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Spirit message

I like to consult in the cards sometimes and never received a wrong message to this day. Whether it’s oracle cards, tarot, Angel, or spirit messages, I have always found validation in what the universe was trying to tell me.

Why pull the cards you wonder? I know that some people in the past have been afraid and frightened of the cards. Afraid to pull a message that might shatter the illusion we sometimes build around us. Better not knowing was a better idea than to disturb the balance and raising thoughts of worries. I would say it depends on how you feel about the cards, and if you are like me, believing that there are no bad messages and nothing to worry about, you will be quite alright. I remember once drawing the death card in my tarot deck and yes initially my heart might have skipped a beat. Soon I was able to understand that this card is not death in the physical form but more like transformation and letting the pieces of ourselves die that no longer serve us. A much better viewpoint wouldn’t you say? Sometimes pulling a card is to steer you into the right direction, to offer viewpoints and suggestions you may have not considered yet. Sometimes it is reconfirmation of what you already now and you just need that little extra push trusting your gut instincts.

Today I pulled a card for all of us. It comes from my postcards from spirit deck by Colette Baron Reid, and I am here to share it with you. Maybe somebody needs to hear this right now and I hope it can provide that little nudge.

Dearest You,

There are times you get lost but refuse to see your part in things. Happens to everyone. Something feels familiar but sort of off. If you’re feeling confused, it’s best to throw away that map you’re using, which only lets you navigate based on your past experiences. That isn’t what you need right now. Instead, take a deep breath and open to the truth. A desire to stay in denial means that part of you doesn’t want to be responsible for the pattern that’s shown up in your life. Yes, this is the right Time to wake up and start again. By the way, you will always get another chance, you have unlimited chances to start again!

We love you so much. We really do. Be gentle with yourself. Coming out of denial it’s like being temporarily blinded by super bright lights, allow your eyes to adjust. Carry-on, special one. A beautiful life awaits. Loving you so, so much…

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Sacred Traveler – Miracles & Protected by Angels

The sacred traveler is a oracle card deck by Denise Linn and has grown on me to be a favorite. Ever so often the thought resurfaces about oracle cards and tarot, and it is my cue that it’s time to draw another card. It was here on WordPress that I was introduced to the magical messages of the cards while waiting for a reading that someone had offered me. Sadly it never happened and sadly I never heard from that person again. I had no other choice and decided to get involved myself, doing my own reading. I was so nervous in the beginning and today I know that it wasn’t because there is something to fear about it, but because I was so new to it and knew so little. That is history today and I have been doing my own readings ever since. Over and over I find myself amazed at the accuracy of the cards. The timing that never seems to be off, that either brings reassurance or a different perspective on how to walk down the path of life.

Two cards jumped out at me while shuffling the cards this time, a for sure sign and omen that these were suppose to be my messages.

My first card was,

Miracles “Expect the wondrous to emerge”

Meaning: Just around the bend, a miracle is waiting to happen. Release fear and uncertainty, and majestic wonders wait to unfold for you. Watch for them and embrace them. Some come in an unlikely form. Trust that all is unfolding for your higher good. Expect miracles in your life. What is expected tends to be realized. The more you become aware of the small marbles in your life, the more they will grow in magnitude. Celebrate and cherish them when they appear, no matter how small they may seem. What others see as ordinary, the secret traveler sees as wondrous. Look at your life in a new way. Let go of fear and expectations, and allow the creator to solve your challenges in mysterious and wondrous ways. Don’t limit the way you think miracles can appear in your life. All is well.

God knows this card was heaven sent, and a much needed reminder to not always just accept things for how they were, but to believe in the magic for myself as well instead of trying to sprinkle it for everyone else.

My second card was,

Protected by Angels ” You are cherished by the angels”

Meaning: You are blessed. Immense blessings from above a showering over your life. The angelic realm is only a thought away. Angelic intervention is available to you at all times. Simply be open and you will feel their presence. This is the time to spread your wings and soar. You are so protected and so safe. Sometimes it might seem that you can’t see the road ahead, but have faith that by your side are shimmering angels supporting and guiding you in unseen ways. Watch for their signs, especially in the form of feathers. There’s a secret plan for your life. Your life is guided. The angelic message is that you are going in the right direction and everything is unfolding exactly as it should be. When you receive this card, it can also mean that you are an angelic, healing force for others because the light within you is so bright.

