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Wild Horses of Nevada

Got lucky, getting within a few feet of these wild beauties that didn’t seem to mind me one bit. There is no zoom and this was the actual distance between me and a herd of wild horses. I would say there was about ten with several foals, which made it even more unusual being allowed so close. But on the other hand, coming to think of, animals do have a special relationship with me as if picking up the energy that I pose no threat.

What a beautiful experience today seeing those majestic beauties, so tough and resilient, grazing in the rain during yet another storm, rolling around in the dirt and playing, charging at each other in a friendly game, across the pasture.

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High Sierra tenants

I recently wrote about these little critters and how I got to see them for the first time at Cottonwood Lakes. I have seen many since that day and they are always a welcome sight. Any wildlife encountered truly makes my day and I love that little things like that can have such a big meaning to me. I’ve had neat experiences with many of the animals as they never seem to be threatened by me and stay within close proximity as if I was one of their own. Connected by spirit and a calm vibe that doesn’t require fear, is what I always think. Do you have similar experiences and do animals just flock to you? I would love to hear your story.

Have a beautiful day everyone 💙🦋

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Winnemucca Lake Wildlife 

A few furry friends and one not so kind one, encountered  just recently during the last backpacking trip.

The obnoxious bird with it’s screeching call. You could hear him sitting in the tree above the tent, screaming of the top of his little lungs that had an unusually loud, echoing call. Dropping pine needles and other things onto the tent, we had no choice but to laugh and it appeared that he was trying hard to get us to leave what he might have considered his territory. We even got bombed by him during the day and he pooped on one of us in midair hahaha. The next morning and after all failed attempts to annoy us enough to leave, he had left another little bomb right on our camp stove. I should elaborate on this encounter and I’m sure it would make a funny post for my friend Linda. If you haven’t checked her Guest in Jest series and need a good laugh, please make sure to stop by.

A little chipmunk, contemplating life while watching the sunset. I wrote more about him here and learned that the word “Spunk” can have different meanings. Haha.

A sweet little hummingbird that was nearly impossible to photograph. I spend a good portion of the morning situating myself within close distance and waiting patiently for it to sit for a fraction so I could snap a quick picture. Hummingbird, also  a spirit animal encountered and a feature post about it’s symbolic meaning.

Hello pretty yellow Birdie….💙

A Bugs Life….

Hello Ms. Pica. A rare sight and in all my hikes, I have maybe seen three or four at the most. They are small in size and you can easily identify them by their huge ears.

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Triple digits 🔥

It’s gonna be another triple digit day today but, it’s suppose to cool off into the mid 90’s. Haaaa, what a cooling trend and that’s still plenty hot. The heat is draining me and I feel exhausted even though I just had two days off. I need a nap, run around naked or find a body of water. And hey today is national naked hiker day and I could accomplish all three, but I’m at work instead and somehow it doesn’t sound like a great trade off. 

This picture seems to be fitting for my mood today and I wished I could soak up the rays while being submerged in a cool body of blue. To dream the day away and smile towards heaven with not a care in mind. 

Stay cool out there…..Xo

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Pelican Rock 

It would be beautiful to start this post saying that I love pelicans, but in all reality it is more like which animals don’t I love. I am a lover of the animal kingdom and animals tend to flock to me without fear of being a stranger, but with a comfort as if recognizing me as one of their own. I have been lucky to hold numerous special encounters with my little furry friends that will always have a special place within my heart.

This picture was taken off of Highway 1 and the California coastline during my last visit to the ocean. It was the first time that I saw pelicans dive and fish which actually looked quiete comical. In this shot they are congragting on what I named “Pelican Rock” and I loved the contrast between the birds and the ocean in the background.

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Tether-ball Champ

Probably not what you thought you’d see after reading the title of this post, but this furry soul has skills and remains one of my most favorite neighbors. Check it out.

A few years ago a tiny bear cub was found near Lake Tahoe. Half frozen to death there was no sight of Mom and one can only speculate of what happened. The Animal Ark, a non profit wildlife sanctuary was notified and the little cub was taken in. It received the name of L.G. which stands for little girl and little girl was nursed back to health. Growing bigger, oh my….little girl turned out that she was actually a little boy and was renamed to Eli. The initials L.G. still stand but instead they were changed to little guy who has grown into a full sized healthy bear over the years. Today the only reminder of his traumatic time alone in the freezing cold is that he lost the cartilage of his ears. Severe frostbite took its toll, but luckily it has not affected Eli’s ability to hear. He is healthy, beautiful and strong and has been given another chance at life thanks to the Animal Ark.

