Tired….so tired.

Ughhhh….I’m tired and if I wasn’t already, I definitely feel the holiday stresses catching up. More and more I find myself just vegetating away after work in the little time that seems to be left, playing a game on the iPad to relax and just “Be”. A game that requires no concentration while drowning out all noise as I play it in silent mode. The rest is filled with reading (my main read has been mailed off to be autographed and I’m waiting patiently for its return), when I’m not writing or another creative outlet to allow my mind to dangle carefree with not a single thought in mind. I had every intention to write this morning but my mind seems to be a bit foggy as it is resting up for another day of retail madness hahaha. I find myself sliding more and more towards the majority of people asking “Is it over yet?” and it truly makes me sad. It takes away from the true meaning of a time that should be filled with magic and wonder. I’m sure many people feel like this as the stresses mount and I hope you find time to pause and do something that allows your soul to marvel. Heck, I hope I do so myself. I feel like I’m sleeping my life away right now as I try to rest enough to stay healthy and make it through another day.
Another favorite outlet is music and art for me, which I often combine. Listening to music while creating something that is one of a kind is very soothing and feeds my ever growing need to create. It actually ties into one of the stages of spiritual awakening which will be the next chapter I write.

My paintings are fed by intuition and the events that happen in my life. Therefore they often become very personal to me as they remind me and resemble a certain time of my life. 

Here is an unfinished painting I started awhile back before I first stumbled across the article about spiritual awakening. It’s a bit creepy and you can see the similarities in my painting and the picture of the article, even though I had never seen it before. The Rays coming from the head, perhaps energy fields, waking up…..I’m not sure how my mind painted something I had never seen, something I would stumble across at a later time. You can imagine my astonishment and surprise as I saw the article. It looked strangely familiar, but I couldn’t place it at first until I saw my unfinished painting sitting in the corner, resembling those same lines emitting from the person. ??????

Creepy? What do you think….? Was my mind and subconscious trying to show me something? Divine intervention perhaps? A nudge from the divine universe?

The picture from the article I read…..

My unfinished painting….notice the lines and eyes closed in both pictures as if taking in a greater meaning, awareness, a spiritual awakening of the mind.


9 thoughts on “Tired….so tired.

    1. Thank you very much, I’m sure I will post the finished project when the time comes that I feel I want to finish it. Art takes time and most of the time there are multiple projects going hahahaha.
      Thank you for stopping by and have a beautiful Sunday.

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  1. I know the feeling of exhaustion all too well and I am glad that for the first time in years I will have two weeks to do as I please. I can’t even remember when that was! I just want to stay in, read, write and recharge my batteries. Unfortunately for you, retail at Xmas time will not let you relax.
    I don’t find your painting creepy. It’s a representation of the path you were already following. You just didn’t have a name for it yet. 😊

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    1. That is awesome and I’m sure it will be two weeks you will enjoy to the fullest. You might experience a spiritual awakening phase (stage 5 – trying to write about it this morning before work if I find the strengths).
      Thank you for the kind words to my unfinished painting and you are right. I just found it amazing once I saw the article picture. The similarities and what I painted even though I knew I had never seen that before. At least on a conscious level and who knows.
      Have a great day and enjoy your two weeks whenever they start and do something good for you each day. Xoxoxoxo

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  2. Thinking about you, Rhapsody. Hoping you are finally getting a chance to rest after the crazy retail days. I’m also hoping that you managed to stay healthy. That’s so hard at this time of the year. Take care of yourself. I’m missing your presence here on WordPress.

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    1. Thank you for the sweet words Patty, things should look up after Inventory today and my life hopefully gets less stressful.
      I did get sick at the very tail end and I’m dealing with Vertigo that makes me extremely dizzy, nauseated and lightheaded. Hopefully will get passed that soon.
      Love you my beautiful warrior sister. I have catching up to do and missed WordPress and the special people on here. I missed you Patty ❤️

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