I needed this on so many levels and this card is pure magic although I don’t understand why I have to experience such pains in the meantime. I will call on my angels tonight and more often to share the journey with me instead of just walking silently with me. To thank them for the lessons and experiences and to allow me to continue to shine my light for others.

Xo ❤️🦋

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Go where it’s wild ♥️

It was Monday, my day off, and the hours moved by quickly and smooth. A mechanic stopped by first thing in the morning to take another look at the oil pump in the cellar. It was last Wednesday when I noticed the pump running for approximately three hours straight, and decided to call for service. Again, and it’s been only a few weeks since there was a problem and it was serviced. I suspected the worst but then the pump ran fine for the entire week. At least as far as I know. It could have ran three hours while I was out of the house, so who knows.

I did laundry, cooked and cleaned a bit, and believe it or not I feel tired from doing very little. I know it’s still the restless nights with interrupted sleep that is to blame for it, but I can feel a change and I am getting better.

I stumbled across my tarot deck this evening and thought it was perfect timing to draw a card. What was to be next in line for this journey, I wonder. I think I already knew, and that is when it’s even more amazing to draw a card and have it confirm what’s already there.

I held the cards against my chest and said my little invocation, getting ready to shuffle them as I noticed one card upside. Only one against the rest of the deck. How could that have happened? I took it as a sign that this was the one that was presenting itself to me. I pulled the card without shuffling the deck and low and behold it was “The Empress” that I pulled. Probably not a better fitting card for me at this time, and it simply blew me away. Have I mentioned that I love tarot and to this day never drew a wrong card?

Well anyways, this is what my steampunk card from Barbara Moore’s deck had to say.

As a major arcana card, The Empress represents significant influences in our lives. These are the milestones, the life lessons and the human experience. Major arcana Cards are also linked to deeply spiritual messages, representing powerful forces, events and developments over which we have little control. Wow….right.

The Empress herself comes with a motto that says “Were you looking for a mother figure?” It’s core meaning stands for abundance and creation. GO WHERE IT’S WILD!!!

Intentions: I am here to help you see the universe’s highest wishes for you. Think of me as a mother who is here to push you towards your potential.

Mantra: I am the creator of my life. I wake each day with gratitude for the possibilities that I can bring forth.

The Empress is often likened to Mother Nature, and to cycles of life and death, of creation and destruction, of flower and seed, of the moon and season. She is pure feminine power, all circles, curves, extremes, and sensuality. Her hands indicate the root of her power and a deep connection with the very being of the universe.

The appearance of The Empress promises abundance in your life. She heralds a time for creativity and you are encouraged to tap into this energy and use it to positive advantage in your life. However, the process isn’t always pretty. Whatever it might be comes from the heart of your creative being; as it fights its way into this world, expect a little bit of a mess. The Empress is often associated with motherhood and could indicate your own mother.

The Empress is a wild woman. She comes after the High Priestess to reflect all the success and abundance that’s becoming available as a result of staying true to yourself and your path. The Empress represents fertility. Think of her as being pregnant with potential. Maybe you want to write a book 😳 (how did she know) or simply declare who you truly are and begin to build your life from there. That’s were the Wild comes in as she wants you to answer your calling, to go on that road trip to express your true self. It is time to take action if she’s to build the life she wants. Her power is in her ability to manifest her dreams. She wills things into being and reminds you that the only thing that can hold you back, is yourself.

“Don’t be afraid. Go where it’s wild. There, you’ll be free.”

The Empress is pushing you towards your full potential, and her appearance indicates that you can begin to live your life on your own terms. You’re in alignment with the universe’s highest wishes for you; your wishes and dreams are not just ideas, but intuitive guidance nudging you in the right direction.

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Seven of pentacles

It was time, time to consult the cards once more. Time to see what wisdom and guidance was in store for me. Was I on the right path, was there anything new to consider, or perhaps something I was missing all together?

