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A secret to happiness

A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be, and then making the best of it.

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My little Shrine

As I mentioned in my first ever Celebrating “YOU” post on Friday, it was Kris who inspired my little shrine. If you have not yet read the post, you can do so here and help me celebrate her this wonderful soul.

I thought the timing was perfect to follow up with a little post about my shrine/altar. For me it is a compilation of things that present meaning to me. It’s a sanctuary, a place to meditate, a place to draw strengths from. A place to feel at peace and a portal to send love and light to special people I connect with.

It started with a few special rocks that caught my eye and which I collected in Mother Nature. God knows my love for rocks. They are laid out in a circle of protection and come from various places. Two are from a salt lake I recently visited with my aunt. A day I will never forget and special things were underway while I floated weightlessly.

The Sheep which Mom calls “The sheep with the human eyes” became the center piece. The sheep spirit represents an innocent aspect of yourself, your childhood, child like qualities characterized by innocence and gentleness. It may also represents a part of yourself that tends to conform to social norms or family values. Perfect….

Next came the snail houses, also collected in nature with a message to take time. Nothing can be rushed and will unfold in due time.

Two crosses from me to Mom also found their place into the altar. One of which (on the right) I made for Mom out of driftwood, wire, pearls and a feathers.

The Angel of good health from my cousin Moni stands on the left to protect the outer circle as a gatekeeper. A small guardian angel is at the base of the sheep with the human eyes, protecting the inner circle.

Two feathers, one black and one gray, that bring special messages are also at the base of the sheep.

A pinecone holds another white, small feather that appeared after a special journey to tell me that I’m never alone. “Never forgotten”

A polished rock with the word “Serenity” was given to me from my boss just before I came to Germany and holds multiple meanings for me. A red ruby given to me from my aunt recently, was given with the wish to bring strengths and protection my way.

A yellow rosebud comes from one of Moms bouquets and preserves beauty even in age when we get old and shriveled up. For it not matters what we see on the outside but what lies hidden and within.

And last but not least, the latest additions, are two special crystals, Strawberry Quartz and Tibetan Black Quartz, that were sent to me in Germany and made a most special, profound journey. Charged with energy and love, they hold a healing power that brought closure and understanding to many wounds of the past. One of my most priced and cherished treasures for sure.

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Depression Banishing Candle Spell

Light both Yellow and Pink candles in front of you and chant the following words:

Blessed goddess of love and light

Please come help me on this night

My heart is heavy and my feelings are blue

My soul is sad I dint know what to do.

Help me banish the pain I feel

This lackluster feeling has no appeal

Help me see the love begin and

Feel my heart be light again

Let me climb up from this hole

And be with your heart, body, and soul

I ask thee goddess on this night please

Help me make myself alright!

So mote it be!

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Celebrating “YOU” ~ Kris from Aroundthekorner


I am so excited and the day has finally come to kick off Celebrating “YOU”. It stands for a new weekly segment to give back to all the wonderful souls out there, and to shine light onto the amazing things you do each day, I have received such wonderful feedback about the idea, that I am actually a bit nervous of falling short in celebrating the very first beautiful soul to grace the page of Celebrating “YOU”. I know that there is really no need to feel this way, as this individual is simply amazing. A testament of strengths and vulnerability, humanity and compassion, I’m sure you will agree with me. I want to pay proper credit and don’t leave a single stone unturned. It is very important to recognize the light that shines so bright. So with fingers crossed and speaking from the heart, I can only hope to pay homage in the most beautiful way for this week’s choice. Words, please don’t fail me now.

And so it is that with the highest pleasure and gratitude, I bring you Kris  from as this weeks first ever celebration. 

And this is what I would like to say and how my story goes…..

I am not sure of how Kris and I crossed paths, and I can’t tell you of who discovered who. What is important, is that our paths have crossed, and that we had an immediate connection. We were placed into each other’s path for reason we may not fully understood at the time time. I felt as if I had known Kris for years which made it very easy to talk to her, and her warm and bubbly personality soon wrapped me up in the most wonderful welcome. A short while later I discovered the bigger purpose of running into each other, and felt humbled and honored. You see, I believe that the universe places people into our paths to provide the next steps, to comfort us, teach us, empower and motivate us. To help us through obstacles and make us feel that we are not alone. Kris was such a person and always had a kind word. Her timing was always impeccable, almost as if she had a sixth sense knowing when I needed to hear it most. What shone through even more was the sincerity of her words, the non typical, generic responses, and a true sense of understanding and caring.  

