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Hello September

It’s that time again! Time to see which spirit animal will guide us to through the month of September. We have seen this animal earlier in the year and you can get the full write up Here.

Armadillo Spirit has stepped forward again, telling us that more work is left to do when it comes to setting healthy boundaries. At first I was surprised to see this animal make a reappearance, but it all made perfect sense once I looked into the mirror to take that Honest look. I knew that there are things still in need of boundary setting. How about you? Are you still tolerating the mediocre? The things that are not quite right? Unfulfilled relationships and friendships that leave you feeling flat and exhausted, while diminishing your light and self worth? Well, if there are still things that don’t sit quite right, maybe this is your call to do some more work. I know I have to and I know that some things won’t be easy. Things might even go against what we wish and hope for, but everything has it’s time and despite a certain sadness, I also feel good about my choice and know that these boundaries will be good for me. They will peace and a sense of calm which have become important attributes to me.

I will accept this spirit animal and relax into – live and let live. If you or someone else is being defensive, you are called to step back and trust in Spirit’s plan. And that I have done…so it is as it should be. I release you…

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Buffalo Spirit – Energy for August

It’s that time again, to take it to the cards and see what energy is supporting us throughout the month of August. So far this year has been pretty spot on for me, and I admit that I draw the monthly card in anticipation to see what I can work with. Last month we welcomed the Horse Spirit that told us “freedom is yours” and this month Buffalo spirit steps forward with a reminder that the abundant universe will provide. Here is a deeper look according to the Spirit Animal Oracle deck from Colette Baron-Reid.

Buffalo spirit comes to you now to remind you of the amazing manifesting power of gratitude and the extraordinary potential available to you when you adopt a mindset of abundance. The ancient people of the Americas saw the Buffalo as a symbol of abundance because the herds roamed far and wide, and provided so many gifts – the meat, the hide, the bones. The tribes who hunted the Buffalo used every bit of them, wasting nothing, appreciative of the abundance. So, too, do you have many gifts available to you. Buffalo spirit appears to let you know that you are in a powerful time to manifest your desires – not by force or pushing but rather by following a natural path that rises up before you, trusting that there’s always plenty to around. Whether it be love, money, inspiration, or support, it’s all there for you to claim.

When you are grateful, you immediately align yourself with the truth that the world is rich and teeming with resources. There’s always more than enough, and you are always enough. At this time, you can expect all your intentions and needs to come into a form that is right for you. Your heartfelt gratitude is making you a magnet for miracles. Buffalo spirit’s message is to remember that you co – create your reality in partnership with spirit, so offer up your thanks and your prayers, even before you see conditions you desire – not just for yourself, but for others too – then you will quickly see the results in tangible ways. Gratitude has the magic to grow the good, so offer thanks and praise as you acknowledge all that you have and all that is possible.

Buffalo protection message:

When Buffalo spirit visit you with a message of protection he’s asking you to shift your thinking from poverty consciousness to one where you trust the universe will provide. Have you been falling into financial insecurity, worrying that there will be not enough money in the future? Have you been stressing and feeling sorry for yourself, worrying that because you have no romantic relationship now, you will never have one? Do you see scarcity where there is, in fact, abundance? Or are you comparing yourself to others and falling short? Self-pity, entitlement, fear, and lack, or all thought viruses did seduce you into darkness. Buffalo spirit noches you to make a gratitude list and be mindful of your thoughts at this timeHave you been falling into financial insecurity, wearing that there will be not enough money in the future? Have you been stressing and feeling sorry for yourself, worrying that because you have no romantic relationship now, you will never have one? Do you see scarcity where there is, in fact, abundance? Or are you comparing yourself to others and falling short? Self-pity, entitlement, fear, and lack or all “thought viruses” that seduce you into darkness. Buffalo spirit nudged you to make a gratitude list and be mindful of your thoughts at this time. Even if outer events have happened to challenge your beliefs in abundance, all the conditions are temporary. If you are suffering from the malaise of fear that you are impoverished, realize that it is only poverty of perception and perspective. Prayer, communion with your higher power, and gratitude coupled with compassionate, selfless service will snap you right out of it. Give to someone who has less than you. Be thankful for the tiniest things and say affirmations. Then you will remember abundance is the true nature of the world.

And there we have it, wishing everyone a wonderful August and a reminder that no matter how tough things get, the j inverse always provides. Let’s make it a focus to remember it this month and tap into endless possibilities.

Xo 🙏🏼💙🦋

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A little visitor from heaven

It was Mom’s Birthday just the other day and as mentioned before that special day has changed a lot for me since her passing two years ago. Over the past two years it has turned into a time that brings up memories, but mostly the pain of her not being here anymore. It’s a day when her loss is just a little more apparent, and it cut’s just a little deeper than usually. A day that would cast a lingering cloud over my own birthday just one day after hers, and I found it hard to enjoy my own special day. I think it was in the days ahead that I prepared myself to feel this heartache all over again. I came to expect it, that it would unfold like it had in recent years. But this year was different and I had a little helper to distract me, my Cinnamon Girl. And then an unexpected visitor showed up and Mom came to play with her.

