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Sorting our bag

We all have a bag. We all pack differently. No two bags are the same. Some bags bare unimaginable burdens, while others can actually make us break out and become free. Some of us travel light, while some of us secret hoarders never parted with a memory in our life. Some of us find it easy to let go, while others cling to the memory of a time long past. You see, the goal is to one day die with memories instead of dreams. With experiences instead of stuff.

I think we are all called to figure out how to carry our bag to the best of our ability. To lighten it and balance the weight between the things we choose to carry. We are the ones who choose what belongs in it, how to unpack it and how to face the mess and tidy it up if needed. I think part of growing and our life’s journey is learning how to sit on the floor with all of our things and figure out what to take with us, and what to leave behind.

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The great Owl Spirit

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The great owl spirit came to visit me last night. It was late in the evening and I was getting ready for bed. Brushing my teeth I heard the first faint “whoot-whoot” and I paused, held my breath, and immediately knew what it was. Could it be….

Owl spirit had been on my mind, and just a few days ago I had sent a detailed description, filled with meaning and symbolism to a friend who was visited by two owls. I finished up and headed downstairs, knowing exactly the location of where the sound appeared to come from. After all it wasn’t the first visit and others had come before.

There used to be a time, especially during the first visit, that I was frightened of the so called messenger from the underworld, a spirit animal associated with death to come and pay me a visit. Over the years I have learned that death doesn’t have to mean death in the literal sense. It can be symbolic for when we outgrow and shed old patterns, letting the old die to make room for the new. Kind of like the snake shedding it’s skin leaving behind it’s old weathered self to emerge a sleeker new version. I knew that this was such a time for myself and what I was going through myself. A time that’s been years in the marking. Over the years I also learned to respect this messenger and see it in a new way. To welcome change and the new, to not resist and let it unfold naturally. Basically when it comes to the owl, I have learned that a great honor has been bestowed upon you when one comes to visit you, turning the negative and fear, into a positive and blessing.

Downstairs, I turned on the patio light and walked slowly outside as to not threaten and scare it off. After a few seconds she made herself known with another whoot sound, sitting just a few steps away, high above on a wooden telephone pole. It was magical being surrounded by the starry night sky, mostly in silence, while sharing the energy and space with this magnificent creature. She was communicating with another owl down the road that would answer back every time she called, and I took it all in.

I stayed for awhile just watching and listening until the night chill urges me to go back inside. For a moment I thought that perhaps she would fly away from my moment and the sight would take my breath. I got to see it once, and just the wingspan alone reminded me of what it must have looked like to have smaller dinosaurs flying through the air. It was massive to say the least. But she stayed, unbothered, unthreatened, carrying on her conversation with her friend down the road. I bit my farewell and thanks for the visit and went to bed. Her call carried me to sleep eventually with a smile on my face, feeling grateful to have witnessed this rare visit.

Owl spirit came with a message of what I already know, but took as a confirmation. What I am living each day and where I am headed. Change and transition is on the way and this is merely the beginning.

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Bay leaves

True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen and it’s been a while since I did a health segment on the blog. Those little reminders for me have become more important than ever and here is a simple one anybody can do to reap some quick and powerful benefits.

Burning bay leaves in your home helps relieve anxiety, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, increase alertness, open respiratory system, and increase mindfulness.


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Hello May

It’s that time again and a new month is starting for all of us. For the past three month I have consulted with one of my oracle decks to see which spirit animal is going to step forward and support the energy for the upcoming month. So far it’s been head on for me and it seems like this month is no different.

In February we had the wombat spirit animal telling us to be at home. It provided a deeper look into our outlook and how we see and go through life. That when we feel the freedom to be ourselves, we can begin to feel at home in our life, anywhere in the world, with our family and with our tribe.

In March we had the hummingbird spirit that taught us to be here and now. Here and now we were in the middle of becoming the person we wish to be, with the experiences we wish to have. Hummingbird told us that we no longer need to search and that we already have everything we need, focusing on the flower before us.

April brought us the armadillo spirit and urged us to set healthy boundaries to be in alignment with our intentions and to co-create our life. We were asked to be honest with ourselves non matter how difficult the situation. It reminded us to pay attention to our limits and to say no to what doesn’t feel right.

