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Do you want to attract miracles?

It is said that what we send out comes back to us through Karma. What we think we become, and manifest into reality. It is said that our thoughts are very powerful and we should be careful what we wish for. How about attracting miracles? Do you believe it is possible?

An legend says: According to an old Native American legend, one day there was a big fire in the forest. All the animals fled in terror in all directions, because it was a very violent fire.

Suddenly, the jaguar saw a hummingbird pass over his head, but in the opposite direction. The hummingbird flew towards the fire!

Whatever happened, he wouldn’t stop. Moments later, the jaguar saw him pass again, this time in the same direction as the jaguar was walking. He could observe this coming and going, until he decided to ask the bird about it, because it seemed very bizarre behavior.

“What are you doing hummingbird?” He asked.

“I am going to the lake,” he answered, “I drink water with my beak and throw it on the fire to extinguish it.” The jaguar laughed. “Are you crazy? Do you really think that you can put out that big fire on your own with your very small beak?”

“No” said the hummingbird, “I know I can’t. But the forest is my home. It feeds me, it shelters me and my family. I am very grateful for that. And I help the forest grow by pollinating it’s flowers. I am part of her and the forest is part of me. I know, I can’t put out the fire, but I must do my part.”

At that moment, the forest spirits, who listened to the hummingbird, were moved by the birdie and it’s devotion to the forest. And miraculously they sent a torrential downpour, which put an end to the great fire.

The Native American grandmothers would occasionally tell this story to their grandchildren, the conclude with, “Do you want to attract miracles into your life? Do your part.”

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The rewards for all your hard work

I love this website that calls themselves Source messages. As new motivation and inspiration is pouring in, I take comfort that we are ALL on track. Here are a few excerpts and I hope they speak to you as they do to me.

You needed to do shadow work because of the people and things you attracted into your life at a time when you really hadn’t understood how energy worked yet. But at the same time, unbeknownst to you, you were also doing light work. Manifesting good people. Good experiences. Without knowing how energy worked. Simply because of the good natured person that you are. You can do all the work on yourself possible, but nothing will benefit you more than the innate nature of who you already are. Loving, grounded, helpful, your foundation has no cracks and it shows.

Don’t we feel this? Haven’t we worked hard on building the solid, on facing everything we had to? And we overcame all, some with flying colors, some with tethered feathers, but we are here and the rewards are waiting. I feel it and I know that good things lie ahead of me. All the years of preparation, it is finally time to sit back and enjoy calmer waters. Well almost, I still have a few battles ahead of me, but I can see the end and it’s no longer a matter of “where in the world do I start.” What is next is falling into place naturally and with each step, life becomes simpler, as well as more beautiful. And if you are still not convinced, just listen to this.

Perhaps there were times you din’t know if you were coming or going. Life was unjust, and your experiences overshadowed with darkness. The world was never prepared to accept the character you created for yourself while you were in survival mode. This is why now, as you continue to delve deeper within and uncover the previously hidden parts of yourself, the universe responds in kind. You’re going to begin meeting people who love you as you are. They’ll want to invest in you in all ways professionally, relationships, friendships, because your value rises significantly when you’re being the authentic and raw version of you. It’s unique. There’s no other you. The real you. Continue to unravel. The world is craving it and what a time it is to be here to experience it.

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Have you ever felt with intensity? Or perhaps I should ask if you ever felt fully aware. If you consciously drew your attention and awareness to feeling whatever is happening around you and allowed yourself that moment of pause. Perhaps you know it as a moment when you “took it all in.” And sometimes it takes only that moment to feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Restored and ready to go once more. It’s a little secret, something that is personal. Something that you, only you experienced in that given moment and will leave a profound impact and memory on your soul. It will remind you that there is peace and bliss in the little things as a sigh releases from deep within, leaving you with a smile and the reminder that it doesn’t take much. That it’s seldom the big things, but that the little things eventually become the big things to us. Todays word reminds me of this act, this very feeling.

Ambedo n. A kind of melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory detail. Raindrops skittering down a window, tall trees leaning in the wind, clouds of cream swirling in your coffee – briefly soaking in the experience of being alive, an act that is done purely for its own sake.

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Ichi-go Ichi-e

Japanese (n.) lit. “One time, one meeting” an encounter that only happens once in a lifetime, reminding us to treasure every moment, for it will never recur again.

