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Homemade with ❤️

With the current pandemic and uncertain times, it was suggested to use the time at home to catch up on some of things you always wanted to do. To learn new things and in other words to keep to mind busy by feeding it with positivity instead of fear. For me it was about learning to take better care of myself. While this involves many different aspects and can range from your diet, to getting enough rest and exercise, my focus drifted to making a few skincare products made with natural ingredients and essential oils. I have to admit that essential oils are my new obsession. I feel something is pulling me strongly into that direction, and I feel it is the next step in my journey of healing, finding my true purpose and bringing it forward to you.

What I made was an all natural anti aging face moisturizer and a sugar body scrub. I’m in love so far and can’t wait to make more. I am currently looking to make additional badges, making these available at a later point at local markets, perhaps my Etsy shop. Yes I did open it…finally, but much more has to be posted and added to the shop inventory. So far I processed and shipped one sale and I do need more practice for the process to go a lot smoother. In case you care to take a peak you can find me at

Stay safe out there everyone. 🙏🏼

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Just in case

For my American readers, just in case anyone needs this in these uncertain times. I know many of you are scared, and I wanted to take the opportunity to send light and love your way. Together we can connect and send healing to the world, and to all of us who feel panic and anxiety.

You are not alone, and I will send healing love this evening at 8 PST, that you may find peace and comfort. We will start with soft drumming to connect to the heartbeat of the earth. State our intentions, while asking for healing, strengths and protection of all our loved ones.

If you want to join, see how this time converts to your time zone and take a moment to become still with me. Close your eyes and relax. Let your thoughts drift away, and tell your ego to step aside and not to interfere. If you find it hard to stop the noises in your head, ask again, until you become still. Find your rhythm and breathe deeply, picturing your stomach rise and fall. Relax and rely on your senses. Here you are safe and all that matters is the current moment. Maybe you can burn sage and clear your space of negative energy. Maybe you have soft music playing in the background. Maybe you allow yourself to relax while taking a bubblebath. Whatever way suits you, be thankful to yourself for granting this moment to you. For taking the time to do something for yourself.

Sending love and blessings during this difficult time and always. 🙏🏼

Please feel free to contact me and leave me a message if you would like more help.

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Boosting Immunity

Staying healthy has turned into a much sought after quest in a world that is becoming more and more a place of panic and fear with the outbreak of the recent corona virus. It’s scary times for most, despite many of us have accepted other leading death causes such as obesity, heart disease, and more and they no longer make the news. Maybe we have gotten used to these causes as they fade into our existence simply by “being the way it is.”

One of the natural ways we can boost our immunity is through lemon water. Ingredients include 1 lemon and 1 cup of water. Squeeze lemon juice into water and stir. Enjoy first thing everyday. The benefits are that your lemon water mixture greatly improves your immune system and digestion. It stabilizes your appetite, and cleanses your liver and kidneys.

Other good health practices include proper hygiene. Washing your hands a minimum of four times daily 20 seconds each, and not touching your eyes or mouth allowing the virus to transfer. There are other tips such as staying 6ft away from a person carrying the virus, but can you tell they are infected simply because they were sneezing? Also some suggest that people might have already carried the virus, didn’t know it and recovered. Much is still uncertain and we surely are masters, able to create our own panic. I’m not saying not to take any of it serious, it is serious business, and I expect many more will suffer from this outbreak. Still, let’s just start with what we can control at the moment, such as taking the best care we can of ourselves. Lemon juice, good hygiene and plenty of rest will keep your immune system with the best chance to stay healthy.

Be safe and take care of yourself. 🙏🏼

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A new month

We have started a new month, with February underway of the much anticipated “20’s”. How would you summarize January? Did you make a New Years Resolution and are you still on track? I sat the other day, reflecting back on January, letting all my successes and shortcomings pass by in front of my eyes, in what felt like a slow motion rewind. It actually felt good to reflect and to track my progress. There are some things that hurt a lot during January. I lost a dear sister and I dealt with a hitting too close to home heart attack, (not me) but if I’m honest, overall there is progress as well.

Ah yes…the lessons. What were the lessons. What were the lessons of January? I guess people will always come and go throughout your lifetime. Make the most of the time you have because one day all that will be left are the memories.

As far as my health and the heart attack scare, I have work today. I might have my rheumatoid arthritis under control right now and the pain in check, but my blood pressure is very high and my blood sugar has spiked. February will be all about keeping my physical heart healthy, cutting all sodium and sugars and making healthy choices. I am tracking each day and I also want to add additional meditation and reiki time this month. Having turned the house upside down, nearly being finished, I hope to pursue my arts and get back into the creative world.

Here is to wishing you a heart healthy February. ❤️

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Recharging failure

They say that highly sensitive people and empathy needs to recharge daily. If they don’t, they’ll experience anger, sensory overload, physical and emotional burnout and anxiety.

Yesterday was a failed attempt to recharge for me, and the day actually turned out pretty scary and overwhelming. I look back at how lightheartedly it started, how I felt energized, well rested, feisty and ready for the day. But then a few hours later came a message and the reminder of how quickly life can change. In an instant stress took over, replacing my cheerful heart with a heavy one and worries. It just did no matter how hard I tried to hold on to that feeling of bliss.

