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Kundalini yoga

During my self quarantine I started kundalini yoga. It’s something I always wanted to try but felt that I might not be able to keep up in a class with other kundalini students. Why…well, I usually don’t give my chronic illness much consideration, nor do I let it adapt a mind frame that hinders me in any way, unless the pain gets too much and I can’t ignore it, of course. I think that in some ways it has even motivated me to defy the odds and that very attitude has served me well so far. It even has left doctors astonished that there isn’t any joint damage to my bones. Yet I have been bad enough twice to know how quickly things can change and how debilitating it can be. Something I might did today, may bring me trouble tomorrow and consistently in performance is not a given. So what better time as the “now” to try kundalini yoga in the comfort of my home!

If any yoga friends are out there reading this, you know that it is much harder than it looks. I had to start with chair yoga because it was hard for me to sit in lotus position on the floor. I have since progressed to sitting on the floor and although still a bit uncomfortable, at least I got there and can tell the difference.

My session started with the powerful mantra of Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. The words mean “I honor the infinite wisdom, I honor the teacher within.” Immediately I felt connected. What followed was a seemingly easy routine of stretches and breath work, holding your breath suspended and building immunity. 20 minutes of hardly moving left me breathless and I couldn’t even complete the entire routine. But I stuck with it and there was something so fulfilling, something that left me feeling good and strong. I could always notice the difference, right after my workout and guess what…I got better. At this point I continue with the same workout every day until I get the feeling that I have nailed it, before moving on. At that point I plan to focus on a new routine and eventually combine the two, and so on.

The benefits I have seen so far is more flexibility and strength. Even some of the stiffness from the arthritis is subsiding and I notice an overall increased well being. My mind is clearer and I want to say that I am in a different state emotionally, especially during this time that can be challenging for all of us and perhaps depressing. I think kundalini yoga has allowed me to stay stable, to not forget the overall picture and being grateful for everything I have. I know I have said it before that things could always be worse and I won’t take my blessings for granted.

Each session ends with another mantra, called “Sat Nam”. This mantra can also be used during your exercises, using Sat to inhale and Nam to exhale. It’s a wonderful way to support the exercises, the work you are doing and helps you to stay focused. It means “I am truth, truth is my identify or truth is my essence.”

Simply beautiful isn’t it 🙏🏼