Over time, I learned more about Kris, including our shared fate of caring for our sick, a little extra most of the times, ungrateful and challenging Mother’s. Including the struggles and the sacrifices that came with it. Plus the unconditional love, and feeling of wanting to strangle them sometimes, bestowed sanity that I wasn’t alone in feeling this way. I was still in the states and Kris had moved to Alaska to care for her terminally ill mother, while leaving her life behind in Oregon. She made so many sacrifices, giving up everything she knew, to provide help and a better life for Mom. After all, isn’t it what daughters are suppose to do? There is a certain expectation and guilt that comes along with the subject. One that almost always is taken for granted and offers little gratitude for the one who actually gives up their life in order to do so. The principals, often seem unfair, and Kris was not exempt to struggle with the ideas and shenanigans of an expecting Mom. She still answered the call, and to this day she remains unselfish and caring. She is driven by a love that is unconditional and forgiving, even in times when walking away seems like the better option. Her way of dealing with her Mom’s stubbornness and overcoming her own challenges/adversity is beautiful. I know how hard and lonely it is some days, and I see the struggles she endures in her words. The yearning for a different life vs a mere existence, her life, for love and acceptance, a little gratitude and the memory of happier times. Everything is on hold for what seems to be one ungrateful purpose. Yet she is coming through it beautifully, as she discovers and experiences her own transformation. As life is bringing forward the lessons she is ready to face and her sacrifice encourages her own metamorphosis. It is beautiful to see Kris turn into her full potential. I’m honored to walk the path with her, to share my own experiences and to show her that she is exactly where she needs to be.

I was still in the states considering coming to Germany, and I remember Kris being scared to death for me. She knew what was awaiting, what was involved and she cared enough wanting to help in any way, so she could spare me the pain. We have walked this rocky path ever since, drawing strengths and support from each other. There have been many occasions Kris has touched my heart, where I wished that I could reach through the screen to give her the biggest hug ever. Even in silence there is a connection of two souls that just know and understand. One particular incident has remained especially close to my heart and revisits me every day.

Kris knows that I love rocks and everything in nature. That I like to connect to the energy of such and draw meaning from the simplest of things. One day Kris went for a walk and gathered a few rocks, of which she later placed at a special site in her house. She told me that she would pass the rocks several times a day, slightly touching them. It would make her feel more connected and closer to me, while she hoped it would send strengths and good fortune my way. It was such a beautiful thing, so pure and innocent, we never met, and yet we were connected through spirit and the universe as if we were one. One fighting force, one sisterhood sharing a similar battle and process of awakening. It touched me in a way, I still, to this day can’t explain. Words just don’t do it justice. I might as well received a blessing from the pope, I couldn’t be moved more. I never told Kris what this has meant to me, and I am sorry, for she should have known this a long time ago. I am reminded to not hold on to things, especially things like these. To let go and to give them away freely. To celebrate and point out those special things that are not to be taken for granted, and of which can make such a big difference. Just like Kris has always made a difference reaching out to me. It was her who inspired me to make my own little shrine and gather my own rocks and special sentiments. I see it daily and it is the first and last thing I see. I think about Kris foremost and how it all started. I smile when I walk past it and slightly touch the rocks to send strength and healing her way. 

Kris is an amazing and wonderful person, but I fear at times that she doesn’t even realize what a gem she is. I see hurt and pain weighing down a beautiful spirit, and I’d waive my hands in a heartbeat to take it all away. Luckily those times pass and we all experience them. Today I would like to celebrate Kris and send much love her way. To remind her what an extraordinary job she is doing, and that it takes an extraordinary soul, capable of doing so. She is strong as a warrior, yet soft and vulnerable. She is wise and yet receptive to learn and try new things. She is open minded and not closed from the bitterness she might have encountered. She is on an amazing journey, and is doing important work. I am delighted that you have this blog and found your voice. To add a little humor with the serious topics to keep sane, and to always find a way to get back up. I hope you know what you have meant to me and so many others. May this moment be a ray of light for you, with your day brightened and leave you feeling loved. You got this, and if it is true what they say about karma, that all things we put out into the universe are coming back to us, let me tell you that your future looks astonishing. You will always be taken care of.

