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Dear Mom – Heavenly Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day in heaven. Today is the day that we celebrate and give thanks to all the wonderful things you do, just a little more than usual. For all the hard work, the love, and the sacrifices that go into making you so special and who you are. A mother. Today we reflect this love and show our appreciation for a special person like no other. You….

To be honest with you, I am struggling today and it’s an emotional one for me. Much is going on in my life right now. Add a thing like Mother’s Day and the emotions are quadrupled. Fact is, I miss you and no matter how much time passes, that empty void, that hole that is left behind from losing a loved one, just never fills again. Death and loss changes a person and it’s a pain that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Remembering you, I did things a little different this year. I can’t visit your grave, nor can I bring and place flowers for you there. But I don’t think that I need to be at that particular spot to honor you and to show my love and respect for you. You are with me in spirit wherever I am and that is not bound to being in Germany or at your place of rest.

I didn’t want to get a bouquet of flowers that wilts and dies without a trace in 7 days. I got a plant for you, dedicated to your memory and today, which will be around for some time to be enjoyed. Really what I wanted to do is plant a tree for you, but it will have to wait a little as I won’t have a permanent address for awhile. I want your tree to be wherever I see myself living out the rest of my life. You always loved purple and it was your favorite color. Seeing this little plant with it’s purple centers reminded me of you and I knew you’d like it.

Mom, there is not a day that goes by where you don’t cross my mind in some ways. It’s still hard to find the words sorting all the feelings, but even that I know that I don’t have to convey or try to explain. You can now see it all, even the things you struggled with seeing while you were still here in the physical. You now know my heart and you see the unconditional love it has always held for you.

I love you and miss you.

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Happy Easter

Look what the Easter bunny dragged in!!!

This little rascal and myself wanted to wish you a happy Easter and we are keeping it short today. The garage sale is still going on for the second day and the first day was sooo busy. We are tired but grateful and wish you a wonderful holiday. Oh and our healing is on as usual 7PM PCT.

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Valentine’s Day 2021

Picture: Yahoo

Happy Valentine’s Day loves.

I love you all.

As we celebrate another year together, the message from the post below still rings true louder than ever and 365 days have passed to love and care for you even more since my last Valentine’s post in 2020. Phew that was a mouthful. This Valentine’s day is extra special for me since it falls on a Sunday, the day I do your weekly Reiki healing. I will use the opportunity of this holiday and meet you with even more love and healing, to fill your heart with love and light.

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Imbolc – February 1st 2021

Picture of my Altar with spirit bear cloak laid out awaiting to be filled with blessings.

Happy Imbolc friends and family. Imbolc is a traditional Gaelic festival marking the beginning of spring. It lands about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. For Christians, especially in Ireland, it is the feast day of Saint Brigid. Keeping faith in anticipation of the coming spring is a potent theme for Imbolc which celebrates the emergence from darkness into the light of the sun.

While Brigid is associated with many traditions and slight variations in name, which roughly translates into “fiery arrow”, she is known as the keeper of the eternal flame. Light is retuning back to us as days are getting longer.

“Brigid’s mantle” or cloak, is a cloth that brings health and assist in the manifestation of magic. You can make your own magical cloak from shawls, blankets or piece of fabric on the eve of Imbolc. Place it on your doorstep, altar, or hearth. Brigid will pass by overnight and enchant the fabric – filling it with her blessings for the coming year. Wear your enchanted cloak for rituals or spells, or anytime you need extra power. To welcome Brigid arrange your altar with elements that signify both the darkness and the light in balance.

Brigid is the star of many forms of creation and manifestations in the mundane world. Here is a simple prayer that honors her in her role of the light.

Bride of the earth

Sister or the fairies, mdaughtwe of the Tuatha de Danaan,

Keeper of my he eternal flame.

In autumn, the nights began to lengthen,

And the days grew shorter,

As the earth went to sleep.

Now, Bridgit stiles her fire,

Burning flames in the hearth,

Bringing light back to us once more.

Winter is brief, but life is forever.

Bridgid makes it so.

You can also read a little more about Imbolc in the post below.

Don’t forget to tune in tonight for our weekly Reiki healing at 7 PM PST. See you then. 🙏🏼💙

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New Year’s wishes and quotes

We finally waived goodbye to the dreaded year that is 2020 and I actually stayed up until midnight. There was no celebration on TV and the square in New York was empty per strict orders.

I don’t even know why I stayed up to be honest with you and the later it got the grumpier I got, like a child that had missed their bedtime. All of a sudden it’s not that important anymore to ring in the new year and sleep seems more important. Priorities shift, we age, perhaps it was the exhaustion from recent events, the circumstances, how and with who I was welcoming the New Year. As far as the “with who” goes, it seemed contradicting and fake to wish a happy new year when so much of 2020 was filled with truly difficult moments.

