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A dog’s bedtime prayer

Sweet Cinnamon Girl

Those of you who have a fur-child will most likely relate and with a deep sigh we might exclaim the sacrifices we make even if it means waking crooked like a question mark each day. I’ve had dogs before, but never has one expressed the need for such a closeness, literally laying nearly on top of you and always needing to make some sort of bodily contact like Cinnamon has. She is just slightly over 40 lbs, but becomes dead weight when she lays on you and you can’t budge her lol. She might as well weigh a ton, at least it’s what it feels like. I think she likes the warmth of a snuggle and despite I wrap her in a blanket on the couch before I go to bed, she still prefers her human blanket and ends up in bed. If there was a dog’s prayer at bedtime, this would be it.

Now I lay me down to sleep, the king-size bed is soft and deep. I sleep right in the center groove, the people here can hardly move. I’ve trapped their legs, they’re tucked in tight, and here is where I spend all night. No one disturbs me or dares to intrude, til morning comes and I want food. I sneak up slowly to begin, and lick a nose or a bit of chin. For mornings here, it is time to play, I know the food is on it’s way. Thank you Lord for giving me these wonderful people that I see. The ones who hug and hold me tight, and share the bed with me at night.

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Preparing for Winter

I am taking a little break from the personal stuff and instead I wanted to share a neat little story I just recently came across. We know that bears and other animals prepare for winter and perhaps a time of hibernation. Squirrels gather nuts and apparently Woodpeckers do the same, although they have a very unique way of storing their precious bounty. Have you ever heard a woodpecker while walking the woods? Chances are he is doing important prep-work for the upcoming winter. The above picture shows a woodpecker preparing. First he finds a dead tree and starts making holes for the acorns. Each hole is made very thoughtfully, because if the hole is large, other birds can easily steal the acorn. If the hole is narrow, the nut can break and deteriorate. By the end of summer, the woodpecker’s “jewelry” work ends. By this time the acorns ripen and take their places in the tree. The trunk of a large tree can hold about 50,000 acorns, allowing the bird a satisfying winter. Perhaps the term “busy bee” could also apply to the woodpecker, and 50K acorns is no small feat. Surely I will look at little closer the next time I encounter the sound of a woodpecker nearby. I would love to see a tree like the one in this picture, even in death and no longer alive still holding a purpose and being of service.

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Happy Anniversary Cinnamon – Home for 1 Yr

One year ago, to this day, this precious little angel choose me and came into my life. It’s almost hard to believe that an entire year has passed, which only raises more awareness to enjoy and love every moment I am gifted with her to the fullest. It’s been many years since I had a dog after Nikki, another beloved Fur-Child has passed. I missed having an animal but it was simply too painful and too new yet, and strangely it felt like there was a certain loyalty to Nikki that needed to be upheld. But for the most part it was not wanting to go through the pain of having to say goodbye some day again. For me it was like losing a loved one, a person, a human, my child, and I am not good at saying goodbye, at all. I feel too much and never got over Nikki’s death. Here I was, waiting to numb the pain, for things to get easier, while suffering in many other ways of not having a special pet. And then she came into my life, unexpected and unplanned, and even though things get complicated at times and more difficult with an animal, it remains a lifestyle choice with adjustments, sacrifices and commitment. In short I wouldn’t have it any other way and I couldn’t imagine life without her.

She is a bundle of sass, and she definitely thinks she is one of us. Well she is and there is no arguing about it. She mocks you and she is a quick learner. She knows that pillows are meant to lay your head on and therefore you might quite frequently find her sleeping just like a human. She has her routines and she knows that a treat awaits after she goes out in the morning and does her business. She is so used to it by now that she will sit patiently, waiting, but also has no problem of reminding you in a way that says “hey, I am still here, waiting, on that treat you are suppose to give me, buddy.” Cinnamon has many quirks and she will without a doubt make you laugh until your belly hurts. There is no shortage of horsing around time in the day, and she is definitely unique and strangely different in the best way possible. She is sensitive and intuitive, she will check on you throughout the day to make sure you are ok. She knows when I am not and she gives kisses when she feels you are sad and she snuggles just a little closer, sending a message that says “I got you bud.” I love her affection and that I can cuddle her as often and as long as I want to. She has complete trust in me putting her snow jacket on and off and waits patiently if some sap needs to be removed from her soft fur. She is 41 lbs now and pure muscle, just try moving her when she plops herself down as close as possible to you and you have to lay like a question mark in bed because for one, you don’t want to disturb her, and two…you couldn’t move her if you tried. Fur child parents who allowed their furry children into bed know the struggle is real.