Slowly I shoveled the cards, but not before lovingly infusing each card with my energy, addressing the divine, stating my intention, and giving thanks for what I was about to learn. It wasn’t very long until a card popped out of the deck, literally, as if it was saying “Pick me, I have a message for you.” I took a deep breath until I felt that I was ready to turn the card over. The card revealed was the seven of pentacles, a symbol that has been surfacing for me on and off throughout the year.

“How does reality measure up to your expectations” was the immediate message coming from the card. Stay the course or go into the wild. It is time for you to look at where you feel you need to focus your attention. You have gotten yourself this far and now stand at a crossroads. Do you want to take the familiar path or go into the wild? The choice is yours.

Things are ok but the seven of pentacles confirmed that I have reached a plateau. It’s a reliable place, but one that leaves me restless and I wonder how everything is to continue. I can’t deny that going into the wild has a certain appeal, although I feel that I have reached the wild a long time ago. I have left convention and I have already jumped off of the hamster wheel. Perhaps I have landed differently then anticipated and it has definitely been a wild ride. But I’m off the wheel, and now is the time to shape the future and what’s next. I know that I chose this journey and the plateau is merely reminding me that this gentle crossroads beckons for the use of my two swords, faith and patience. I’m a curious soul and I can’t help but wonder what more is out there, and whether it’s time to change things up. Will I choose the comfort of what I know and have patience or to I go into the wild, and have faith for the unknown?

The seven of pentacles encourages me to look deeper, to pay attention to ideas and opportunities while consideration is given to what can be done differently. It is a reminder that my work is not yet done, that I have more potential to bring to the table and that it is time to step in and make a bigger push. Seven of pentacles shows promise in the unknown, and the unknown has been a big part of this year for me. If I let faith guide me, I remember to recognize that there is a wide open world waiting for me. One with many new potentials and interests, one that requires nothing more but the courage to take a chance.

These are all positive thoughts when I comes to the seven of pentacles, but there is also a side full of contemplation and soul searching that is being stirred. I am talking about the crossroads and which path to take. Of course you could stay the course without swaying from it. It’s a safe one, one with slow but steady progress. Perhaps the question to answer is if I’m happy with the outcome. How has it measured up? Has anticipation and expectations been met, (although I tried my to have any), have I answered the call fully, what are my choices now, have I done everything I could, have I folded at times and taken the easy route, what is the goal, the end result desired, am I stuck, repeating old patterns, am I naive, waiting for a miracle, do I have the strengths to continue my leap of faith into the unknown, what is required to do so, what risk would I take and how does it serve my life? Has my life become stale and boring or do I need to push harder?

There is much to contemplate and my mind is full. I thank you for your continued support, for all the kind comments you have left for me, for your caring and your patience until I sort this out and return back to you on a more structured and consistent basis. Thank you for sticking it out with me and being who you are… you are simply the best.

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Queen of Pentacles

It was time…

Tarot entered my mind and I knew I would draw card within a few days. I waited for my emotions to be neutral and relaxed, as to not absorb the deck with negative feelings. I waited until I was calm, until I felt at peace, and then it was time…

I cleared the deck and asked for guidance and protection. I thanked the cards and spirits for their wisdom and their help in my journey. I was ready to shuffle, but right away three cards jumped out of the deck. Normally a sign, I would have kept a singular card as a message that it was the one card meant to reveal itself. But it as three cards and I didn’t make the connection. I only saw the queen of pentacles and added the cards back to the deck. I didn’t think to keep the card, or to look at the others, which I wished I had, and merely thought that the incident was due to clumsy shuffling. Ive should have known better, but I didn’t. After a little while I felt that I was done shuffling and placed the deck right in front of me. I’ve never done this before, but I rested my hand on top of the deck. With my eyes closed I paused for a moment as if I was attempting to bring the right card to the surface. If such thing was possible, I was doing it with the energy of my hand, while preparing myself to receive guidance. I grabbed the top card and slowly turned it over. Once again the queen of pentacles came to greet me and found her way back to me. It was meant to be for this card to come through and perhaps my shuffling clumsiness was no accident. The card had literally jumped out of the deck and found a way to make a second appearance. For sure with a message to embrace in all detail.