With much love and light and a friendship that is always here for you. Oh and hey, congratulation on Celebrating “YOU” and being the very first post nominee ever. It’s so well deserved and the timing is perfect…

PS. Don’t forget to submit any and all submissions if you want to celebrate someone who has made a difference for you to, and keep the cheer going. Thank you for your consideration and have a lovely day.

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Reversed roles and the little Buddha

Just a few weeks ago I was thinking about how reversed Mom’s and my role had gotten. Mom was reverting back to childhood, and I had to be the adult once more, powering through all the tough decisions and moments. It reminded me of my childhood, of Dad passing so soon, and me having to grow up too quickly. I became stronger than I thought possible, stronger than I thought I already was. Quickly I incorporated moments of cheerleading as well as motivational speeches, and a shoulder to lean on for Mom. I had to be strong for both of us, back then and more so now. There were days I felt mentally drained and those days still continue. I’m not complaining and everything is exactly the way it needs to be. Sometimes I think that few understand this journey and my reasonings to the extend of what they are. Why I do the things the way I do them, seemingly it is the harder, more trying choice. Sometimes I perhaps could talk myself into seeing things differently, but then I remember as to why I hold certain values and guidelines in place. Why I hold the level of respect for Mom and her things the way I do. I might be the one inheriting it all one day, but none of it is mine, just yet. I will respect her wishes for the life she has built, the things she has accumulated over the years, while taking the best care I can for her property. It allows me to sleep with a conscience that is clear and has nothing to hide. I’m ok with my old fashioned views and it is something that doesn’t need to be understood. I only know that the current situation demands integrity and respect for the principle on my part. I have no problem answering the call. Love and faith are my weapons of choice and I trust that everything is in divine order.

I woke up a little sore this morning. It rained overnight and more is on the way which is announcing itself through the pain in my feet. There is a tender spot in my back too from lifting Mom for the first time yesterday. She still is unable to walk and her physical therapy is on hold as long as her wounds are still open. Many have closed, but some were very deep and take time. Being a diabetic is not helping and slows down the healing process. And so it happened that Mom had to use the bathroom, quickly, and it’s always a mini emergency as her urges come on suddenly. We rang for assistance, but the call was left unanswered. I have watched a thousand times on how to get Mom to the wheelchair, and from the wheelchair to the bathroom. I felt confident and strong enough to not drop her on the ground or make things worse. We prepared and went through a sequence of things such as sitting up, putting her shoes on, scooting to the edge of the bed etc. and getting ready to make the final transition to the wheelchair. The brakes were locked and her arms were tight around my neck. I carefully lifted her and although the attempt was successful, the stance was very awkward in a leaning forward position for me. A dull tenderness is reminding me that I haven’t done anything physical in a long time, and that lifting her in such manner might have pulled a muscle. That I’m out of shape and that just sitting around every day, spending most of my time with Mom is taking another toll. All went well though and shortly afterwards she was back in bed.

Later on that day I learned that I have my love for books from Mom. It was another discovery in getting to know each other and discovering the similarities that indeed make me my Mothers Daughter. I recently bought a small book called “Der kleine Buddha ~ Auf dem Weg zum Glück.” It translates to “The little Buddha ~ on it’s way to find luck/happiness.” The book is full of short chapters about the little Buddha leaving his home to travel into the world, in search of what life was truly about. I immediately felt connected and drawn to the book, it reminded me of myself. Not that I’m a little Buddha, how could I ever imagine myself as someone so wise and wonderful with a title like this, but because of my circumstances. “Sometimes we just have to get on the way to find out what truly matters in life” was a short description on the back of the book. The short chapters in the book are about the encounters of Buddha throughout his journey. The different people he meets and the lessons taught. He soon learns that people need other people in their lives, and that no one wants to be alone all the time. That sometimes we just need to find the courage and take the first step to let go of secrets. To keep our ears open in the world, so we can hear what life has to say to us. Each chapter comes with a valuable life lesson and each night in bed I would read a small section before going to sleep. I soon realized that the book was so much more than just a cute little find. I was connecting the dots as to why I felt so drawn to the book and decided to bring it along while visiting Mom. Maybe I could read the chapters to her and start reading it over, after all I was only three chapters into the book. I was hoping it could make a difference for her and promote inner peace. I felt the book was more for her, a stepping stone, and so it was decided to bring it along. It was for the first time that I observed Mom’s love for books and silently said “No wonder”, thinking of my own passion for holding the pages. A smile had formed around my face while Mom held the book with so much love and being obviously delighted. “Where did you find this wonderful book?” “The things you alway find” were sentences coming from her lips, as a moment of sadness crept into the scene for me. Her comments reminded me of what a sheltered life she had lived and how estranged she had become from the world. She had lost the clue of what to expect out there always being confined to her own four walls. Her walls, which ultimately became her world. “It wasn’t all that difficult to find the book. “I go with no expectations and with my eyes wide open through the world, and if a treasure crosses my path, I try to make sure I hold on to it” I said to her. She seemed happy about the answer and I felt as if she had just learned another little piece about who her daughter is. Still holding the book in her hands, and the child (Mom) lying in bed, I offered “Story time” and to read a chapter each day. Maybe I could even muse my own inner child with these stories, as I have always loved Story time. She quickly agreed and I read the first chapter that talks about people needing people and nobody wanting to be alone all the time. Mom spent most of her life alone and it left her set in her ways. She forgot how to interact and what it is like to have company. How it feels to not be alone and to share life with somebody.