May brings us the groundhog spirit animal with the message that says it’s time to let go. Endings lead to beginnings and death is a part of life, so groundhog spirit is here to let you know that it is time to accept the natural ending of something that is no longer serving you. We love to hold on to what is familiar, but the new needs space to arrive so growth can accurately. When groundhog spirit appears, it is a sign there is something in your present situation that you need to let go of so that something new can be born, something that will far better serve you now. When the groundhog sees his shadow, he retreats to his den. So you too might yearn for a little more time to say goodbye and transition into the new. However, change is coming and it is good, so let go of your resistance. Spring brings many blessings and what must die will always be reborn in a new form that will be right for you. Life requires change and detachment. Say farewell to whatever once served you, and get ready for something amazing to take its place. Spirit is already sending it your way.

Protection message: Have you been relentless in your efforts to revive something that has past its prime and needs to die away, a situation, a relationship, a belief, or a habit that served you once but no longer fills you with vitality? Perhaps you automatically expect to see the world through a specific lens based on the familiar? Groundhog spirit has appeared to let you know it’s time to accept that the past is the past, so allow yourself to feel the loss and grief if you need to. Any sadness will not last forever or overwhelm you. Knowing spirit is with you and wants you to experience joy and excitement again will help you through this transition from the old to the new. Keep your eyes open, for winter always gives way to spring and endings always give birth the beginnings. For now, let yourself feel your emotions, releasing them to make way for the joy that awaits you. Spring and new growth are on the way, for that it’s spirits promise to you.

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It is well with my soul

Times continue to be hectic in my corner of the world and peace is a fleeting feeling right now. I do my best to balance things, but mostly it’s impossible. I can’t listen to my body when it begs me to rest because time is ticking away and I am frankly running out of time and energy, fighting the pain of exhaustion.

I do love essential oils and came across a diffuser blend for a feeling of peace. Let’s give it a try.

2 drops Lavender

2 drops Wild Orange

1 drop Geranium

1 drop Clary Sage

Mix essential oils in diffuser, inhale, relax and feel the peace.

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Pluto retrograde – Expect magic

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I don’t know about you but with so much planetary activity, energy and super moons and now a Pluto retrograde, I am ready for some support and good energy coming my way. While mercury retrogrades seem to be a little tougher on us, Pluto is here to support us.

April 27th is when the retrograde begins and over the next 5 month, till October 4th deep transformation will occur for your highest good. You will undergo an inner process of intense re-alignment.

Expect significant positive changes in regards to your inner strength, behavior patterns, discernment, perspectives, goals and determination. Within the next 5 months you are likely to attract new miracles into your life. Release limited patterns and pursue your deepest desires, because you have entered a season where your hard work will be highly rewarded. Expect magic.


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Pink Super moon April 2021

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The first super moon of the year is upon us and it’s time again to prepare for the energy it has in store for us.

Rituals associated with the full moon include connecting with nature and manifesting dreams and goals. It is believed to be a symbol of optimism for the future. During this time, one can expect to have some of their goals and dreams achieved. In order for this to happen, however, one must figure out which parts to let go of in order to move forward in life. We are being asked to trust and believe in ourselves as we attempt to grow and change. Allow yourself the chance to fail and the courage to try again. This is a big one, isn’t it and often we are far too hard on ourselves and hold unrealistic expectations. Give yourself a break. You are doing your absolute best. Remember this…

Be willing to adapt and redirect from your original course or strategy. This will help make your intentions and goals successful and long lasting. Besides progress and optimism, the pink moon is also linked to other spiritual meanings, such as lightheartedness, adaptability and generosity.

Full moons are seen as powerful tools to manifest wishes and goals. What are you wishing for at this point of your life? This Monday evening when the pink moon rises into the night sky, listen to some music that triggers happy emotions. Speak with gratitude and imagine yourself already hearing about the good news. Sit outside, be still and allow nature’s beauty to bring good energy your way.

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Rebirth – The cycle

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This post goes out to all of you, conquering things you once believed to be impossible to tackle. Things that always seemed too far out of reach. You know the things you dreamed about but never thought you could. Things you thought were for someone else to do.