I visit every year and at his enclosure is usually where you will find me. I could watch him for hours, wishing each time that I could go inside and well yeah give him a great big bear hug. One of his favorite things to do is to play tether-ball and he is self taught. I think he has become quiet good at it, wouldn’t you say?


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Spirit visit 

It was right after I got up this morning and while passing by the dining room table that I noticed movement in the backyard. I moved closer to the window to see what had caught my attention, and found myself face to face with a Hawk. The magnificent animal was sitting within a short distance on a branch, staring at me and watching my every move. His eyes were focused on me with an intense clarity, a crystal clear vision that was burning itself right into my soul. I couldn’t deny that his presence demanded respect, as I stood frozen in time. It wasn’t the first time that I was paid a visit from the Hawk spirit and there have been a few other times. This encounter was different though and within a very close proximity. All I could do is stand there, be still and stare. We observed each other in silence, experiencing a moment in time that brought special meaning to me. I was mesmerized, as if transported to a place far away. All noise was drowned as I listened to the silence and anything could have been possible during those moments. Any minute now, Mr. Hawk would begin to speak to me and bring a message vital to my journey. I remained somewhere else, a movie snippet, a scene from a science fiction where the Hawk came to visit a human as a messenger, perhaps medieval times when the hawk vision was scoping out the land from high above to see what others couldn’t. I was stuck in a fairytale, a segment of my life with dramatic music playing in the background that was getting louder and had escaped the silence. What was the message behind this unusual encounter? Was he here to raise my awareness of things I couldn’t see? Redirect my focus and make me pause in my path to reconsider? The timing was definitely extraordinary and made sense, but with much else in life there always remains an element of not knowing for sure. And so it was no different, and I couldn’t be sure about the meaning of this visit until further research. It depends much on our own beliefs, if we see them as visits and signs from the spirit world or if you dismiss them to coincidence. I can’t tell you why and how I know, but for me they are signs and messages from the divine.

Researching the presence of the Hawk, I learned that when a Hawk comes to visit, you might have the inclination of using the powers of intuition and vision in your daily life. The Hawk provides the wisdom of seeing situations from a higher perspective through increased observation, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. The Hawk is a messenger from the spirit world and a great companion to develop spiritual awareness. He will guide you to the power of focus through a clear vision and to take the lead when the timing is right.

With all things transpired, it just makes sense and I believe in the messages these beautiful spirits bring. Especially when seen in unusual and extraordinary circumstances such as this one.

What do you think, do you believe in Spirit Animals? Coincidence? I think not….

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First snow hike

Finally….today was a much needed day spent on the trail before heading into another six day stretch and only one day off for the third week in a row. Days like these are seldom to come by right now and who knows when the next one will be, but in the meantime… was beautiful. 

Many would say that the hiking season is over, but for a true lover of nature and a hiker I don’t think that statement ever speaks the truth. I have hiked all year around and sometimes you just need to scope out where the best weather is. Probably the only element that deters me a bit are strong winds when it’s cold outside and that will give you a headache for sure and make for a miserable day. On the other hand, hiking in the snow or while it is snowing is very peaceful and nourishing to my soul. Again people may think that the snow is too cold, but you’ll be amazed how nice and warm the sun feels on your skin and if you’re not careful you will hike away with a good sunburn from this seemingly too cold encounter. 

Today, I was amazed at how much moisture the recent storms brought to the Sierra. The water levels had risen to submerge my beach and I had no choice but to climb to higher grounds to find a dry sunbathing rock. I was not prepared to find that much snow on the trail and it was pretty deep in a few parts causing the bottom of my pants getting heavy from the wet weight. My shoes also suffered and eventually I could feel my socks getting pretty wet inside of them. Hey, but on the bright side and the silver lining of the story is that my shoes were in desperate need to wash the dust of the previous trails away and after today they are back to almost looking brand new. Almost 😉

There were also a few bonuses today in the form of wildlife. I saw a huge heard of pronghorn antelopes, I know the general area they hang out and I always look to spot them. I have never seen so many all at once until today and it’s nice to see this unusual almost out of place looking animal population thriving in healthy numbers. I saw too many deer’s to count today, a donkey, wild horses, four coyotes, chipmunks, alpacas and a bald eagle flying high above me while sunbathing. 

Yep….I would say that “It was a good day”