Through the words of Claus Mikoscb, the author of “The little Buddha” the first chapter recaptured the past weeks and our journey of getting to know each other. I do take credit for instilling some of these values back into Mom’s life, and showing her a life beyond her four walls. It may not be where she wants to be right now, as it is understandable that she misses her home, but her current life is richer through the experience of not being alone. The first tiny chapter of the little Buddha sealed and validated our own lessons. I hope it remains in Mom’s heart and encourages her to take the first step and enter the path to her own luck and happiness. I can help lead her towards the beginning, and I can walk side by side with her, but I cannot walk it for her…only she can.

Today we will read about the brave widow and learning to let go. A chapter that feels like it has been written for Mom again.

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Celebrating “YOU” – Feature recognition

Celebrating “YOU” is a weekly segment to celebrate and encourage one another. To show recognition and pay homage to someone that might have inspired you, touched your heart, or otherwise made a difference in your day.

It really could be anything, from a simple “Thank you” to something as big as you wish it to be. Rules don’t live here and anything goes. Well, most of it anyways. There are no limits and restrictions, and you are welcome to write a paragraph or a novel. Have you ever made somebody’s day with a simple compliment? Have you seen there face light up because you took the time, and because you noticed? Do you remember what it feels like to be recognized? Here is your chance to pay it forward. I just know that you will put the biggest smile on someone’s face and make their day. I simply can’t wait.

If you want to do so, please sent an email to with your submission. Your submission should include a name of who you want to celebrate, a blog link of your own blog and your name (first name) so I can give the proper credit to you – the submitter, as well as the blog link of the person you want to celebrate. In addition, please don’t forget to include a couple of lines at a minimum as to why you want to celebrate this person.

Stay tuned and watch your posts come alive every Friday. I am happy to post your very own words, in the order as they are received, and with no further editing.

It is with great excitement that I announce this weeks segment for the kick off of Celebrating “YOU”. The contribution is my very own to start things off and I am beyond pleased to celebrate one very special, and deserving person. Please help me celebrate the wonderful Kris from Thank you for leading us off and for being YOU.

Please show your support and join the fun in Friday’s post. See you then….

Pssst: And don’t forget to submit your own submission and make somebody else’s day. Xoxoxo

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Tickled pink

It looks like Celebrating “YOU” is starting this week and I’m tickled pink about your eagerness and enthusiasm in supporting each other. Thank you for your kind comments and words of praise. I couldn’t be happier that you have embraced the idea and have considered to participate. Well heck, considered….I have two submissions already and with my initial post, it looks like we will be in the running for three weeks. Woo-hoo. Thank you kindly. I’m blown away by your words of Celebrating “YOU” , your comments, as well as the recognition and what you have already said for your first celebration. I can’t wait to post and share them in the near future.

As we move ahead I figured I should fine tune things a bit so you know what to expect. Here are a few points and I hope I’m not forgetting anything. And if I do, no Biggy, this is going to be fun, a time to celebrate each other and move our hearts with something that made a difference for us.

