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Painting Music

Hey, my life is pretty busy these days, but I’m carving a little time to engage into the relaxing activity of painting and with any luck I will manage to start reading a great new novel “Watching Glass shatter” from Jay before drifting off to sleep. You need to check it out if you haven’t yet and read my prior review. What are you waiting on…

In the meantime I’m spending a little time on the “Orange Crush” painting, and no that will not really be it’s official and final title. It’s been a long time that I painted and it started with a painting that I have hanging in my office at work. I took it to work to share with a few people and I keep forgetting to take it home. By now, several people have seen it and commented on it, a few even wanted to buy it. Really? I’d probably tell it’s not good enough, but without a doubt am I flattered, honored and surprised all at the same time. I know that in the end we artists are always our worst critic, but REALLY? The compliments brought a burst of new inspiration and definitely some motivation. I even ran across a website today where I could potentially reproduce this so said work of random art. Who knows, maybe it’s another avenue worth exploring some day and maybe I should listen to the push’s that so many have tried to give me to pursue showcasing my art.

In the meantime I’m stealing a few moments to paint a part of my life onto canvas while relaxing to some tunes.


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Feels like Rain

It was 103 degrees today and another repeat of the same is on it’s way for tomorrow. Twice, another spirit animal (that I will discuss in a later post), paid me a visit each time I stepped out of the house. The meaning of such brought a big smile to my face once I learned about the message it was carrying for me. I have been feeling a certain anxiousness and a level of excitement these days as I wonder what other signs will reveal themselves and what’s next. Honestly, I love it and they reassure me of what I already know, gently nudging me to take yet another step.



A friend posted a different version of this song yesterday on Facebook and his post reminded me of how much I love this oldie but goody. It’s one of the ultimate love songs to get lost in and to make love to. It speaks to the romantic that lives within me and I’m sure the video will speak to every woman and every romantic soul watching it. As the sky darkened in the late afternoon, I heard thunder in the near distance. Shortly afterwards tears arrived from heaven as the raindrops fell, warm onto my skin. It felt good, filling me with life as I remembered the song in a dreamlike state of mind. One thing was missing today as I was dancing in the rain, allowing the drops to touch my skin and run down my body. I was alone…

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A date with U2

The first day of the adventure starts with my fourth concert of U2.

An awesome band to see in concert and one of the very few bands that sound better live vs. the studio versions. I remember my first concert at the Rose Bowl during the 360 tour and it still is something that I can’t articulate and put into words. You see, it goes beyond the songs and the rhythm, as it is also the voice that fights to end poverty and world hunger. A group of talented musicians that stand up for human rights and uses it’s stardom to be heard. I think that’s very powerful indeed and it moved me emotionally on many different levels.

“Bad” remains as one of my favorite songs and if I could you know I would, if I could I would let it go….surrender.


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Tired….so tired.

Ughhhh….I’m tired and if I wasn’t already, I definitely feel the holiday stresses catching up. More and more I find myself just vegetating away after work in the little time that seems to be left, playing a game on the iPad to relax and just “Be”. A game that requires no concentration while drowning out all noise as I play it in silent mode. The rest is filled with reading (my main read has been mailed off to be autographed and I’m waiting patiently for its return), when I’m not writing or another creative outlet to allow my mind to dangle carefree with not a single thought in mind. I had every intention to write this morning but my mind seems to be a bit foggy as it is resting up for another day of retail madness hahaha. I find myself sliding more and more towards the majority of people asking “Is it over yet?” and it truly makes me sad. It takes away from the true meaning of a time that should be filled with magic and wonder. I’m sure many people feel like this as the stresses mount and I hope you find time to pause and do something that allows your soul to marvel. Heck, I hope I do so myself. I feel like I’m sleeping my life away right now as I try to rest enough to stay healthy and make it through another day.
Another favorite outlet is music and art for me, which I often combine. Listening to music while creating something that is one of a kind is very soothing and feeds my ever growing need to create. It actually ties into one of the stages of spiritual awakening which will be the next chapter I write.

My paintings are fed by intuition and the events that happen in my life. Therefore they often become very personal to me as they remind me and resemble a certain time of my life. 

Here is an unfinished painting I started awhile back before I first stumbled across the article about spiritual awakening. It’s a bit creepy and you can see the similarities in my painting and the picture of the article, even though I had never seen it before. The Rays coming from the head, perhaps energy fields, waking up…..I’m not sure how my mind painted something I had never seen, something I would stumble across at a later time. You can imagine my astonishment and surprise as I saw the article. It looked strangely familiar, but I couldn’t place it at first until I saw my unfinished painting sitting in the corner, resembling those same lines emitting from the person. ??????