And so the research began…

“Let your inner light be reflected in the outer world: loveliness is next to godliness”

Core meaning: Someone who supports and nurtures the physical world, resources and finances

The queen of pentacles is a court card, which does not represent events or situations, but people. It could be in regards to yourself or other people involved or affecting the question. Queens can be like finding a fairy godmother, literally wanting to help you and offer their guidance or become your enemy if not given the right respect. I wasn’t worried of the card/message becoming an enemy. I had more than enough respect for the wisdom they bring and my wish was to receive guidance and protection. I had made my intentions clear.

Pentacles have been a symbol that has been around for hundreds of years, perhaps even longer. It is often associated with Wicca, tarot cards, and various other New Pagan beliefs and technologies. Pentacles can have a wide range as well including protection and spirit summoning. Within tarot, the pentacle represents either the element Earth or can have a more divine meaning, representing spiritual faith and beliefs. It is believed that pentacles are positive or neutral. A pentacle can represent a magical shield, a belt buckle for protection or a patch over the breast. A pentacle can also be a seal for various rituals and invocations. A pentacle is a symbol that represents Earth, Air, Fire, Water at each of its five points and the spirit as the center.

The queen of pentacles is a very motherly card, expressing practical energy. She is the original earth mother. She shows her love for others by cooking, cleaning, keeping a warm and inviting home and bringing in a decent income to support the family financially. Alternatively, she may represent a part of yourself, particularly if you’re investing a lot of yourself into nurturing and caring for others and creating an established and comfortable lifestyle. The queen of pentacles suggests that it is important to you that you are able to live independently, with a stable income and with enough time and space to also nurture your family and loved ones. You may be trying to create a better balance between your home and work life’s given it your all in both domains and trying not to compensate one for the other at the same time, you’re also able to find time to invest in yourself and ensure did you have enough “me” time in between all of your other commitments.

This queen asked you to maintain a compassionate, nurturing, practical and down to earth attitude when it comes to dealing with others and your present circumstances. You need to focus on creating a calm and balanced life for yourself. You need to be resourceful and practical, dealing with issues as they arise and coming up with realistic and simple solutions that fix the problem with minimal fuss. The queen of pentacles is also able to find a use for everything in the home and is very handy and versatile.

She definitely knows the finer things of life and can recognize true quality at twenty paces. Whether it is satin that flows like liquid gold or wood polished so high that it looks like glass, she loves things that shine and glow. But she’s a woman of pentacles, so it had better be functional and comfortable as well as beautiful. If those to die for shoes pinch her toes, they’re merely ridiculous excuses for shoes. Truly luxurious shoes are art and craft, architecture and style, engineered to support the foot as well as show off a pretty ankle.

The queen of pentacles knows how to make a room look its best, how to plan the perfect dinner party, and how to make anything better with practically nothing. Making things be the best they can possibly be is not a matter of layering more and more on top of something. It is a matter of releasing a thing’s inner shine. That shine is really the part of the divine that dwells within. That is her best beauty secret, showcase your inner divine and you will be the most beautiful ever. Anything you add to something, or to yourself, should be like a frame to a piece of art, a way of highlighting and showcasing. She fancies herself a little like Michelangelo, you simply chip away what isn’t essential and what is left is perfect. Perfection can be unadorned, elegant or can be positively rococo, she never limits the possibilities of beauty or the divine. Dance with this queen and you’ll be swept away by the finest music in the arms of the loveliest woman in the most comfortable room in the world. Release yourself into her arms and you will understand that the dance between the physical and the spiritual is indeed the great dance of life.

I think this card beautifully sums up my journey so far and acknowledges the struggles, as well as highlights the successes I have found along the way. It speaks to my core to see beauty in everything and to create a sanctuary with practically nothing. To incorporate all elements, but mainly stay grounded within Mother Earth. The queen of pentacles reminds me to continue to chip away by removing the layers. Less is more and my true freedom and independence lives within that concept. I have enjoyed the finer things of life and have attained enough financial security to allow this extended stay to care for Mom, but I’m not held a prisoner in the means of competing for status. Like the queen of pentacles I’m versatile…dressing in satin, all glamorous one day, while being wild and free, riding my motorcycle the next.