Today is the first day of 2021 and many of us have set new goals and a new year’s resolutions we hope to achieve and follow through in the year. Whatever your aspirations, here are a few quotes and New Years wishes that might resonate with you.

“In our perfect ways. In the ways we are beautiful. In the ways we are human. We are here. Happy New Year’s. Let’s make it ours.” -Beyoncé

“Kindness, kindness, kindness. I want to make a New Years prayer, not a resolution. I’m praying for courage.” -Susan Sontag

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

“This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.” -Taylor Swift

“For last years words belong to last years language. And next years words await another voice.” -T.S. Eliot

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” -William Shakespeare

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” -Plato

“No matter how hard the past is, you can always begin again.” -Jack Kornfield

Maybe one or two of these speak to you, but I hope you have a saying of your own and you are marching to your own drumbeat. As the beginning is the most important part of the work like Plato says, the first step in the journey is also the most important one I say. It doesn’t matter the outcome, and sometimes you might view yourself having lost and failed, but maybe you remember that there was a lesson to be learned.

Regardless of the outcome, I think the importance is that you took that step, that crucial first step. That you found the courage to give it a go. That you poured yourself into your hopes and dreams and went for it. Now go out there and celebrate your new opportunities, they all start today. Be safe, aware, awakened and relentless in the pursuit of anything that sets your soul on fire.

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Cinnamon’s 1st Christmas

I hope everyone had a quiet and peaceful little Christmas and your hearts are full of warmth’s and joy. It’s been mostly quiet for us and to be honest Christmas came fast and went fast. I almost feel run over by it and the pre holiday spirit fell short due to recent events. How does one celebrate during those times of sadness? It’s difficult.

It was hard to focus on the magic of Christmas, but we did, and are continuing to incorporate a little Christmas spirit wherever we can. A few special people have reached out and sent us Christmas cards which we loved and we hope that ours found their way to those special destinations as well.

Special gifts found their way to us and left me emotional and overwhelmed by goodness. I know it’s because I’ve been around so many challenges lately and it’s crazy how your heart prepares itself for struggles in order to protect itself. You don’t even realize it, but it’s some sort of automatic defense mechanism. And then something sweet happens, a thoughtful gift, a kind word, a compliment, a card or email, and it takes you off guard because it’s not that you’ve forgotten how special it feels, but because there has been so little light and special moments like these in your life lately. Maybe you have exhausted your own reserves, giving too much and not receiving what you need. Maybe life has beaten you down, maybe people have treated you poorly, made you feel insignificant and ugly. It could be a lot of different things.

  • Here is a little picture of cuteness from Cinnamon’s first Christmas, while waiting for Santa. She heard that he was the guy to make it happen and that he could bring lots of treats and toys, and he did not disappoint. The end result was a belly full of special goodies and a dinner of kibbles mainly left untouched. Surprise there and who would eat bologna when there is filet mignon, although her dry food is no bologna to say the least and it’s expensive, nutritious and the best. There is always breakfast I suppose.
  • We made Glühwein for the first time ever, and it was really delicious. I drank a half cup and felt like I needed to lay down lol. Either it was really potent or I am getting more and more a lightweight, tipsy at the smell of alcohol. Where have my German roots vanished to? Today more pooch cookies are on the menu and we will spend some more time in the kitchen most likely lighting some candles and listening to Zucchero while filling the air with delightful smells. It snowed overnight and the sun is out right now. It looks peaceful and clean. We watched a holiday movie and may watch another with a quarter cup of Glühwein to be safe, and maybe we even manage a little creative time and some crafts later. Probably should do that before the Glühwein.

    Further we watched an online Christmas sermon from my church in Germany. It was held from the apprentice lady who did Mom’s funeral in 2018. It her first and she did an amazing job. Of course this brought back more memories, but overall I was glad and needed to watch her Christmas message.

    Last night I drew a Oracle card from a new animal spirit deck I got for Christmas and made my connection with the deck. I shuffled the cards, excited to see what message they had for me and what it was that I most needed to know right now. What came up was self care on various levels with the “Snake spirit – Time to heal.” Spot on I say.