Creepy? What do you think….? Was my mind and subconscious trying to show me something? Divine intervention perhaps? A nudge from the divine universe?

The picture from the article I read…..

My unfinished painting….notice the lines and eyes closed in both pictures as if taking in a greater meaning, awareness, a spiritual awakening of the mind.

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Final day – 3 day music video challenge

What started with a 3 day quote nomination from my friend at tarnishedsoul is coming to an end with this final day for video number 3. Throughout the challenge I was reminded of how much music is a part of my life, even though you might not tell considering the past couple of months. While I mostly listen to music in the car, I have been driving in silence for awhile and the radio is off more times than none. My car has become a protected bubble, an escape from the noise, to recharge and to “Enjoy the silence”.  Practicing silence from music was new to me as it always had a place in my soul and will always have as this is merely a phase of self discovery, a phase where I need to listen closely without distractions. Music could always flex to many different moods but I never felt it out of place or experienced the need to drown the melodies.

I remember the first time this happened and it was after I received the horrible news that my good friend Robert (from Germany) slipped at the pool while vacationing in Greece and suffered quadriplegia as the consequence. In an instant life changed and would never be the same, for him, as well as for me while I was left to feel helpless and lost. It was one of those times I felt so far away, unable to help while trying my hardest to be the best long distance support I could be for him. I lost my appetite during those first few weeks and the radio fell silent for obvious reasons. Instead of listening to music to let it carry me away, I wanted to be still and drown out the self created noise of my mind and the one that was coming through the speakers. You could think that music would have been a welcome distraction at a time like this, but it wasn’t and I was dealing with the shock, while trying to come to terms with the news. I learned that the silence is needed from time to time in order to enjoy the noise.

It was during that time that I learned the painful reminder of how short life is and that we should never take a single day for granted. Easier said then done, it became my mantra, words to live by and something to work towards. To pursue your dreams at any cost to avoid looking back at time, feeling the dreaded “What if” or “I wish I had”. Throughout the years I have been blessed with people entering my life that remind me of my mission and who helped me stay the course or maybe even helped me to redirect my focus and get back on to it when life caused me to stray a bit.

For the final post, I  couldn’t decide on just one video and both speak to my heart. The second video is my reminder to go for it, to live and to take that leap. Maybe you suffer a broken bone, but you have also been alive. Don’t look back and say “I should have done this”. Pour your passion into your dreams and work towards your goals. Only you can and it will not happen by itself.  Music will always be a part of me. I know there will be times when it is ok to “Enjoy the silence” or chase your dreams with such passion that when your time comes, you can look back and say “I lived”.

My final nomination takes me to international travel and a great friend I hope will participate in this challenge. I value his opinion and there is a special connection in our way of thinking and the journey to help people in any way possible. Plus I would love to hear what music inspires him :).  LuPo_san

The rules are simple

  • Post a music video that speaks to your soul for 3 days with a brief description as to why
  • Link back to the person that nominated you
  • Nominate a fellow blogger

Enjoy xoxoxo

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3 Day music video challenge – Day 2

I am way behind here with my own challenge creation and my first nomination has already flown through all three days by the time I finally land on day 2. I loved all three days and I always think it is interesting to find out what music / lyrics move others. It’s a great way to discover new music or dust off old favorites. What started out with a 3 day quote challenge and a nomination from tarnishedsoul, turned into this music video challenge with slightly changed the rules.

My song choice for day 2 is another song with lyrics that are close to my heart. It came to mind again last week as I remembered bits and pieces and found them to be relevant. Something happened last week and it was much more than just a slap in the face. It was more like the ultimate betrayal (once again), an attempt to drag me to the depths of the ocean and to leave me there without regard or consideration due to selfish reasons. It wasn’t the first time, but it was the final time and the one that broke the camels back. It was then and there that I vowed to never be “broken again” especially not through the hands of others. It became crystal clear that things like this don’t happen because people care about you and love you. Sometimes you just need to cut the tie and accept that you can’t help somebody that can’t see any wrong doing in their behavior. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I should have reason to be ashamed beyond recognition as I have been fooled a great many more times. Maybe not fooled and I was never oblivious to what was going on, but taken for granted and taken advantage of for sure.

