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Rocks, Fossils and Gemstones

Only I could get excited about a coupon to the Rock Quarry. I’m fascinated with collecting rocks, whether I find them on the trail or at the rock shop. From fossils to gemstones to ancient petrified woods, I love them all, and have wooden boxes and crates filled with them. I have books to tell me all about those wonderful treasures, and for me a beautiful gem might as well be as precious as a diamond. Perhaps it is a diamond in the rough and just needs a little polishing. 😉. I even have a rock tumbler, that is ok but not really what I would like it to be, and therefore I use it way too seldom.

My love for Tarot and the stones, connected another piece of the puzzle last night. On Pinterest I found a chart on how to calculate my Tarot birth card. I added and divided the numbers and my first birth card came out to be the card of Justice. Another sign and I hope Justice will follow in what is to come. The second card was the one of the High Priestess. Here is were it gets interesting. I’m born in July and many refer to those born in July as a moon-child. I do feel a special connection with the moon and there is something familiar, something soothing in it’s presence that I can’t explain.

One of my books breaks down the index of the stones into physical correspondences as well as into emotional/spiritual correspondences. Stones are used for self healing, although it’s use or effectiveness is experimental and speculative. Again, I think it comes down to whether you are a believer or a skeptic. I have no proof other than my intuition, but I happen to be a believer. By accident (or is it another case of synchronicities, a case of meant to be coincidences?) the book happens to open to a certain page and what stares me into the face is a cluster of stones, Cuprite, Metals, Silver and Moonstone that are the stones of the High Priestess. You might wonder “And”, or “Now what” and all I can say is that there is a message waiting for me to be explored in the High Priestess card and the Moonstone. I can’t wait what the research will reveal. 💙🦋

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A “Vintage”feel  

When I’m out and about, I’m always accompanied by some means to capture whatever it is that catches my vision. I’ve always loved to take pictures and it’s been a hobby from an early age. I could mention that a picture says a thousand words and perhaps you have heard the old adage. Pictures memorize something we don’t want to forget, as we record the place and the time of what we were blessed to see. A picture allows us to share our adventure with others, to see the journey through our eyes. These reasons combined were the bones of my photography. To memorize and share.

Today I seek another reason when I’m out enjoying a little adventure. I look for the emotion that naturally falls into place when the right circumstances present themselves. In the end, it’s always those pictures that stand out and become my favorites. It’s more than a memory and the desire to share, but it’s the emotion and the feel that it stirs within me, when I see the potential in a subject. When there is a familiarity, a sense of peace within the presence, maybe a long distant memory (although I know that I have never been there), when there is a calm inside, something, whatever it might be that soothes my soul, it is then that the picture becomes personal and has a deeper meaning.

This is such said picture and I can’t say as to why it speaks to me. I saw something driving by and we had to turn around to get this shot. Maybe I have been here before, and maybe the unconscious memories of my “Old soul” have been found love and peace here within its golden glow, a long, long time ago. 

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Life is good (mostly)

Life is good, for the most part as we travel through this journey of our growth and our spiritual being. I have witnessed on many occasions that finding our way can be difficult, as not all roads are lined with roses. But if we learn to dance around the thorns and try to find the positive in our trials, life can become much easier and full of wonder. Even though we all have our own way of dealing with those times and it’s exactly how it should be. The peace-pipe continued to burn for the remainder of my trip to Germany and we never fought again. I’m nothing short of amazed how the challenges of our daily lives, especially stress affect our health and our well being. Despite the steroids, the RA remained pretty active throughout the week while fighting with Mom. On several occasions, I wrapped my wrist overnight in bandages for support and steadiness, which helped short term. At times I felt so rallied up, while trying to remind myself to breath and stay calm, that I thought I fall over and have a heart attack. For sure that would be it if we continued with this pace. It wasn’t healthy but it was on that very Sunday, where the peace-pipe was lit, that the pain vanished and disappeared. I didn’t even notice it at first, later thinking that the drugs were doing their job, but at second thought I know that it was much more than that. Muscles relaxed and the tension left my body. A sense of peace was restored as gratitude ran through my veins, and with it, it took the chronic pain. I stood up straight and no longer felt beaten down. My heart rejoiced and there was hope and purpose, peace and happiness. As a result my body was thanking me in the form of less pain and decreased heartache. The low blows had stopped and I was no longer criticized, my behavior was no longer attacked and whatever it was that I was or was not wearing, seemed to be ok all of a sudden. I’m not going as far as to say that Mom would have complimented anything I was wearing, but our relationship took on civil matters as it continued to grow. I couldn’t ask for more. 

