagine what you might do in this vast space of possibility before you, and begin forming a plan. Remember, sleep allows for dreaming and rest allows for clear-headed strategizing. How might you become the person you wish to be and experience whatever your heart desires? Insights will arise as you explore the possibilities and begin envisioning your plan. Knowing what you want will ensure you use your energy wisely in the days ahead. Be patient at this time. Relax and be calm and peaceful so you can recharge, the call for action will come later.

Protection message: You could become so frazzled that you can’t decide how to move forward. Brown Bear Spirit arrives to remind you to let go of your impatience in getting to the answers and solving the problems that face you. Now is the time for rest and meditation. Take a break, let insights arise, and know that you have plenty of time to make plans. Brown Bear Spirit reminds you that sometimes the best and most effective action is no action, allowing the situation around you to reveal itself to you so you can better understand it. Remember that what is yours will never be withheld from you, so you really can relax and wait until the next right action is revealed. Miracles come from out of nowhere, and yours will arrive on Great Spirit’s timetable.

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Turkey Spirit – March 2022

Oracle card deck by Colette Baron Reid

Once again the time has come and we are stepping into new energy at the beginning of March. As always I solicit the cards to see which spirit animal is stepping forwards to supports us through the new month. If you’d like, you can go back and read prior months, or you can start here and see how this relates to you. Either way, I am happy for your visit and I am grateful that you stopped by. The cards never disappoint and have always been spot on for me. I hope you find “something” between the lines here that might be helpful to you.

What is stepping forward for us this month is Turkey Spirit with the message to give with gratitude and grace. This message couldn’t be more profound and guiding for me as I go to Germany and sort through many of Mom’s personal belongings. While it will be difficult and challenging to part with many things, I can only hope that many things find a home where they are valued and have the chance to live on. And I hope I feel like that through each and every day and always remember this. As you read along, you can evaluate for yourself where you fall into. Are you in a position to share abundance, are you already giving freely with gratitude and grace, or are you holding on tight, perhaps sharing because you expect something in return?

Here is your chance to evaluate and correct your course, and here is some further insight.

Turkey’s spirit’s message is that you always have the potential for manifesting a rich reality, for the turkey represents generosity and a celebration of abundance through giving to others. Give freely without expectations and you shall receive, for the manifestation of abundance is happening right now. Align with it by sharing your good fortune with others, whether you give money, loving guidance, the gift of listening, or kindness in any form. Immerse yourself in the flow of generous abundance, being a channel for Turkey Spirit and the desire of spirit to see all beings experience the blessing of plenty. Give with gratitude and grace, from a wellspring of love and compassion, knowing that spirit will respond by giving you all that you need in this moment and moments to come.

Protection Message: Are you giving in order to receive in kind, keeping tally of how much you have given and what is owed you? This is not the way to experience abundance. When Turkey Spirit is in the protective position, it is a reminder to let go of any perception of scarcity or fear that if you give too much you will not have enough for yourself. Use your spiritual practices to reconnect with spirit and remember how it feels to embody abundance, and you will give as much as is needed right now. Know that whatever you need to fill your stores is coming to you right now: love. Prosperity, knowledge, and assistance from allies who are everywhere and want you to be the abundance you seek. Turkey Spirit is here to tell you that everything evens out when you are aligned with the law of abundance as spirit wants you to be. Abundance is yours.

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An unusual visitor and a Wolves spirit message

Two wolves passed through my backyard the other day. Cinnamon was barking up a storm outside, spotting them way before I did. Once inside, she kept hanging close by the window, growling and intensely alert. So I watched with her and at first there was nothing, but soon something moved higher up on the ridge. For a moment I couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing. It wasn’t a dog, it looked bigger than a coyote, and all of a sudden I just knew it wasn’t one. And then another, a lighter animal with a giant plume as a tail emerged lower on the mountain and I knew for sure that we weren’t dealing with a coyote sighting. But wolves? I never knew we had wolves in the area and after a little research I found that indeed it was confirmed in 2021 that a third pack of wolves were established in nearly 100 years. This pack is said to consist of three wolves and despite I only saw two, there might have been a third. To say the least, it is pretty cool and somewhat frightening at the same time. Since the sighting, Cinnamon is on constant alert and I am grateful that she senses things like these. She doesn’t go outside alone at night and our eyes are always peeled for any further signs. What an unusual animal to see though and Wolf comes with a message for me that I think I needed to hear.

