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Manuka Honey

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Honey, a gift of Mother Nature, and the all important and vital Bee population. Packed with healthy properties, it is often used as a natural sweetener, but packs so many additional healing properties. Let’s take a closer look.

SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) Low stomach acid, Acid reflux

Acne and Eczema

Staph Infections

Burns, Wounds and Ulcers

Tooth Decay and Gingivitis


Sore throat and Immunity

Allergies and Sinusitis

Beauty Treatment and Health Booster

Improves Sleep

A pretty amazing list isn’t it? From what could you benefit from? Could you incorporate a little more honey into your life? I think I definitely can find some ways.

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Bay leaves

True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen and it’s been a while since I did a health segment on the blog. Those little reminders for me have become more important than ever and here is a simple one anybody can do to reap some quick and powerful benefits.

Burning bay leaves in your home helps relieve anxiety, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, increase alertness, open respiratory system, and increase mindfulness.


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I haven’t done a health segment in awhile and here is a quick and easy one we all can do and benefit from.

When you hang eucalyptus in the shower, the steam will activate the oils in eucalyptus to help with decongestion, headache, inflammation, stress, and muscle tightness.

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Fun facts about Chia Seeds

Our health segment takes us to Chia Seeds this week and it’s another quick and easy thing to add into your routine that doesn’t steal much time away. I have to admit that although I have known of Chia Seeds, all the benefits and uses have come as a surprise to me, leaving me to wonder why I haven’t incorporated them into my day. Suffering from inflammation, arthritis and joint pain, I’d be the perfect candidate to give this a go and I will start ASAP. Perhaps I inspire you to take a closer look yourself.

This one is especially helpful for nutritional health and supplying our temple (body) with the superfoods it needs. It’s our way to show support and our body hopefully thanks us in many different ways.

Did you know that Chia Seeds are higher in antioxidants than Blueberries.

Have 5 times more calcium than Milk

Have 7 times more vitamin C than Oranges

Have 3 times more Iron then Spinach

Have twice the potassium of a Banana

Are gluten free

Regulate Blood Sugars (awesome for diabetics)

Are a great Egg replacement

Are high in Fiber, Protein and Omega-3’s

You can sprinkle it raw onto almost any food, or add it to smoothies.

Uses for Chia Seeds include

  • Energy and stamina
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Weight loss
  • Normalize blood sugar
  • Arthritis
  • Cleanses colon
  • Gets rid of toxins
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Promotes sound sleep
  • Prevents cancer
  • Digestion
  • Knee pain
  • Hyperactivity disorder
  • Joint paint
  • Horse feed
  • Pet food
  • Healthy skin, hair and nails
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Forest therapy

In this weeks health segment I am talking about forest therapy. It’s not always what we consume and put into our body as far as nutrition goes, but also what feed our mental and emotional self. In addition to Lime Water and Turmeric Green Tea, it also matters what we surround ourselves with.

I’ve always had a fascination with trees and forests. While considered boring by a few souls I encountered along the way, for me it was peace and serenity, a sense of feeling perfectly calm, of being home, and sheer bliss. Not to mention all the good trees bring to our environment, and why we need them so badly.

For me it was a different, a deeper connection, I never could quite understand or pinpoint. It simply didn’t require an answer, and it’s just how it was and is. Even now I can’t tell you exactly as to why I don’t want to drive nails into a natural stomp I collected and which I use for sitting around the campfire. Why I don’t want to cut branches or otherwise damage a tree. There is a respect, for the living energy that I should protect not harm. Even in a stomp that is no longer growing.

I’ve had book marks with writings, titled the advice from a tree (which has rang true for me)…

  • Stand tall and proud
  • Sink your roots into the earth
  • Be content with your natural beauty
  • Go out on a limb
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Remember your roots
  • Enjoy the view

…and photographed many along the way through ever changing seasons.

I’ve been called a treehugger, a term that is often perceived and given not in the most flattering of ways but to make fun of someone. Either way, it doesn’t matter, and although I’ve always understood the intent for being called such, it never bothered me, nor did made me hide my passion for the gentle swaying giants, reaching for the heavens.

Just recently I’ve read that when you hug or sit under a tree you feel it’s unique healing energy. Forest therapy is used in Japan to treat depression and anxiety, the scent of trees acts as a natural immune boost. No wonder I have always felt a connection. It makes sense and I’ve always been my own kind of healer. In some ways my soul knows long before I do what is needed and good for me. So the next time you feel down a bit or need a little boost, you might consider taking a stroll through the forest, to hug a tree, or sit beneath it reading a book while taking a load off.

