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Love your life

Love your life. Take pictures of everything. Tell people you love them. Talk to random strangers. Do things that you’re scared to do. Take that leap of faith. Be grateful for having tried and failed vs not have taken that chance. Seize the moment. Don’t dwell in “what if’s” and “I should have”. Prioritize and make time for the things and people that matter the most. Live life with no regrets and remember that even the toughest of times bring the greatest lessons. Sometimes we just don’t understand them right away.

Don’t wait, the time is now. Be grateful. Grateful to wake each day, because you’ve been gifted another chance to try again. Give thanks and count your blessings. Realize that many are far less fortunate than you.

Be rich in memories and moments for those become your greatest treasures some day. Go on adventures and co create the story of your life. And yes, you do have that much power.

Have a great week everyone 💙

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Calling my heart

Passing through this little town a few hours from my home is always a special occurrence to me. In a way it reminds me of my hometown in Germany. Small, quaint, simplified, it has the bare minimum of stores to help you survive. Nothing more, nothing less. People walk to the stores and times seems to move a little slower. It’s a feel of how things used to be and I find a certain comfort being emerged within it’s surroundings. There is a peacefulness, a quiet, a leaving your troubles on the outskirts of town. Many waive as you stroll the streets along the banks of the river and the town spirit appears laced and infused with kindness and friendliness. It pokes at a yearning deep inside of me, a yearning to find a resting place like this where sincerity and mindfulness is still most important. Where there is a true care, comradeship, friendship and genuine desire to help and support. Perhaps my soul has come a great ways and is feeling a little tired. Perhaps it struggles to adjust to fleeting moments and recognizes that different times are ahead. Perhaps it is telling me that it is time to slow down, to find this place, and to live out my days in harmony and peace. My heart hears the call.

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Six important guidelines in life

Picture and guidelines credit: unknown

Here are a few good things to keep in mind on this dance through life. While we all have our own wisdom and our own experiences, perhaps it’s never too late to pick up a few extra pointers. Together we learn, together we grow and together we heal.

  1. When you are alone, mind your thoughts
  2. When you are with friends, mind your tongue
  3. When you are angry, mind your temper
  4. When you are with a group, mind your behavior
  5. When you are in trouble, mind your emotions
  6. When God starts blessing you, mind your ego.

Blessings to all of you my friends and much much love ❤️ 🙏🏼

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Giving it to the Universe

This post is about surrender, of letting “it” be, and making a conscious choice. There is always some sort of choice to make, and life takes us on a wild rides, whether it is on a conscious level, or on an inner level. The one we don’t even notice, sometimes until quite some time later.

Carrying out troubles and burdens simply gets exhausting on some days and it doesn’t matter of what angle life comes at us. Sometimes we are just tired and feel that we have fought far too long. That perhaps we deserve a break. How nice it would be if things go smooth for once. It’s usually when our strengths fails, maybe during a tough patch, a time of experiencing a low, that we forget that our life’s greatest lessons and achievements come during those very difficult times. It doesn’t matter once we have reached that point and it’s hard to see your way out of it.

These times are enlightening, but also hard work. We are taken on a journey from being aware, awake, conscious of our actions, our reactions, learning our lessons, taking the honest look at ourselves, putting in the shadow work and inner child healing, to hindsight wisdom and acknowledgements. We hope to be conscious enough to make great choices, but even such soundness can change from day to day. What worked yesterday may not today as a new day brings new circumstances. Realizing such, brings awareness that each day requires much flexibility, within ourselves and how we tackle our day and our circumstances. No two days are the same and no two experiences are the same, even if they are similar. Chances are we are not exactly the same every day, and different emotions will yield different experiences and perceptions.

There is no constant in fleeting moments, and perhaps going with the flow prevents us to get stuck. New experiences will require a new skill set, and each opportunity brings forth new ways and possibilities. Even remembering that we have choices is sometimes hidden in the fog of life, in our mere daily existence. Life can take us the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Roses one day, a glacier of ice another. Both beautiful in their own way.

I have been an eager student riding those variants. I have learned that there is a reason for whenever those feelings come up. Some days they beg to be addressed and acknowledged, while on other days, I surrender them to the universe, and take a break from my goals and plans. I try to clear my head, to let it be, to not interfere and to take that much needed break. I leave the unfolding to the universe to orchestrate what’s next. I don’t mind to sit on the sidelines from time to time, believing and trusting. I offer up my agenda and accept spiritual guidance and everything that comes up for me during that time. I trust that there is a plan far greater than mine. Where I might have encountered lack and limitations before, there are also spiritual solutions and creative ideas. I step back and let life lead the way. Thy will be done.

Could we all surrender and give our troubles to the universe to sort it out for one day?

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New moon in Aquarius

“Where one find an obstacle, another finds a helpful resting point. Yet another, a secret passage.

No matter how hard you try, you’ll never change the natural placement of the stars.

At any given moment, however, you are free to elevate the angle from which you experience them.”

