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The gift of a time out

The holidays are over and life went on in its typical rollercoaster, up and down kind of fashion. Life is never perfect, but the secret lies in learning to dance in the rain and to roll with the punches. I think I handled this holiday season better than prior ones and although things are always hectic in retail, I somehow managed to take better care of myself. I ditched some chores and responsibilities and made sure I had rest periods, and as much time as possible to recharge my batteries in nature. I even had to take a break from what I love and this blog. I managed to post something short each day but nothing with much substance. I stopped reading your blogs. Not intentionally and not because I wanted to, but because the empath in me needed to reverse the roles and care for myself for a change. I usually but myself last but I was exhausted and recognized it in good time. I would be no good to anybody if I wasn’t well was my thought. I needed to be still, and I needed to be removed.

I hired nearly 100 people, went through the craziness of retail during the busiest time of year and struggled with some news about Mom and the worries that came along with such. I listened to your concerns and your advice to take good care of myself and somehow I did. I’m still holding and the RA is at bay for the moment, not a 100% but manageable for now. Manageable for me means that there are days that I can function with a pain level that is controlled naturally without the help of painkillers or RA meds. You know my feelings on this and I still have not taken any prescribed drugs besides my all natural supplements. I’d be fine if things stayed this way and I know there are still more things that I can do to support more pain-free Days, as well as treat the cause of my chronic illness. No bandaid for me and it’s the root cause I’m after.

I got two musical instruments for Christmas and you already know about the ukulele. The second instrument is most unique and probable as eccentric as I am when it comes to loving unconventional things, ways, traditions and a lifestyle that is truly authentic. Out of all things, I got a Didgeridoo and let me tell you that it is a bear to play. I have only a few times produced sounds that were not painful, hahaha, but I’m determined and I WILL learn. It was at Mount Shasta when I first heard the sound of a Didgeridoo and a group of young people lined the lakeshore as the first sound filled the afternoon air. There was something so primal, so soothing, so healing. I didn’t know it then, but I immediately was taking to the sound and could have listened for hours. After I got my Didgeridoo, I did some research and found out that it is used for sound therapy. It is said that when our bodies have blocked energy, that such is leading to chronic illnesses. The vibrations of the Didge and the sound waves it delivers is used to balance a persons energy system. It is equivalent to a no touch massage or a five point acupuncture. In other words if energy can flow freely, it promotes healing within the body, which in turn aids with many chronic illnesses. Pretty cool huh? It’s one of those things again, synchronicities, the things that don’t happen by accident, the next piece of the puzzle that falls into place to help the process of my journey. Shortly after Christmas we took the Didge out to a lake and started to play it. Within moments a fish appeared and kept dancing right in front of us where the sound emerged. It was neat and I have never seen anything like it. Afterwards I found out that animals can hear or feel the sound vibrations and often curiously approach. After we stopped playing the fish disappeared. Awhile later we played it again and this time a strange dog came out of nowhere and sat with me for five minutes or so until his owners finally came within sight and found their pet. For a moment I thought I was going home with a dog. I enjoyed the therapy of running my hands through it’s fur and a few cuddles. I’m sure my blood pressure lowered even more. You have heard about the calming effects when petting a animal…

So, I guess the morale of this post is that life gets busy and crazy sometimes. We often think that life gives us more than we can handle, but it doesn’t. I once heard that if your burden is heavier than everyone else’s, it’s because you are stronger, you are a warrior and you are here to show others that it can be done. You are the example, the role model, the inspiration, but even hero’s need a time out here and there. You don’t have to carry the weight alone and sometimes it’s just a matter of nourishing your soul. You might need a time out and you choose what it is that brings you joy. My Didgeridoo is still tough to play, but I’m making progress on my ukulele. Just like the Didge attracted the fish, I attracted a new fan and had a cute little rabbit watching me while listening to me strum the strings. The sound of it is soothing to me and it takes me away from real life troubles. It’s comforting and a quick escape, a time out. Who’s to say that time outs have to be bad. It must have been special for Peter Rabbit as well. He stayed for as long as I played and life was good, simple and full of bliss. It’s another piece of the puzzle, another lifeline when things get tough and somehow there always is a way. You just need to listen and keep your eyes open.

Thank you for your patience and for always being there for me. I’m ready to start catching up in a few short days when my first day off roles around and I can’t wait to see what stories you have to share. 💙🦋

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The science of grounding

I came across this the other day and feel it could be a missing link for treating my RA. I have nothing to lose but I will try what is covered in video and it speaks more to me than the call of taking hard core drugs as a form of treatment. It would explain the feelings I get when I’m in nature, when I sit on the ground and feel peace flooding my body. When the pain and the stress leaves drains from my soul and I literally recharge. For the longest I have referenced going to nature is like recharging my batteries. I never realized how true this statement really is. I believe this is a step in the right direction when it comes to my own health and who knows what’s next.