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The fire within

My weight loss journey plateaued after losing 10 lbs. It was as if my body had adjusted to my new tricks and ways of life. Being more active I was losing fat but also gained heavier muscle, which required even harder work for the pounds to come off. Still, after 10 lbs it all came to a halt.

I have to say I never particularly enjoyed working out. Maybe I never found the right work out, and a negative mind frame became the foundation of my excuses, even the perceived dizziness while working out. Maybe it was sweating profusely that I hated, but today I see it as fat crying and that something is happening towards my goals. I can see it as progress, that what I’m doing is actually working. All of a sudden it’s no longer an issue and instead it has turned into motivation. Weird how I now look forward to my workouts. 🤔

In the past I never understood how people could get addicted to working out, and today I too belong to those people chasing the feeling and the results one gets from putting in the work. It has turned into something more than just the weight coming off. Weight loss used to be my most motivating factor, but today it’s only one of the reasons and not the main one anymore. I feel better when I work out, and I ache less. It’s like my joints get an oiling and move with more ease. It’s a weapon against chronic pain and the rheumatoid arthritis.

There are still days I have to convince myself to get moving and the chronic fatigue of an autoimmune disease is not always on my side. But those days seem to be further in between now and I manage more days than none. I’m grateful for my guilty conscience that doesn’t let me rest and stays the course. There is a new found motivation, a fire within that drives me to become the best version of myself. All of a sudden everything is different. I feel I might have been here before in recent attempts and yet this time can’t be compared. This best version of myself encompasses many different aspects, from the physical to the spiritual, to the person I continue to grow into. It’s a now or never attitude, one that realizes that I’m getting older and time is getting more limited unless I live forever, which of course I’m not.

Arriving at such conclusions has become a big focus, one that finally made me put myself first. I am still getting used to the concept and it’s still new to me. Like so many, I used to always put everybody else before me, but I no longer see it as selfish. I think it is essential to maintain a happy and balanced relationship with myself so I can be of service to myself and therefore others. That doesn’t mean that those who are important in my life have taken a backseat. I think it’s the opposite and perhaps it has allowed me to care at an even deeper level.

As far as my weight loss is concerned, I’m thinking about upping my green Juice intake to two shakes a day vs. just one. My body craves it and luckily I don’t mind the taste. Maybe it can jumpstart the next wave of success and kick start the next 10 lbs. Maybe I add some weights to add definition to my physique. I have a ways to go, but I’m on my way. Further I have committed to walking at least 3 miles every day. It’s been tough with the hazardous air quality due to the wildfires, but I have not missed a day and I’m well over a week into it.

Pssst: I’ve shed another pound since originally writing this, and I’m at 11 lbs lost, so something must be working.

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Thinking of you, always

It’s been six weeks since my uncle has been hospitalized. During my last visit in Germany we got very close and he has always been my favorite uncle on my fathers side. So much of him reminds me of Dad and it’s easy to see the resemblance in myself and where I got it from.

This has been a tough year for him, filled with the side effects from the chemo therapy and battling cancer, circulation issues, potentially blocked arteries, infections, the risk of losing a limb, and more. He has been in critical condition but luckily continues to stabilize.

After being immobil for such a long time, he is basically learning to walk again and is receiving physical therapy. So much of it reminds me of Mom’s journey and what we experienced not too long ago. Just today a drainage tube is being removed and perhaps he can come home next week. Home is home, although it will present a whole other line of worries and concerns if he is not Mobil. But perhaps his appetite can increase since he is not a fan of the hospital food, and his strengths can grow to speed up the recovery process. He is a tough person for sure and I know that there are is a common subject between us, things still left undone that serve as motivation for him to get better.

Today, another collective prayer goes out to him, sending love and light for his recovery and well being. 🙏🏼

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Nature’s best – Green Juice recipe

After watching the documentary “Fat, sick, and nearly dead” by a Joe across, I made the decision to Juice.

Since, I have lost 10 lbs and it’s weight that is coming off slowly because I am building muscle at the same time, and muscle is heavier than fat. Luckily I love the taste of the green juice while some may struggle with it. My body craves it and it’s thanking me in a big way. I am growing stronger and just this week I went on my longest, most challenging hike in years. If you ever wondered about if this could be for you, here is the recipe and I hope you give it try. It takes a little planning and I prepare my every 5-6 days which helps keep time requirements, shopping, and clean up down to a minimum. I make enough juice to store and seal tight in mason jars which lasts in the fridge until I make a new batch.

And now, the recipe from Joe Cross with a little added twist from me:

Serving size 16 oz (multiple for yo ur desired batch)


1 cucumber

4 celery stalks

2 apples

6-8 leaves if kale (Australien Tuscan cabbage)

1/2 lemon

1 tbsp ginger

(And my secret ingredient red onion. Take a look at the health benefits of onions, you’d be amazed)


Wash well produce well

Peel lemon, optional and I use all of it including the peel


Pour over ice


Can’t wait to hear what you think. It’s life changing and just imagine if you can commit to more than one shake a day! I will try to add another to my morning routine soon and see what happens next.