This seems to be a great New Years motto and a great way in general to live. For myself I have found that it’s not always realistic and sometimes we just get sucked into every day life. Sometimes it’s simply not possible to treasure every moment and to live to the fullest. And other times we just need that moment to pass so we can move on and look forward to brighter times. Sometimes we don’t want to remember “that” moment, but one thing is for certain and that is that this very moment in time will never recur again. So hold on to the good ones and experience those with as much consciousness as possible. They will warm your heart and carry you through the tough ones. And when those that we need to pass arrive, take comfort and know that they won’t last and will pass just as quickly as the good ones. Wishing you many treasured ones along your way.

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Otter Spirit January 2022

Welcome to 2022 dear friends and family. We are starting the year with a new month and new energy has stepped forward. Honestly I didn’t know who or what would show up as we begin anew, building upon all we have achieved last year. And what a year it has been. At first I was a little surprised to see Otter Spirit stepping forward, reminding us that we are never alone, but then it all made sense. When I look back at the past months, I see myself almost as if in isolation. Partly self inflicted and partly because people have come and gone on their path that at one point collided with mine. The self inflicted part, perhaps stems from a lack of either encountering like minded souls who walk the path as well, or perhaps even because of a believe of not being understood. Of accepting such a belief and knowing that part of this journey, part of this path has to be walked alone. Have you felt this way? Perhaps now, with all the knowledge and wisdom we have gathered, it’s time to remember that we are never truly alone.

Like true friend, Otters nurture each other and express their affection through touch. Actions such as holding hands and giving hugs offer reassurance that we were never really alone and that we are always cherished. Otter spirit has appeared to remind you to experience and express friendship in a tangible and even tactile way. Communicate with your voice, your facial expressions, gestures, and your actions, letting your love express itself beyond just the words you speak. Otter spirit’s message is that presence matters, so remember to be fully present with those you care about, helping them sense the love and affection and appreciation you have for them. Now is the time for a joyful celebration of the love in your life that expresses as friendship and companionship. Hug someone, touch their arm, or simply look into their eyes with your full attention, saying “I care. You matter,” Make time for friendship. Otter spirit promises that the moment you reach out, you will remember that you too have many who love and care about you. You are never alone and you are always loved.

You deserve support and love from many people and when Otter spirit arrives, you are reminded that you have a community behind you. You are not alone unless you choose to walk alone. Even then your community is behind you and cheers for you in silence. Somewhere is another supporter that is waiting for the opportunity and the gift of being able to give to you. You could take great joy in seeing their affection, happiness, and joy once you allow their kindness to shower you. Otter spirit wants you to open your eyes and whether you choose to take advantage of the love that surrounds you or not, you need to be aware that it is there for you from all directions.

Have a wonderful month my friends and know that you are loved and supported.

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The adventurous Moon-Child and coming to terms with yet another lifestyle change

It seems like the last quarter of 2021 has been a powerful time for me. A pulling it all together, an acknowledgement of all that has come to fruition, all that has been shed, including a newfound view on all that is yet to be. I am so much more at peace and I believe it shows when I look at this picture from just a few days ago. I have always displayed my worries on my face and it’s true that “the eyes are the windows to our soul.” Plus I usually have a little forehead wrinkle when I am worried or in pain. Now, this Moon-Child is preparing for the adventures that lie ahead. A year of new opportunities is dawning, a year of new adventures that will hopefully top this years lull and dormancy due to pain. More transitions are around the corner and I can feel them without being frightened or seeing them as intimidating or a threat.

In the meantime, two potential prospects have come forward and have shown interest in the purchase of my house in Germany. One party has viewed it already with the help of my cousin, and another walk through with an appraiser is scheduled for this Friday, the last day of the year. It remains to be bittersweet, and just coming to terms about selling it was a difficult Choice for me. My entire life I wanted to do right by Mom and I can’t see my decision being right in her eyes, so it was a matter of making peace with it and accepting that I had my own dreams to chase. And they were different than up-keeping the ones that were never mine. I struggled with so many emotions throughout this process, including guilt and being viewed as ungrateful. But who was truly viewing me? I must have thought of Mom in heaven and all I could was her further disappointment in me, not valuing what was so important to her all these years. Her house. It was quite a process to arrive where I am now, but now I am here.