If you don’t know the story, it was only days after Mom passed that a dragonfly landed and sat on my hand in a serene park setting. Already believing in the signs of animal spirits I looked up the meaning and it was said that dragonflies assist our dearly departed on their flight to heaven. I was lost, hurt and sad, feeling the waves of Grief as I was working through my loss. I instantly knew that it was Mom, it was a sign from her to let me know that she was ok and at peace. I will never forget this powerful moment and it has stayed with me as a special occurrence and message from Mom.

We were out on a walk when a dragonfly, beautiful in black and white, a dancer between two worlds, between light and darkness came to visit us. Mom always had a special heart for animals, especially for dogs. Cinnamon was off leash, running through the meadows, head up into the sky, playing and chasing after something I couldn’t make out at first. I was too fixed on watching her enjoying herself, but then I saw it and it was a dragonfly. Again I knew right away that it was Mom and I smiled. She had come for her birthday to send another sign that she was ok. To lift my sorrows and sad feelings, and turn them into a joyful game of chase and dance. It couldn’t have been a better moment and I felt like I had received a great gift. And so did Mom by playing with my Cinnamon Girl. Fly high and happy Birthday Mom. Thank you for stopping by.

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Horse Spirit – Energy for July

Past month and spirit animals that have supported the energy for each month. Please have a look and see if it applies to you as it has to me. Here is what we can expect for the month of July.

“Freedom is yours” is our motto and here is deeper look as it relates via Colette Baron Reid.

When horse spirit appears, you are gifted with the spirit of movement and freedom. It is a time for travel and adventure, whether that means a trip somewhere or taking a different type of journey, one of freedom of choice. Horse spirit reminds you that no matter the circumstances, you have free will and choices that can take you far away to a better place, a better situation, a better state of being, for there is no one but you to rein in your will to make a different decision. You are capable of making powerful choices that will affect you for a long time to come.

Horses are social animals known to be a friend to mankind, willing to carry us forward when we need it. Horse spirit reminds you that help will be available to you whenever you need it and companions will be by your side wherever you choose to go, whatever direction you choose to travel. Life is an adventure, and Horse Spirit wants you to know that whatever choices you make, you have Great Spirit within, invisible yet holding you up and always walking by your side.

If your inquiry is about a relationship, you can set your heart free to experience love in all forms. Spirit whispers to you that the gift of freedom is yours if you allow yourself to break out of your perfectionism and stubbornness. Make a move and enjoy the freedom of letting go of the need to control.

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Happy Birthday Cinnamon

We are turning a big fat ONE today and it’s hard to believe it has been 8 month since Cinnamon choose me as her Fur-Momma. What a journey it has been, and if I ever thought it was better to wait getting another fur baby because the timing was off, this and how she came into my life is defying all prior theories. If you look at it from the rational mind, the timing could have not been worse. Look at it from an emotional point of view, I know we needed to help each other through some stuff. And a lot of stuff it has been. Some still ongoing, but we are working on it and I’d say we are making the best out of it and have grown very close.

The bond, the trust, the unspoken words (at least from her) say it all. The cuddles, having to be close, from the protection she bestows on her hooman as a guardian, to her uniqueness and the feisty play when we are out and about or just lounging, everything has its place and time and I couldn’t imagine being without her. There was a time, a scary time I might add, when I didn’t know if she would end up with me. Joint custody seemed so far fetched and out of reach. I love her that much that I was ok with whatever would come, as long as it was in her best interest and a better choice. Even if it meant that she wouldn’t be with me. Luckily that never came into fruition and she ended up with me. So when it’s tough to take her for a walk because I ache so not badly, I remember how grateful and lucky I am to have her with me. All I have to do is watch her run up and down the beach like a mad dog, ears flying in the wind, mouth open, smiling from ear to ear and I am reminded of the joy she brings each and every day. At night I tell her goodnight and that I love her, but not before thanking her for being here, by my side, helping me in every way, and making my days better.

Happy Birthday Cinnamon, beloved Fur-Child and rescue pup. You are priceless and simply the best. I love you.

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First spirit sign

Two cats appeared this morning out of nowhere. I knew of the dogs that reside here at the park, my new home, but it was the first time seeing the cat (s). And since it was two at the same time, I took it as a sign of urgency and a message that was waiting for me. Luckily I managed to unpack my spirit animal book by Dr Steven Farmer, while other items are still packed away in a dark box, waiting to see daylight once again. Another reason I think I am meant to have this message. I am not going to quote it fully, but focus on the parts of what I got out of it and what resonated. Here it goes…

This is a period where self-sufficiency and trust in your own capabilities is necessary.

