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Trusting in ourselves

Sometimes we can’t see that we already have everything we need inside of us. We wait for someone to rescue us, for the situation to change. Surely it will pass and eventually it does. How we feel when that happens is more in our control then we could ever imagine.

Did we skidded by by the skin of our teeth? Did we find ourselves left behind broken and hurt? Did we see our vulnerability as a sign of weakness, hating it all together? Did we believe in ourselves, by looking at the lessons meant to be learned because we are exactly where we needed to be? I know the later is not an easy thing to do, especially when those lessons are painful and we search for answers that are never to be given. I also know we each do our best when it happens, and our reaction and outlook depends on where we are on your journey called life.

What if I could propose a different view? What if we should try something so out of the ordinary that at first thought it seems impossible and ridiculous? What would happen if we tried to embrace those events, if we trusted in ourself and understood that every lesson in our life is for our higher good? Here is what leads me to that conclusion and for myself this concept has worked. It’s a work in progress, a labor of self love and learning to trust in your abilities. But it’s worth it and I hope you remember this the next time when faced with adversity. 🙏🏼

“The real treasure of life, the one difficult to find and hard to attain, is never far from us. That’s an unwritten rule on this earth. What we desperately desire and need most is buried in the recesses of our innermost being all along. This is the open secret found in many traditions and told in many ways. Yet it remains a secret because trusting in oneself remains one of the hardest things to do in life.

~Michael Meade

Art: Tigray Tsitoghdsyan

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The cleansing power of Salt Bowls

Have you ever noticed that the beach feels so energetically clean and refreshing? For a long, long time, salt has been considered a protective and cleansing agent, both physically and metaphysically.

Today I made my first salt bowl. It can absorb water, emit ions, and kill bacteria. It also removes negative energy from the home. You don’t have to use the fancy Himalayan pink salt like I did here, and a simple bowl filled with salt can do the trick too. I just liked how it looked.

1. Choose a bowl

You can go all fancy, highlighting the contrast of your salt or plain. I recommend a non porous bowl unless you are ok with salt penetrating and possibly ruining your bowl.

2. Choose a salt

From regular salt to Himalayan, to sea salt or other varieties, the choice is yours. You could also mix the fancy with plain salt to make it more cost effective and still decorative.

3. Add Herbs and Oils, if desired

Here you can let your imagination run free and be as creative as you want to be. Open your cupboards and spice rack, and don’t forget the tea tins. I added some nature treasures in mine such as juniper berries and twigs, stones, wood, miniature pine cones, feathers and other plant material, paying homage to Mother Earth. You could also use protective herbs such as rosemary, garlic, bay leaves and such.

4. Spell out your intentions

You can say something like “May this salt cleanse the energy of my home and protect me from negativity.”

5. Set it out

Place your beautiful salt bowl wherever you would like. Some people place it in the kitchen, others near the door that’s used most often. Be conscious of the salt bowl. Use it as a cleanser if your energy every time you pass by. You can push negative energy into the salt bowl or touch it with your fingertips. Sprinkling a bit of salt onto your carpet before vacuuming can really change the energy of the room. Or you can sprinkle the four corners of your room to create a very magical feeling space.

A few things to consider. Don’t eat the salt. You charged it with absorbing negativity, so you don’t want to consume it. Be conscious of where you place it if you have pets. When the energy of the bowl doesn’t feel cleansing anymore, it’s time to get rid of it. You can either dump it into the trash or toss it outside someplace where you wish to prevent plants from sprouting.

Lastly…have fun with it ❤️

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While in Germany last year, I went to visit a place called the Lotus Garden. It’s a place of tranquility with little waterways, statues, ponds, and places to just sit and be still. It was there that a dragonfly landed on my hand and brought me a message shortly after Mom’s death. I have associated Mom as this messenger ever since and it is said that newly deceased loved ones turn into dragonflies so they can start their ascend towards heaven.

As you enter the gardens, I stepped into the Asgard, and passed through this tall red gate, called a Torii. Until now, I didn’t give it any special meaning and thought it to be a decorative piece of architecture. And then I came across the meaning and wished I would have known before I stepped through it. Next time…as there will surely be another.

What this Torii resembles is a traditional Japanese artificial gate building where it symbolically marks the transition from the mundane to the sacred, like the holy Mt. Fuji.

How cool is that….