  • I figured Wednesday’s and Friday’s are good days. A generic post will go out each Wednesday to introduce the week’s amazing soul to be celebrated and recognized. Pssst: Tomorrow is Wednesday (I’m writing this Tuesday night to be posted for Wednesday), and it looks like the first post introduction will go out later today, lifting the secret of our mystery guest for the very first week. I’m so excited. Every Friday will be the big day and let the cheering begin. The main post Celebrating “YOU” will go out with your very own words, and a shout out to you, the submitter. In case there are no submissions, I will use my own to keep the cheer alive and pay homage to the many wonderful Soul sisters, Fairy sisters, Princesses, Warrior Queens, Moon Sisters, Fashion Divas, Dragon Keepers, Bookworms, Plant Lovers, Shutterbugs, Writers, Travelers and friends I have encountered. Feel free to reblog the post if in any way you might know the celebrated, agree, want to put your own spin to it, or simply just want to continue to spread the recognition. Perhaps this way, as many people as possible get to say something special in return, or just be lead to the wonderful site of the newly celebrated.
  • Since I will be hosting this weekly segment, please allow me to write the first contribution. My contributions are in no particular order and you know who you are and what importance you hold in my life. So please understand that obviously I can’t mention everyone at once. My own decision of who to feature will be largely influenced by current situations and events. This means that maybe multiple comments come in, or multiple things have happened that have moved me, but I will write about the one soul I feel needs it the most and could use a little pick me up themselves. That won’t mean that the others weren’t deserving. I hope you understand what I’m trying to do here. I will always cheer for the underdog, and the fact remains that we all can be skilled sailors in calm waters. It is during the storms that we might need help and support to not capsize, and I would like to mention again that this is a place of support and helping each other.
  • If you choose to participate (I hope you do so without me having to beg, which would be pretty pathetically looking) I will use your contributions in the order they are received.
  • You can submit your thoughts and experiences at any time to I hope to have enough content for a few weeks out, so I can prepare and so the timing won’t interfere with the two scheduled days.

Let’s have fun with this and thank you very much for always embracing my ideas and efforts to make a difference. Together we are unstoppable.

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Celebrating “YOU” ~ Introduction

I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile now, but things kept changing. By now it has turned into something entirely else and has expanded in its purpose. Just a post was the original idea, but now I want it to be much more. I think it could be wonderful, but I feel I have to explain before I do the actual post. Here are my thoughts.

I’m always amazed at all the wonderful people I have met and continue to met on this platform. To hear the voices that need validation and just want to be heard, and to take wisdom from the teachers that gladly point the way. There is a tight knit community that doesn’t let one fall, there is no false sense of personal gain, and we are here because we all have something to say and need support at some point. I have felt more connected with people here, which I have never met, than with some others I saw in person. I have found encouragement and laughter, and most of all acceptance without judgement. I have found inspiration and a purpose to continue. This is a place for shared wisdom and personal growth. I hope this never stops and continues for all times. I think that the world needs more of it and to do my part, I would like to start a weekly post called “Celebrating you”.

My life has been so busy, well dedicated to one person I should rather say, and like I mentioned before, I am doing important work here with Mom. I still need balance and want to say thank you for all of your support and help you have shown me. You stuck by me regardless of the late responses and the missed posts from you. You haven’t abandoned me and cheered me on from afar when I felt weak. Each week I am touched numerous times by your generosity. You give me strengths and you are literally the wind beneath my wings. Celebrating “YOU” will be a weekly segment, well, Celebrating “YOU”. It could be anything, a comment that touched my soul (heaven help me to pick just one – why do I set myself up already), it could be a post from you, a random act of kindness, really anything. Celebrating “YOU” is exposure and getting the word out about your important work and what you have to say. It allows me to give back to you and share each other by exploring new blogs and welcoming newcomers into our circle. We will continue to grow, support each other, and learn from each other.

If you like the idea, have somebody you want to celebrate, or want to participate in this weekly segment and be a part, I would be honored and love to help, posting your submissions. Simply send me an email under and I’ll be happy to include your praise and of course give you the proper credit. I think it is wonderful to empower each other and see the transformation in each other. Be it through whatever means we can.

It was the very reason as to why I wanted to pick one of my favorite butterfly pictures. The butterfly stands for metamorphosis and endures a great deal of pain to transform from a caterpillar to end up a beautiful butterfly.