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Winter Solstice Blessings

May the longest night and the shortest day, bring rest to your mind and soul, I pray. May you find guidance and may you find peace, as the cycle of light will slowly increase. Embrace the magic that the darkness bears, breath deep in the chill and shift in the air. May you always be blessed with the light from within, and may well-being be yours as the new cycle begins.

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Into the unknown

Just a little of that “White stuff” has fallen in my neighborhood near Lake Tahoe again, and more is on the way. 😳 What a winter it has been, and we are probably close to 150% of average. I’m glad that I didn’t have to drive for most of it, and this could change today or in the near future. I have a job interview. Wow, it’s been so long, and for sure it’s a new beginning of some sort, hopefully to something wonderful and fun. Fingers crossed, and I think I will surrender it all without worrying too much. The universe already has a plan and knows what’s next for me.

February 12th, and I just came across my quote that is titled for that day

“Man can learn nothing unless he proceeds from the known to the unknown.”

~Claude Bernard

Interesting….and perhaps we know too much sometimes, not leaving us open to learn more. Perhaps we have to forget the principles we once held dear, and open ourselves to new growth by embracing the new and unfamiliar. Perhaps this is my new, and times have stranded me with certainty on new and unfamiliar territory.

Here is to new beginnings. Job or not, it is constant work in progress.