Mom always enjoyed our country outings, when we drove across the land to places she hadn’t seen in years. Life was good again, on a psychological as well as on a physical level. It is those moments that will always stay close to my heart and that bring a smile to my face. It was during those times that I felt as if I could give her life that hope, that purpose and that peace and that happiness. Even if it was for limited times, but it was the current moment and the “NOW” that mattered the most. Tomorrow would come soon enough with another set of worries that begged to be dealt with. If they came, so be it, but for now, the fears of “what if” and “what might be” had no place in our life’s. 

In addition to that bliss, I felt something else change during these peaceful moments. Not only did the pain leave my aching body and restored me with peace, but something else found it’s way back into my life. For the first time in awhile a smile graced my face and became my most beautiful accessory. Life was good once more.

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Bold, Brave and Strong

It was my first day back at work yesterday, after returning from Germany the day prior. I’m still fighting through the jet lag and I have yet to enjoy a decent night of sleep, or enough of it for that matter. You would think I’d be so exhausted from the 32 hours of travel that I would just sink into bed, nearly unconscious and sleep a deep, coma like sleep to catch up, but this has not been the case. Maybe it is my restless mind and the turmoil inside that leaves a feeling of helplessness and being unsettled behind, as it is disrupting my peaceful vibe. The suitcases are off to the side and mostly still packed, besides a few key items that were removed for daily use. I’m not motivated to unpack or do much of anything. I haven’t even found time to write or catch up, and there has been a lack of inspiration that fuels a topic of what to my heart is trying to say. The day to day routine might have returned but Germany continues to hold my heart even though I do enjoy the comfort of my own four walls and making use of my place of dwelling here. 

I’m a sucker for quotes and awhile back, I purchased an inspirational daily quote book. I believe in the spiritual meaning and the signs that are always around us. I was curious as I pulled it out to check the message for the day I left Germany and for the first day back here. “Of course” I thought under a smile while reading the words meant for me, for that particular day. 

Day of departure

First day back in the states

I found it fitting as I continue to let the universe guide me in what lies ahead. Much work is yet to come as my life shapes itself to benefit me and those closest to my heart. It is huge and definitely life changing. It’s radical and will encompass everything in the quote below and my Boho Soul. 

Still one of my favorite quotes from this trip comes written on a piece of chocolate I got from an amazing person, my cousin and dear friend Moni. Related through blood, we also share an amazing bond and friendship, and she is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I’m fortunate and blessed to have her in my life. Thank you….I could never do it all without you. 🦋💙

It translates to “Chocolate doesn’t solve any problems. But neither does an apple”. 😉

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When feathers appear

Do you see feathers along your path or in unusual places? You might consider and entertain the thought that it is a message from the universe. I have collected many over the years, ranging from different colors to different sizes. There is a meaning to each color and it is said that when a feather crosses your path, a loved one is watching over you and your guardian angel is near. What a beautiful thought, so the next time you find a feather on your path, remember that you’re not alone. 

“When feathers appear, angels are near”

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Total Eclipse of the Heart

With the solar eclipse yesterday and a wonderful personal message from my dear fairy sister Roda, I felt poetic and wrote a little poem that I would like to dedicate to her. Before I start gushing my feelings, I hope you already know her name well, but just in case you haven’t stopped by her blog….yet….what….why not…please make sure you do and be prepared to be emerged in love and kindness. She is one of a kind, a person that has touched my heart too numerous times to keep track. She has also managed to move me to tears of joy over the past couple of weeks. Not once, but several times. At first I thought that I might have turned into an emotional mess, but secondly, I realized that it was her kindness and going out of her way, her thinking of me and surprising me in a variety of ways, that made me feel special and what touched me so deeply. Roda has nominated me for several awards, of which I fell short of answering some. In the end I hope I always find a way to show my appreciation for those kind thoughts and give back proper credit and love in return.

Awhile ago, Roda sent me a book, a book for women, women on their journey of enlightenment and realization. It was a book that confirmed what I already knew, but it was also a book that gave me the reassurance that I was not alone. It’s kind of neat to read and recognize the things you have encountered yourself, even though every journey is very unique and personal. Along the way you also find a common threat that binds all those beautiful spirits together as one. I wasn’t going crazy just yet, and in all actuality I never really believed that I was. I think it’s normal to find yourself alone sometimes as these things are hard to explain and to relate to from others who are still asleep. 

