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Signs from heaven

Many more feathers are finding their way to me. I always get so excited to find them and they have a special meaning for me. I see them as signs from heaven and that my guardian angel (s) are near.

All of these were found in one day and I was happy to see two white ones amongst the bunch. I usually associate those with messages from Mom, while the black ones come from Dad. I am not at all surprised about the feather appearances lately. Much has happened this year on a spiritual and growth level. I have lost loved ones, both physically and in other ways. The end of this month marks Mom’s one year anniversary since she left this earth to become an angel. It’s been a tough month and she has been on my mind a lot, as well as the house she has left behind that stands empty. It all weighs on me and perhaps she knows. I take her white feathers as a sign and comfort to let me know that she is fine on the other side. I just miss you, that’s all.

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Black (reminders) feathers

A beautiful gift fell out of the sky, a black feather. I have collected many over the years and it always makes me smile to find them. It’s amazing how much meaning and joy such a simple gesture brings, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s been many years I started my collection, but this black, wide one, is a new one to add to the collection. All my others are longer and skinnier. Measuring about 6″ in lengths, it’s the fullness and widths, along with it’s blueish shine that makes this one unique. Please let me know if you have any clue which bird this feather might belong to. I thought maybe a Crow.

I found it in central Nevada during an attempt of chasing blue sky. The air quality has been terrible in large areas of the United States with thick smoke engulfing everything within it’s past. Ranging from unhealthy to hazardous, I haven’t seen my mountains for weeks.

Meaning of black feather:

  • You’re being protected by someone you loved and lost
  • You’re not alone
  • A sense of clarity is on its way

Finding this feather has now led me to expanding my collection, which means buying feathers and not just finding them, along with a desire of getting some porcupine quills. Yeah I know, I’m strange 🤪

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The aura of your heart

Did you know that your heart has an aura? An aura is the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place. In spiritualism and some forms of alternative medicine it’s a supposed emanation surrounding the body of a living creature and is regarded as an essential part of the individual. These colors tend to show up during intense periods, and also when we intentionally open our heart space. These shades range from reds, orange, yellow, greens, blues, violets, silver, gold, black, whites, Earth tones, browns and pastels. Each color is said to have a different meaning and I’m not sure if there is a permanent color or if these colors change with your feelings and your experiences. For instance will a negative event change the color of your aura and can it become permanent?

Here is what we know;

Science has shown that our hearts have a measurable magnetic field and an intelligence. This aura or magnetic field can be felt by others’ hearts and brains, and is constantly affecting our environment. It’s often called one’s inner voice. The Heartmath institute has shown that when your heart is coherent, stress is reduced, cognitive function increases and intuitive discernment increases.

Are we living from our heart space or the ego?

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8:8 Lions Gate Portal

It’s that time again and the Lions Gate Portal opens today. It is said that 8:8 is the luckiest day of the year, and I hope whether you are aware of today or not, it truly is so for all of us.

If you haven’t heard of the Lions Gate Portal before, it is when the blazing sun in Leo will link up with the brightest star Sirius, creating a cosmic alignment known as the Lions Gate Portal. Because of the energy of this alignment, August 8th is a supercharged day for manifesting abundance and dreaming big.

August 8th is a sparkling spiritual window of opportunity and although today is the peak for harnessing this auspicious mystical energy, it is believed that the portal is open for several weeks. Being aware can help set your intention and manifest your dreams. Here is what you can expect.

Numerology – 8:8:2020 = 8 8 4 which stands for balance, Harmony, grounding abundance & spirituality with inspired action.

Influx of spiritual light for ascension, higher consciousness & DNA upgrades through the Sirian dimensions

Anchoring the divine into the physical. Allow yourself to align with this potent activation.

And just like this, voila, consider that your day just got brighter and a little bit of luck is within your reach. 🙏🏼. Make a wish and hold that thought.

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A happy birthday message from Mom & Dad

It’s been quiet throughout Mom’s birthday and although I felt deeply connected to her, there was no sign of any sort on her birthday. Just silence and the emptiness of her gone.