Animals are something else and I will continue to say that we could learn a lot form them. I am her hooman and she loves me unconditionally. I know we definitely came across each other, at a time of our life when we both needed each other. I thank her every day that she has chosen me to brighten my days. And likewise she is thanking me, without the physical words that yet speak truer and louder as if spoken. She is a picky little rascal and gets the best food. Allergic to many things it was essential to avoid as many triggers as possible which has resulted in a soft and beautifully, shiny coat.

Dear sweet Cinnamon, I hope you are enjoying your little adventure to the wave and hiking every day with your favorite humans. I love you to the moon and back and here is to many more years shared. Thank you for being such a special part of my life.

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Raven Medicine

Raven spirit has kept me company lately, especially around the time of Mom’s Death anniversary. For a few days now, I have seen an increase in sightings, crossing paths wherever I go with this messenger. Whether I hear her crowing nearby with an urgency to get my attention or elsewhere, flying overhead in unusual sightings, she is always settling near me.

Raven / Crow keeper of secrets and knowledge, messenger from beyond the known, I hear your call. Shapeshifter, you move beyond the veil of the unconscious, I know you have a message for me. You who brings universal knowledge and mysticism to remind us that healing and rebirth is upon us. You who encourages us to use the darkness to fan and brighten our light. This time around, beautiful Raven, you remind me of a quote I recently read.

“Women are taught to be too many things that contradict each other so I’ve decided to just be strange and powerful.” ~Shatara Liora

Magic is in the air and something wonderful and special is unfolding. It indeed is and for weeks now I have felt that I am coming home. Not to a physical home, but home to myself. I have decided to be strange and powerful I suppose. I am remembering to be myself, whatever version that might be. The best version of myself or a version that is in progress, it doesn’t matter as long as I am authentically myself. Everyone else is taken anyways so why would I ever want to be something or someone else! It doesn’t matter who is accepting and who is understanding. It doesn’t matter who wishes I was someone else, who points out flaws, there is no need to defend, but only to allow, accept and move on. This is a time of synchronistic events happening, but there is no need to figure them out. Just noticing them and appreciating them for what they are is enough. And merely doing that is quite magical if you ask me. A big change is on the way and coming soon. Yes it is and the story, my story, continues. I am feeling it with every fiber of my being as I continue to prepare myself for the harvest. Something that has been out of balance for a long time is realigning, breathing fresh air into the stagnancy of the past.

The Raven Code

Hail Odin, Be true to thy self, Seek knowledge, Be wise, Make time to play, Be a friend to the wolf (my best friend is a wolf), Do not fear death, Find the light within the darkness, Use cunning trickery to defeat your enemies, Soar high, Discover new mysteries, Make every moment magical.

Always remember that you are the Magic and you are nothing short of magical.

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Bear Spirit

As the fires are abating in my neck of the woods, what is left behind are things that are out of the ordinary. Life has to adjust to the changes and has to find a new rhythm again. Especially the animal kingdom, who has been scared just as much as we have been, who have fled and run away, who have relocated, and are often driven closer to civilization. Old breeding grounds and their previous homes have been affected in the fires and food resources have been taken away. Winter is coming and it is a time to forage and fattening up for hibernation.

