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A slider system

Monday and Tuesday felt like great days and I was breezing through my tasks. I felt human vs crippled, and hope flourished while the confidence grew. Wednesday morning was a different story and albeit the pain had returned, my confidence and belief was still strong. A slider weather system moved through the area and I chalked it up to the low barometer and the pressure. At least that’s what I wanted to believe and what I hoped for. Cinnamon hogging the bed and leaving me like a question mark on what I call the sliver, the very outer edge of the mattress probably didn’t help either. I tell you, what we do for these fur legged children. I keep saying I need a bigger bed, but even with a kingsize mattress, I am afraid it would still be the same. She has to make body contact and be as close as possible to you. So if you move, she moves and scutes right back in until you literally push yourself out of the bed. Ughhh…

A hot shower early on in the day eased the tightness in the muscles, as well as the pain to some degree. I was ready for this slider system to finally move through but the cold front would not hit us until tomorrow for one day. Tomorrow would be a day filled with appointments, booster shot, a trip to the storage shed that still houses my belongings, paintings, mostly craft supplies for my business and a few furniture pieces from the sale of my house last year. Amongst it, in box number 4 is a leather Adler Motorcycle jacket I bought for my uncle a few years back. Since my suitcase is so light, I hope to find this box with minimal efforts and that I am able to bring the jacket with me for his 85th birthday. It would probably cost a fortune to ship, and this would be a perfect opportunity and might even prevent the suitcase from being too squished since it isn’t full.

A few more errands are on the list, a few groceries and lunch meat to make a few sandwiches for the flight, buttoning things up in town until Saturday, and finish packing Sunday afternoon. The weather is decent on that day and I am sure you will find me in the hammock or on one last stroll with my little girl before the flight on Monday.

A new appointment is also in the books for Germany and I have agreed to an appointment with the buyers and their architect. It’s not a big deal and this way everything can take it’s course and be prepared for when the time comes. I also placed a few orders already to be delivered to my cousins house. Shipping boxes (oh my god, you wouldn’t believe how expensive they are…I shall keep them forever), a neck support pillow for the RA, a planner and most important a set of Lint-rollers lol. I’am sure a few hairs from Cinnamon will travel with me and that will be unavoidable.