To be truthful to myself and live honoring my higher self, I had to remind myself of who I am and where I am at this point of my life. This curious Moon-Child remains a soul that is always found wandering away from this world. She is a dreamer, weaving her future, being the co-creator of her life. She has become picky about what and with whom she spends her time. The is no more time to waste. In and out she creates, through every phase of her life, learning new lessons along the way, acquiring new skills and knowledge, turning it into wisdom and enlightenment. Eager, yet hopeful she faces each day, regardless of what it holds in store. She has a passion for life, for turning her challenges into powerful experiences that shape her into who she is meant to be. She finds a way to stay positive, even through the darkness and the pain, unlocking yet deeper parts of herself. She is drawn to the Moon, to the Stars, the Animals, and to Nature in ways that just can’t be explained. And no matter how dark life gets, she always find her way to the light. Adventure always finds her and she is looking forward to what’s next.

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The last quarter Moon

Today is last quarter moon and it’s all about finding balance. Just yesterday we talked about waiving this year goodbye, to accept whatever will be and to stop interfering. Again it proves that it is all about that balance, that importance that we find harmony which in turn will translate to inner Peace. Today our energy turns inward once more and you may be questioning your impact on the world, as well as issues related to purpose. You might feel a push to purge and release, or at least sorting through memories and issues of trust and fairness.

The Crone is working her magic now, reminding us of gentler habits, to continue rest and restoration, setting down urgency and slowing down, while reflecting as the subconscious surfaces. This is a time to balance the creative, dreamy side with practical steps. It’s also a great time to share from the abundance of realized intentions. Just take a look around you and see all that you have achieved. Set aside some time for a session of alignment. Take a walk through your home and find gratitude for all the things you have attracted. Don’t forget that you are in the process of creating your dream life and it shouldn’t always feel like the chase. Marvel in what is and how far you have come. Even a race car stops every few laps to regroup. Give yourself that gift and room for self praise. Only you know what you’ve been through, and only you can bring meaning to the position of giving yourself the credit you deserve. Thank the universe as you find your connection without attachment, without fear, without control, without all the people, things , growth, and experiences, you’ve manifested. And guess what…this is just the beginning.

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Christmas Eve…2021

It’s going to be a white Christmas this year and the next snowstorm is on the way. With it, significant amounts of snowfall is expected and severe warnings to wrap up travel have been issued. It’s a Christmas we all envision, with a world covered in an innocent blanket of white. Picture perfect, my world is surrounded by snow covered pine trees and the occasional deer strolling by. For me it will be a quaint, simple Christmas and I will focus on as many comforts as possible during this time that so easily could have me feeling the holiday blues. It’s still a time when loved ones on earth and in heaven are missed just a little extra.

I have felt Mom’s presence more than ever this season, and I know she is by my side. I can see the effort she has made, coming to learn about my side of things vs being so focused on her view like she has been all these years in her time on earth. Now in heaven, nothing is secret anymore as she looks into my heart and sees my deepest thoughts and pain. Everything and all is on the table. There is no mistaken anymore, no more misunderstanding, it’s all there. It seems as if old ways of thinking have been released, and without any spoken words from her, the message couldn’t be any louder. I feel her support and she is showing it through ways I could have never imagined. It makes the holidays “without” even more bittersweet and she will be with me throughout a little bit more than usual. I will find some one on one time with her, to dedicate my love all over to her and to thank her while remembering her and her memory.

So huddle and be close to your loved ones this holiday season. Count your blessings if you have them to unite in person. Take a moment and slow down, to breathe it all in and feel every moment with every sense. Create new memories that will be passed on for years to come and enjoy this season of love and giving.

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Holding space for another person

Has somebody ever told you that they are holding space for you? Most likely this would have happened in a moment and a time where you were vulnerable, where you could be wounded or perhaps was, or as you need a break to breathe and regather your strength. If you have heard this phrase, it most likely came from a spiritual, unconventional soul. An empath, someone who feels deeply, who has compassion and a love for humanity. Perhaps these words were spoken from someone who was able to see the challenges and struggles we can face from time to time. Perhaps that someone has walked the path themselves, and therefore finds it easy to relate. Perhaps that someone is paying forward the wisdom and the experiences that they themselves have gathered before us. Perhaps that someone has been in our shoes and knows what it feels like.

So what is this expression of holding space for someone? Heather Plett has explained it perfectly and it means that we are willing to walk alongside another person in whatever journey they’re on without judging them, making them feel inadequate, trying to fix them, or trying to impact the outcome. When we hold space for other people, we open our hearts, offer unconditional support, and let go of judgement and control. Have you ever encountered someone holding space for you, or perhaps have you held space for another person?