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Green Juice update

Thought I do a little update on my green mean juicing adventure. By Saturday morning (18th) I have said goodbye to 8 lbs. It doesn’t seem like that much to me but I’m been told that my results are great and a healthy effort to keep the weight off. It’s so much more than a diet or shedding the weight quickly. It is truly a lifestyle change and a way to encourage a healthier behavior. Losing the weight comes as a bonus and as important as it is, it takes a backseat and comes secondary. So why did I do it?

Number 1 was to be healthier and more conscious of what I feed my body. Since I started my skin has changed and looks healthier, including the feel of it. The brain fog is gone. I feel more energetic and stronger. Along with yoga, smaller portions, chewing better for digestion, and a basic understanding that I have to move and burn more calories than I consume has helped bring these results.

Here is the recipe to the green mean juice if you care to try. I have a shake for breakfast, the soup made from the pulp for lunch, a salad or other sensible meal (low to no carb) in the evening before 6 PM.

PS. It’s a mess to clean the juicer but you can make enough juice for several days. Fill up a mason jar as far as you can and seal airtight. Your shakes will last in the fridge 3-4 days and saves time and clean up. Just double recipe as needed.

Serving size 16oz


1 cucumber

4 celery stalks

2 apples

6-8 leaves of kale

1/2 lemon

1 tbsp hunger

Wash all produce well. Peel lemon optional and I use it with the skin, juice, pour over ice, enjoy!

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The green mean juice

Picture taken from google

With the discovery of the natural remedies book and the Master Herbal course, a third sign knocked on my door to solidify my efforts and give them the willpower and strengths to withstand what was lying ahead.

I came across a video on YouTube, actually a documentary how Joe Cross changed his stars and turned around his health with the help of a juice reboot. He calls it the “green mean juice” although you think a name like “magic wonder potion” or something like it would be more fitting. Perhaps mean indeed in the sense of knocking out disease and being serious about better health. The documentary is called “Sick, fat, and nearly dead” and it resonated with me in a big way. There is a chronic illness that needed further tending to control, maybe I should rephrase that since I feel it is under control but needs to be send into remission further. There is physics weight I’d like to shed along with the material weight I am working on log lightening my load. And with all these things falling into path to keep going, misery, pain and death could wait a little longer.

Joe did nothing but juice for 60 days, plus incorporating some exercise and other lifestyle changes. I don’t remember how much weight he lost in the end, (but it was a lot) saving others who struggled along his journey, but his story and health improvements were remarkable. He reversed many conditions, got off of harsh pharmaceutical medicines, and again I felt that this was the next puzzle piece for myself. However, not going to the doctor for the ok to go ahead, I would start with only one juice per day instead of going all in.

I long sensed my rheumatoid arthritis being linked to my food intake. The wrong foods for that matter, foods my system can’t process and digest, resulting in adverse health conditions. Consequently I believed to suffer with poor gut health and toxins leaking into the blood stream from the foods consumed. I have never been diagnosed with it, I just know somehow. I had nothing to lose but everything to gain. Wednesday was my first day to take an active step. This post was written after completing 2 full days and here is what these days looked like…

Morning: 1 glass of veggie/fruit juice 80/20

For lunch I made soup out of the pulp. Yeah I know it doesn’t sound appealing, but it was actually pretty good and as you go through your regular food withdrawal, it is a welcome change.

Dinner: Mixed green salad with one egg and sardines in olive oil which became my salad dressing.

One the second night I indulged in homemade popcorn in olive oil.

The results and findings so far with only two days in.

Weight lost 5 lbs

An overall feeling of lightness beyond 5 lbs and I don’t feel so weighed down and heavy.

There are more times my joints (hands) move with more ease and seem fluid. The strain that often persists to make them work seems to have lessened and I feel good overall.

The food tastes better and by the evening the salad comes around, you truly have learned the meaning of mindful eating, which helps proper digestion and absorption of your food and nutrients. I heard the food cravings/hunger pains subside after a few days as your system adjusts and detoxes.

One of the big ones I thought to give up was my coffee in the morning, but even that has been easier than I thought it would be. I always enjoyed my coffee, but as of lately I seldom finished my one cup in the morning, and my relationship to it has changed. It almost feels like a higher power was trying to prepare me for the juice reboot. It reminds me of how it was as I quit smoking. Mind over matter and the urge to give in only lasts a few moments. Put it out of your mind and stop entertaining the torture. You know that you can do it.

Over the past two days I actually felt some hunger pains and every time I do, I just drink more water. Overall it has been a great experience and I look forward to how this continues.

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Our emotions and our physical body

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Are you a believer that our mental and emotional state of being has an impact on our physical health? Than this one is for you and perhaps it can help you on the future. You have heard the saying “Don’t Stress the small stuff” but that is easier said than done at times, right? Sometimes we just can’t help it. But there is something we can do. I can’t picture anybody sitting there and shoveling spoonful’s worth of poisoning into their body. We know that certain things can’t be consumed and we wouldn’t dare. What if we knew how certain emotions and feelings affect the body? That these are poisonous for our over well being? Would we think twice to engage and try to limit these behaviors? I think so and here is a short list of what happens to us on the inside.

