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Knotting your troubles

My mind is wandering again, and it’s taking me on a trip to the many musings you find here on my blog. It’s true that you never quite know what to get when you enter my site. Haha, I’ll take that as a compliment and I guess that makes my unpredictable with a few surprises under my sleeve. Well I don’t even know what I get myself on a day to day basis, if I give my thoughts and the things I stumble upon free range without the need to control them. It’s really quite wonderful to go with the flow and be entertained with the possibilities of what could be, of what can happen. I guess you could call it dreaming with my eyes wide open. It’s neat to see how things take off and where your feelings and thoughts about said matter actually lead you. One such trip happened to me while I was reading a witchy tip about knotting your troubles away.

It says that you can use this one no matter what your problem is. If you choose a color for the yarn to suit your purpose, you can fine-tune the spell to your particular situation. All you need for this spell is a piece of yarn in the appropriate color, at 12 inches long. Now hold the yarn, with one end in hand and pull it taught. Think about your problem (just one per spell, please). Concentrate on your difficult situation and start tying knots in the yarn. Visualize all your troubles getting bound up in the knots and trapped there. Keep tying until you feel it’s enough. Take the knotted yarn outside and bury it to keep your problems away.

I have seen this before, in various forms, where for instance we place all of the negative energy, the thing we want to rid ourselves from into a piece of wood, eventually throwing it into the fire during a fire ceremony. Perhaps we write a word onto a piece of paper and watch it go up into smoke. We drum to the full moon to release all that no longer serves our highest good and so much more. Here we bind our troubles to keep them away. We hang Witches Bells above the entrance to our homes to not let negativity enter our kingdom. Further we might arrange salt bowls to absorb any negativity that is within the home. We smudge and we burn, light candles and Himalayan salt lamps to promote a feeling of well being. Hocus pocus to one, it is satisfying and helpful to another. As I sit here I wonder who these rituals and practices appeal to. Do they fuel the seekers, the believers, the ones that need something to hold onto so they can feel less and that they are doing something? That they are contributing to their life? Could we even associate these practices with the placebo effect?

I don’t know the answer and what is what here. What I do know is that no matter what you believe, whether you are a believer in spells, in meditating, tying a knot or burning your troubles away, I’d recommend to go with what feels right to you. I believe that an untroubled mind frame is the greatest foundation to a healthy and un-tormented self. So if that includes tying a few knots so I can feel relieved and comforted in whatever way, then you can bet to find me sitting there supporting this practice with all my might. Maybe you too feel the same and should give it a go. Sit back afterwards and absorb what happens. See how you feel, has it made a difference? I also believe that our opinion and how we feel about this is key. If it is just a bunch nonsense to us, then there is no need to even try, as we have undermined ourselves through our thoughts. Being objective and open minded will be your best foundation when attempting any ritual out of the ordinary.

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(n) A vague feeling of sadness or sorrow, seemingly without cause.

I got to experience this word last week for some unknown reason. Well maybe the reason is not that unknown, but still it surprised me. Perhaps I had assumed that with all the personal growth over the months, the breakthroughs and achievements, times like these would be less, but in fact they aren’t. I know that they will always play a part in our lives, and sometimes the weight of our troubles just overwhelms, regardless of how armed we are with wisdom and knowledge. Sometimes we just can’t find our way out of it despite of recognizing that these worries are fear driven. We try to let these events pass without resistance and some days we are more successful than others. For myself I have found that a sense of Lypophrenia finds me when I’m dealing with too many events at the same time. At the moment I could name at least 6 events that are major in my life and I can only assume that everyone and everything has its breaking point. Each issue is different, each complex, carrying much pain and hardship. So after all it’s no surprise or unknown as to why I felt the way I did, but awareness is helping me to come out of it, to once more deal with one issues at a time, the best that I can.

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Moving on

Mom was doing much better today and if you didn’t know any different, you’d thought that yesterday never happened. Apparently Mom got pretty bad and the home even called her sister, but like I said before, I think this all could have easily been avoided if certain trigger points weren’t detonated.

Most likely I will write a email to the home in the hopes to avoid this in the future. For right now the issue was solved by ordering another insurance card that Mom can keep just the way it has always been for her.

Talking to her today felt normal and there was no mentioning of any card or anything from the incident and it was good. Life is good again, for now and Mom seems at peace as much as possible.

Picture: While in Germany I learned a little about Amigurumi and made three of these little foxes. Mom loves them and was amazed with what you can learn by yourself and the help of an iPad and YouTube.