I ended up spending hours in the hospital, lending support, just being there, perhaps taking the edge off some serious matters, and scary health concerns. Being there because I could be, to share this scary path and to put my time to recharge on the back burner. I had to and this wasn’t about me I don’t experience anger, but there is definitely anxiety that is creeping up inside of me.

Much is left unresolved and hanging in the balance, with even the saying “tomorrow is another day” being uncertain. It definitely will be another day and today I am reminded that not all of us have the privilege to see and enjoy it.

Be good to each other and don’t take your time for granted.

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Which way to go to when dealing with a chronic disease

Perhaps I should have titled this post differently, and I’m sorry if I got you hooked in the hopes of finding advice or even an answer to such a complex question. In all honestly I don’t think that there is a one answer fits all kind of remedy. In fact we are all different, and yet we are the same.

So many of us deal with a chronic illness, trying to figure out and find which way is right for us. We can either look at our journey ahead as one of finality, or one of opportunity. Many of us face fears on a daily basis and are at the mercy of the hands of those we believe to be capable of helping us. I know that you may feel like this all too many times, but you are not just a number. You are so much more. You are not the prognosis you’ve been given and you are not just average or undeserving of the best possible help there is. Whatever news you have received, remember and do not confuse context as the final word. Things can change in a heartbeat, all the time and good things happen just as much as the bad things do. Believe.,,,

You are build for diversity, challenge, change, and most of all triumph. A weak heart beats stronger with more goals behind it, not less. An anxious mind becomes clear when it goes within, not out. A depressed soul finds purpose on the horizon, not behind. Your body will follow your lead. Show it what you know it can do – thoughts, words, pictures, even if only one tiny movement or one little improvement – show it, embrace it, be grateful for it. Then watch how quickly, happily, and readily your body will respond to and for you.

Words and views inspired by my Reiki master the amazing Melissa Crowhurst and me ❤️

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The cleansing power of Salt Bowls

Have you ever noticed that the beach feels so energetically clean and refreshing? For a long, long time, salt has been considered a protective and cleansing agent, both physically and metaphysically.

Today I made my first salt bowl. It can absorb water, emit ions, and kill bacteria. It also removes negative energy from the home. You don’t have to use the fancy Himalayan pink salt like I did here, and a simple bowl filled with salt can do the trick too. I just liked how it looked.

1. Choose a bowl

You can go all fancy, highlighting the contrast of your salt or plain. I recommend a non porous bowl unless you are ok with salt penetrating and possibly ruining your bowl.

2. Choose a salt

From regular salt to Himalayan, to sea salt or other varieties, the choice is yours. You could also mix the fancy with plain salt to make it more cost effective and still decorative.

3. Add Herbs and Oils, if desired

Here you can let your imagination run free and be as creative as you want to be. Open your cupboards and spice rack, and don’t forget the tea tins. I added some nature treasures in mine such as juniper berries and twigs, stones, wood, miniature pine cones, feathers and other plant material, paying homage to Mother Earth. You could also use protective herbs such as rosemary, garlic, bay leaves and such.

4. Spell out your intentions

You can say something like “May this salt cleanse the energy of my home and protect me from negativity.”

5. Set it out

Place your beautiful salt bowl wherever you would like. Some people place it in the kitchen, others near the door that’s used most often. Be conscious of the salt bowl. Use it as a cleanser if your energy every time you pass by. You can push negative energy into the salt bowl or touch it with your fingertips. Sprinkling a bit of salt onto your carpet before vacuuming can really change the energy of the room. Or you can sprinkle the four corners of your room to create a very magical feeling space.

A few things to consider. Don’t eat the salt. You charged it with absorbing negativity, so you don’t want to consume it. Be conscious of where you place it if you have pets. When the energy of the bowl doesn’t feel cleansing anymore, it’s time to get rid of it. You can either dump it into the trash or toss it outside someplace where you wish to prevent plants from sprouting.

Lastly…have fun with it ❤️

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Unproductive Bliss

You know the days where everything feels as if you have to force it. When your energy is drained, where everything takes too much effort, and nothing comes together easily. I’m talking about the days your soul already knows that you need a break, it just takes you a moment before you finally agree and give in.

Sometimes, I punish myself for having unproductive days and the guilt creeps up to make me feel bad. And then I’m reminded that I’m only human and that breaks are necessary.

Don’t feel guilty for putting something on pause temporarily while you reconnect with yourself and find a balance. Remember, your mental health comes first.

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A concept, an aesthetic, and a worldview that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peacefully the cycle of growth and decay.

This is a recent picture from a few weeks ago. It’s been month since I could make a fist with my left hand. I’ve tried, but all I could do is slightly curl my fingers, that was all. When I gently wrapped my fingers with my other hand, helping it to make a fist, I could only go so far and you could literally hear the bones grinding against either other. The sound alone was painful to hear not to mention the actual feeling. Sometimes my hand got stuck in an awkward painful cramp, until it finally snapped into action. Either into the desired direction or back to the way it was before the attempt. It was always painful, but I had to try. It was scary times for sure, losing control, your life, especially when my right hand started to show similar symptoms. And then eventually it happened and I could make a fist again. So what happens?

