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Benefits of sleeping on your left side

Are you a side sleeper or do you sleep on your back? Apparently and according to it doesn’t only make a difference in which position we sleep, but also on which side. It is said that sleeping on the left side is extremely beneficial. It alleviates acid reflux and heartburn, boosts digestion, stimulates the drainage of toxins from your lymph nodes, improves circulation, and helps your brain filter out waste. Due to anatomy and the location of your body’s organs, these amazing benefits only come from sleeping on the left side.

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In this weeks health check we are taking a look at Serotonin and according to Dr. Frank Lippman, 70% of our serotonin is made in our gut. What’s going on in our gut is going to affect our mood, anxiety, depression, and focus.

Serotonin is the key hormone that stabilizes out mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness. This hormone impacts the entire body and enables brain cells and other nervous system cells to communicate with each other. Serotonin also helps with sleeping, eating, and digestion. Here are some ways of to naturally boost our serotonin levels.

Spend time in nature. Get serotonin from the sun, even on cloudy days. Add vitamin D supplements to your regimen. Get a massage. Exercise to boost serotonin levels. Meditate. Listen to music. Try acupuncture. Focus on the positive. Practice gratitude. Set goals and achieve them. Try the “three blessings exercise.” Here you write down three things you are thankful for every night for one week. Talk to a therapist. Experience new things. Try turmeric. Eat tryptophan rich foods. At more carbohydrates. Add more vitamin B6 and B12 to your diet. Try serotonin vitamins. Limit your caffeine, alcohol and sugar intake. Focus on a good nights sleep.

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Activating your happiness chemicals

On the health front we are talking about taking the power into our own hands. I hear it all the time that we are more powerful than we believe we are. That we can manifest abundance and wonderful things with merely our thoughts and beliefs. That the body has the ability to heal itself and so much more. Here is a closer look of what we can do to support these magical events and today we are talking about promoting the chemicals that make a positive difference. So here we go…get ready. I’ll introduce the chemical, what it does for us, and ways to promote it.

DOPAMINE – the reward chemical

-complete a task

-doing self care activities

– eating some food

Celebrating your little wins

OXYTOCIN – the love hormones

-playing with a dog (hence I must be overflowing)

-playing with a baby

-holding hands

-hugging someone

-giving someone else a compliment

SEROTONIN – the mood stabilizer



-be in the sun

-walk in nature


ENDORPHIN – the pain relief

-laughing exercise

-essential oils

-eating dark chocolate


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Unexpected surprises

Sometimes unexpected surprises come to us in the simplest of ways such as this dish. What’s the big deal some might ask and perhaps it was just that moment that mattered for me trying to create a healthy meal for myself. Divine intervention or mere coincidence, I suppose it will always come down to the way we view things. And then….even worth blogging about…well that’s a whole other level yet.

This dish came about one evening when it was already very hot in the humble abode due to the days heat. Not wanting to cook and add to the heat, I was going through my perishables that needed to be processed anyways. A half of onion, a half of a yellow pepper, some fresh mushrooms and a little broccoli and it seemed as if it was the perfect combination and solution for the day. I enjoyed sautéing it in a little butter and watch the vibrant colors come to life even more so. And did I mention already that it was very tasty and healthy on top of it.

Well the moral of the story goes that it doesn’t take much to surprise and make me happy these days. I dwell in a simple space with little material things and it’s just fine. I have a storage unit full of stuff but honestly I haven’t missed much of anything besides my crafting stuff. Little meals like that make my day and thanks to them and much more, I am happy to report that I have lost ten pounds since the middle of June. Not too shabby I’d say.

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Starting the week on the right track, I want to revisit some of my soul searching activities and aha moments of how to improve my health. I was in a world of pain and in search of another invention.

I knew that I had it in me to be on the rebound once more, despite of not drinking enough water, of letting kundalini Yoga fall to the wayside due to space, not practicing Reiki frequently and a non meditation schedule over the past two months. I was convinced that the body is a great healer, very powerful, with the ability to heal itself and ourselves. I still believe that our minds are very potent and that our thoughts impact us, good and bad. Now was the perfect time to prove this theory once more and I needed to get off of these steroids and NSAID’s.

I had long heard about Mudrās. Sometimes a full body pose, sometimes done with hands and fingers. I don’t know why I never learned more about it, but the time had come and these magical poses fell into my lap again as if saying “let’s take another look, this might help you.”

In my research it was confirmed that the body is more powerful than we think. Every inch of our hands have energetic connections with different organs and parts of the body. It is said that when specific hand gestures are maintained, electromagnetic signals are sent to the corresponding body part, which ignites a powerful healing process and various benefits. These hand gestures and poses are known as Mudrās and are worth to be explored. Giving it a try and combining it with Reiki or mediation seems like a perfect combination for me to try. Fingers crossed.

