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Mount Rainier

This picture was taken at the Seattle Airport while making my connecting flight to Frankfurt. What you see in the distance is Mount Rainier a active stratovolcano of 14,000 plus feet. As you can see it’s massive and above the clouds.

It feels strange to fly again after the scare coming back last year. I’m not sure what happened, but I barely made it once I landed and could hardly walk. It’s been a journey ever since to get back to health, so naturally it frightens me a bit.

I am catering to every whim to make sure my body makes it. It’s strenuous that’s for sure and I’m already feeling exhausted. It’s not like in the old days as I put these trips behind me without a second thought. I don’t make the long trips with ease anymore and I don’t like that they are soooo long.

I think I’ll do some Reiki in the plane and place some power symbols within myself for the long flight to Frankfurt, the car ride home and Moms Service tonight.

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Painted Dunes – Lassen National Park

Flashback to the painted dunes with Mount Lassen looming in the background. What a beautiful place just a few hours from my home. I do live in a diverse center of an ever changing landscape.

To the north live my volcanoes and the volcanic scenic highway promises a beautiful feast for the eyes. Mount Lassen and Mount Shasta are just a few favorites with a vibe and energy that will surely stir something within. It did with me and I will never forget my initial visit. Today I think that spending time at the base of Mount Shasta in Oregon was the beginning of my spiritual journey and I have never been the same since. In a good way I hope and so much has happened since. In a sense it is my true north as far as connecting with spirit and if I had to pinpoint it on a map.

To the east of me is more desert and it’s probably the least ventured area I travel.

To the south are more of my beautiful mountains, which grow bigger and bigger the further you go, forming the Sierra Nevada’s. It’s a diverse landscape with granite peaks and limestone boulders for climbing or perhaps the backdrop to an Iron Man movie. This area includes the Alabama Hills and The Buttermilk’s, which make favorite bouldering areas.

To west lies the ocean and a warmer Californian climate that I often seek during winter escapes. There is something soothing listening to the waves and watching the mystery of the fog rolling in from the ocean.

Each landscape is so unique and special in itself, that I am truly lucky to have this diversity and the ability to see these ever changing places that are all within driving proximity. I don’t ever take them for granted.