Here is to March and a new month starts tomorrow. But before that, I’ll see you tonight for our healing at 7PM PST.

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Cinnamon’s first big adventure

It was the middle of February and Cinnamon’s first big adventure. It included two overnighters and her first time being away from home. Many surprises would be in store. For her, as well as me, and neither one of us knew how this would go down.

It turned out that Cinnamon is a born adventure pup and loved every minute of it. She took over the small cabin and was instantly at home. She even had her own twin size bed that she made use out of it occasionally, lounging and restring, just not at night. At night she he to be curled up and close to Mom, leaving me to fight for space and covers.

Overall she did great. Patiently sleeping in the car from destination to destination, exploring to her hearts content and you could tell that she enjoyed every minute of it. It was heart warming to see and my heart was full although the trip for me was a struggle. I wasn’t well on the health front and lingering storms didn’t help matters. You could sum it up in the sense that I was in one of my most favorite and scenic places, but I was fighting through every step. Regardless of how much I love her and wanted to share this time with her, it wasn’t a time to relax for me.

It’s like having a child I imagine. A little one that requires attention and supervision around the clock. Mornings were a big struggle, and where I usually throw on my robe at home, able to let her escape into a fenced yard, this was in no way possible here. I had to hurry and get fully dressed to enter a winter wonderland so she could do her business. One of the problems is the morning stiffness, and I found myself working through the pain of forcing non functioning, non cooperative limbs because of being afraid the toddler couldn’t hold it until I was in full gear. It was difficult, but there was no doubt about how much she loved being out there. How much she relates to Mother Nature and taking time to smell the roses. How much she fits in with us and loves the things we do. She is nearly 40 lbs now and stronger than ever. We are still monitoring her Allergies and hair loss and things have gotten much better. Now it’s my turn to get better and stronger once more. Fingers crossed because this little bundle of joy has a ton of energy and demands quite a bit while bringing a joy like no other.

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Anti inflammatory tea

In our health segment this week, I am addressing inflammation in the body. It is the cause for many chronic diseases and illnesses and is no friend of ours.

Inflammation in the body is caused in many forms and here are just a few of them. Poor diet, not enough exercise and stress are the main contributors to inflammation.

Do you have swollen joints, stiff muscles, flu like symptoms, fever, chills, fatigue, loss of energy, headaches, or a loss of appetite? If so you might be at risk of having inflammation in the body.

6 steps for reducing and managing inflammation in the body.

  1. Load up on anti inflammatory foods
  2. Control blood sugar
  3. Cut back or eliminate inflammatory foods
  4. Make time to exercise
  5. Lose weight
  6. Manage stress

An impressive list, but also one that’s not often managed so easily. We know how hard it can be to lose a few extra pounds and that stressful job is still needed to pay the bills. A vicious cycle that’s often hard to break. But here is one little thing you cc’s n incorporate that can make a world of difference and it’s as simple as a few cups of tea a day. It really helps.

What you need is a cup of green tea, with 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric. Heat and stir well to dissolve as best as possible. It’s a little stubborn but can be done with a little extra TLC. You can also add a turmeric supplement to your daily routine and don’t forget about our Limes from last week to flush out the toxins.

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Lime Water

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After getting much appreciated feedback for my Celery post, I have decided to do a health segment on this blog, much like our weekly unusual word post. I felt that each one of us has so much to share and yet at times it’s the simplest of remedies we hear for the first time. I hope to inspire you with simple yet powerful knowledge, and arm you with easy weapons that don’t take much to incorporate into your daily routine. I look forward to any and all feedback concerning this blog segment.

Today I would like to share the benefits of lime water and it’s surely an easy, quick and inexpensive additive to boost your health. Here are some amazing benefits of adding lime to your water whenever you can.

  • Boost immune system
  • Prevent cancer
  • Increase energy
  • Improve digestion
  • Balance PH
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve liver function
  • Reduce oxidative stress
  • Detoxification
  • Bowel movement

Impressive, don’t you think. Especially if you are struggling with any of these issues and definitely worth a try. I think there is something for everyone in here since no body is immune to cancer or couldn’t use a little boost to the immune system.

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Coming out of the darkness

The calendar marked the 23rd of January and finally, finally, finally, I was coming out of the darkness. The pain eased up which is a big deal for us suffering from a chronic disease. I must say that when this moment comes, it means everything and is a game changer. By now, I had seen these cycles come and go and been through so many flare ups and remissions that I felt like an expert knowing how it was affecting the quality of my life.