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The Queens of Tarot

It’s been awhile since I got involved with Tarot, and I have to say that I never have drawn a wrong card. I somehow always applied whatever the message and took away what was fitting for me. Most of all I kept positive, with my mind open. Tarot for me is a way to expand my view, to consider alternatives, but mostly it is affirmation and confirmation of what I already know. Sometimes no news is good news and a mere sign that I’m on the right path is enough to keep me going. Most cards drawn, have either been “Major Arcana Cards” or “Court Cards”. I have drawn only a few “Minor Arcana Cards”, which says that all events and people involved in my life since Tarot have been pretty significantly. Life changing if you will.

The perception of Tarot varies and you are either a fan who believes that there is nothing bad about it, or you are a skeptic, who thinks that it is nothing but a bunch of hocus pocus, with no facts, to back up anything. Perhaps you don’t care to know and it is the fear of the unknown that keeps you away. In either way, the choice is always yours whether it feels right or not. Just go with your gut and you can’t go wrong.

I draw a card from time to time, not on a regular basis, but when I feel the time is right and a thought pops into my mind about Tarot. I did the other night and drew another “Court Card”. A Queen to be precise. “Court Cards” do not represent events or situations, but people. These cards signify the person asking the question in a reading or other people involved or affecting the question. There was no surprise and the way it happened itself was quite unusual as well. I will detail this later, but here are a few things to know about the Tarot Queens after the words from Barbara Moore.

Finding a queen in the reading is like finding a fairy godmother. More than any of the other “Court Cards”, the queens actually want to help you and have the wisdom, and sometimes the power, to do so. They often wield a quiet, behind the scenes influence that is nevertheless formidable. Not only are they willing and able to assist, they can do so in different ways. They are founts of good advice based on maturity, experience, and accomplishment. They are also skilled and able to provide valuable services.

A queen’s sway may not always be easy to see or quantify. A quiet word in the right person’s ear or a small act at the right time can yield important results. Gaining her favor is not always easy, though. Queens may inexplicably take a liking to someone, solicitously offering help. Or they could just as easily take a dislike to someone, playing instead the role of an enemy. Part of the Queens allure and mystique is that she is like an iceberg: most of her power works below the surface.

All the queens can play the role of friend, mentor, cheerleader, mother, and role model. They enjoy being recognized for their skills and experience. In exchange, they can offer advice and help. Learn about their unique specialties and motivations so you can make sure to engage the fairy godmother and avoid the enemy.

The queens can mark a time of inner growth or transformation. If you get a queen in your reading, look at what that particular queen specializes in and see if that isn’t an area in your own life that you have the opportunity to tend to. If the queen is present, the necessary energy certainly is as well.

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XII – The Hanged Man

The hanged man showed up in my last Tarot reading with a message of “A little shift in perception, that’s all that was needed.”

The core meaning of the card is: Willing surrender to an experience or situation.

The Hanged Man comes to us as the number 12 of the deck as a major Arcana Card with the higher octave of the number 3. It represents careful planning and orderly growth leading to spiritual development.

1 (beginning) +2 (the reasoning force) = 3 (the product of rebirth). The ruling planet is Neptune, the planet of self-sacrifice and idealism.

I did some research of what the book said about the card, as well as exploring other resources, and including my own interpretation. Am I about to pick what I want the card to mean? No, but it has to be fitting to me, to my current situation, while the message is personal to only my circumstances. No two situations are ever alike, and there might be a different meaning, for different people, at different times.

Here is a collection of info and thoughts about this card. If you follow my blog and have been a part of my journey, you will easily see the message here and that it confirms prior events while guiding new outcomes.

The Hanged Man reflects a need to suspend action. Decisions or actions will be postponed for more time to reflect on the situation at hand and to consider the greater good. This is a card that is all about suspension and waiting, and suggest that this may be just what you need to do in order to allow new possibilities to arise. Sometimes not acting will help to shed more light on what other options are available and allow more attractive opportunities to emerge. The Hanged Man can also be about letting go and needing an emotional release. There seems to be a lot of it lately. Everywhere and not just with me.

