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A Thousand Wishes

I’d send you a thousand wishes if I could, but most of all I’d wish for you to be at peace. To silence the internal dialogue and chatter, the constant that keeps you up at night and worried. I’d wish you feel secure and not second guess yourself, letting doubt rise away from your tormented mind and dissipate into thin air.

I’d send you thousand wishes if I could, to free yourself from the burden of past mistakes. To free yourself of the past and the things that can’t be undone. I’d wish you remember that you did the very best you could with the limited resources you had back then.

I’d send you a thousand wishes if I could, and freedom would rank high on my list. Freedom from guilt, consequences and wrong doings from you as well as others. I’d wish that your lessons no longer haunted you and you could see them as an essential part of your growth and who you have become.

I’d send you a thousand wishes, and a heart full of love. For yourself and for others because love is the answer to everything. I’d wish you’d love with all your might and unconditionally. To see that we all have a story and that we are all trying very hard to contribute in one way or another.

My wish would be to wipe away judgement and any ill doing. To have patience as your virtue and that you see the world through the eyes of a child. That you remember that your are never too old to start anew and that you are never too old to play, have fun, and giggle to your hearts content.

I’d send you a thousand wishes, and I couldn’t end this without reminding you to always remember your worth. To know how unique and special you are in every way. That you are perfectly imperfect. There is no one like you and you are beautiful.

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Making peace with ourselves and others

Sometimes we need to make peace with ourselves and with others. Simply because we deserve it. Perhaps an incident in the past has you still thinking, still feeling bad, still wishing things could have been different. Maybe you write your thoughts on paper and later burn them to release the energy. Or maybe you go a step further and present those lines and your most humble self in a letter to that person. Maybe it is time to make peace and even if there is no response back, you still took a step to own what was yours, you got it off of your chest and hopefully can clear the heaviness. If this seems too far fetched and impossible, take a moment and see why you feel this way. Ask the ego and pride to step aside, silence the mind and let the heart decide. Do you feel that it is not worth it to do the work, that the other person is not deserving of your kindness! If so, consider that this is not really you talking, saying that somebody isn’t worth it. It’s a really a hard thing to say. But even if that is how you feel, holding it in and not releasing the energy will actually do more harm than good. You might be surprised how free and peaceful you feel after you made peace with someone, a situation and yourslef.