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The little Buddha and my outdoor space

As Mom was alive and in the nursing home, I used to read the stories of “The little Buddha” to her. They were short stories of wisdom and life experiences that soon drew us into all three books available at that time. During my recent trip to Germany I learned that two more books under the series were released and I had to have them.

I’ve always related to Buddhism and it not being a religion to out other religions down, but rather a way of life. So I always wanted a little Buddha for myself representing and paying homage to my beliefs and likes. I recently purchased this little guy to do just that and help transform my outdoor space in to a sanctuary of bliss and zen while bringing some personal meaning to it. In front of him is a Abalone shell that I brought from my ocean trip. The rocks lining the tree stump are also from the ocean and represent Hag Stones as well as rocks with white lines called wishing rocks. In the Abalone shell sits a gold colored dragonfly, symbolic to Mom and the one that landed on my hand after her passing. Dragonfly’s are said to help our deceased loved ones on their ascend to heaven. Over his hands holding the prayer beads sits a heart shaped stone, also from the ocean. It is overseeing all and stands for love above all. Love is the answer…always.

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Zen things

Zen is a form of Buddhism, describing a peaceful and calm energy. It also speaks to not worrying about the things you cannot change. Zen refers to a 6th century Chinese practice of mediation, insights and discipline. Zen is also our license plate for the Tiny Boho Chateau on wheels that has been home for the past year. It speaks to my journey, to my goals, beliefs and all the recent changes in my life. Day after day I make it a goal to stay in a zen state of mind and just like life would have it, some days come natural and others might be a bit challenging. It’s just the way it is and life happens to us all. All we can control is how we react to those challenges. Here are a few zen things to do to help keep the balance and stay in a calm, relaxed space.

1. Do one thing at a time

2. Do it slowly and deliberately

3. Do it completely

4. Do less

5. Put space between things

6. Develop rituals

7. Designate time for certain things

8. Devote time to sitting

9. Smile and serve others

10. Make cleaning and cooking become meditation

11. Think about what is necessary

12. Live simply

What do you think about this list? Some points might be challenging and may take getting used to, but aren’t all things worthwhile? Maybe you can start by picking one or two, let them become a habit, see how you feel and then layer on. It should be fun…they said 🙂

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Hydration and electrolytes

I don’t know why staying hydrated remains to be such a struggle for me. I just don’t drink enough throughout the day, no matter how often I remind myself about the importance of it and the benefits. Maybe this homemade electrolyte drink can entice me to do a better job.

Mix coconut water, oranges, lemon, lime, Himalayan sea salt, and honey in the combination of your liking. More or less of your favorites to your hearts content and see what happens.

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Wild Lilac

I am not a “proud rose” kinda girl. I am much simpler, at least that’s MY claim. One of my favorite flowers are wildflowers, sunflowers and lilac. When lilac is in bloom you can smell it’s fragrance everywhere, even from a distance. And sunflowers remind me to keep turning my head towards the light and an endless array of possibilities. It’s true, I like the simple things these days and perhaps I always have. That’s not to say that I won’t appreciate a bouquet of roses, but some handpicked wildflowers will make me küsst as happy. Strangely, even picking flowers had changed and I rather admire them and leave them in their natural habitat vs picking them and perhaps shortening their life.

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Travelers of Life

We are all travelers in this life. Individually in each journey, uniquely ours, we share moments and memories, and sometimes years or even a lifetime together. We are formed and forged by our experiences, by the straight and narrows and the detours and setbacks that belong in that journey as well. Our opinions are shaped in every instance but if we can travel through life with curiosity rather than judgement then we really live a life worth living. One that is filled with magic and special moments every day.

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A warm welcome…eventually

On my way home from Germany there were so many mixed emotions. During the long plane right, each one had plenty of time to come and go and I found it hard to look forward to anything. The pain of leaving loved ones behind, just about outweighed the happiness to see other loved ones again. I was still in pain mode and it wasn’t until an hour prior to landing that the excitement grew within. I would see my Cinnamon girl soon. How I had missed her and how would she react. Doing FaceTime or any other way to let her hear my voice and see me only confused her and seemed to make her even more sad. Eventually we stopped making an effort to include her in any conversations. Now it was finally time to reconnect.

It was dark already as we picked her up and she couldn’t make me out really good. In good old Mohawk style her hair stood up from her neck down the entirety of her spine. She barked up a good one for a moment until I started to speak to her and then it was over and she realized that it was me. She went absolutely bonkers, flying and jumping across the furniture, attacking me nearly licking me to death. The whole spectacular lasted like what felt an eternity. Over and over she jumped up at me again until we were all exhausted…eventually. Needless to say, she has been my little shadow since I arrived. Snuggling just a little more, loving me just a little more and not leaving me out of sight…yeah…just a little more.

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A big step – revisited

One year ago today I sold my home of 20 years and moved into the Tiny Boho Chateau. What a year it has been and sooo so much has happened. Without a doubt has this been one of the most profound years of my life. The heart has opened even further, learning about unconditional love, forgiving and loving myself and others, to much… much more. I know that I have grown but boy has it left it’s signs on me. Sometimes I feel it has aged me by twenty years. And it reminds me of a tarot card that pulled around that time. It reassured me that I would make it through, barely but that I would succeed. It would require all resources available and then some and that little “and then some” seems to have been the theme of that year.

This year has been experienced on a different level, one that comes with more awareness and more emotions. At times it felt good not to suppress anything and other times it felt that feeling too much would kill me any moment. What a tough act to juggle and it definitely wasn’t easy to find the balance. There was so much to learn and I’m sure there is yet more that is waiting around the corner. I feel like I have made it full circle once and the next turn is to build onto everything that is here already, to strengthen the foundation of my findings, work and efforts. Here is to choosing joy and to the next turn around the sun.

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Mercury retrograde and always

We just completed one of the Mercury retrogrades for this year and it is said that for every 1 thing you release during the retrograde, the universe rewards you 10-fold. Perhaps this time is even more sensitive but releasing things that no longer serve you do not depend on a retrograde. You can also release them during a full moon for instance. However, the more freely you let go, the more peaceful, tranquil and blessed life becomes. It truly is an art and needs to be learned. It can takle years of practice but it’s also oh so worth it. Mercury for instance teaches the importance of paying attention to what keeps rising and repeating. Pay attention to what is coming up for you. It unearths what needs clearing and healing. If your are willing to do the work there will be less drama, chaos and challenges to face the next time it retrogrades. Loosen your grip and flow.