I’ve kept quiet thinking it might be some fluke, a good day where the universe had finally heard my prayers. The last thing I needed was to jinx it. I almost didn’t believe it myself, but more and more days followed, good days, still painful to make a fist, but days when I could do it. That in itself was a miracle to me. I’m by no means out of the woods, but I can’t help but contemplate about what contributed to it. And feel pretty darn blessed, empowered, and proud that I have kept my vision and never gave up. That I believed and surrendered my swords to love and faith. You know how the universe answers your prayers based on your thoughts? Well today I believe that I am experiencing remission and it just has to be this way. I’m thinking it, I believe it and the universe will do the rest.

I think some of the things that helped me getting her is that I stopped fighting against it. That I let my resistance and fear fall to the wayside. Mostly and whenever I could. Some things are simply out of our control and I recognized this as such a thing. I accepted the imperfections, the growth and the decay, no matter how hard it was. I tried to find the beauty in the lessons and the imperfections of life, in Wabi-sabi.

I stopped drinking out of plastic cups for the most part. I need to get a new metal bottle for when I hike since my old one started to leak, but I made changes.

I do have my copper gloves I wear here and there. They soothe my hands and feel comfortable but I can’t credit them to alleviating stiffness in the morning.

I don’t type as much on the computer and sometimes days go by before I get to your comments. I don’t like that part but I can’t force it when I’m dealing with the pain and thank you for understanding. You already know that I always come around again when I can to catch up and to see what you’ve been up to.

Ibuprofen helps with inflammation and pain but is not your friend. What a weird concept. You feel better but more damage is done in the meantime. On an autoimmune protocol ibuprofen and aspirin is a no go, and I only take it if I absolutely need to now. There used to be a time I needed to take it every night just to get a decent pain manageable amount of sleep.

I cut out sugar and sugar substitutes and sweeten with honey.

I eat less inflammatory foods.

I have become more mobile and have gone from hardly being able to walk in December to managing 8 miles on a good day.

I have become a energy healer and have gotten my Reiki Master certificate amongst some others. I am calm most days unless you invade my privacy on the trail and fly a drone over me to film me. Sorry side note but true example of poor trail Etikett. Can you believe it? Yep that happened to me this week… my words “Do you mind?” Gee

I have been lucky being able to listen to my body and allowing it time to heal. To not get sucked up in a physical job and to have had all this time off to really mend myself and look after myself. It’s been a long, painful process, but it’s been a journey where much was learned and the lessons are not yet over. This time taught me just how strong we can be and how extraordinary yet fragile the human spirit is. How easily the balance can tip and things turn to chaos and being out of whack.

My blog has definitely helped me by connecting to other kindred spirits and extraordinary souls. I am blessed to have crossed paths with you. I could never thank you enough and I hope you know what you mean to me.

Plus another powerful and most amazing gift is that I receive healing and love from other powerful healers and a very special shaman that sends me their light and love every day. I couldn’t have done it without you.

These are just a few things that come to mind and really it is a collection of many things. Maybe it is my guardian angels watching out for me. Attending the full moon celebrations, releasing energies that no longer serve me and weigh me down. Maybe it is setting new goals and intentions during the full moon and manifesting such throughout the month. I am sure it is the healing power of crystals and without a doubt it is inner peace and quieting the turmoil we so often find ourselves in. It is following my passion of turning my crafts into a business, of bringing something special to the table, a sense of belonging and being needed. It is being loved and appreciated. It is having purpose. So where do you find all these things you might wonder? Life is not perfect and never will be, but most of it is a matter of your perception and how you react to those moments. If you see a lesson or just another downfall. If you feel the victim or embrace the cards you are dealt with. You don’t have to like it one bit and believe there are still things I don’t like and need to change, but I will continue to try and make the best out of these situations. Maybe tomorrow I take a step for the worst, but I’m not even going to through this thought out into the universe because today I celebrate the achievements I have made in claiming my life back. And so can you…

Namaste ❤️

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Natural Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitos have always had a hay day with me and everybody always said “Oh you must have sweet blood” when I was the only one that got bitten. Forget that…

The bites here in the states are not as bad (bad enough though) as they were back in Germany last year. The insects were in general much more aggressive over there since there is no pesticide spraying of crops.

Last week there have been reported cases of mosquitos carrying the West Nile Virus in my area which is a bit scary. I was never a fan about the chemical protectant sprays on the market and these days I am all about eliminating toxins from my body vs. putting new ones in. So this natural repellent seemed like a no brainer and I am giving it a try.

Here is what you need:

1/2 cup water

1/8 cup apple cider vinegar

10 drops citronella essential oil

10 drops cinnamon leaf oil or lemon eucalyptus essential oil

A spray bottle


Take a spray bottle and put apple cider vinegar and both essential oils in. Then shake the bottle.

Add the water to the spray bottle. Shake well until all ingredients are mixed and voila.