You can read about Monday, my birthday here, but the evening brought a little surprise I wasn’t expecting. Sitting in front of the little log cabin, at a moment of peace, I noticed a small black feather at my feet. My thoughts immediately drifted to Dad and I said that it was a happy birthday greeting from him. It made me smile and comforted the way I always feel when I find feathers.

“When feathers appear your loved ones are near.”

Later that evening, back at our place, a white feather was waiting for me on the floor. I have no idea how we could have missed it. Immediately I knew that this was a birthday greeting from Mom. This was my first year as an orphan, someone no longer blessed with the presence of their parents, but these two little feathers completed my day, making me feel loved and thought of enough to send a sign my way for a happy birthday.

The meaning of black feathers – Dads message

A black feather reminds you of the presence of your guardian angel who protects and gives you more spiritual wisdom and power. It could be a sign telling you to take a break from work and meditate on everything happening in your Life. When found in times of crisis it passes a message of support.

The meaning of white feathers – Moms message

White is a symbol of purity, GA it’s and protection. If you find white feathers it means that your angel is trying to reassure you of his presence with you. Your late loved ones could also send a message to you through white feathers to reassure you that they are doing well. So whenever you find a white feather just smile because you have got the blessings of the angels.


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Remembering your purpose

Just something short and sweet today, but powerful enough to require only a few words that make us evaluate and ponder what we truly want to be identified with. If not from the outside but from the within and ourselves. Maybe somebody needs to read this at this exact time to keep going, to follow their true heart, to empower themselves to listen and march to their own drumbeat. And if so then please remember that you had purpose before anyone had an opinion. 🙏🏼

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Strawberry Moon

Did you see the strawberry moon last night?

Strawberry teaches peace, love and forgiveness. What potent medicines for our current times.

She is shaped like a heart and when she grows in June, it’s a time for coming together and feasting, letting go of conflict and inviting everyone to come home. At this time, we cannot gather, but send messages of love to those that you wish you could be with.

Strawberry is a woman’s medicine and teaches about human creation through love. She is also the food for your drum, is full of vitamin C for you and your family and helps with digestive issues.

This incredible luminous Full Moon will see us experience more heightened energy and vibrations as we are showered in radiant moonlight. This Full Moon is here to bring us increased subconscious awareness of our circumstances, relationships, and sense of self.

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Fringe Dwellers

Picture taken from google/artist unknown

Have you ever felt like you don’t fit the norm? Like you don’t fit in? Perhaps even that this planet is not your home and you are just passing through? Well, you might be a Fringe Dweller.

Fringe Dweller are people who don’t fit the norm. I say they are not hippy revolutionaries living rough, or social weirdos: the one’s I speak of are ordinary people, you can’t tell them apart from others. It’s their minds that are different. They don’t relate to the rules and regulations of the status quo, the rhythms of a tick-tock life leaves them uninspired and listless.

~Stuart Wilde

If this resonates with you, you mithat find further confirmation here.

  1. From a very early age you have known that you were different
  2. You feel the pain of others
  3. You feel there is something more to this life
  4. You get bored easily with life
  5. You are highly creative
  6. You NEED a lot of alone time
  7. Little coincidences are happening more in your life
  8. You are attracted to lots of different spiritual teachings
  9. You don’t want a normal job

Just remember that you are not a weirdo, or strange, you are just on a dog free rent level of consciousness and know there is something more that you need to get from life. 🙏🏼

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Power in the darkness – Magic to prepare for spring…

Today we are celebrating Imbolc, keeping the faith in the anticipation of the coming spring, which marks the emergence from darkness into the light of the sun.

Imbolc falls into the winter season and sometimes we forget or become lost in it. The green mantle will soon return, but for now: it’s ok to sleep more, to say no, to go slowly and strangely, to go into a deep incubative mode, to contemplate the steam motes billowing off your mug, making outlines of spirits we commune with who tell us secrets, to trace lines of fern frost in your window, dive deeply into the dream space, sometimes it requires that we retreat, to recover the light inside us.

We celebrate Imbolc as a earth element. It reminds us of rest and regeneration and the incubation of ideas. Our focus rests on grounding, assessment, resting and recalibration, acceptance, finding out who we really are, rebirth, peace and total self acceptance.

Additional focus is brought to our sacral chakra.