Last week made me think about the people in my life, people that are close to to me as well as people who are nothing more than an acquaintance. The sincere ones and the ones that couldn’t care less about you. Still they all shared something in common and it didn’t matter what walk of life they came from. I tried to name how many people I knew that were happy and the realization of how few was truly alarming. It put things into perspective and I really had to think. Many were stuck in miserable relationships and situations for one reason or another. Maybe the quota of what one could endure wasn’t met yet, maybe that heart only had a a few cracks but wasn’t completely broke yet and maybe it was just fear of being alone. Fear of the darkness, the unforeseen, fear of change. Maybe they were stuck, unable to start a life on their own, dependent financially or in some other way stuck such as in sickness and not seeing any hope. I saw a lot of misery and sadness as feeling was flooding through my veins. I myself have been there, for too long and had my own reasons. It’s something that can’t be rushed and life will unfold exactly the way it intends to do so. It doesn’t matter if you are ready, if you want it to happen or if you get frustrated when it does find it’s way to you. “Life happens” regardless and you can either see the lesson and embrace it or you can be the victim and let it define you. I still have some fight left in me and after all I am a warrior. I choose the silver lining and I know that the truth has always been there for me to find. It’s not a blight, but a remedy. And for what seemed like an eternity as my fears seemed to keep me blinded, I will hold my guard as I walk away to never be broken again because sometimes the darkness can show you the light.


My day 2 nomination is a great friend who I met here on wordpress and who is like the sister I never had at. We share many similarities and there is a silent understanding without words and tons of mental hugs throughout the day. “You need strengthening, toughening and it takes your inner dark to rekindle the fire within. Don’t ignore and listen to me now because you need never feel broken again.”

Much love to you, you are always on my mind  MLYGhost



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3 Day Music Video Challenge

Life has become very hectic in my little corner of the world and a few weeks ago I was nominated once more for the 3 Day quote challenge by my dear friend who is unfortunately tied up with life as well at Regardless of such, please stop by his blog and give him some love. May he know that he is missed and find the time to see us more. I’m a sucker for quotes as they hold infinite wisdom to me. I have lived through quite a few, but then haven’t we all?

I decided to change it up a bit and introduce a music challenge instead of doing the quote challenge again. Music has always been a huge part of my life and it is not just one style or genre that appeals to me. I believe that music begins where words stop to convey, taking on a multitude of meaning to the listener. Music is a little like the motions of my mood, not that it is a roller coaster but there are up’s and down’s and after all it was The day of up’s and down’s that I was born on. Some days you just need a certain beat to celebrate and rock out to, while on other days you may need the soothing and comforting effects that a melody can bring to your life.

There is the European in me that loves the beats of dance music, the rocker that listens to classic rock while driving probably a little too fast. Windows down in the car, or surrounded by freedom on the motorcycle, (Music playing in my mind only) and happy to be alive. There is some country rock in me that soothes my soul and makes me pause to contemplate life, and there is the undeniable unique music from my home country that reminds me of good times spent with friends and family. It’s not about the music style, but more about the experience, the time shared together which I miss more and more. Further there is Reggae which is just plain old “Feel good, happy music” to me and you cant help but put on your happy face and feel a bit feisty while listening to it.

I added a new music genre a few years back which is alternative and it has become my most listened to genre. Something changed within and it was no longer only the beats that dominated the liking of a song, but more the emotional connection to the lyrics. The meaning of the song, whether it was a personal theme song filled with motivation to reach for the stars or something else, there was always a deeper meaning.

I love to explore new music and thought it would be cool to do a 3 Day music video challenge. To learn about new artists and the feelings behind the liking. Please know that if you are nominated, you are under no means obligated to participate but if you are, then I can’t wait to see your post.

The rules are simple:

  • One Music Video for a total of 3 days
  • Link back to the person that nominated you
  • A brief description what this song means to you and why you selected it
  • Nominate a fellow blogger to participate in the challenge

Here is my first Music Video and I hope you enjoy it. It’s about the human spirit, the strength that we find when there is nothing left but being strong. Sometimes life is nothing more than a big challenge and while you have to push yourself, there is always a way and a choice that is yours to behold. I connect to the lyrics, even more so now that a major change is upon me, but they also remind me of my adventures in nature and being wild and free for the time, no matter how long I was given. I’m often nothing more than a big kid and it serves me well in a world that can be frightening and a bit too serious at times. I am the underdog, the outlaw by not always fitting in and who Does not play well with others . The rules and expectations of conventional life are often not a good fit for me and I do become a bit like the renegade who is not afraid to say what’s on my mind. I lead to the beat of my own drum, not because I want to rebel but because it is the only way to stay true to myself. Sadly it’s often frowned upon, not received well or understood and therefore it’s not always accepted. However it is the very reason as to why you just have to run away sometimes, to be wild and free, to be able to be yourself. Let’s be renegades….

My nomination for Day 1 is my close friend David at who also shares a special connection to music. Not only is he an amazing artist in touch with nature and the human spirit but also one of the nicest people you will ever encounter and I do hope we meet some day 😉

(PS. Hey I did it…embed, embed, embed :)….classic site)

Enjoy xoxoxxoxo