  1. Anger is stored in the liver and gallbladder
  2. Worry is stored in the stomach
  3. Grief is stored in the lungs
  4. Fear is stored in the kidneys
  5. Stress is stored in the heart

Are there areas you can impact and change? I know I am still working towards them and it is a process. Look after yourself .

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Homemade with ❤️

With the current pandemic and uncertain times, it was suggested to use the time at home to catch up on some of things you always wanted to do. To learn new things and in other words to keep to mind busy by feeding it with positivity instead of fear. For me it was about learning to take better care of myself. While this involves many different aspects and can range from your diet, to getting enough rest and exercise, my focus drifted to making a few skincare products made with natural ingredients and essential oils. I have to admit that essential oils are my new obsession. I feel something is pulling me strongly into that direction, and I feel it is the next step in my journey of healing, finding my true purpose and bringing it forward to you.

What I made was an all natural anti aging face moisturizer and a sugar body scrub. I’m in love so far and can’t wait to make more. I am currently looking to make additional badges, making these available at a later point at local markets, perhaps my Etsy shop. Yes I did open it…finally, but much more has to be posted and added to the shop inventory. So far I processed and shipped one sale and I do need more practice for the process to go a lot smoother. In case you care to take a peak you can find me at

Stay safe out there everyone. 🙏🏼

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Just in case

For my American readers, just in case anyone needs this in these uncertain times. I know many of you are scared, and I wanted to take the opportunity to send light and love your way. Together we can connect and send healing to the world, and to all of us who feel panic and anxiety.

You are not alone, and I will send healing love this evening at 8 PST, that you may find peace and comfort. We will start with soft drumming to connect to the heartbeat of the earth. State our intentions, while asking for healing, strengths and protection of all our loved ones.

If you want to join, see how this time converts to your time zone and take a moment to become still with me. Close your eyes and relax. Let your thoughts drift away, and tell your ego to step aside and not to interfere. If you find it hard to stop the noises in your head, ask again, until you become still. Find your rhythm and breathe deeply, picturing your stomach rise and fall. Relax and rely on your senses. Here you are safe and all that matters is the current moment. Maybe you can burn sage and clear your space of negative energy. Maybe you have soft music playing in the background. Maybe you allow yourself to relax while taking a bubblebath. Whatever way suits you, be thankful to yourself for granting this moment to you. For taking the time to do something for yourself.

Sending love and blessings during this difficult time and always. 🙏🏼

Please feel free to contact me and leave me a message if you would like more help.

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Boosting Immunity

Staying healthy has turned into a much sought after quest in a world that is becoming more and more a place of panic and fear with the outbreak of the recent corona virus. It’s scary times for most, despite many of us have accepted other leading death causes such as obesity, heart disease, and more and they no longer make the news. Maybe we have gotten used to these causes as they fade into our existence simply by “being the way it is.”

One of the natural ways we can boost our immunity is through lemon water. Ingredients include 1 lemon and 1 cup of water. Squeeze lemon juice into water and stir. Enjoy first thing everyday. The benefits are that your lemon water mixture greatly improves your immune system and digestion. It stabilizes your appetite, and cleanses your liver and kidneys.

Other good health practices include proper hygiene. Washing your hands a minimum of four times daily 20 seconds each, and not touching your eyes or mouth allowing the virus to transfer. There are other tips such as staying 6ft away from a person carrying the virus, but can you tell they are infected simply because they were sneezing? Also some suggest that people might have already carried the virus, didn’t know it and recovered. Much is still uncertain and we surely are masters, able to create our own panic. I’m not saying not to take any of it serious, it is serious business, and I expect many more will suffer from this outbreak. Still, let’s just start with what we can control at the moment, such as taking the best care we can of ourselves. Lemon juice, good hygiene and plenty of rest will keep your immune system with the best chance to stay healthy.

Be safe and take care of yourself. 🙏🏼

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A new month

We have started a new month, with February underway of the much anticipated “20’s”. How would you summarize January? Did you make a New Years Resolution and are you still on track? I sat the other day, reflecting back on January, letting all my successes and shortcomings pass by in front of my eyes, in what felt like a slow motion rewind. It actually felt good to reflect and to track my progress. There are some things that hurt a lot during January. I lost a dear sister and I dealt with a hitting too close to home heart attack, (not me) but if I’m honest, overall there is progress as well.

Ah yes…the lessons. What were the lessons. What were the lessons of January? I guess people will always come and go throughout your lifetime. Make the most of the time you have because one day all that will be left are the memories.

As far as my health and the heart attack scare, I have work today. I might have my rheumatoid arthritis under control right now and the pain in check, but my blood pressure is very high and my blood sugar has spiked. February will be all about keeping my physical heart healthy, cutting all sodium and sugars and making healthy choices. I am tracking each day and I also want to add additional meditation and reiki time this month. Having turned the house upside down, nearly being finished, I hope to pursue my arts and get back into the creative world.

Here is to wishing you a heart healthy February. ❤️