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Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday in heaven Dad. Each year on special occasions, but really always, I miss you just the same. I miss you as if it was only yesterday that you got your wings. It still is hard not to walk with you in the physical plane, but I am grateful that I got to share my heart with you so closely, especially as of lately, not here but the energetic plane. I feel you know me better than ever and you walk besides me every day.

Because of your guidance I am doing important work. Work that is bringing our family closer in so many ways and it truly is freeing even though we can’t physically hug. There is not a day that goes by I didn’t wish I could somehow feel one of those physical hugs from you. I miss you. Another 3 word sequence with the power to convey it all. I love you more than anything and I am trusting the disruption to guide us home. I am working through ancestral trauma, and I know without a doubt you are proud of me for addressing this darkness.

I don’t think there is anything I could have done that didn’t make you proud of me in some way. It makes me smile to know that I was always, and will be forever Daddy’s girl. The memories I have of us are treasures I carry with me, and which I truly cherish. Today I think of you just a little more and if you see me look up to the sky, nod and wink with a smile, then it’s me, your girl wishing you a happy birthday, telling you that I love you.

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Happy Birthday

Dad, top right…

March 31st, a special day, your birthday, and also a day I’ve had to celebrate without you for as long as I can remember. How I wish that I could wrap a present for you, to pick out something special or hand make something for you. How I wish that I could hold you tight and hug you while wishing you a happy birthday. So many years have gone by since you left, and still the pain of losing you cuts like a knife and is so strong, especially on days like this, when it all comes back up. Can you believe that Mom is already gone for 6 month? Some days it brings peace to know you both are reunited, and other days it just simply hurts and I know those feelings will never go away. I dearly miss you both.

Happy birthday in heaven Dad.

Your girl…