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    Christmas Day 2020

  • It’s the most wonderful season of the year and Christmas Day has arrived. My wish for you is that a little magic and wonder has found it’s way to your heart in whatever shape and form.
  • If everything is going according to plan, I hope for a few video chats with my family in Germany during the holidays. The holidays are much different this year and the streets in Rothenburg Germany, (picture from last year) and it’s lavish Christmas village and markets, have turned into ghost towns. The streets are deserted and hauntingly empty is the word from my uncle’s side of the family. Something I don’t think anyone has experienced before since this town is usually bustling with tourism and travel from around the globe. Now, hardly a soul stirs and dares, with lockdowns in effect, and safety cautions at the highest priority. This is one time I can wholeheartedly say “hail to technology.” Plans are underway to have multiple households join in on the call. I hope all I have to do is merely accept the chat as I have never Skyped or FaceTimed with more than one person. I’m showing my age here and my fingers are crossed lol.
  • There is a 40% chance of a white Christmas this year. I know that I will miss family and loved ones and most likely the holiday blues will find me at some point. I am planning distraction and a little holiday spirit for myself as I reread the first paragraph of this post, holding the same wish for my heart as well.

    Here is a list of holiday cheer for myself.

    • I will wear a festive, red and white candy cane striped wool hat, with a long tail and a green pompon at the end that has a little jingle
    • My hair will be soft and wavy
    • Red lips and a little glitter is a must on the holidays
    • I am looking to wear something red
    • I will make homemade pooch cookies for cinnamon
    • I will also attempt for the first time ever to make homemade Glühwein (a mulled wine from Germany)
    • Sipping on my hot mulled wine after taking my little girl (Cinnamon) out for a stroll, I think we’ll settle in with a Christmas movie

    May your Christmas and holiday season be merry and bright. And may you be blessed beyond means and measure. Wishing you much health and joy, now and always.

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    The Christmas towel

    It’s Christmas Eve and more than ever we need to believe in the magic of this season. This year it is a season that has been stripped of festivities and gatherings to spread warmth’s and joy. Where there are usually bustling Christmas markets, family gatherings and a time that is spent together, we are facing loneliness and isolation. More than ever we need to believe in the magic of life and the world itself, no matter how difficult it might get.

    I remember back to a holiday when a neighbor gifted me a Christmas towel. It came attached with a poem called “The Christmas towel.” Something so simply, yet so profound and meaningful. In all honesty, I don’t think I ever truly captured it’s meaning and value until recently. All of a sudden it strikes a different chord and stirs something that sinks deeply within the heart to be cherished and held onto for all eternity.

    Years later, I hope to pick a beautiful towel, perhaps the next time while shopping, wrap it up beautifully and write the poem on festive paper. Years later I feel the need to pay it forward to someone in the hopes of spreading a little Christmas spirit. Have you heard of the poem and this tradition before? If you have I’d love to hear your experiences with it, and if not…well I’d like to hear your thoughts anyways. Here is the poem.

    The Christmas towel

    At first glance, it is easy to look at a towel as a most ordinary object. Have you ever stopped to think that for thousands of years, the towel has been used for many wonderful purposes? For example, the mother who wipes the tears of a child, the physician who binds the wounds of a patient, or the woman in her home wiping her hands as she moves from task to task.

    Perhaps the most significant use of the towel happened nearly two thousand years ago when our Savior, only hours before He hung on the cross, took an ordinary towel in His loving hands and dried the feet of His disciples. This simple, loving act personifies the selflessness and loving service we seek to give during our lives. It illustrates that an ordinary thing like a towel, in the right hands, and with a giving heart, can lighten another’s load. As with every action performed by the Savior on this earth, His act of service reminds us that simple day to day kindnesses are the Savior’s way to bless and comfort.

    This towel is given with love and with the hope you will do works of goodness with it as the Savior did so many years ago. May the absorbing spirit of the season blot out our problems, soak up our sorrows, wipe away difficulties, and may your Christmas be shining and bright!

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    A time to give thanks and such…

    This time of year marks thanksgiving here in the States, a time associated with family gatherings, lavish feasts, and giving thanks to a bountiful harvest.

    On a total side note: Why am I thinking about the unimaginable amount of turkeys that lose their life every year so we can give thanks. I have no idea where that came form, but I think I’m in trouble, and I’m not sure this post is heading into the right direction. Yet it is true and it is what’s crossing my mind. If I want to be authentic, I guess then it belongs, and it is a part that shouldn’t be suppressed. Outdated programming and beliefs tell me that today is a holiday, that I should play nice, bring you inspiration and a joyful message for a blessed day, and while I do hold those wishes for myself and you, I can’t just pretend and write something that’s not in my heart. Sure, the timing to write a semi depressing post, on a day like this is not the greatest, but it is what is.