God knows that I have surrendered to this experience and this situation. I almost stopped time if you will. Of course it continues to tick away, but the stress of trying to accomplish whatever it was I so desperately felt I had to, has fallen to the wayside. In relation to a given situation, the Hanged Man has confirmed that I am on track and that everything is how it needs to be. He indicates that this is not the time to attempt to enforce your will to get a favorable outcome. The way forward is to remain calm and focus on what is taking place inwardly rather than outwardly. This pause gives you the space to reflect and to see all of the facets of the situation. Like I said before, coming home has been far greater than doing what is expected of me. It’s been a journey of healing and reconciliation, for Mom and myself. It is therapy for the help we never received. Surrender teaches not to expect a particular outcome. I had to learn to let go of wanting, of my expectations for more, too fast, and it will enable me to see whatever events do occur from a different, broader perspective. It feels as if the core meaning of this card has been met.

The Victorian era has a reputation for preferring strict control of all things at all times. And really, we modern humans also prefer order to the chaos. Knowing what is expected of us and what to expect from our environment allows us to feel secure. We don’t need to worry about our general safety and can get on with other, more important things.

Inventors, creators, and anyone who has ever had a brilliant idea know that being safe is not always conducive to flashes of genius. Sometimes we need to be turned on our head, figuratively or even literally, rather like our Hanged Man here. If you turn this card upside down, you notice his legs create the number 4, a symbol of stability, security and safety, and also, in it’s extreme incarnation, of stagnation. Our man has been turned upside down, allowing him to see things from a completely different point of view. And if you ask me, he doesn’t seem to mind, he looks perfectly content and at ease to me. He is not not worried that his life has turned upside down. The stagnant and uninspired state has been shaken.

The Hanged Man Card symbolizes that a state of inner peace and acceptance has been reached. There is a strong spiritual element to this card, based on the knowledge that whatever is meant to occur will happen when the time is right. Unlike the Strength card, no aspect of life is subjugated by the will. The Hanged Man brings an attitude of patience and of surrender to the natural order.

The Hanged Man is a willing victim, someone who has chosen the path to sacrifice to accomplish a higher goal. I realize once more that I didn’t come this far for no reason and that the purpose perhaps was even greater than that I could comprehend at the time. The Hanged Man represents the willingness to forsake the temptations of instant gratification for a higher cause, and because of this willing sacrifice he accomplishes the goals he has in his heart. He is like the ultimate martyr, putting his self interests aside and giving up his personal needs for the greater good. On the flip side, you may need to assess your life for areas in which you are giving up too much to others at the expense of your own mental and spiritual well being. This is my warning and balance is key. I can’t be of help to others, giving to a point it is damaging to me. Sometimes martyrdom can go too far!

His willingness to sacrifice bares vulnerability. Allowing himself to be put in this position is a sacrifice of his dignity, his safety, and his worldview. This posture with his feet above his head, represents a temporary override of the mind and it’s analytical approach. The striving for order and rationality is out in hiatus. While the head is associated with logic, feet correspond to our connection with the earth. The elevation of his feet represents placing higher value on his connection to nature. For a time, he is experiencing the world differently than is his wont. He must remain so long enough to relax, long enough for the vines to nutate around his wrists and for nature to cover his chains. The vines also suggest the possibility that the situation will bear fruit. In return for his sacrifice, he gains illumination, a moment of intense brightness when everything, at least for a moment, falls into perfect place. The halo around his head suggest intense spiritual growth and enlightenment. The basic, gray background of rock is a reminder to stay humble and not to flaunt his new attained spirituality. Few would understand and no reassurance or understanding is needed. The journey is unique and already approved.

If the Hanged Man pays a visit to your reading, prepare yourself for some sort of epiphany. But first, expect an uncomfortable time. Let go of your safety nets, sacrifice your worldview, and trust the universe. You cannot rush this experience, so you may as well settle down and just take a look around. No doubt things will look different from here; enjoy the view.