~Jai Dev Singh

Aquarius activates our most idealistic, notions about why could, maybe, possibly be. Brainstorm as if anything were possible. One caveat: Before you action any of it, remember that mercury is retrograde until February 20th. But dream now and plan, because whatever you cook up will be double blessed half a year from now.

Happy New Moon. Be still for a few minutes. Connect with the energy of the new moon, dream big and set your intentions. Where do you see yourself in 6 month? See it as if it has come to life already. Let the universe know what you like to manifest and consider it done.

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Coconut Oil Spa

My little bathroom retreat / tub corner with candle chandelier and lots of other candles. Dim the lights, turn into soft music, reiki music at a healing frequency is perfect, light the candles of course and sit back for awhile.

February, month of self care and purification. How well have you looked after yourself so far? Are you running out of ideas or need a few suggestions of how to spoil yourself without breaking the bank? How about a retreat right at home with this Coconut Oil Spa?

Once a week for 20 minutes, that’s all you need to commit to. Soak in a bath with a third cup coconut oil, (careful slippery) 20 drops of lavender oil, and 1 cup of Epsom salts. This combo draws out toxins, balances ph levels, and brings balance back into your being. Plus you sleep like a baby if done in the evening before bedtime, enjoying the calming effects of lavender.

Enjoy. 💙

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The laws of detachment

I am talking about detachment today and how it has developed in my life so far. Here is a prior post from the time it first surfaced into my life.

Ever changing, hopefully growing and evolving is luckily a good thing for me. I don’t mind change and there is always something to learn on this path we call life. With it often comes the word of detachment and it has come up quite a bit. Especially in the later part of 2020.

Detachment made it’s debut in October of 2019 and made itself known to my conscious mind. Perhaps it was here before, but this time it was here to stay as if something had to give. A plan had to be developed, at least something had to be in the working, in progress of, changed. Detachment was no longer hiding in the background shadows. With news insights and life experiences deeper lessons were waiting to be learned. Perhaps it revisiting as an urge to further detach, to keep going on what in reality had been started so long ago. Maybe it reappeared as a celebration of how far I had come, cheering myself on from the sidelines to acknowledge the journey, to be proud of the steps, the times of struggle and the opportunities that l found lying in front of my door. Maybe it is to shed clarity, once more providing an honest look back .

I have done a lot of soul searching starting 2021 and I like where I’m going and how it is developing. And while detachment is growing daily from the life I have come to known so well, there is a peace like no other within me now. In recent posts I have expressed my opinion and feelings about giving ourselves far too little recognition and support. So don’t forget to acknowledge your successes and how far you have come. You have worked hard getting here, each and every day.

In my life, the change is still building, every day, in every action and experience. I am standing on the brink of a new world, on the brink of my forever. There is no fear, no worries. There is no need to have it all figured out. And when it does surface from time to time, it’s usually not here to stay.

As I review my path, I recognize the crossroads and the inability of accepting mediocre, of accepting anything less then I deserve. I guess I am coming into my crone, me goddess power. I know that each day without progress and inaction is a day that is wasted and a day I won’t get back, and yet if I need to take such a day to give my body rest or when it is tormented with chronic pain, then so be it too. I am no longer compromising, putting myself last, and I am listening a great deal and in many different ways. I don’t feel guilty or worry about coming across as selfish. Taking care of myself is essential, otherwise I am no good to anyone.

Detachments comes in many different ways such as acceptance. Here it reminds me that it is not the absence of love but the ability to take care of yourself in the midst of someone else’s choices. It is about letting yourself off the hook for their choices. It’s a nudge to re-instill that you can’t make anyone better then they choose to be, because they are doing this to themselves, not to you. It’s an urge to find compassion while loving them just the same. The laws of detachment are teaching me to allow others to be who they are, without imposing rigid ideas of what is right and wrong. It allows me to be who I am. To not force situations and to remember that solutions will emerge if you believe that even the uncertainty has a place in the grand scheme.

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Angels and Spirit Guides

Picture: Yahoo

Do you believe in Angels and Spirit guides? You may have heard me talk about both in recent posts and yes I am a believer. I believe in Spirit Animals as well, divine intervention, no ordinary moments, karma and that the Universe has a plan for me, much greater than my own.

Recently I came across a nice little list on the difference between Angels and Spirit Guides, which I’d like to share with you today. I hope you enjoy…

Let’s start with Angels first

  • Main role is try and keep you safe
  • Everyone has at least 1 Angel with them
  • Have not been on the Earth Plane before
  • Need your permission and acknowledgment to help you
  • Are not a loved one who has passed over
  • Will never leave you and always stay with you

Now let’s take a look at Spirit Guides

  • Main role is to give you guidance
  • You can have many guides, who can come and go throughout your life
  • Have been on the Earth Plane before
  • Spirit doesn’t need your permission to help you. Still acknowledge them
  • Can be a passed loved one or someone you have never met but has expertise they need to share with you
  • Can change throughout your life depending on what you need guidance with

May your Angels and Spirit Guides always be with you. Here is to a fabulous February.

