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Rothenburg in the mist

This place will always have a special place in my heart ♥️

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Fern and the antique door

Walking through the cobble stone alleys in Rothenburg, this old antique door caught my eye. I wonder about the stories and the people who lived behind these doors, and who live there now. What their life must have been like and what memories were made. Have you ever thought about the memories you are making behind your own doors? What would they be, would they be happy or sad and would you smile about them?

Doors like these can be found all over the city, and I love their historic charm. I think “Fern” did as well. I have been taking several pictures of old doors recently and I wonder if there is a sign all together in that meaning. I have always appreciated them, but never felt compelled to photograph them. I wonder….

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The bus stops right here – Rothenburg o.d.T.

Check it out I even made a logo for “Fern” and this picture was taken on the city wall surrounding Rothenburg o.d.T. (ob der Tauber). I hope you like it.

It is finally here, the first installment of “The bus stops right here”. I knew a few of you have been excited about this, thank you very much for the support of my quirky ideas. You’re the best. I’m happy to say that the wait is finally over with more installments on the way. Meet “Fern” my little miniature hippie bus that travelled to Germany with me. Fern (meaning far in german) embodies what I hope to pursue in the future. A simpler lifestyle with a home on wheels, traveling to wherever the wind takes me to fuel my wild spirit, and pursue my values and core beliefs. To live by even simpler means, to get rid of the stuff and baggage, but be richer through memories and life experiences. Adventure makes my heart beat higher, as well as to be in my own time and without schedules.

On this first ever installment, you will travel to one of my favorite places. The bus stopped in Rothenburg, a quaint medieval city that is only a short distance away from my hometown, and always a must see. Rothenburg allows you to escape and makes you feel as if you are on vacation. It does get crowded though with tourists in the summer, but on this night it was perfect. We left towards the early evening hours, and it was a mild April day. Unusual warm for this time of season and unusually uncrowned once we got there. Guess nobody planned on taking vacation in April which is often unpredictable and rainy, but not this time. I think we skipped spring all together and headed straight for summer. I’m not complaining after nearly freezing to death during the first weeks of my arrival.

We parked just outside the city wall that was still paved solid. The inner city is made of cobblestone, preserved in its prior history, with market places, tiny medieval doors, fountains, and shops. Only a few short steps from the parking spot is one of the many accesses to the city wall. Steep, narrow steps, whisk you up above the rooftops and a view of the inner city. In the distance you see can churches, other watchtowers and the city life beneath your feet.

Outdoor cafes and Biergarten are a part of german history and are definitely all over the place in Rothenburg. People come together and sit in a relaxing atmosphere, throughout the day and in the evening when the sun settles it’s alpenglow last light on the steeples and romantic core of the city. German “Gemütlichkeit” reminds me much about a Post on the danish Hygge that I did awhile back and has the same concept.

Be forewarned of pictures from Rothenburg to crowd this feed.

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Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon as seen from the airport in Iceland and for sure a neat place to see in the future some day. The Blue Lagoon is a natural hot spring in Iceland and is part of what makes “cool” Iceland so “hot”. You should definitely research a visit to Iceland if you like the majestic scenery of waterfalls and natural beauty.

It was dark during my short layover at the airport, and I didn’t get to see anything, but I sure hope to visit some day. One of my favorite movies “Walter Mitty” was filmed in big part in Iceland. I was looking for porpoises flying in but didn’t see any and only if you have seen the movie will you get the joke.

It’s been tough to get an updated post out to you due to the cold and extreme conditions, but I hope to do so soon. Even now at 6:26 Am and picking up a sporadic, stolen WiFi signal, I’m glad to get this much out to you and stay in touch.

Some of you I’m sure are wondering about “Fern” and here too, I hope to bring an update soon.

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Ascending Wizard Island

This was the view climbing Wizard Island at Crater Lake, Oregon. The trail was short but steep in spots and I will never forgot this beautiful place. Oregon holds a special place in my heart and from Crater Lake to Mount Shasta and Portland, Oregon has impacted my life during times of personal growth and enlightenment. There is a feel, the comfort of peace and a overall well being when I visit Oregon, that I have seldom felt somewhere else. I didn’t know what it was at first, but I have since figured the secret of this magical place as it pulls me back over and over again.

I’m sorry for the cliffhanger (yet again), but stayed tuned as this deserves a post in its own. 💙🦋

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Lake Tahoe rocks

My backyard is a famous travel destination and can get crowded. This picture dates a few years back and today I seldom visit the lake and usually prefer to be found (or not found) off the beaten path where I can escape the crowds. The off season maybe something to consider if you come to visit and seek more relaxing moment within this beauty.