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Mineral deficiencies

Once again I had reached a point of dissecting all the reasons as to why I was in so much pain. I acknowledged each and every part of it, questioning everything. I did a lot of soul searching and boy did I learn a lot. On an emotional and physical level.

Seeing what’s different, it came to mind that I haven’t taken my vitamins in over a month. Could it be that it played a role in what was going on? Even if a minor one? Was I withholding important fuel and nutrients my body needed, especially now during this most powerful fight of my life. I decided to start my regimen again and I’m curious to see what happens. What could it possibly hurt!!! It’s only one thing that I’m touching on here, at least for the moment until other posts are written, but here are some other things on the radar that I’m watching and hope to implement for further improvement.

Once again I am watching my water intake and as always it needs to be up’ed.

I am drinking more of the tart cherry juice that has helped me with inflammation before. Drinking it regularly is the key here and not just here and there when I remember.

I am drinking green tea mixed with chamomile tea and coffee has taken the backseat to once a week.

Check out this additional list and see if you can spot anything useful for yourself. It includes sure tell signs of mineral deficiencies.

ZINC weak immunity, allergies, thinning hair, acne or rashes, infections, diarrhea

CALCIUM brittle hair, dry skin, high blood pressure, tooth decay, tingling in fingers, chronic itching, lethargy

MAGNESIUM sleeping difficulties, muscle spasm/pain, anxiety/depression, infertility/PMS, headache, fatigue

POTASSIUM abdominal bloating, cramps, heart palpitations, nausea/vomiting, ringing in ears, feeling dizzy, constipation

IODINE low body temperature, weakness/fatigue, swollen/sore tongue, cold hands/feet, pale skin, weak nails

SELENIUM slow metabolism, slow wound healing, memory problems, hair loss/dry hair, infertility, low immune system

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Eye health for dogs

This weeks health segment goes out to our four legged family members and the focus is on eye health.

I’ve noticed a few things with Cinnamon this week that make me wonder if she is struggling with poor eye sight. First it was a stick in the water that I threw. It was seemingly right next to her and still she had a hard time making it out. Sure it could have been the glare on the water from the sun. 🤔Then a miscalculated jump and run in with a kitchen cabinet that left a big scrape with lost fur on the right side of her face. She does get a bit rambunctious. 🤔 Next, another failed attempt jumping on the couch, missing it and falling off backwards. A play with her toy that I kicked around the floor and which at times she couldn’t make out where it landed. Sure it’s brown like the floor and blends in, but 🤔…how many excuses can I make for her while not following a hunch or satisfying that gut feeling.

A vet appointment is scheduled for the 6th of August and it’s the earliest I could get. Crazy, but it’s important to me that she treated by the same amazing man that already cared for my prior two dogs Sparky and Nikki. In the meantime we are doing our own thing and here are a few tips. Tonight Cinnamon received half of a sweet potato mixed in with her normal food and luckily she loved it. Here is a list of foods and things that can promote good eye health in dogs. Even if everything checks out just fine and fur-momma is just over worried about her baby, these are still good things to incorporate into her diet.




Cold water fish





Sweet Potato


Moisture (dog I drops) if you live in a hot, dry and dusty climate which I think is key for us here



Omega 3 fatty acids




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Narcissist – Sociopath Awareness

On the health front this week, and perhaps even something you relate with. It’s really something to think about and I don’t think the connection is coincidental. What we expose ourselves to, and what we eat for nourishment, everything plays a vital role on our delicate bodies and our mental well being.

Narcissist abuse and trauma survivors are often diagnosed with chronic pain and autoimmune disorders because long-term exposure to cortisol and adrenaline (fight or flight chemicals) cause inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation causes pain, or worse, it causes our immune system to attack itself because it thinks the inflammation is caused by a disease it needs to eradicate.

Bobbi Parish, MA

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Manuka Honey

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Honey, a gift of Mother Nature, and the all important and vital Bee population. Packed with healthy properties, it is often used as a natural sweetener, but packs so many additional healing properties. Let’s take a closer look.

SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) Low stomach acid, Acid reflux

Acne and Eczema

Staph Infections

Burns, Wounds and Ulcers

Tooth Decay and Gingivitis


Sore throat and Immunity

Allergies and Sinusitis

Beauty Treatment and Health Booster

Improves Sleep

A pretty amazing list isn’t it? From what could you benefit from? Could you incorporate a little more honey into your life? I think I definitely can find some ways.

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Bay leaves

True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen and it’s been a while since I did a health segment on the blog. Those little reminders for me have become more important than ever and here is a simple one anybody can do to reap some quick and powerful benefits.

Burning bay leaves in your home helps relieve anxiety, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, increase alertness, open respiratory system, and increase mindfulness.