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Witch’s Bells

I made my first crafty project in quite some time. I came across an original design by the Spirit Den and used it’s inspiration to make my own. I felt immediately drawn to the project for unknown reasons and loved to learn a little more about them. My space is small but mighty, and only meaningful items are within my four walls. It’s a great way to become a minimalist and find yourself surrounded by your favorite things, vs unnecessary “Stuff.”

Hung over an entry door or window, it is said that these bells are symbolic, offering protection for your home. With the recent nearby fires, perhaps there lies a connection in it itself as to why I felt my home could use a little extra protection. Even the materials used have a special meaning as highlighted by the Spirit Den.

Bells: Because of the vibratory nature of bells, they are an extremely effective form of spiritual cleansing. The sound of a bell continues to resonate far beyond the time that you can actually hear it. Bronze, having its own metaphysical properties, is known to clear negative energy and bring good luck. Because these bells are made of iron and bronze they are working double time to bring you protection.

Key of Hecate: symbolizes knowledge, attracts positive energies and helps to open doors of opportunity. Hecate is known as the goddess of magic and the keeper of keys. Protecting us and lightening the way ahead.

Black Ribbon: the color black is the most grounding color on the planet. It is used as a shielding and protective color. Black has a long standing association with mystery, transformation and magic, absorbing negative energy and helps protect from harm and negativity.

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Signs from heaven

Many more feathers are finding their way to me. I always get so excited to find them and they have a special meaning for me. I see them as signs from heaven and that my guardian angel (s) are near.

All of these were found in one day and I was happy to see two white ones amongst the bunch. I usually associate those with messages from Mom, while the black ones come from Dad. I am not at all surprised about the feather appearances lately. Much has happened this year on a spiritual and growth level. I have lost loved ones, both physically and in other ways. The end of this month marks Mom’s one year anniversary since she left this earth to become an angel. It’s been a tough month and she has been on my mind a lot, as well as the house she has left behind that stands empty. It all weighs on me and perhaps she knows. I take her white feathers as a sign and comfort to let me know that she is fine on the other side. I just miss you, that’s all.

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Black (reminders) feathers

A beautiful gift fell out of the sky, a black feather. I have collected many over the years and it always makes me smile to find them. It’s amazing how much meaning and joy such a simple gesture brings, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s been many years I started my collection, but this black, wide one, is a new one to add to the collection. All my others are longer and skinnier. Measuring about 6″ in lengths, it’s the fullness and widths, along with it’s blueish shine that makes this one unique. Please let me know if you have any clue which bird this feather might belong to. I thought maybe a Crow.

I found it in central Nevada during an attempt of chasing blue sky. The air quality has been terrible in large areas of the United States with thick smoke engulfing everything within it’s past. Ranging from unhealthy to hazardous, I haven’t seen my mountains for weeks.

Meaning of black feather:

  • You’re being protected by someone you loved and lost
  • You’re not alone
  • A sense of clarity is on its way

Finding this feather has now led me to expanding my collection, which means buying feathers and not just finding them, along with a desire of getting some porcupine quills. Yeah I know, I’m strange 🤪

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A happy birthday message from Mom & Dad

It’s been quiet throughout Mom’s birthday and although I felt deeply connected to her, there was no sign of any sort on her birthday. Just silence and the emptiness of her gone.

You can read about Monday, my birthday here, but the evening brought a little surprise I wasn’t expecting. Sitting in front of the little log cabin, at a moment of peace, I noticed a small black feather at my feet. My thoughts immediately drifted to Dad and I said that it was a happy birthday greeting from him. It made me smile and comforted the way I always feel when I find feathers.

“When feathers appear your loved ones are near.”

Later that evening, back at our place, a white feather was waiting for me on the floor. I have no idea how we could have missed it. Immediately I knew that this was a birthday greeting from Mom. This was my first year as an orphan, someone no longer blessed with the presence of their parents, but these two little feathers completed my day, making me feel loved and thought of enough to send a sign my way for a happy birthday.

The meaning of black feathers – Dads message

A black feather reminds you of the presence of your guardian angel who protects and gives you more spiritual wisdom and power. It could be a sign telling you to take a break from work and meditate on everything happening in your Life. When found in times of crisis it passes a message of support.

The meaning of white feathers – Moms message

White is a symbol of purity, GA it’s and protection. If you find white feathers it means that your angel is trying to reassure you of his presence with you. Your late loved ones could also send a message to you through white feathers to reassure you that they are doing well. So whenever you find a white feather just smile because you have got the blessings of the angels.


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Hearts everywhere

Mom said that only I could see a heart in a cow patty. I doubt that and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has seen a little piece of smelly love. 😉 that’s what I decided to call this one. Or perhaps it stands for not taking any crap.

Then last night the perfect little heart stain surfaced on my kitchen towel. I have no clue how it got there and what caused the stain and it’s shape.

Before it was a heart shaped leaf and the fact that many hearts are popping up lately has got my attention. Something is trying to tell me something, so I dig’ed a little deeper. Just like anything, the interpretation is up to the finder and what we want to believe. And do you we ever want to believe, don’t we?

“Believe in your heart that you’re meant to live a life full of passion, purpose magic and miracles.” ~Roy T. Bennett. (Oh I do believe in that)

Common heart meanings include









Magicians and alchemists used heart symbols for incantations pertaining to matters related to love and romance. The symbol was also used in the rituals with the goal to strengthen the relationships.

It can also stand for






Physic perception

I believe that the first set of interpretations reflect the most basic views of what we think about when hearts cross our path. The later, second interpretation seems to be more fitting for my current state. I think the past weeks have been highly emotional. A dream or two has resurfaced, and holy cow patty, I have started to write my book. There has been much healing on my scene lately with the pain I am still experiencing to some extent. My intuition has never been stronger as I find myself in a transition that ties back to my dreams. A physic event has rounded out the experiencing, and has left me feeling good about what’s next.

A heart, symbol of love is here to tell me that if you have love in your life to consider yourself blessed. For you are richer than some and to hold on to it with all your might.

“One love, one heart, one destiny.” ~Bob Marley