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I picked up a new word for a new year, and it only seems fitting. It’s a word of English slang, a word I have never heard before. The word is “Coddiwomple” – to travel purposefully toward an as-yet unknown destination.

This word immediately spoke to me and would be correct for me . While much purpose has already been restored to start 2020 on the right foot, while there is new found energy and motivation flowing through my veins, while there is excitement and a curiosity of what lies ahead, the destination of my path with it’s future is not fully visible yet.

But there is movement after a period of stagnation, a period of just riding the waves and letting everything be with little interference from me. I know that that time has served it’s purpose, but I also know that this time is past now and a more co creator approach to my future is needed and required. And therefore I travel with new intent and purpose towards my coddiwomple, wherever it might be.

Picture of Rothenburg, my favorite village, and an outdoor, circular stage.

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Picture taken from yahoo

Today we are exploring the word Ukiyo…

“The floating world”

Living in the moment, detached from the bothers of life.

This picture spoke to me and I liked the peaceful and idyllic look of it. It feels like a place where I could surely detach from such bothers of life, although I recognize the dangers of getting too close to the edge.

Luckily there are many places like this where I do find these moments in Mother Nature. When all troubles become still, where I can detach and float in a magical world that knows no trouble. The journey to get there, often requires much effort, especially on a day where the RA reminds me of my limitations. This itself also present a little danger where I walk and climb close to the edge not being a 100% stable. Little falls and such have happened but I can’t let it discourage me from getting out there and pushing the very limits to my existence.

I believe that such outlets are important for all of us, and that we all need a place that comforts us and allows us to gather new strengths for the times when we can’t be out here. Whatever it might be that gives you that strengths, I hope such place exists for you and you can visit them as often as possible. ❤️

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Listen and Silent

Another beautiful sunset picture, (aren’t our sunsets just gorgeous) and another play on words. We just dared to explore one the other day, talking about Heart and Earth being spelled with the same letters.

Guess what else is spelled with the same letters?

What about Listen and Silent?

Think about it….

Have a great week everyone ❤️🦋

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It’s time for another new word and today I am exploring “Alpas”.

(v) To become free. To break loose.

What’s holding you back? Stay true to yourself, everyone else is already taken. You are perfect in every sense. Remember….❤️🦋

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It’s time for a new word discovery. This one made me think, enough so to dedicate a post about it. I wonder how this word makes you feel?


An individual who embraces their “flaws” and knows they are awesome regardless.

Mmmmh, there is much that could be said. Thoughts and theories could spread out in various directions, pretty much like it can with anything, but what is our true interpretation, our unique perception of the word “Flawsome”? Is it personal, do we relate it to ourselves, or is it merely just another word?

In the case that we relate it to ourselves, I think we are often too hard on us, perhaps even pushing ourselves to unhealthy realities and expectations. Why, because we feel that being perfect is what the world expects of us. Because we need to keep up with a patience, losing, society that more and more views us as an inconvenience. A society where we need to perform at top level. Maybe you are only as good as your last outstanding deed goes, feeling you have to prove yourself each and every day. Perhaps it is hard for you to embrace your flaws and give yourself a break. Perhaps you are setting unrealistic goals for yourself. But how could you accept those flaws if nobody else has. I hear your struggles and I am no stranger to the pressures.

You heard the saying that nobody is perfect and we are all flawed. We all carry our battle scars, our suitcase of experiences, but what if we could look at this a little less like a flaw? If we exuded patience and felt confident, knowing that despite not being perfect, we still know a thing or two which makes us pretty amazing. We would forgive ourselves which in return would lift stressful mountains off of our shoulders. We would be more patient with ourselves, perhaps even with others because we’d understand just how hard it can be.

They say animals sense a persons soul and know if they are good or bad. I am happy that despite my flaws I can still be awesome enough for butterflies to land on me and animals feeling drawn to me.

I hope you have learned to embrace your awesome, because you are simple amazing and one of a kind. 🦋❤️