Roda and I connected long before the book arrived and I often have to smile when I wander over to her blog. I’m reminded of how similar we are in our beliefs, our love for the simple things and the beauty that is all around and perhaps even in our journey of having experienced similar catalysts. There is an intuition that is guided and she is magically gifted to drop in whenever I need it the most, whether I know it or not. And often I don’t know until a act of kindness reaches me and allows the tears to fall freely in the most grateful and humbling of ways. Bits and pieces from the poem I wrote are inspired from Roda’s message “Total eclipse of the heart” and the book she has sent me. 

Last Thursday morning, prior to a day out hiking, I saw a notification from Roda asking if a little magic had arrived. Full of excitement, eyes big and heart pounding like a little excited child, getting a surprise for the first time, I drove to the mailbox on my way into town. There I found a beautiful hand written card and everything was perfect before I even got to open it. From the cute flower stationary, to the ornate hand writing in calligraphy style, to the stamps of an airplane writing the word “Love” into the sky, I sat for a moment and held it in my hands as if it was the biggest treasure in a long time. And in that moment it was. I finally opened it and it was perfect once more as it read….

” All you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust.” 

How perfect is that? I was touched beyond means and felt that she always understands me and my journey, even when words are absent or I haven’t really said much. There is a knowing without words, a respect for the journey and a special kind of bond. Roda took the initiative to draw my first oracle card which was “Metamorphosis” and the rest is really history. I feel that it was a spiritual act, a chance to connect on yet a deeper level. The wonderful mail accompanied me on my hike that day (and actually I had it with me for several days). It still is in plain sight and I see it every day as I smile and bit my dear fairy sister a beautiful day. Later on, card in hand, I read it aloud to another special friend I just had to share this treasure with. Only this time I could not finish without becoming very emotional and choking on my words. There was a release of some sort and the pain began to fall off. I realized how long I was required to have been so strong. How long I had fought to protect my heart. How long I endured deceit and insincerities, while all I ever hoped, was to contribute and find a way to be accepted. Even though I have achieved this milestone, life hasn’t always made it easy and at times it almost distorted my beliefs in humanity. I had come to accept that it was this way, almost as if I was undeserving of more. I know it sounds a bit like a self pity party, but that is not the intend as I never complained through the process of it all and I never gave up. Today I even believe that it was all necessary for my growth and that even the pain has a place throughout the journey. 

Roda’s kindness took me by surprise and released the so said pain of which I didn’t even realized that it was still tucked away somewhere deep inside. I’m not sure if there is more left, more that will come out another time, but my heart feels lighter. I continue to move forward, for myself and in the hope to show others who are struggling that anything is possible. I felt grateful and blessed by this random act of kindness and being bestowed such a wonderful gift. This blog has put me in touch with many wonderful people and I do know that kindness exists out there. You show me every day with your interest and feedback, through the bonds we have built and I’m forever grateful for YOU. Roda’s card was a gift to send me off to Germany and to wish me well with the toughness of everything that lies ahead. It was the kind thought and taking the time out of her own life to make someone else’s day that was worth more than it’s weight in gold to me. 

And then came yesterday, and a wonderful recorded message from Roda who believes we might have been woodland fairies in a prior life. She took the time to sent a personal thought and a surprise that stopped me once more in my tracks. I had just arrived at work as I listened to her video voice memo. Again I got emotional and a second release followed. Life is not always easy and sometimes it is complex. Sometimes we need a little help and a little nudge to keep us pushing forward and I could never put into words what these gestures have meant to me. They serve as a reminder that we all have the ability to do something special. For someone or something, and that we should do it more often. It often doesn’t take money or much effort, and even when time is scarce, all that truly is required, is for it to be important enough, and we will always find a way to prioritize what should matter the most. Thank you Roda for making me feel that I matter and for always being there. I could never thank you enough and you are truly one in a million.

Total Eclipse of the Heart (dedicated to my special Fairy sister Roda)

I trust my own darkness to reveal my truth.

To allow it to force me to pause and find my own matter in the grand scheme. 

To embrace the pain it might bring in times of darkness and to be patient as it gives way to the light that surely will follow.

I trust my own darkness to show me the way, to let it guide me without resistance and banish the mundane.

To look forward to the messages that it holds, and to feel excitement for the signs that confirm the right path for me.

I trust my own darkness to stretch me in ways sometimes unimaginable, to show me the lessons when I can’t see what’s next and to fill my heart with wonder and believe. Always….

I trust my own darkness…

Photo Credit: Unknown/Google and one of few pictures that are not my own.

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A recent picture and a butterfly in my hand. He stayed there for quite awhile, still and just hanging out. The signs of the spirit animals and the guidance of my journey continue to be strong, entering my life at dizzying speeds. Yesterday alone I had six signs that I will detail in another post as I still interpret how all of them are connected into one solid message. 

