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Mom’s Artwork

These two pictures from an adult coloring book make me smile, and were Moms latest artwork. Mom never really liked crafts and such things as coloring too much. She would have all the patience for knitting, but that was about it. She loved cooking but she wasn’t much a baker.

I was delighted as she began to color in the nursing home. I have always loved and painting and coloring is a way of peace, a relaxation for me that I was hoping she would feel as well. I hoped it would distract her and soothe her troubles and I think at times it actually did.

These two drawings were some of Moms favorite and she used to show them to me nearly every time we talked. Even before she colored them she would consult me wondering what colors would be fitting for the cat or the pig.

After she finished them, she was all smiles showing me her pink and black pig. I laughed as I saw it and she seriously insisted that there is such a thing. It wasn’t that I didn’t know about that, but I loved how her mind had created that sort of outcome. I don’t think she ever knew or understood my laughter. For all she knew, she educated me on the likes and actuality of these pink and black piggy’s.

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Youniqua progress

Recently I introduced you to Youniqua and some of my future plans. My mind has been working overtime, on how to combine my crafts and hobbies with Energy Healing, Reiki and Sound Therapy.

This year I have successfully completed my Reiki Master degree, certified in the 7 Chakras and complete Energy Body, have studied Energy Healing and certified as a Group Sound Bath and Ceremony Master. I have my eye on a couple more courses and will incorporate color and crystal therapy into Reiki and energy healing. I am currently checking my options on creating a space where I can offer and practice those healing modalities. I even went as far as playing with the thought of a “She Shed” in my backyard that would accommodate healing sessions. This will be unlikely and would only be possible if I planned on staying in this house. It’s complicated…

I’ve also been busy working on my Etsy shop and there is much to do and figure out. I almost have enough listings to open the shop, but I’m not ready yet. Store policies are waiting to be written and international shipping still leaves me a bit in the unknown on how it will come together. Plus I have only listed one type of item so far which will be my Notebook / Sketchbook and need to add diversity and write product descriptions. I am planning on being so much more than a notebook shop. But here is a preview of what the journals look like and what I got. I can’t wait for your feedback. What do you think?

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Alcohol Inks

It’s been recent that I got involved with alcohol inks as a friend asked me if I had heard of them. I was immediately intrigued, having taught myself quite a few new crafts this year. Needless to say, I checked it out and invested in the minimum required materials needed. It’s been an experiment and challenge ever since. I made mistakes and discovered some welcome techniques because of it. It reminds me that there are really no wrongs and rights in art and that mistakes can lead to beautiful discoveries.

I am currently working on stocking my Etsy shop, I hope to open soon. I have some things listed in there right now including alcohol inks. The above will be available as an art print, but will ultimately turn into a journal, notebook, sketchbook.

Stay tuned….❤️

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Pour (ing) Art

One of the things I’ve been up to, maybe even turn into a career, is to make art. I’ve been making various felt art items such as bags, glass cases etc., and it has been a lot of fun. I am looking into print on demand store fronts to incorporate my photography and other canvas paintings, which I hope to turn into products of interest. I’ve been considering an Etsy shop so if anyone has some experience or input, I would love to hear your feedback. I am currently in the process to create inventory, work on a Facebook page and a website. It’s busy and overwhelming at times and there is much going on for someone that most of the time has to battle through the day with the RA. But I want to believe that it will be worthwhile. So far I have selected my business name, got my domain and business cards are available and ready to go. In addition to my artwork I would love to incorporate my energy healing techniques as a Reiki Master and offer further insight and healing for all of us…a stressed nation and society.

Anyways, I love to create and it’s a muse that feeds my soul. I made quite a few of these acrylic pour paintings on canvas so far and I am close to perfecting my technique of how I want the end product to look. Aren’t we artists always the pickiest? It’s ok that way and for me, it keeps me striving until I can give my product my stamp of approval. In all honesty the carryovers part is a ever changing vision as new ideas feed my mind and new techniques are born.

Today was a little milestone for me putting some things together and completing a few art pieces, ready for sale. The pouring technique gets a bit messy with lots of paint running off of your canvas, leaving the backs looking kind of unsightly. I have noticed that many artists sell their paintings that way with the attitude that the painting will hang on the wall anyways, covering the back and the unsightly paint splatters. For myself, this has always bothered me with my own artwork, and I thought it looked ugly and sloppy. Today I found a way to finish the back, and attach decorative metal corner bumpers. The canvases are 12×12 with a glossy finish and include a hardware picture hanger, ready for display. It looks professional with a high level to detail to the overall finished product.

I also poured a 30×40 canvas today, whoa so big, and I was a bit nervous about it, but I love how it turned out. It’s currently drying and I can’t wait to show you. I am finding that with all of my paintings, whether they are painted with brushed or poured, the bigger canvases always make a more dramatic statement, and I might be hooked on pouring it big now.

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(v.) to do something with soul, creativity, or love, to put something of yourself in your work.

I’ve always felt that my art was including a piece of me. A part of my life reflecting on the canvas, created with love, passion, and soul.