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Full Wolf Moon in cancer

Picture credit – google

Last night we welcomed the first full moon of the year and also a new decade. I hope you got a good look at it and the weather cooperated in your part of the country. But even if you didn’t see it, the energy is still present, just as the moon is. I spent a good part last night drumming (again, second day in a row) and the energy was amazing. With closed eyes I could really feel it moving around, especially when I drummed louder and faster. This is such an important and powerful moon, affecting us all, I simply wanted to touch on it some more.

The power of the Wolf full Moon serves as a guide for you to trust your instincts and pay attention to what they’re trying to tell you. The Wolf symbolizes intelligence, loyalty, freedom, and social connections, demonstrating them in a more balanced manner. Try to focus and work with Wolf as your grand teacher for the next 28 days. Wolf is the sage, who after many winters upon the sacred path seeking the ways of wisdom, returns to share new knowledge with the tribe – Us.

You might feel a spiritual awakening coming into power, seeing things that used to be complex with more clarity. This full moon energy will be strong and powerful with waves of emotionally charged energy. It will help us feel inspired, release what is not needed, shed, and let go.

The eclipse was at the same time as the full moon and did not go unnoticed. Eclipses are important points of the heart aligning our soul path wiTh our soul destiny.

Wolf as a spirit animal reminds us to make cooperation a priority over competition. Valuable insights, ideas, and new teachings are coming your way, so pay close attention. It’s important to maintain your self-esteem and integrity and deeply trust in your inner knowing, even when you feel misunderstood or misaligned. You’re being spiritually and physically protected at all times, so there’s really no need to fear.


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The shift

As you are shifting, you will begin to realize that you are not the same person you used to be. The things you used to tolerate have become intolerable. When you once remained quiet, you are now speaking your truth. What you once battled and argued, you are now choosing to remain silent because being at peace has taken priority. You are beginning to understand the value of your voice and there are some situations that no longer deserve your time, energy, and focus.

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Full Moon drumming circle

It’s the first full moon of the year. The Wolf Moon in the sign of cancer, my birth sign. Tonight I will attend/resume my drumming circles and I’m excited. It’s been a few months since my last one in September of last year.

The full moon is a great time to release any energy that no longer serves you, while the new moon offers a time to set new intentions and to manifest anything you would like to see happen in your life. 2020 has started with a bang for me and it has been an emotional start, but all in a good way. Everything has intensified it seems. Awareness is raised and all feelings vibrate on a deeper level with higher sense of meaning. I feel acutely alive, feeling it all and I know that I am ready for whatever is next.

It’s a year that will be big for all of us, so have you felt the shift? Is something different that you can’t quite explain, but you feel it with certainty? Are you tolerating less, settling less, have you taken a more active part in being the co creator of your life? Well tonight is a time to release more of the things you have outgrown in your journey. Tonight we say goodbye as we release these things back to the universe.

Try to sit in a place where you can calm your mind without interruptions. Take a few deep breaths and think about what you want to release from your life. In your minds eye you can see and say something like this to seal your intentions.

“I release all the things from the last year that have caused any negative attachment. I prepare and welcome new changes, new lessons, and new adventures. I welcome new opportunities to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Feel how peace and serenity fills your heart as this energy leaves you. Consider it done and let go.

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Step by step

Picture from our little hike near Hallstatt, Austria.

While many people make New Years resolutions at this time of the year when everything is new, I was wondering about my own. I came to the conclusion that it was ok to not have big goals in my life, that it was ok to not have plans to manifest. To not chase dreams and be left exhausted trying to achieve something that perhaps wasn’t timely. What something else came to mind that I found relevant for myself, my own motto or New Years resolution of we want to call it that.

Do you know that hiking is a bit like life? The journey only requires you to put one foot in front of the other…again and again and again. And if you allow yourself opportunity to be present throughout the entirety of the trek, you will witness beauty every step of the way, not just at the summit.

Movement is important for me in my fight with the RA (rheumatoid arthritis). Not giving up is essential and putting one foot in from of the other is key. To keep going, even if it’s at a snails pace. To be present and make the best out of the journey represents my core beliefs. To work on my level of presence and growing my awareness to an even higher vibration, is my goal. To seek beauty with that new awareness and a set of new eyes brings magic to my day and a gratefulness that fills my heart. And lastly I want to take as many people as possible on that hike of their life’s, paying forward my experiences in the hopes of helping others in their due time.

Step by step. ❤️