Listen closely to your intuitive guidance, as it’s likely an ancestor who is one of your spirit guides trying to communicate with you. This is a period of magic and mystery for you, so pay close attention to signs and omens that will guide and direct you. Whatever you’ve released, relationships, material goods, self-defeating habits, will soon be replaced with something or someone entirely more suitable for who you are presently.

What can I say…no ordinary moments. Ever….

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Hey June

This is such an important and all changing year for me. Not much is staying the same and at the beginning of the year I started to consult my oracle card deck to see which spirit animal is stepping forward to support the upcoming month. It’s seems like you have traveled with me each month eagerly awaiting why spirit has to say and it is that time again. Last months post with links to prior months can be found here. So let’s take a look at June. All I can say is that there are no ordinary moments and once again the message couldn’t be more fitting.

June, the month when everything is about to change. Grasshopper spirit has come up, asking us to take a leap of faith. Right now, you are poised to jump up into the next level of your life and move forward into some Th big even better than you could have ever imagined. When grasshopper spirit appears, it is a fortuitous time to take a leap into the unknown, for grasshopper spirit represents the innovative spirit that says, “Why not?” and has faith in the powers of co-creation. You are being called to trust that this is the right time to go with that idea, relationship, or situation. Take risks, for abundance in all forms will show up for you.

Wondrous things await when grasshopper spirit appears. You are not going to go backward, so listen to your intuition rather than your fearful ego that resists any change and clings worriedly to what was. Luck is on your side. Jump up and forward with confidence, for spirit has so much in store for you if only you take that leap.

Protection message: Is it hard for you to trust in good fortune because you have been hurt in the past when you took a risk? Staying earthbound does not offer the safety you seek, for that can be found only through trusting that spirit is always with you and wants the best for you. Your intuition is guidance from spirit, telling you to let go of your fears and leap into the abundance and good fortune awaiting you. Grasshopper spirit reminds you that the only way now is to jump foreword. Can you be willing to trust the unknown, the great mystery that you can’t fully understand? Even if you take the teeniest leap in consciousness to be willing, it’s a beautiful beginning! Sure, every leap forward brings a new challenge, but you can handle it with spirit as your partner, trusting that this new experience will only deepen your life with magic and meaning. Take the leap!

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The great Owl Spirit

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The great owl spirit came to visit me last night. It was late in the evening and I was getting ready for bed. Brushing my teeth I heard the first faint “whoot-whoot” and I paused, held my breath, and immediately knew what it was. Could it be….

Owl spirit had been on my mind, and just a few days ago I had sent a detailed description, filled with meaning and symbolism to a friend who was visited by two owls. I finished up and headed downstairs, knowing exactly the location of where the sound appeared to come from. After all it wasn’t the first visit and others had come before.

There used to be a time, especially during the first visit, that I was frightened of the so called messenger from the underworld, a spirit animal associated with death to come and pay me a visit. Over the years I have learned that death doesn’t have to mean death in the literal sense. It can be symbolic for when we outgrow and shed old patterns, letting the old die to make room for the new. Kind of like the snake shedding it’s skin leaving behind it’s old weathered self to emerge a sleeker new version. I knew that this was such a time for myself and what I was going through myself. A time that’s been years in the marking. Over the years I also learned to respect this messenger and see it in a new way. To welcome change and the new, to not resist and let it unfold naturally. Basically when it comes to the owl, I have learned that a great honor has been bestowed upon you when one comes to visit you, turning the negative and fear, into a positive and blessing.

Downstairs, I turned on the patio light and walked slowly outside as to not threaten and scare it off. After a few seconds she made herself known with another whoot sound, sitting just a few steps away, high above on a wooden telephone pole. It was magical being surrounded by the starry night sky, mostly in silence, while sharing the energy and space with this magnificent creature. She was communicating with another owl down the road that would answer back every time she called, and I took it all in.

I stayed for awhile just watching and listening until the night chill urges me to go back inside. For a moment I thought that perhaps she would fly away from my moment and the sight would take my breath. I got to see it once, and just the wingspan alone reminded me of what it must have looked like to have smaller dinosaurs flying through the air. It was massive to say the least. But she stayed, unbothered, unthreatened, carrying on her conversation with her friend down the road. I bit my farewell and thanks for the visit and went to bed. Her call carried me to sleep eventually with a smile on my face, feeling grateful to have witnessed this rare visit.

Owl spirit came with a message of what I already know, but took as a confirmation. What I am living each day and where I am headed. Change and transition is on the way and this is merely the beginning.