Pssst. See you tonight 7PM PST

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Weekly Reiki healing feedback

Hello my tribe, friends and fellow bloggers. Let me first say that this post is written to share some more insight for new followers. Followers new to energy healing and Reiki, so bear with me as I repeat information you already know.

As many of you know Reiki came into my life as I was in a lot pain from my chronic rheumatoid arthritis. I felt a calling to it and studied to become a Reiki Master. It has changed my life in so many ways and at that time given me back my life quality. I have had the chance to help people when conventional medicine failed and although no promise can be made, I was blessed to help people, receptive to receive and with an open mind. We had some great results and knowing first hand, seeing the difference with my own issues, I was sold and a believer.

Energy healing can come in many different modalities, including Reiki, sound bath therapy, shamanic journeying, and so much more. A dear friend of mine is an amazing healer. We have never met in person but to receive her healing is powerful and I always feel wonderful afterwards. There is an inner peace, a fulfillment, a joy that results in sheer bliss whenever she fills my chalice with healing light. So what do I mean when I say that, how is this possible if we never met!

Energy healing is all about vibrations and frequency. Everything is energy that we can tap into without being there in person and without touch. Even a person to person session from me is done without the use of touch. It is possible to send loving or healing energy to anyone in the world, to an animal, even to a plant or an object.

Being an empath and at one point last year I saw a lot suffering. Life has changed so much with a pandemic at large and the isolation got the best of many people. But even without a pandemic ravaging our world, life happens to all of us and leaves us in need of a little comfort, a little healing, compassion and just finding a place to rest and lay the weapons down for a little while. We need an opportunity to slow down, to take care of ourselves, to give ourself the gift of self care. It was at that time that I decided to pay it forward and use the gift that had helped me so much, to hopefully bring some peace and relief to you, to everyone that wanted to in. I decided to do offer weekly Reiki healing sessions every Sunday at 7 PST.

So how would you tune it to this? There is no zoom video call to log onto, no YouTube video or other kind of technical way to connect. All you need is being aware that on Sunday evening 7PM I will do a Reiki healing session. It would be ideal to set this time aside for yourself and gift yourself 1 hour of bliss. Lie back, relax, close your eyes and know healing is coming your way. Be open to it, embrace it, be positive, open minded and believe that it will make a difference in your well being. If it’s in the middle of the night in your corner of the world, there is not need to get up or set the alarm clock. Just slumber through it, but as you go to bed remember that you will receive healing tonight.

My dear friends, I also come to you today asking for a favor in regards to these weekly Reiki healing.

As more people gather and tune in to our healing session, many are new as I mentioned already. I came to realize that not everybody is familiar with energy healing and how it works. Covering these basics from my perspective and standpoint, being the giver, the one who is administering these healings, is only part of it. What about the receiving end of it, your side? Could you help someone who is new to this and shed a little insight? You, who tune in for this session weekly. What advice would you have for someone new to energy healing? How do you prepare, if at all? What are your thoughts, mind frame, or benefits you have noticed from it. I realize you could probably write a whole post in the comments, but I hope you can bullet point it or condense it to what you feel is most important. Maybe you have written about it and can provide a link. What would you tell someone new to this, just starting out?

Thank you kindly for any and al input. Namaste 🙏🏼💙

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Hello February

Picture Yahoo

Hello February. Month of love, a romantic holiday with endless possibilities for new beginnings. Coming just after January, it is the month of new beginnings. Well ok, perhaps every month brings such opportunities, but today I dream of February with love, with romance, a holiday for lovers and an extra focus for self love and self care.

February comes from the Latin word Februarius which means to purify. This month of purification is where my focus lies and needs to be. Amazing how the universe always has a way to work things out, aligning us with what we need.

I also want to continue something that I put into place at the beginning of the year and that is to take time to see beauty and magic every day. By now I have saved 31 pictures for January that provide a snapshot of what I saw during the month. Sure it brought it challenges on some days, but I love to open the folder, see the pictures and smile back at the memory in gratefulness of being given that moment. February will continue this project for me and carry a new opportunity with 28 chances to pause and smell the roses.

Besides healthier nutrition and increases for water intake, I have decided to restart my Kundalini yoga ritual and I am committed to dedicating the time required. I had seen great results the last time I did it and I can’t wait to get back on track. Why did I stop? Yeah, exactly. However it is not to take on additional tasks, but to support the theme of self care and love. February is great to give yourself the gift of self care, you o prepare for spring and slough off the darkness and dormancy of winter.

On an emotional and spiritual level, I will show myself extra love and healing by focusing on wounds that are decades old and which I have carried with me most of my life. Important work is waiting for me and I feel ready to go forward with it.

For you, special bloggers, people and friends, I want to continue my weekly Reiki healings and welcome any feedback or direct messages if I can help you specifically in any way. Just let me know.

In light and love, always. 🙏🏼💙