I haven’t been out much this year as far as hiking goes and once again I am fighting through the pain, trying to build back my strength by increasing my activity. Once again I am trying to find the fine line, the balance in between what is not enough and what is too much of a good thing. I took Cinnamon out yesterday and today to stretch the legs and get some steps. I have noticed her more cautious, scanning the area, even stopping and standing still, while listening and staring into the distance. Yesterday she kept turning around, looking, listening and checking, until finally someone appeared on a mountain bike. It was quite impressive and she already sensed them way before anybody could hear or see them. I’ve noticed a change in myself as well given the recent circumstances and being more aware. For two days now, Bear has been on my mind and just like Cinnamon, I scan the area just a little closer as I usually do. I am walking, listening and looking, while my mind is saying “Bear, Bear, Bear.” And then it happened and I saw my first bear of the season. It was almost as if I felt it coming for the past two days, as if I sensed it. To many, seeing one would be a nightmare, scary and intimidating, but it was perfectly fine and we were within the safety of our car. I have to say that I’ve never had a problem with a bear and usually they don’t want any part of us. I have seen plenty in the wild, some of them at a close distance, some of them from afar. Here he/she was and I considered myself very lucky to see this magnificent animal given the little time I have been out. It’s been a few years I saw one in the wild, and some years passed despite weekly hikes and not seeing one at all. My heart was pounding in admiration for this bold, strong, wild, and free creature, I call my favorite animal, besides dogs :). Cinnamon also got to see a Momma and a Cub three days ago, but I missed them staying at home and was initially bummed about it. Now it was my turn and I watched for awhile while being parked nearby. We were playing peekaboo behind some brush and ever so often it stood on it’s hind legs looking if I was still there. Other than that, it could have cared less about me.

Back at home I had to look up the spiritual meaning of Bears and there are no ordinary moments I’d say. With September not quite over yet, Bear reminds us to set clear Boundaries, to not compromise, even if pressured. Ask for what you want whether or not you feel you’ll get it. Get going on that creative project you have in mind. Take some time out from your usual routines and spend time in solitude. You may be in need of physical or emotional healing. Be gentle, and show your love to those you’re close to. To find answers to your questions, go inside rather than reading or consulting others. It’s an important time for meditation and introspection. Balance your activities with periods of rest. Don’t forget to play. Allow any darkness you discover in yourself to teach you a lesson.

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Little trooper gets a clean bill of health

This little girl has been a trooper and had a vet appointment last Friday. I wanted to follow up on her allergies and a few other concerns I had. Her fur is really thin in places and perhaps it’s just an attempt to strip down into the buff, lol, as she doesn’t deal well with the heat. It’s just in spots though and so I wanted to make sure. Also a few weeks ago she missed the couch completely trying to jump up onto it and got herself a nice scratch from a nearby piece of furniture, ughhh, right in the face. And then there were a few times at the lake when she seemed unable to spot the stick in the water when it was close by. Well it turns out that everything seems ok with her sight. She is getting an extra dose of Omega’s Fish oil derived and is on allergy meds. We should see what happens and if the fur grows back thicker. It’s mainly on her belly which reminds me of a little piglet now. It’s perfect for kisses and cuddles, but then that’s a fur child Momma talking who is glad her Baby is ok.

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Eye health for dogs

This weeks health segment goes out to our four legged family members and the focus is on eye health.

I’ve noticed a few things with Cinnamon this week that make me wonder if she is struggling with poor eye sight. First it was a stick in the water that I threw. It was seemingly right next to her and still she had a hard time making it out. Sure it could have been the glare on the water from the sun. 🤔Then a miscalculated jump and run in with a kitchen cabinet that left a big scrape with lost fur on the right side of her face. She does get a bit rambunctious. 🤔 Next, another failed attempt jumping on the couch, missing it and falling off backwards. A play with her toy that I kicked around the floor and which at times she couldn’t make out where it landed. Sure it’s brown like the floor and blends in, but 🤔…how many excuses can I make for her while not following a hunch or satisfying that gut feeling.

A vet appointment is scheduled for the 6th of August and it’s the earliest I could get. Crazy, but it’s important to me that she treated by the same amazing man that already cared for my prior two dogs Sparky and Nikki. In the meantime we are doing our own thing and here are a few tips. Tonight Cinnamon received half of a sweet potato mixed in with her normal food and luckily she loved it. Here is a list of foods and things that can promote good eye health in dogs. Even if everything checks out just fine and fur-momma is just over worried about her baby, these are still good things to incorporate into her diet.




Cold water fish





Sweet Potato


Moisture (dog I drops) if you live in a hot, dry and dusty climate which I think is key for us here



Omega 3 fatty acids




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Love at first whiff

She keeps a close eye on him and it’s no secret that she fancies him. For hours at a time she sits at the window, waiting to get a glimpse of him. More hours pass waiting at the door, looking into the direction he might appear at any given moment. She is dedicated, committed, she is in love.

