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Samhain and Halloween

Happy Halloween and Samhain beautiful witches (the good ones – in costumes or practitioners) and special souls. May your night be magickal and filled with trickery (also the good one) and wonder. Despite occurring at similar times and containing similar themes, Samhain and Halloween actually are not the same. Halloween, short for All Hallow’s Eve, is celebrated on and around Oct. 31 and tends to be more family-focused. On the other hand, Samhain is more religious in focus, spiritually observed by practitioners.

For weeks now, houses and front lawns have been decorated with spooky displays as children and adults alike get their costumes together to trick or treat. It has triggered a few laughs walking Cinnamon and she didn’t know what to make of the Grim Reapers pictured above. One day they were slightly swaying in the wind which made them look even spookier. A full on Mohawk all the way down her spine and a growl, followed by a bark and getting the hell out of there was the end result. Other times, a skeleton wearing tennis shoes and a baseball cap, speaking skulls on the ground, or giant black spiders moving in the wind were equally unpopular, hahaha. I was thinking about taking Cinnamon trick or treating, but that would be a disaster waiting to happen. We are still working on our skills of getting used to other people and other animals. It’s a hit and miss and she reads their energy. Surprise there. Plus we will be gone on our little trip anyways, but this little bandit will make out either way and I am sure a few treats will find her way to her.

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Modern Day Witches

What do you think of the word Witchcraft and how would you define a witch? Is it something that infuses fear, something that is dark and mysterious, something you better stay away from and be careful with? Well it looks like according to current quotes and beliefs, I am a modern day witch.

To be a witch is to be a healer, a helper, a teacher, a seeker, a giver, a warrior, a protector of all things. Witchcraft is a deep love of nature and the ability to see magic in places where most do not. A witch believes in alternative medicine and makes her healing potions herself with the support of Mother Nature. She believes in energy and vibrations, the power of healing with her touch or through the divine. She is peaceful and law abiding while honoring various practices. Smells, touches and feel’s are some of her closest friends. She loves crystals and certain aroma’s. Incense and candles fill her space. Other magical artifacts surround her place of comfort. She’ll sit and gaze at the night sky for hours and the sun, stars and the moon are all part of her family. A witch is likely to be an empath who cares deeply for others. Symbols, Runes, Sigil’s, and Pentagrams are just few she holds important. Their energy is her guide, as are Oracle cards and Tarot.

These are just a few suggestions and not all inclusive of how to spot a modern day witch. If this path is yours, and you relate, may you walk it with honor light and integrity. And may you always be proud of being one of the chosen ones. The ones that feel just a little extra. The ones that make difference and the ones that are here to create a new earth.

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Witch’s Bells

I made my first crafty project in quite some time. I came across an original design by the Spirit Den and used it’s inspiration to make my own. I felt immediately drawn to the project for unknown reasons and loved to learn a little more about them. My space is small but mighty, and only meaningful items are within my four walls. It’s a great way to become a minimalist and find yourself surrounded by your favorite things, vs unnecessary “Stuff.”

Hung over an entry door or window, it is said that these bells are symbolic, offering protection for your home. With the recent nearby fires, perhaps there lies a connection in it itself as to why I felt my home could use a little extra protection. Even the materials used have a special meaning as highlighted by the Spirit Den.

Bells: Because of the vibratory nature of bells, they are an extremely effective form of spiritual cleansing. The sound of a bell continues to resonate far beyond the time that you can actually hear it. Bronze, having its own metaphysical properties, is known to clear negative energy and bring good luck. Because these bells are made of iron and bronze they are working double time to bring you protection.

Key of Hecate: symbolizes knowledge, attracts positive energies and helps to open doors of opportunity. Hecate is known as the goddess of magic and the keeper of keys. Protecting us and lightening the way ahead.

Black Ribbon: the color black is the most grounding color on the planet. It is used as a shielding and protective color. Black has a long standing association with mystery, transformation and magic, absorbing negative energy and helps protect from harm and negativity.

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Ostara – Spring Equinox

Excerpt from my magical planner by Amy Cesari.

I found it very fitting for my current now, on the brink of so much transformation as and transitioning. The open house is today and my house of 20 years could very well sell. Today is a perfect day to dream big and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the open house falls on today’s Ostara. Also today 3 years ago I joined in greatness with my soul sister who would become an important person on this path. I can’t help but smile that this is what I named it, but already then I knew that together we would accomplish a great many of things.

For today’s Spring Equinox, Amy talks about an epic broom ride and to visualize your most magical self. So let’s play along, let’s stir up a little magic and come fly with me.

On the Spring Equinox, journey through the veil of consciousness into whatever life you desire – in true witch style – on a broom.

The identity of “Witch” gives you the power to transform. 🙏🏼 The strength is especially potent at the Spring Equinox where seasonal energies are clambering to make things grow.

Prepare: Reflect on who you would be as your highest and best self. Picture it and write it down. (Dedicated! Contributing! Studios! Loving! Confident! Aligned with your best self!)

Things you’ll need: A ceremonial broom (optional). A cauldron of incense for visioning and desks such as mugwort, rose, or Angelica.

Cast the spell: Dit comfortably with your broom nearby. Light your cauldron. Grasp the broom and close your eyes. If you’re called to stand instead – do so. Say whatever words you desire, perhaps something like,

With the power of my minds eye let me move forward, let this broom fly!

I’m the theatre of your mind, stride your broom and fling yourself up into the air. Shoot through time and space in whatever direction you like, into the future of you-your highest self.

Witness yourself flying over any obstacles or fears. You may see scenes or craggy black rocks beneath you. Fly over it, moving past at will.

Then, slow your broom and look down to see your highest self joyfully living the life of your dreams below you. Fly down and merge with this version of you, the best and most magical iteration of you that you can imagine.

Then fly home with a renewed sense of self. Envision the route back to where you began. Open your eyes. Ground yourself, and make sure to write notes about what you saw on your broom ride, and who you became on the journey.

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Witch Introvert

Hahaha…fitting. Have you ever done a quiz on Facebook or else and based on your answers your entire personality was determined? They can be fun and entertaining and recently I came across this one where you choose a broom that appeals to you to determine what kind of witch you are.

I choose broom number nine and the answer was that I am an Introvert Witch. Not really that surprising and it is kind of creepy how accurate these things pan out sometimes.

Here is what the detail description had to say about it.

You are able to enjoy ordinary life and calmly endure routine duties: cleaning boilers, cleaning the house and preparing potion. You don’t need to get along with other wizards: you like to help others and feel right. Most of the time you prefer being alone. You enjoy running away to the hills, where you get lost in your thoughts without having anyone around to bother you.

Sounds kind of lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. I’m perfectly content and with the right company it’s bliss and a wonderful, relaxing and recharging experience.

While I no longer have the answer key, it would be fun to hear which broom you’d choose and why. Mine was chosen because it’s artful and whimsical handle. The plume looks full and healthy, while the little bend in the stick would be perfect for my bottoms to rest. This would leave enough room for my upper body to comfortably lay down on the remaining stick for a nap or two while flying through the clouds. Yeah, bet you didn’t think you get all of that, did you?