Not too long ago, all within that week, I felt whiny, emotional, vulnerable, breaking down, even crying. The tension was unbearable and it’s hard to imagine what you go through during these times unless you have experienced it yourself. Even just sitting and not moving is uncomfortable as the tension never eases up. Limbs tingle, muscles ache and your range of motion is a fraction from what it is on a good day. Putting your hair in a pony tail can leave you in tears, part because of the pain it causes and the reminder that a simple task as such becomes a challenge and huge undertaking.

January 23rd finally brought a breakthrough. Not one that would miraculously wipe away all the pain, (although that’s possible as well), but one that made the hurt more manageable again. It is during those times that you gather your strengths and motivation. When you get totally Gung Ho to impact your life, because if you can help it in any way, you are not going back to that pit of pain for a long, long time.

Coming out of the darkness is one of the most profound feelings. It feels like you have been bestowed an awesome gift, the gift of getting your life quality back. Without it, your day is reduced to struggles, and pain management that can easily turn into depression and fear. January 23rd marked a turning point for me, a new chance, a little window of opportunity, and it came with not a minute to spare.

All of a sudden there was a pep in my step, “Hello my old friend” it’s nice to have you back. There was motivation and the desire for creation. I ended up making Ginger Syrup to stock up on my inventory and use up the fresh ginger I still had. You can find some of the benefits and healing properties of my homemade syrup here.

I also worked on some new merchandise for my Etsy shop at Youniqua which I will share with you in another post. By the way, it’s also there that you can order your very own homemade syrup by me. 🤗 Thank you in advance for looking.

It was a good day and a fresh start at trying again. Of realizing were changes could be made, of building on the blocks in place already, putting on another story of the shook foundation, and move forward once more. And I knew I had special people in my corner cheering me on, sending me healing, saying prayers for me and simply being there to catch me when I started to tumble.

January 23rd was a day of many emotions. Also a day my aunt and uncle who passed from Covid were laid to rest in Germany. It was a day of clarifying intents and relations and reconnecting with a dear soul very special to me. January 23rd had a little of everything but will definitely be a day to be remembered. And from here on out, I can only go up and tickle the sky once more.

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Health benefits of Celery

I recently received a request to do a post on celery and it’s many benefits. I am truly honored for this request and today we take a closer look at this superfood.

At first glance it appears as a top choice for low calorie snacking and while uncovering a long list of benefits, we will also take a look at a few cautions.

I have long used Celery in my “Green Juice” shakes as it is a natural source of electrolytes and promotes good eye health.

Celery is a wonderful source of fiber, filled with antioxidants to boost short and long term health, as well as cancer prevention. Mild in flavor it’s a favorite go to for soups, salads and dips.

Celery is rich in phthalates which help artery wall tissues to relax and promote blood flow. What it means for us is blood pressure management and an easier flow, and lower blood pressure.

Celery also suggest the prevention and treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and could play a valuable role in preventing it all together.

Rich in, (see below) Celery fights free radicals to limit oxidative stress.

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Potassium
  • Folate

Sounds wonderful right? Who wouldn’t want to load up on this healthy cancer fighting, blood pressure lowering snack? Here are just a few things to consider and if you don’t have any problems with the minor cons the health benefits definitely outweigh the cautions.

Eaten in excess, celery can cause bloating, constipation or gas in some people. These side effects may stem from the high levels of the compound mannitol, which research links to gastrointestinal problems. Celery is also high in sodium which could aid bloating and water retention. While a diet rich in fiber is very healthy, one should slowly introduce any changes to their routine as to not overwhelm your system. This is especially beneficial to avoid pain in your digestive tract due to a inflamed gut. So go slow, a little will go a long ways and you can increase accordingly to your tolerance.

Celery is also linked as a vegetable with the most pesticide residue. Please wash and clean accordingly and thorough. High levels lead to toxicity in the brain and nervous system. A chain reaction is triggered which can lead to complications and the once cancer fighting vegetable could now become a contributor, increasing cancer growth due to the pesticide residue. Pesticides also increase your chance of eye, skin and lung irritation. Choosing organic celery will be a great choice….and I’d still wash it anyways. Better be safe than sorry and the key to our health should remain in our own pocket instead of leaving it off with someone else.

Last but not least, be aware of potential allergies when eating celery. Symptoms can range from mild itching all the way to anaphylactic shock, so moderation and lower quantities are a great idea instead of doing something radical.