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We are a growing family and where there was only one, one turned into two and now we are three. Three little furry bushy tailed squirrels, all adults have moved into my backyard and provide me with frequent (daily) visits to collect their food rations. I don’t mind and it is quiet amusing to watch them enjoy their fruits, vegetables and nuts of course. They are not picky, although you can clearly tell that they do have their favorites and like some things better than others. Grapes and cantaloupe, as well as mangos belong to the favorite list which leaves me to believe that these little critters are driven by a sweet tooth. 😉

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“Dirty Jake” and family 

I’m held at ransom by this little guy which is otherwise known as “Dirty Jake”. Some of you may know that he lives in my backyard, under the house, or up against the house to be exact. Various, elaborate holes are pushed up against the house foundation, entry and escape routes and my mind imagines an extensive subterranean pad with separate rooms such as a sleeping / lounging area and a huge pantry to store all the food he is collecting from me. Daily appearances are pretty common to pick up his food ration and stock the pantry. He is not too picky and eats everything from vegetables to fruits to nuts, even grapefruit has been on the menu. But he definitely has a sweet tooth and goes crazy for mangos. Besides living here rent free, he long has demanded to be fed in order to leave my flower bulbs alone. Should I miss one day, I can with certainty find a few craters and holes dug where there used to be a beautiful tulip grazing the land. Urghhhh. I kid you not that I suspected the neighbors dog the first time, due to she sheer size of the holes he digs. That was until one day when I was home and heard something hitting the house over and over. It appeared to be sand, only problem, it was a beautiful calm day. I looked out the window and right in front of me I got a backside view of this little rascal digging through the dirt of my flower bed while throwing it up against the house. BUSTED. 

Still he remains to be one of the cutest thieves I know and he has invited a friend as of recently. Perhaps he has found love and she is his significant other. Soon I will have to make adjustments for extra rations and once more feed a cute, furry, bushy tailed family.

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Sierra Marmot 

This is a more usual sighting in the Sierra vs. seeing a River Otter in an alpine lake like I saw the other day, but no matter which critter crosses my path, they are always welcome and a bonus to my outings. I have to admit though that these furry little guys always make my day as I feel myself transported back to my childhood, watching in awe and feeling my heart beat with happiness to have crossed paths. I remember the first time seeing them and we were on a long hike up to Cottonwood Lakes. Finally reaching the top and the Lakes, boulders were strewn all over the beautiful setting. On top of several boulders where Marmots sunning and soaking up the warmth of the rocks. I couldn’t get enough of them and it was a magical moment for me. Unfortunately my pictures from that day got ruined in a freak accident and perhaps those memories were meant to only live in my mind.

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A swim with man’s best friend 

Earlier this week I got to witness two different occasions of man diving in and going for a swim with man’s best friend. The water of the lake was still frigid and snowmelt is still entering from the mountains, but that didn’t stop this ambitious duo. I got busted taking the picture, and the pooch stared right back at me while his master was soaking up some rays to warm up after the swim. 

The second picture was taken in a little seasonal pool near the lake, which I’m sure was much warmer. Sorry for the poor quality on the second picture due to having to zoom from far far far away. Still cute to see these bonds healthy and well. 🐕💙

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Keep on moving 

As predicted this is about my speed today and I have zero motivation for tasky things. I want to sit and vegetate, read and write, nap and dream. It’s been like this for the past few mondays, increasingly getting worse the more time passes without a vacation and by the time evening hits, I will once again feel like I haven’t accomplished any of the things that I need to take care of. I will  wonder where the day went, promising to make up for it next week, only to fall into the same trap once more. The struggle is real but I’m moving forward even if it is at a snails pace like the picture of this one I took in Germany. I’m not complaining.

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It’s my Friday and it’s not coming a moment too soon. I came across this picture I took awhile back of one of my favorite Critters and it made me smile. I’m tired this week and it’s fitting to how I feel and probably will look like tomorrow.

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Triple digits 🔥

It’s gonna be another triple digit day today but, it’s suppose to cool off into the mid 90’s. Haaaa, what a cooling trend and that’s still plenty hot. The heat is draining me and I feel exhausted even though I just had two days off. I need a nap, run around naked or find a body of water. And hey today is national naked hiker day and I could accomplish all three, but I’m at work instead and somehow it doesn’t sound like a great trade off. 

This picture seems to be fitting for my mood today and I wished I could soak up the rays while being submerged in a cool body of blue. To dream the day away and smile towards heaven with not a care in mind. 

Stay cool out there…..Xo

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Tether-ball Champ

Probably not what you thought you’d see after reading the title of this post, but this furry soul has skills and remains one of my most favorite neighbors. Check it out.

A few years ago a tiny bear cub was found near Lake Tahoe. Half frozen to death there was no sight of Mom and one can only speculate of what happened. The Animal Ark, a non profit wildlife sanctuary was notified and the little cub was taken in. It received the name of L.G. which stands for little girl and little girl was nursed back to health. Growing bigger, oh my….little girl turned out that she was actually a little boy and was renamed to Eli. The initials L.G. still stand but instead they were changed to little guy who has grown into a full sized healthy bear over the years. Today the only reminder of his traumatic time alone in the freezing cold is that he lost the cartilage of his ears. Severe frostbite took its toll, but luckily it has not affected Eli’s ability to hear. He is healthy, beautiful and strong and has been given another chance at life thanks to the Animal Ark.

I visit every year and at his enclosure is usually where you will find me. I could watch him for hours, wishing each time that I could go inside and well yeah give him a great big bear hug. One of his favorite things to do is to play tether-ball and he is self taught. I think he has become quiet good at it, wouldn’t you say?


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Lovely Critters 

I’m in love with Critters big and small, and these little furry friends always steal my heart. This furry little Marmot was sunning itself on a boulder on the way up to Matlock Lake. Curious he watched us hike by on the trail, never moving from his comfortable basking rock. Or perhaps it was his “Ruling Rock” 😉

Animals on the trail, encountered in nature are always a bonus and a sight I always search for. My heart leaves just a little happier having seen one of these lovely Critters on the trail. 

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Honey and the Cubs 

Another cub was hiding behind the tree and Mom knew that I was there. She allowed me to follow within safe distance while never presenting a threat to her babies. 

Another awesome moment that stands out in my memory and seeing these beauties in their natural habitat.