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“Justice” Tarot Card

Just recently I discovered a way to determine my tarot birth cards by a means of formulating the numbers of my birthday. In the end, I got two cards which were my first birth card (primary one) and my second birth card (secondary card). The two cards I received were Justice and The High Priestess. Further I wrote in a recent post about gemstones and rocks how these cards resurfaced through synchronicities and connected my inner moon-child to the moonstone indigenous of The High Priestess.

These days everything is pretty much a sign to me and I feel guided. Although I want to let go and trust completely, I still feel that I’m resisting, because life feels very hard right now and I’m not a 100% at peace with all that is to come.

Another sign appeared, and it was no different how I came across these two tarot cards. I knew there was a message to be shared as the coincidences fell into place, and I simply followed the lead. Today I want to share the main card, “Justice” and how it relates to my current situation. Some of the text and descriptions are taken from my steampunk tarot deck by Barbara Moore which I will credit here.

But before going into the actual card, I have to share that both, my Justice and The High Priestess card are Major Arcana cards. What that means, is that those cards indicate life lessons and longer time frames. Issues and developments we don’t have any control over and which can spread out.

~Justice~ the consequence of your actions are at hand

When Justice appears, it is a reminder that your actions have created your present situation. If you are not happy with the current state of things, examine your intentions, motivations, and decisions with the clear and objective eyes of Justice. Measure your actions against your ideal. The notion that your present action create your future is always true. It is an ongoing cycle and this card is a reminder that now is a pivotal time. Whatever you are considering doing in this situation has greater ramifications than you may have realized.

If you are feeling that something in your life “isn’t fair”, then you should look within before blaming others or fickle fate for your current challenges.

Likewise if you are worried that someone else is getting away with something and you want to insure that they “pay for their crimes”. Justice reminds us that we don’t need to worry. The universe has it under control and does not need our help at this time. You have enough on your plate keeping your own karma in order.

Here are a few things I took away from the card meaning.

I have co created my current situation by leaving Germany and Mom behind.

Life has been an ongoing cycle when it comes to finding a solutions to what should follow next. It has lasted for decades and it’s been a struggle.

I don’t know what my ideals are anymore, but for sure there have been bigger ramifications than I could have ever imagined. Even now, I give extra thought to the feeling of being torn between two countries. Home will always be home I said, thinking of Germany, but where is Home truly these days? I’m coming to terms that although I will never forget where I came from and Germany will always be a home for me, maybe, just maybe my life belongs here now. I struggle to leave everything behind, including the life I have built and come to know. Maybe I’m too old to start all over again with nothing. I don’t need much, but this, here, is familiar and allows me to be independent. I need my own walls, my own car, my own things that keep me sane throughout the challenges. I won’t have any.

As far as karma goes, I don’t care about anybody having to pay their dues and it’s not up to me to pass judgement or play God. I want everybody to win and if karma has to teach a lesson, I hope it will be a gentle nudge, one without devastation.

The bottom line is that the consequences of my actions are at hand and they are my doing. I have no control over anything but my own actions and how I react in the future. Justice will reveal what’s next and what’s to follow, but The High Priestess has yet to give her input in the matter.

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Rocks, Fossils and Gemstones

Only I could get excited about a coupon to the Rock Quarry. I’m fascinated with collecting rocks, whether I find them on the trail or at the rock shop. From fossils to gemstones to ancient petrified woods, I love them all, and have wooden boxes and crates filled with them. I have books to tell me all about those wonderful treasures, and for me a beautiful gem might as well be as precious as a diamond. Perhaps it is a diamond in the rough and just needs a little polishing. 😉. I even have a rock tumbler, that is ok but not really what I would like it to be, and therefore I use it way too seldom.

My love for Tarot and the stones, connected another piece of the puzzle last night. On Pinterest I found a chart on how to calculate my Tarot birth card. I added and divided the numbers and my first birth card came out to be the card of Justice. Another sign and I hope Justice will follow in what is to come. The second card was the one of the High Priestess. Here is were it gets interesting. I’m born in July and many refer to those born in July as a moon-child. I do feel a special connection with the moon and there is something familiar, something soothing in it’s presence that I can’t explain.

One of my books breaks down the index of the stones into physical correspondences as well as into emotional/spiritual correspondences. Stones are used for self healing, although it’s use or effectiveness is experimental and speculative. Again, I think it comes down to whether you are a believer or a skeptic. I have no proof other than my intuition, but I happen to be a believer. By accident (or is it another case of synchronicities, a case of meant to be coincidences?) the book happens to open to a certain page and what stares me into the face is a cluster of stones, Cuprite, Metals, Silver and Moonstone that are the stones of the High Priestess. You might wonder “And”, or “Now what” and all I can say is that there is a message waiting for me to be explored in the High Priestess card and the Moonstone. I can’t wait what the research will reveal. 💙🦋