I believe that the signs are always here, so keep your eyes open for anything out of the ordinary. There is a reason as to why they are sent to you and the universe is trying to tell you something. 

Butterfly, a sign of personal transformation and metamorphosis. Big things are in the making….

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Magical Mount Shasta

It’s was May 2016 and the beginning of everything coming to life as well as the start of summer. We were northbound to a little vacation spot in Mount Shasta, Oregon. I had been to Oregon before, once to Crater Lake and the other time to Portland, both places felt like home immediately. I was in love with the beauty of the scenery and my heart was captured lying at the base of Mount Shasta.

The little wooden cabin we would inhabit for the next few days added to the feel of having found a home away from home. Everything was in line for an amazing experience, for beautiful days filled with adventure and comfort. Leisure at it’ s finest. But there was much more in store for me and they involved things I could have not anticipated. Things that would become obvious after our return home, things that would later prompt the saying of “Something happened at Mount Shasta.”The landscape was beautiful and breathtaking, but nothing really out of the ordinary, given that I’m a high Sierra girl and used to it’s beautiful, rugged peaks. I’m sure the landscape would have been quite different for someone coming from the Midwest, but for me the main difference was, not having a volcano in my immediate backyard in the Sierra’s. Mount Shasta is a 14179 ft high stratovolcano and the second highest peak in the cascades. It dominates the sky and on a clear day, given that I climb high enough, I have seen Mount Shasta in the distance some 218 miles away from me.

It was big and majestic, and just the view of it at times appeared as if it wasn’t even real. Like a poster or something painted, it’s a sight you will not soon forget. You could see the massive peak for miles and miles, thinking you were right upon it, but instead, you kept driving and it would take you at least another hour to come within close vicinity. My heart was captured by the beauty of nature as it so often does. I exhaled peace and a sense of calm ran through my veins. Everything that I have written about and experienced before, and still there was something different, something that would become more obvious as our days went on. I couldn’t pinpoint what it was and in hindsight it feels as if I was stepping into a different era. One that showed a positive impact, and time slowed down. From the atmosphere and the feel of the town, to the surroundings, the sincere people and the friendliness that I found walking amongst them. It was refreshing to leave the competition behind for awhile and marvel in the sincerity and helpfulness that was heartfelt. Something I hoped things to be all the time. People were enjoying each other with a honest desire to make a difference for the next person. Had I stumbled upon paradise?

The experience changed me in ways I could not imagine prior. It would become something that has me yearning to revisit this beautiful area. It was afterwards that I found the meaning of all the purposes it served and perhaps there are still few waiting to be discovered. It was a feast for the eyes and a essential marvel for the soul to heal. It was bittersweet to leave and it was more than just a vacation that came to an end. I wanted everything to stay as it was and the “real world” and how I knew it, no longer belonged into the picture. It was weeks after our return that I was doing research on Mount Shasta. It was undeniable that something did had happen in Shasta and I wasn’t sure of what or if anything I would actually find, but my curiosity was peaked in the hopes to learn more. I really didn’t know what I was looking for or where to even search. I remembered the feelings I had from the mountain and I couldn’t get enough of its view. It was a starting point for my search.

What I stumbled upon was that Mount Shasta draws people from around the world. A feeling, a vibe, that people can’t explain, they feel drawn and experience a pull towards the mountain that reaches over continents away. Numerous legends exist about Mount Shasta being a space station for extraterrestrial life and the underground city housing survivors from the sunken continent of Lemuria.

Occasionally, according to legend, Lemurians, tall in statue and garbed in white robes have been seen walking around the mountain. It is also said that they have been seen coming to town for supplies. Legend further claims a city with endless tunnels and secret, hidden entrances beneath the mountain where these beings live today. People living around Mount Shasta have their own stories and experiences of what they feel and have experienced. I had no knowledge prior to any of this, but I definitely felt something out of the ordinary that I couldn’t explain and put into words. It wasn’t something eerie or frightening, but something that was calming and restoring. My hunger grew for more information and to dig deeper, although I didn’t get to witness anything else other than my own feelings, there was something undeniable, something never felt before. I think the timing was right for me to be open to those things and not just dismiss them. I think about my journey and I was ready for another sign. I needed something to believe in and something I could feel. I definitely got that and there was something that put my soul at ease while vacationing at Mount Shasta. Today I would call it a spiritual experience. A energy and magnetic force field, picked up by those sensitive to this kind of thing. It’s rather fascinating and then I learned about the possible cause.

I learned about vortexes.