If you are lucky then the day comes when it happens, and if by magic superpowers these things become possible. Even for you, for us, who have doubted before. Some of you may breeze through them with a ease that is unexpected and surprising. You see, when working in the garden of our life, everything has it’s timing, everything unfolds, buds and grows when it is ready. I believe that when things are hard, when nothing falls into line, and when things are working against you, it’s perhaps that we try to plant in the wrong season. With patience, the right timing, and a little wisdom, we are supported by the universe and we are ready to push on. Once we reach that point, we become that Phoenix Rising and when that happens, there is no looking back. The seed has been planted and it sprouting. Spring is the time to cultivate our buds and encourage their growth.

Slowly…slowly…it dawned on me.

Why did I keep trying?

The answer is very simple, considering.

You see…Once the seed has been planted, once you have started to sprout and bud, new life begins. You are born again, and it can’t be undone. There is no other choice but to move forward and grow anew. Use this time for your own growths and remember that beautiful things are born out of adversity or when we plant the seeds of our life.

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Some of the best things

  • Some of the best things are free and don’t cost a dime. For instance, real knowledge is free and it is encoded in your DNA. All you need is within you, and you have all the wisdom, all the answers, and all the knowledge you’ll ever need already within you. Great teachers have said this from the beginning of time. Often times this information lies dormant until we are ready to receive it. Find your heart and you will find your way.
  • I am searching these days. I am trusting, I am listening and I am finding. I believe and I surrender to what is meant to be will find it’s way. I am ok with the outcome and I don’t try to change or fight it. For the universe knows what’s best for me and in that I trust. Nothing is lying dormant anymore and everything has been disrupted. Everything has been set into motion and nothing will ever be the same. Nor will I ever allow my heart and health to suffer like this again, although even that has it’s purpose, bringing wisdom and lessons that could have not been learned otherwise.
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    The law of light

    Emotions were running rampant these days and I was keeping busy, not by initial choice, but because I had to. After all, there was a deadline to meet and it distracted me from walking memory lane more times than I had to.

    It was the night of accepting the offer on the house, that a argument broke out about a shared future. It became obvious that I had years to come to terms that our future would not end together. That over time all hope of such had vanished, and that in reality I knew the truth for over a decade already. Maybe I never fully believed it, and knowing something and coming to terms is something completely different. Realizing this, was not the case for my husband and everything appeared to be relatively new and unexpected. For me on the other hand, the past was catching up, the plea’s that were never taken seriously, the cries, the co-dependency, actions and reactions, cause and effect, everything became a reality, unable to go forward in this manner and the reason that caused the argument.

    Emotions were running rampant and he was going through it all. I could feel the resentment and contempt on a whole new level. Guilt was placed anew, and the next morning brought the silent treatment, of not being worthy to have a breath wasted on. I imagine this rollercoaster of emotions will continue over the next weeks and hopefully we can work things out as adults, giving each other the respect we deserve, and realizing that there are no true winners in this one. It’s hard and it hurts. But as of now we are far from that and the current mood was feeling sad and taking the victim route one moment, while lashing out as if it was me who had put him into this situation. There is still denial, unable to say “I’m sorry” and a lack of acknowledging his own contributing factors to the situation. He is still deflecting fault and blame. There was no owning of anything, no ownership, no responsibility. All of it was just another nightmare, another stroke of bad luck and life giving dealing the short end of the stick once more. It truly was sad to see and my heart was hurting for him. Of course he couldn’t see any of it and I was the one inflicting all this pain. Therefore I had to be punished. Maybe he knew and maybe he understood, but the ego was too strong to admit it’s faults. While I was trying to explain as to why I couldn’t go on anymore, and what journey my soul has been on to heal myself from past trauma, to him it was “out there” kind of information he couldn’t do anything with.

    June 9th is the last day we can be in this house and I fear difficult weeks lie ahead until then, perhaps beyond. Maybe I be relieved to put this heartbreak behind me some day, but now was not the time, and I was overcome by sadness and mixed emotions. Nobody ever wishes things to turn out like this.

    A quote came into my life to remind me of something important that seem to resonate for times like these.

    Use all of your emotions to your advantage. ESPECIALLY the bad ones. Sadness can be turned into art for example. Anger can be turned into healthy boundaries for example. Feeling “lost” can be turned into motivation to find your path. Your emotions and your situation may not always be your fault, but you choose how you respond nonetheless. You can either respond as a victim, or as an alchemist. Turning pain into passion is alchemy and transmutation at its finest.