Here are two more pieces awaiting a clear coat of glossy varnish against a matte backdrop. I hope there will be some interest in the likes of these pieces when the time comes. I shall surely find out. Fingers crossed 😉. Thank you for any and all feedback.

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Cosmic Godzilla

Inspiration has always been a spur of the moment thing for me. It seems like the same goes for writing. There are days when I advance schedule several posts and find myself with so much to say that I can’t stop. Where the ideas and topics just pour out of me and I can’t get them written down fast enough. And then there are days with little to say, where I am regrouping, thankful for the days I had lots to say, while silently collecting materials for another spur of the moment outburst.

I got to try my first acrylic pour yesterday and found the possibilities are endless. I’ve done something similar before but never in this style. It was fun to view the canvas from each side after it was finished to detect shapes, to see what emerges while allowing a vivid imagination to take flight. What I saw was a little monster appearing on the bottom left hand corner and “Cosmic Godzilla” was born.

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Calling all Angels

I don’t know why it took me that long, but it is said that everything has its timing. I could say that truer words have seldom been spoken, as well as better late than never.

My painting started with an idea, and ended with a dedicated painting for my Dad, who passed away in a tragic accident, nearly 45 years ago. He was my hero and I miss him every day. What I would give to just sit with him, and talk to him one more time. Mom always tells me how much I remind her of him, and I’m more than ok with it. I wear it proudly, like a badge of honor, something that brings me even closer to him, but also makes the loss hurt as if it was only yesterday. I know he is surrounded by angels, and he is my guardian angel. There is not a day that passes where I don’t feel loved by him, and in return I am calling all angels to watch over him and remind him that he is equally loved back.

There is no doubt that life has been tough lately, filled with disappointments, loss, and challenges, but also filled with great memories, and achievements that once seemed impossible. I know that I am about to put the hardship strain behind me, and like in most cases, it has left me stronger and more resilient than before. Things will be ok, and I know that I can do it.

Angels have been playing a big role in my life recently, and I am not surprised that one finally found a way to sneak into my recent painting. An angel, bowing her head in prayer to remember the ones we lost. An angel to remind us of the ones that remain within our hearts, forever. Originally the painting was orange with a white birdcage on it. A bird sitting outside the cage was to invoke a sense of freedom, making a statement and stand, unable to be caged. I started it a few years back and somehow I didn’t feel it anymore. I decided to cover up the birdcage which is still underneath all that paint with it’s new purpose and meaning. You wouldn’t know if I didn’t tell you and the signs are erased, but for me this painting will always have multiple meanings and I know that it is still there. Soon I was drawing something else, on top of the covered up birdcage and it flowing so easily. As if I was led and called to paint this. I’ve always said that my paintings speak to me and reveal times and events in my life that are very personal. This one was no different, and things will be told when you are ready to listen. I listened and an angel emerged. Later came another idea, to complete and round out the overall look and feel.

There is a little heart shaped rock on Dad’s grave. A rock that I got years ago. A rock with the word “Unvergessen” engraved in it. Unvergessen is the german word for unforgotten, which I selected as the title of my painting. I am planning on making a copy of this painting, and sending it to Mom. It’s personal and it feels right. Something is telling me that it is where it belongs.


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Street Art

Street art can be very powerful such as this painted parking garage in downtown Reno, Nevada. I can’t pass, without feeling captivated, and this Muriel speaks to me. Perhaps it is the black and white that adds intensity. Maybe it is pouring rain that keeps me coming back. Or maybe it is just the art lover in me that can appreciate this piece.

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What if…

“Stuck between a rock and a “heart” space” – a earlier painting by me ❤️

Sometimes life leaves us feeling as if we are stuck between a rock and a hard space. Life sure has felt like this for me recently and I have felt stuck, hanging in limbo. But what if everything you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for?

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The soul, creativity or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work.

Please excuse the picture. It’s not the best, and it was created as a picture from a picture. The original painting is hanging in my house in the states, far away from my current location, so this copy has to do. It’s one of my paintings and it was created at a time I felt like combining shapes into a image. The colors used are black, white, red and brown. I felt drawn, led to these shapes, and they emerged with no particular plan and without thinking a whole lot. I was merely the medium holding the Paintbrush and I allowed the creative process to flow.

The painting always had meaning to me and I always liked it. From the colors to the shapes, it always spoke to my soul, but it was a feeling that I understood rather than the words. Today, I feel that it has finally revealed it’s meaning and purpose. And why all of a sudden, what triggered the message? I think it was the above quote I stumbled upon that finally released this paintings purpose. Everything has it’s own timing, perhaps it was my subconscious painting this image I am meant to see in the future, meant to be seen at this point of my journey.

I see darkness and light in the black and white colors. I believe it stands for my journey and the struggles in between. I see my two swords that stand for love and compassion in the color red. Brown reminds me to stay grounded and in touch with Mother Nature. I see a half moon and the full moon that speaks to my inner moon child and the vulnerability that is involved. The right triangle shape is pointing to my true north, reminding me to stay true to myself. The inner core is framed with love (red border) and the final outer rim is brown to draw strength from Mother Earth.