It was love at first sight, undeniable, animalistic, direct, to the point, and in your face. She never made a secret about it and she made sure that he knew how she felt about him. Somehow she always senses when he comes around. She feels him, senses him, lifts her nose into the air as to pick up his scent. And then she catches a whiff of him, distinctly him and it begins, the yearning, the animal attraction and the need to be close to him. She whines and cries for him, she has trouble to stand still, she is begging him to come near her but he acts casual.

She is young and inexperienced, a virgin. He is her first love and she doesn’t have a grip on her feelings. She definitely does not believe or even knows about the game playing hard to get. No, she makes it easy. She is not a lady and her intentions are clear. She’s a bad girl, a wild thing, chasing what she loves. She wants him and that’s all there is to it.

He on the other hand seems much older, collected and well put together. When they meet and she kisses him enthusiastically, he neither returns her kisses nor does he walk away from them. It’s unclear if he fancies her in the same way she does him. Maybe he just wants to be friends. Perhaps she is too young for him. She doesn’t care about the age difference and something is drawing her to him. He drives her crazy and she wants more. She doesn’t think that she is too young and she is ready and able. Maybe it is him who is playing hard to get trying to teach her a lesson. I wonder if a love story will develop from all of this or if the first heartbreak is only around the corner.

Help, my little Cinnamon Girl (my dog) is in love for the first time, and she is acting like a little b…h. 😂

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Horse Spirit – Energy for July

Past month and spirit animals that have supported the energy for each month. Please have a look and see if it applies to you as it has to me. Here is what we can expect for the month of July.

“Freedom is yours” is our motto and here is deeper look as it relates via Colette Baron Reid.

When horse spirit appears, you are gifted with the spirit of movement and freedom. It is a time for travel and adventure, whether that means a trip somewhere or taking a different type of journey, one of freedom of choice. Horse spirit reminds you that no matter the circumstances, you have free will and choices that can take you far away to a better place, a better situation, a better state of being, for there is no one but you to rein in your will to make a different decision. You are capable of making powerful choices that will affect you for a long time to come.

Horses are social animals known to be a friend to mankind, willing to carry us forward when we need it. Horse spirit reminds you that help will be available to you whenever you need it and companions will be by your side wherever you choose to go, whatever direction you choose to travel. Life is an adventure, and Horse Spirit wants you to know that whatever choices you make, you have Great Spirit within, invisible yet holding you up and always walking by your side.

If your inquiry is about a relationship, you can set your heart free to experience love in all forms. Spirit whispers to you that the gift of freedom is yours if you allow yourself to break out of your perfectionism and stubbornness. Make a move and enjoy the freedom of letting go of the need to control.

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Happy Birthday Cinnamon

We are turning a big fat ONE today and it’s hard to believe it has been 8 month since Cinnamon choose me as her Fur-Momma. What a journey it has been, and if I ever thought it was better to wait getting another fur baby because the timing was off, this and how she came into my life is defying all prior theories. If you look at it from the rational mind, the timing could have not been worse. Look at it from an emotional point of view, I know we needed to help each other through some stuff. And a lot of stuff it has been. Some still ongoing, but we are working on it and I’d say we are making the best out of it and have grown very close.

The bond, the trust, the unspoken words (at least from her) say it all. The cuddles, having to be close, from the protection she bestows on her hooman as a guardian, to her uniqueness and the feisty play when we are out and about or just lounging, everything has its place and time and I couldn’t imagine being without her. There was a time, a scary time I might add, when I didn’t know if she would end up with me. Joint custody seemed so far fetched and out of reach. I love her that much that I was ok with whatever would come, as long as it was in her best interest and a better choice. Even if it meant that she wouldn’t be with me. Luckily that never came into fruition and she ended up with me. So when it’s tough to take her for a walk because I ache so not badly, I remember how grateful and lucky I am to have her with me. All I have to do is watch her run up and down the beach like a mad dog, ears flying in the wind, mouth open, smiling from ear to ear and I am reminded of the joy she brings each and every day. At night I tell her goodnight and that I love her, but not before thanking her for being here, by my side, helping me in every way, and making my days better.

Happy Birthday Cinnamon, beloved Fur-Child and rescue pup. You are priceless and simply the best. I love you.