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The “Divine” package

The email notification stated that my two oracle card decks would arrive by Saturday. It’s always fun to receive a package and I compare the excitement to times long passed when I used to develop my pictures on film and had to wait for them to be developed, which roughly took two weeks. Yikes! Digital photography was yet to make it’s debut and we’ve sure come a long way since then. But thats the kind of anxiety I felt and I could hardly wait for the decks to arrive. I’ve been intrigued for so long, trying to learn a few bits and pieces here and there, that it was time to take the next step. I still have questions but I took the leap and my very own cards were finally on the way to me. I couldn’t help but wonder if I had chosen the right deck and how would I know. I remembered somebody saying that I’d somehow know and feel if it was the right deck, and yet someone else suggested to never order the cards but to go to a store where you could see and hold them in person. For time and convenience sake I ordered my cards but would love to browse a store once I’m more familiar. In the meantime I was left wondering what feelings they would invoke and what insights would the cards have in store for me? I was filled with excitement but also with a deep respect for whatever it was that would unfold during a reading, including the moments leading up to it and simply holding the cards within my hands. 
I had to work Saturday and so the anticipation was drawn out even longer. I would be home late that night and the whole day was filled with energy that seemed to grow stronger with every passing hour. A text from Fed Ex confirmed that the package was delivered, but I still had four more hours to go. Finally at home, I spotted it sitting on the kitchen table. I was alone and somehow I felt as if I needed to be. I tried to square a few things away in order to give the cards my undivided attention, glancing at the box from the corner of my eyes until I was finally ready to hold the cards. I took the first deck from the box and tapped the cards to release any prior energy from handling and the shipping process. Carefully I examined each card as my heart was racing a little. I was trying to pick up on every emotion, every feeling and every sign I might’ve receive. I made it through the first deck but didn’t notice much of anything besides a little nervousness that I can’t be sure of a 100% of what it was about. I can only deem it back to the respect I felt for the power, the intuition and the guidance of these cards but I think there might have been a little fear of not proper utilizing the cards in my inexperience and perhaps upsetting some energy by accident in an unfavorable way. In hindsight and writing about this, I think this probably was the reason as it finally brings the feelings to the forefront. 

I took the second deck, called “The enchanted map” and carefully removed it from its packaging. I held the cards with my left hand, pictures facing away from me and gently knocked on the deck to clear it of all energy. I ran my fingers across the edge of each cards which is suppose to infuse the cards with your own energy. I fanned the cards, pictures facing me and held them against my heart. In a little prayer I asked for protection and a pure, clear message from the cards. To only let the divine show through and remove all negative energy. I gave thanks to the cards for the guidance I was about to receive and with a deep breath I blew the prayer into the cards. One by one I looked at each card just as I had done with the previous deck. Conscious of my feelings throughout this process, I did feel a deeper connection with this deck. The artwork and the symbolism on the cards spoke to me in ways I can’t describe and even now a few days later I feel as if it was the beginning of a relationship between the deck and myself. A partnership so to speak that might be hard to understand from any skeptic. 

I started to shuffle the cards in various ways and there was no right or wrong. I attempted to stop a few times to conclude shuffling but felt compelled to do it again and maybe from another direction. Finally I felt as if I was done and for a brief second I considered from where I should draw my card. The thought disappeared as quickly as it came to mind and I knew my card was on top of the deck that was sitting in my left non dominant hand. I took a deep breath, trusted the divine spirit and I drew my very first card. 
To be continued…

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Oracle – Call of wisdom 

I hadn’t been here long and I was a fairly newcomer to the United States. But I was here long enough and had taught myself English to the point where I was more comfortable with speaking it. Understanding it was always simpler then to formulate and arrange the words in a sentence structure that made sense and of course it was backwards compared to the German grammar. It was the weekend and I still remember crystal clear that off we went to attend a car show. I couldn’t tell you about the cars or even which town the show was in, but what stands out so clear, was a palm reader that was sitting at her stand, a short distance from me. I was intrigued and I watched. I remember feeling drawn to the stand and after awhile I got all my courage together and indeed walked over to her and sat down. Without speaking a single word, she told me things about my sick grandfather oversees, amongst other personal tidbits she could have not possible guessed out of sheer luck. Remember I didn’t talk and did not give away any clues that could help and promote a lucky guess. What stands out was the accuracy of her words and still years later I’m a believer, willing to convince the skeptics based on my personal experience. 

This was the only time I had a interaction with a physic medium, but I have always been intrigued. The thoughts about it have come and gone over the years until recently. Something stronger is urging me and I feel a pull towards Tarot/Oracle as if the cards have something to tell me. It’s been a few months and not only do I want to inquire more but I also want to learn of how to read and interpret the cards. How to use them, what ritual is followed, how do I understand their meaning and where do I start. I did some research and the information as well as cards available is simply overwhelming. I learned that oracle cards are suppose to be easier to learn, especially if you are a beginner compared to the often more complex Tarot cards. So naturally I decided to pursue a oracle deck. I further learned that most decks are accompanied with a guide book, explaining the card as well as their potential meaning. What a relief and luckily it was one more question to check off of my long list of curiosities. 

Further I choose watching a YouTube video that introduced five beginner decks with explanations as to why they were chosen. I found it most helpful in making a decision and I finally took the plunge, placing an order on Amazon, of which I’m fevering towards the arrival. My decision was in part based on the artwork which is important to me as an artist. I’m a visual person and appreciate intricate detail. The other determining factor was the subject matter itself of which the cards revolved around. That was a tough one in the sense of not being able to narrow it down to just one deck and I ended up ordering two. Just in case the one doesn’t speak to me and so I will have a backup. Right, I don’t even know what I’m talking about, but I have heard of building a relationship with the deck, feeling the energy from the cards and utilizing the messages as a guide. I have to admit I’m beyond excited and I can’t wait to hold them in my hands. To study the pictures and learn about their meaning, to perform a reading and to be astonished once more by the accuracy and the wisdom of the divine. Plus it’s my birthday next month, so perhaps an early birthday gift to myself? 😉
The two decks I choose are: 
The first deck is called Earth Magic by Steven D Farmer

With my love for nature, hiking and the Earth, it only seemed like a natural choice. 

The second deck is called The enchanted Map by Colette Baron-Reid

It is suppose to connect to your larger consciousness as you travel the journey of your life. A map that empowers you to understand the story of your fate, destiny and free will, while allowing you to chart a course to live a life of deep purpose, true prosperity and vibrant love. 

There was also a beautiful Steampunk Tarot deck and a Fairy oracle deck that is for now on my wishlist. Two decks will be plenty to start out with as I’m learning the meaning of the cards and wonder if it is normal to have or want multiple decks. I would love to hear your input if you have any experience with this. Xoxo

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Wherever the path may take you 

Wishing everybody a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and safe steps in wherever the path may take you this weekend and always. Sometimes we have to carve out our own destination if the trail is faint or does not serve our purpose. Don’t be afraid of doing so because in the end, how could we ever be lost if we stay true to our hearts. Trust the divine and the plan it has for all of us.

Have a great weekend everyone ❤. Xoxo