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Picture perfect

A older picture of Lake Tahoe, bluest of blues besides Crater Lake, Oregon.

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Golden Gate

Have a beautiful week everyone.

Picture from my recent trip coming back from Germany.

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Am I there yet?

Man it’s a Long haul und yesterday on Christmas Day I flew back to the states. The flight went pretty smooth, except I was in a lot of pain and struggled with the stress of the trip.

Las Vegas took Christmas off and nobody worked the recheck counter for your connecting flights and luggage. So I had to check in at ticketing all over and yep drag the suitcase over a few flights and halfway through the airport. And I had the pleasure to go through security again and now lose my three euro water from Germany I wish I had now. All things considered I am ok, although I am not done while I am writing this and this post is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I still have a few hours ahead of me until I have finally arrived.

The silver lining is that things could have been bad and I didn’t even know. I was gone 10 month and I guess I can only leave for a max of six month with my green card before needing a reentry certificate. Maybe I got a little Christmas blessing and boarder patrol let me go without citing me. I have no clue how much that even costs and for all I know I could have been detained again like that time I forgot to bring the green card. I don’t ever want to experience that, that was a nightmare.

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Mittenwald Highlands

This place is near the Bavarian Stonehenge that I have written about. It’s an idyllic place for me where serenity and beauty peaks. These little barns store hay and other materials over the winter month and are beautifully dotted all over the landscape. A definite must visit place to see. 💙

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Lichtenstein Fortress

Earlier this year I got to visit the fortress at Lichtenstein. It’s close to my home in Germany and yet I had never been there. Lichtenstein offered the backdrop for a medieval fair, with street vendors and food from long gone times.

I also saw a jousting match and had my first homemade glass of met, a honey wine. It didn’t take much and after the first sip it was obvious of how potent the mix was. A glass later it was a smart choice to wait for awhile and eat something before attempting to drive home.

It was very neat to watch old blacksmith techniques, as well as seeing battles re-enacted. The music took me back to a time that felt as if I had lived another life within those sounds. Dancers and jugglers roamed the streets, filled with laughter, good mood and fun.

The beauties above in the picture were a part of a group that got to hang out and roam freely in the mot. I heard that the activities were only the second annual ones, and it’s definitely something to go back to.

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Nürnberg Hbf

The little birthday weekend in Mittenwald was beautiful and I felt like coming home to my mountains. I’m already reflecting and there have been a few firsts as well as things I will never forget.

Friday was my birthday and it was my first time on a bullet train. Also the first time on a train period since decades. I can’t wait to do it again and overall I loved it, despite having to watch like a hawk for changes and trains leaving from different stations. Almost missed the train twice.

Friday night was also when the trouble started and I got bit by something in the face just past midnight, which made my left eye swell nearly shut. It’s been an uncomfortable weekend as far as that goes, and this morning the swelling is finally going down. I have a ways to go yet, but thank goodness. All not that easy and definitely a scare with no health insurance now that my job and company is no longer in business. Puts things into perspective and definitely something to consider should I be here longer. I’ve been pretty fortunate that nothing drastic has happened, but there is always that possibility. Not that I want to put that energy out in the universe….I will be fine.

I made my step goal for the past three days and doubled it on Saturday and Sunday. Boy did I walk a lot and pictures will follow soon.

Returning last night and sitting at the Nürnberger Hauptbahnhof (the main train station in Nürnberg), I was reflecting how easy it is to take the train anywhere. I have a dear friend and WordPress blogger to visit in Nürnberg and will have to schedule a visit when he isn’t traveling to my part of the country in the states. 😉

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Wood carvings

Mittenwald is famous for all kinds of woodcarvings. You will find houses adorned with a root that was carved into a face or some other art indigenous of the Bavarian mountains. It is also a place where violins are still handmade and you can visit the violin museum. It was cool to see this giant wood carving of a violin in the middle of town and Mittenwald has been amazing. I have been here years and years ago, but have fallen in love with this charming place all over again.

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Leutasch Klamm

It’s a few years back that I got to visit the Leutasch Klamm, a gorge cut through the mountains near Mittenwald. Today I got to visit the turquoise waters once more, this time from the other end which was much shorter and ended at a waterfall.

I always get a bit vertigo, walking across the wet wooden planks or the see through metal grids that allow you to witness the power of the rushing water beneath your feet. Honestly I’m not sure which one is worse, but to experience this beautiful sight is well worth the effort. Returning to the Klamm today was a bit like coming home, revisiting old memories and seeing a different, never before seen angle. Have I mentioned how much I love to explore new places?

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Bullet Train to Mittenwald

Mom’s birthday was a success yesterday and today the celebration continues with my own birthday and a trip to Mittenwald. I can’t remember riding a train last, let alone a bullet train that already reached 300km/h. Wow, I’m smoothly flying over the ground in record time and I’m amazed with with how fast one can go from point A – B. Cars and the autobahn are a fast means to get around, but this direct line at this speed is on a whole different level. I’m excited, although I know Mom is missing to spend the day with me.