“Characteristics and behaviors that no longer serve your spirit purpose are being culled from your consciousness. Make cooperation a priority over competition. Valuable insights, ideas, and new teachings are coming your way, so pay close attention. It’s important to maintain your self-esteem and integrity and deeply trust in your inner knowing, even when you feel misunderstood or misaligned. You’re being spiritually and physically protected at all times, so there’s really no need to fear.”

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Giraffe Spirit – February 2022

Welcome February! Second month of the year, second month with endless possibilities. New energy is stepping forward for us and this time Giraffe Spirit is daring us to see the big picture. The background work has been done. The minor details have been put into place. All you need to do is respond to the call and this is your time.

Giraffes stretch upward to reach the treetops and look down from a high vantage point. Haven’t you looked in on yourself quite frequently lately? It is as if you have become an observer, not only to your surroundings and what is going on, but also to yourself and your own actions. When giraffe spirit appears, it is a sign to keep observing from a higher view. In all aspects of your life, it’s time to stretch your neck out and broaden your view, open your eyes to what others need or are experiencing, and see the big picture you fit into. No matter how great your wisdom, knowledge, or experience, you don’t want to overlook the details and connections that will help you better understand yourself and your circumstances, so stretch yourself. Look beyond what catches your attention at eye level and know that not everything is as obvious as you might like it to be. There is still some work left to be done and you are now equipped with the tools to mange these opportunities. Spirit will bestow upon you a new perspective that might make all the difference.

Protection message: Are you sticking your neck out too far, reaching too high instead of looking around you to see conditions on the ground? Your devotion to co-creating something new is admirable, but Giraffe spirit is showing up to remind you that you have to look at the top of the tree. Perspective is necessary now, that means checking in with what is going on around you and at your feet. Or perhaps you are ruminating over the worries of the world instead of paying attention to what you can do right now, where you are, to bring about the changes you would like to see. Align with your highest good, and that while perspective is important, transformation begins where you are. Do not get so far up in the clouds thinking about all the big problems that you lose perspective and forget to do your part, however small it may be, to start enacting change – for transformation begins with you.

Again, balance seems to be a major message for us this month. we have to evaluate where we see ourselves. We have placed piece after piece into our picture, but are we still too focused on the individual pieces that we can’t see the whole picture. Do we need to step back for a moment and take a look. Reevaluate from a higher view. Or has our head been in the clouds too high that we don’t realize what is going on at ground level? There is no right or wrong, only awareness and changing course as we see it fit for ourselves. We have come so far and may this message reassure your path and celebrate everything you have achieved so far. Happy February, my friends. Namaste…

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January 2022 Wolf Moon – Time to tie up loose ends

Keep your eyes to the sky on this first full moon of 2022. It is called the Wolf Moon in northern hemisphere and moon folklore has some interesting things to say. For instance, if the first moon of the year is bright, it promises rain and a bountiful harvest. A red tinted moon means that it will be a dry year. A growing moon and a flowing tide on the other hand signify lucky times to marry. A halo around the moon predicts wet and stormy weather. So take a moment and look up to sky and might be able to predict what kind of year lies ahead.

This full moon will be visible on the 17th and 18th of January and urges us to tie up loose ends. According to Alyonna Angelica it”s a time for soulmate reunions, of coming together, emotional healing, karmic healing, ancestral healing, womb healing and divine feminine healing. This speaks to me loudly this year and I can see the path in the coming months ahead.

Let’s kick off the new year and pay homage to this beautiful moon. We need to remember that we are always surrounded by divine love. Observe…see love and beauty in everything. many will receive spiritual gifts/knowledge passed down from their female ancestors. You may feel their motherly presence around you. This is a powerful time to nurture yourself and these gifts. Give yourself the love you so generously give others. Validate your inner child. Ask yourself what toxic dynamics have been passed on to you from your family lineage? Make a conscious choice to change it.