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Hello May

It’s that time again and a new month is starting for all of us. For the past three month I have consulted with one of my oracle decks to see which spirit animal is going to step forward and support the energy for the upcoming month. So far it’s been head on for me and it seems like this month is no different.

In February we had the wombat spirit animal telling us to be at home. It provided a deeper look into our outlook and how we see and go through life. That when we feel the freedom to be ourselves, we can begin to feel at home in our life, anywhere in the world, with our family and with our tribe.

In March we had the hummingbird spirit that taught us to be here and now. Here and now we were in the middle of becoming the person we wish to be, with the experiences we wish to have. Hummingbird told us that we no longer need to search and that we already have everything we need, focusing on the flower before us.

April brought us the armadillo spirit and urged us to set healthy boundaries to be in alignment with our intentions and to co-create our life. We were asked to be honest with ourselves non matter how difficult the situation. It reminded us to pay attention to our limits and to say no to what doesn’t feel right.

May brings us the groundhog spirit animal with the message that says it’s time to let go. Endings lead to beginnings and death is a part of life, so groundhog spirit is here to let you know that it is time to accept the natural ending of something that is no longer serving you. We love to hold on to what is familiar, but the new needs space to arrive so growth can accurately. When groundhog spirit appears, it is a sign there is something in your present situation that you need to let go of so that something new can be born, something that will far better serve you now. When the groundhog sees his shadow, he retreats to his den. So you too might yearn for a little more time to say goodbye and transition into the new. However, change is coming and it is good, so let go of your resistance. Spring brings many blessings and what must die will always be reborn in a new form that will be right for you. Life requires change and detachment. Say farewell to whatever once served you, and get ready for something amazing to take its place. Spirit is already sending it your way.

Protection message: Have you been relentless in your efforts to revive something that has past its prime and needs to die away, a situation, a relationship, a belief, or a habit that served you once but no longer fills you with vitality? Perhaps you automatically expect to see the world through a specific lens based on the familiar? Groundhog spirit has appeared to let you know it’s time to accept that the past is the past, so allow yourself to feel the loss and grief if you need to. Any sadness will not last forever or overwhelm you. Knowing spirit is with you and wants you to experience joy and excitement again will help you through this transition from the old to the new. Keep your eyes open, for winter always gives way to spring and endings always give birth the beginnings. For now, let yourself feel your emotions, releasing them to make way for the joy that awaits you. Spring and new growth are on the way, for that it’s spirits promise to you.

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Hello April

Just like last month for March I consulted my oracle card deck to see which spirit animal is stepping forward to support the energies for April. Here is what I found. But before we get into the details of the message here are a few fun facts about April.

By April spring has finally sprung and if we are lucky, the weather will reflect that. April gets his name from the Latin word aperio which means to open (bud), to grow now. We have April fools day, Easter, Ramadan, Earth day, a sweet potato day, as well as an international pillow fight day (6th), a blah blah blah day (17th) and a go fly a kite day on the 21st to name a few. There are more, but these are the ones that stood out, and perhaps you’ll join me in a little wild abandoned fun and pillow fight coming up. But on with our message…

For the month of April Armadillo Spirit will guide us and is urging us to set healthy boundaries.

Learning to set healthy boundaries is a gift of armadillo spirit. You are entering a phase were in order for you to be in alignment with your intentions and to co-create your best life, you may have to be discerning and say no to many things that may have been OK for you in the past. This also means that you need to learn where you end and were others begin, what is yours to own and what is not.

Know your limits and understand that it’s an empowering choice to say no to what doesn’t feel right. Armadillo spirit is here to tell you it’s time to be honest with yourself about what you really want. Be clear on what you are agreeing to, declare what your needs are, and say no as a full sentence; these are acts of respect and kindness to others as well as to yourself. Trust your body’s signals, and you will know what to do. Armadillo spirit guides you in making good decisions that are grounded in a strong sense of what belongs to you and what does not.

Protection message: This is a tricky time, as you might find yourself enmeshed with others, overly concerned with how they will take it if you say no or express how you really feel. Do you feel anxious saying no to someone, so you capitulate, even knowing the outcome will not be in your best interest? Do you feel like it’s your job to stop someone from facing the challenges? Instead, you might take on the responsibilities, rescuing them instead of giving them the freedom to learn their lessons their way. Perhaps you feel that if they only knew how much you cared, they would change and then all would be well?

Armadillo spirit asks you to be honest with yourself and others, no matter how difficult that may be or how much you may fear of losing someone or something. Face your fear, tell the truth, and set your boundaries. You will be amazed at the miracles that happen when you let Armadillo spirit protect you from taking on too much, becoming a people pleaser, and losing your integrity.

Another message of protection from Armadillo Spirit is to relax – live and let live. If you or someone else is being defensive, you are called to step back and trust in Spirit’s plan.