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A few weeks back my little niece Emi asked me if we could have a garden beautification party. Well it is finally here and tomorrow is the day. I made a special little invitation card for the kids and I hope to take some fun pictures to share with you tomorrow.

The garden has been such a big secret and I only shared a few bits so far. It’s been hard work and honestly it still ain’t ready. There are still things to do when it comes to my little outdoor shrine, and I have a feeling that it will fill a little more after my birthday later this month. However, what better way to celebrate 13th and share with you the work in progress.

There will be pizza and snacks, drinks and something for all ages. Artists where encouraged to bring supplies to decorate and beautify yard stepping stones or other crafts. There are still tons of things to do until then but I’m very excited. It’s been a long time to host “A little evening” with family and friends.

My handmade invitation for the kids 😉

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Chores and fun

It’s Monday and Monday’s usually belong to me for chores or fun. I thought I try something new and combine both today. After a healthy breakfast, the laundry has been started, and I will move on to cooking lunch by making Gulasch with Semmelknödel, a kind of potato dumpling that is yummy.

The garden and outdoor shrine is taking shape and even the neighbor noticed this morning that the savannah with the long tall weed-grass has changed dramatically. Last evening Moni and my two nieces Leni and Emily came to visit and we enjoyed our time in the garden. Leni has taken over the hammock and it seems to be her favorite hangout, while Emi is mostly on the move, dancing through the yard like a beautiful little fairy. This would have not been possible a few weeks ago as the garden was still full and overgrown with unsightly weeds. It’s a true blessing to have this time with these wonderful people I’m lucky to call family.

Later on today in between chores, a little bicycle trip to the local flower Palast (a gardening place) is on the agenda, and the ideas for the garden are ever growing. It seems like all my inspiration is being sucked up into small little projects for the garden. Emi is already envisioning a garden opening party and soon we will spend a “Little evening” and what my family calls a little get together on the patio amongst family while overseeing the garden. The kids are planning to spend the night and we will have a full moon slumber party once school is out. It was also Emi who requested a painting party this Friday as we often paint and create together. It was this morning that I had an epiphany and again, just like I said before all my creative efforts pull into this outdoor space right now. We found ten square stepping stones yesterday and sectioned off the yard to plant wildflowers in between. How about painting those stepping stones? All of us could create a one of a kind that could add color to the yard and memorialize our adventure and painting evening forever. I like the idea and will make cute little invitation cards later for the kids to see what they think of the idea. I think it could be a fun memory for all….

Hammock time last evening

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Cherry season

It’s cherry season here in Germany and I got to pick a bowl full at my aunts house yesterday. It was a day that started rough and scary, not knowing what would be and where it would take us, but which ended well and spent in quality time. Thank you for the love and light that I got to experience today and for a few carefree hours of balance.

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Meet the mechanic

A special present arrived today and I am now the proud owner of my own bicycle. I plan to become good friends with it and ride it as often as possible to offset the times of sitting and to get some exercise whenever my joints allow me to. I know there can be too much of a good thing and wear and tear, but there is also the saying “If you rest, you rust”. I guess once again it comes down to balance and listening to your body.

I put the bike together as best as I could by myself. There really wasn’t much to do other than put on the pedals, tighten the saddle and install the front wheel. All I needed was air and I felt pretty good. After scheduling a quick appointment with my mechanic after soccer practice this evening, I rolled the bike to his house for further inspection and to fine tune the brakes. “Oh my god, quick, take off the front wheel, luckily the brakes are not broken” he almost yells. It takes a moment to understand him telling me that I assembled the wheel backwards and the disk for the brakes is on the opposite side of the brakes. I finally realize the severity of my mistake, but luckily I only pushed the bike and didn’t ride it to his house because the air was low in the tires. I have to laugh but he insist on a “Phew, you got lucky”. He must really know his stuff and I believe that I did get lucky that the air was low. Otherwise in utter and complete madness I might have ridden the bike and broken the brakes. I’m impressed and no wonder he is the # 1 fix it guy for the family.

Meet the mechanic ~ Noah

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Bike – Rides

I think a little ritual has formed already with nightly bike rides. I’ve gone several times now and the last two nights, I rode with my cousin and nieces. I’m slowly getting used to the bike again and getting my endurance back. It’s only the heat that still causes me to struggle. I hope it gets better.

After a little evening (it’s what my family calls a little get together to chill and enjoy each other’s company last night), we recruited three more family members for tonight’s bike ride and this will make us the mighty seven 😉

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Mom and Mom

I came across a neat find today which came in a picture of Mom with her Mom (my Grandma). I had seen the picture before and it’s always been a favorite, but I have never seen it enlarged and framed like this. I had to confiscate it for now and it’s sitting on the window sill where I sleep.

Perhaps I felt a little under the weather today and took a break. My feet are hurting with RA pains and I hobbled along. I didn’t get to see Mom today, but she was plenty on my mind as I was going through some tasks. I finally got to defrost and clean her Fridge. It looks empty now and threw some things away. I washed her bed today and watched the linens dance on the cloth line outside my window. I cooked a decent meal, had coffee in the afternoon and indulged in some reading. It’s been a rare occasion, but I enjoyed some time just to myself. There was no running around and the day belonged to me. Even the spotty, free WiFi has returned. What else could I ask for? Oh yeah, there was that U2 concert that I had tickets for tonight. See yo next time around….I would have loved to see you, but I am where I need to be.

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Little family

And then there were three, and our little family began. Looking for Mom’s paperwork also involves running across old pictures.

Mom and Dad, holding me either before or after being baptized.

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Today was a big day at my niece Sophia’s Konfirmation. It’s late already, and although it was great to hang out with family all day, I’m beat and tired. I came home to find that my spotty free wifi isn’t working anymore (I have feared it long ago), and I can’t download the pictures I took from today, nor share it with family members, nor type away a post on my iPad. I have my German phone which is much, much better than nothing, but the prepaid service is very slow and not able to accommodate all functions. I hope the wifi miraculously returns tomorrow, fingers crossed.

I got to see Mom for a brief few minutes. Heike, her daughter Steffi and I stopped by to bring Mom a piece of cake. Mom was surprised but soon thought she had to be Mom again and be the boss. Lecturing me about the house, the blinds, the furniture bleaching from the sun, blah, blah, blah. I can’t stand it, when she talks down to me in that authoritative way, but whatever. We didn’t stay long, and had to return to go back to church.

Hopefully with wifi I can give a more detailed report of this emotional day soon.

Heike, my cousin and me.

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Happy Birthday

What a special day, and so happy to be here to celebrate this day with you. Wishing you all the happiness in the world and a new year filled with happiness, laughter, good health and moments that will forever stay close to your heart.

Happy Birthday Moni ❤️

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We stopped for a sweet treat at the Eisdiele yesterday. It used to be a popular hang out while I lived in Germany, and we spent many afternoons in good company while enjoying our ice cream.

My cousin Michaela and I, indulged in a little “Machi” and the typical “Spaghetti” ice, for a little chat and quality time. It was a nice break and another trip down memory lane.

Michaela shaking her “Machi”