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Vampire hunt

It’s not even 5AM and I’ve been on the hunt for the past hour. My body itches like crazy as red welts are building all over. The ceiling is stained with my blood from the ones that fed on me, got caught, and paid with their lives. It’s mosquito season and no matter how careful I am or was, somehow the annoying blood suckers got inside. The windows I open have screens and there haven’t been any moments leaving the light on to attract them towards the golden glow. I’ve had them before, maybe one or two, but tonight it is as if a nest hatched in my room. I have grown restless and although I can’t feel them sitting on me, I know they have been there as another spot starts to itch and swell up. Other times you can hear their humming sounds around your ears and head as a warning sign of approach. I know there is at least one more, but I can’t find him. He got away, for now and I can’t have another repeat of the same scenario tonight. I already feel overtired and sick, I’m in for what might be a long day.

There, one followed the light into the kitchen and this time he didn’t get away. Perhaps I give sleep another try…wish me luck.

Well, before this actually got to post there was another in my room, and yet another that got away. I think I might have broke a wooden panel from my Lattenrost (Boxspring), and I am giving up on sleep for tonight, sipping my morning coffee at 6:27 AM.

Hello Tuesday….