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Major Arcana Cards

About a year ago, I got involved in laying tarot cards. I’ve been long intrigued and started out with a deck of oracle cards. I heard that oracle cards may not be as complex as tarot cards, and therefore easier to read. I got hooked immediately and a few different decks have spoken to me since. I didn’t know what to expect, but kept open minded, positive and convinced that the cards didn’t bare any negative messages but only guidance and reassurance. No card has ever lead me wrong so far and I carry a deep respect for the wisdom they hold.

Coming to Germany, I brought my Tarot deck, thinking I would have all the time in the world to learn about them in detail. Well, let’s just say that my own, personal time has been limited, but I learn a little here and there. Tonight I noticed something reoccurring after consulting the cards, and I will talk about it after a short intro of how the cards are devided.

The first division of the deck is between the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana Cards. Arcana is a lovely old word for “secrets” and the cards are my helpers to unveil the secrets that have long been determined. One part of the deck, reveals the big, or major secrets, while the other part holds the small, or minor secrets. There are twenty two Major Arcana Cards. They are numbered from 0-21 and have names like Fool, the Chariot, Temperance, and the Moon. The images on these cards often date back to the beginning of tarot in the fifteenth century. As the major cards in the deck, they represent significant influences in our lives. These are the milestones and life lessons of the human experience. When interpreted, they often carry with them deeply spiritual messages. Because they are such powerful forces in a reading, it is often said that they represent events and developments over which we have little control. They are like weather fronts that we cannot alter but can prepare for. They reveal situations such as moving somewhere new, getting married or divorced, starting a degree program, finding or losing faith, or organizing a business.

What I noticed tonight was that the core cards I have drawn, or otherwise have come up by formulating my birthday or such, are mostly Major Arcana Cards. My life has been filled with major life lessons, (especially lately) and the human experience couldn’t be any greater. Each lesson carried deep and powerful messages with events I had little control over. I had to learn to roll with the punches, change approaches, believe in faith even more so, fill my heart with nothing but love and listen within. As a blessing, the divine has embraced me with spiritual gifts and a understanding of dimensions and signs not previously seen.

The cards have been like a map of my journey, telling me exactly what it is that I need to know for that given time. I think it’s incredible and here is a brief outline of what happened with my Major Arcana Cards. The cards are listed in the order they have appeared and make perfect sense to me.

  1. The High Priestess ~ “She is completely batty, I tell you. Didn’t say a word that whole time. Just sat there smiling at me. Core meaning: Something that can only be understood through experience.
  2. Justice ~ “You play the hand that you were dealt. The way you play it will determine your next hand. Core meaning: The consequences of your actions are at hand.
  3. The Devil ~ “It’s bloody hard work keeping this thing going.” Core meaning: A choice, situation, or action that is contrary to your best interest.
  4. The hanged man ~ “A little shift in perception, that’s all that was needed.” Core meaning: Willing surrender to an experience or situation.

I have written posts about the first three cards if you care to read further detail. The hanged man, I drew tonight which I will further detail in another post.

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Flight into the unknown

I’ve been flying for the past 6 1/2 hours and my mind is blank. I feel as if I haven’t slept in days, yet I can’t sleep and make the hours pass faster. It’s dark outside, but I can see the moonlight reflecting on the wing outside my window. I got lucky and the seat next to me is occupied by my buckled up backpack. I got space and room to get up whenever, but I’m hitting the limit and feel restless and ready for this flight to be over with. I have a ways to go and a connecting flight to Frankfurt in Reykjavik. I never been to Iceland and hope to explore this beautiful countryside some day. It most likely be dark when I land, but I hike to catch a sunrise with take off and a few glimpses of this magical landscape.

I’m rambling on, with all the time in the world to write, but with nothing to say. My mind is numb and so are the emotions. Never have I felt so hopeful and yet so empty at the same time. Auto-Pilot has kicked in to warrior through whatever comes next. The last couple of days where filled with vulnerable moments, moments spent making special memories and moments I allowed myself to process the feelings as they hit me. There is so much uncertainty right now and I remember back to Tarot and having to fly blind sometimes. The journey has begun and I’m flying blind at this very moment. Besides the moonlight there is nothing to see. Father moon is my light in the distance and a reminder that the darkness will never completely engulf me.

By the time I have WiFi to post this, it will seem like old news as my posts will always trail behind and will be random and on no regular schedule. It is what it is and doesn’t matter.