    Well anyways, let’s try this once more. It’s today that we give extra thanks to all the blessings in our life and draw extra attention to it. Personally I do this on a daily basis, without a set holiday dictating to me when I should do so. I feel each day we are given is a day to celebrate, a day to be grateful for. This year feels different on so many levels, and I have to admit that I don’t feel all that festive. I don’t mean it to sound negative, I just merely have no feelings or opinions about it one way or another. Time is kind of rushing me by. I have big dreams and big goals, but I have even bigger responsibilities that need to be tended to in order to become free to pursue these dreams. Basically what I’m saying is that there is a bunch of ugliness to deal with before beauty can unfold.

    I should be decorating the house, baking cookies, getting into the holiday spirit, but I’m not. This is my favorite season as far as holidays are concerned, and yet I lack the gusto to embrace it. The inner child in me wants to deck the halls, and live through all the traditions the holidays bring and yet it’s the surroundings that feel out of place.

    I remember how much fun it was to unwrap ornaments and trimmings each year. That in itself was like unwrapping present and greeting an old friend you didn’t see for an entire year. Oh wait, I did started Christmas shopping, does that count? I do know what the problem is here, and only I can make the changes to match my reality with my vision for the future. In the meantime another season passes by and the decorations stay packed until they can be enjoyed in the right circumstances and time, when everything has been accomplished, when my stars are changing.

    What else is different? There will be no gatherings if one wants to see Christmas. Festivities are cancelled due to Covid 19 and much of the population celebrates in silence and isolation. I’ve been thinking about Mom a lot. I’ve been thinking about the cancelled Christmas markets in Germany I enjoyed so much and not too long ago. I have felt the somber mood all across the world, that threatens to suppress the magical spirit of this season for so many. Maybe even for myself to a degree, although I think it’s more of the vibrations I pick up from you. My circumstances are not perfect, but they are being handled. It’s the vibrations and unspoken words I pick up from time to time. We talked about it here before and from time to time I feel the heaviness of things.

    Personally I feel like I have much to be grateful for, despite the challenges 2020 posed. I should give special thanks today and really spend some time to reflect and ponder the next moves. For me it has been a transition year, with more to come. With Moms passing in October last year, I went through the holidays without her, and you’d think I’ve experienced what it feels like without her. Still it’s different. More focused, more aware, more conscious, on the subject that she is gone and not here anymore. Everything was so fresh, so overwhelming and saturated with grief last year, that it was hard to identify and really sort the feelings. I like to dedicate a holiday to her, to remember, to celebrate, to create my own family customs, including her. I will, hopefully do so next year.

    Finishing off this less than perfect post on a day like this, I’d tell you that things are seldom perfect. That there are always things in life to work on, tweak and to make your own. Despite of those things, we need to remember the good things, the things to be grateful for, so we don’t get overwhelmed and are able to keep balanced. Perhaps things could always be worse. You are the co creator of your life, so if there are things you need to change, develop a plan and implement those changes. Keep gratitude in your heart and share it with those around you.

    In love, light and gratitude for all of you.

    Happy thanksgiving my friends, my tribe, my people. Xo 💙🙏🏼

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    Halloween – Samhain – Adult version

    Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo…it’s Halloween/Samhain, and a full moon on top of it. I have heard it’s a once in lifetime event. Houses are decorated with intimidating displays and large spiders crawling from the sidings. Little goblins can be found in the streets, eagerly ringing doorbells, rushing from house to house, showing off their costumes, while opening their bags in the hopes of gathering a lot of sweet treats. I can’t help but wonder how different this tradition might be this year with a pandemic still at large.

    My Halloween contribution is slightly different as well this year and is focused on some adult fun.

    We are making some delicious, adult, hot Bourbon cider to stay warm. Halloween is usually a time for the first heavy storm to hit in my region, so the timing is perfect.

    Here is what you need

    1 part Makers Mark bourbon (I’m not here to endorse any brand, so it you have a favorite, I’m sure it will work even better)

    4 parts apple cider

    3 cinnamon sticks

    5 whole cloves

    3 while allspice berries

    6 while peppercorns

    Lemon slices and additions cinnamon sticks for garnish

    Combine all ingredients in a large saucepan on the stove. Let sit on medium – low heat for 1 hour (covered) and then ladle into mugs. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and lemon slice.

    And now… let the goblins come. It could turn out to be a wild and interesting night. Oh, and don’t forget to pay attention to grandmother moon and release what no longer serves you. Perhaps you charge your crystals to the magic of this rare blue Hunters moon, or drum under the moonlight like me to release old energy that no longer serves you.

    So, take a little sip or two, as goblins roam the street, while waiving hello to the moon and admiring her beauty. Your magic potion will keep you warm for sure.

    Happy Halloween / Samhain my friends. Enjoy.