I drew the Devil the other day in Tarot. It gave me an initial scare, but the card is fitting for this point of my journey and I took a valuable lesson from it.

“It’s bloody hard work keeping this thing going”

Core meaning: A choice, situation, or action that is contrary to your best interest

If the devil has shown up in a reading, then he indeed is part of your life, take a look at what you’ve created that has taken over your life, your resources, your energy, and your focus. This card represents your commitment to something that is so all-consuming that you cannot imagine your life without it. But this thing – even if it started life innocently and with the very best of intentions – now exists merely to be constantly fed. It gives nothing of use in return. It only consumes: your resources, your life, you. As hideous as that may seem, there is a bright side. Because you created this life ingesting monster machine, you can dismantle it. Also, once you’ve finished that, you get to decide where you want to invest all the time and energy you’ll have on hand.

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High Priestess -Tarot

The High Priestess was the second card associated with my birthday. I found it strange how these cards came to be, how they all of a sudden fell into my life. It was the timing of it, that was in the midst of being challenged by the struggles with Mom. If you follow this blog, you know that I believe in the signs that surround us at all times. You know that I believe in synchronicities and that nothing happens by accident. And you know that I believe that there was a reason I was meant to learn the truth about these two cards and how they relate to my life and what’s ahead.

The Justice Card and the balancing of truths. To embrace the journey that is to come and break the cycle to see where the scales will finally tip. To find peace with whatever will be, knowing that I have given it my all. You can’t change and control a person, but you can learn how to react and to what extend things influence your own life. To shed the guilt for something that has never been my fault, as I was a child and now need justice in my own heart. And further may it be for the higher good of my own health. Only when the turmoil ends inside will I have a fighting chance to defeat the RA and put it into remission. With too much stress and worries inside, I fear it won’t be possible. My intuition already knows what needs to be done and this is a big part of it.

The High Priestess is the second card and piece of the puzzle. I’m not in the least bit surprised. Again, I will recap some of the meaning from my steampunk deck from Barbara Moore and I already know that some of you will totally relate.

High Priestess core meaning: something that can only be understood through experience.

The High Priestess symbolizes truth and wisdom and understanding. The maddening thing about her, though, is that she represents the kind of knowing that cannot be told and refuses to be confined to restrictions of order and language. The logical left brain does not comprehend her intuitive wisdom, nor can it express it. High Priestess truth resides in the heart and soul and can only be learned via direct experience. It is the wisdom gained through an initiatory experience. It cannot be explained or studied. It is simply known.

When the High Priestess beckons you, do not give way to frustration. Curb your left brain that demands understanding, enlightenment, and, above all, answers. She is here to let you know that overt answers are not in your best interest at this time in this situation. You have wisdom to gain and truths to embrace. You will only be able to do so by going through the experience without knowledge of what is to come. Sometimes you have to fly blind. Have faith that the universe has your back. Do your best, and pay attention.

This card has probably been a game changer for me and some of the best advice I could have received. It’s been a frustrating road and part of me wants that justification. I would like to know some answers and I would like to understand. I would like to put an end to decades worth of worrying and guessing. I have to adjust and remember the advice of High Priestess that such is not a good idea right now. I won’t be prepared for what’s next and I will have to trust more than ever. I have to use other senses and resources if I am to fly blind. My spirit animals already told me that I had to call on my reserves if I want to make it through this in one piece. It’s making more and more sense, doesn’t it? I’m paying attention. I have truths and beliefs in my heart and soul about the matter, but they are my own and the other side (Mom) to the story has been silent over all these years. More wisdom is to be gained and more truths are to be learned. I’m staying optimistic and for once I wish something would prove this intuition wrong. Maybe it is the logical, rational side of me, but I think it is more hope that still lives within my core. I’m still hoping for a relationship with Mom that with all likelihood will never be, but I still stand my ground saying “Never say never”. One way or another I will have to embrace the truth through experience and going into the situation blindly. Words fail the action and the meaning in this. Either way it goes, I will have to be good with the outcome and make peace for my own survival and well being. Remembering this will be my weapon against the frustration.