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While in Germany last year, I went to visit a place called the Lotus Garden. It’s a place of tranquility with little waterways, statues, ponds, and places to just sit and be still. It was there that a dragonfly landed on my hand and brought me a message shortly after Mom’s death. I have associated Mom as this messenger ever since and it is said that newly deceased loved ones turn into dragonflies so they can start their ascend towards heaven.

As you enter the gardens, I stepped into the Asgard, and passed through this tall red gate, called a Torii. Until now, I didn’t give it any special meaning and thought it to be a decorative piece of architecture. And then I came across the meaning and wished I would have known before I stepped through it. Next time…as there will surely be another.

What this Torii resembles is a traditional Japanese artificial gate building where it symbolically marks the transition from the mundane to the sacred, like the holy Mt. Fuji.

How cool is that….

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The primary goals of life

Surely you must have some goals in life! Something that keeps you striving, something that keeps you motivated. Take a look…how is that vision coexist with joy and your life’s purpose? Is it your purpose to be successful, become rich, attain a status that others admire or could even become jealous of it? Will you still recognize your true friends when you have achieved such said status?

As it turns out, there is a way to love with joy…with wealth…with LOVE…and tremendous generosity. Here is some good for thought,

The ancient sagas of India described 4 primary goals of life:

Dharma – Purpose

Artha – Prosperity

Kama – Pleasure

Moksha – Liberation

The sequence here is quite important. Notice, that purpose precedes prosperity. It’s not, once I’m prosperous, I’ll find my purpose…


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When souls meet

When soul meets soul, magic happens. Presence falls away. One becomes authentic.

When soul meets soul, it is more of an energetic exchange, for one is now reading the other, at energetic soul level, for the soul is pure energy.

All that is left, is pure, unconditional love. Live without condition. Live that just openly loves and accepts all as it is.

Love that loves. ❤️

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Dragonfly rising

Mom found another way, sending a beautiful message with this dragonfly ornament that magically made it’s way into my life. I believe she wants me to know that it is time, and that never before was there a moment more perfect then this one to go after it and create the life I have always seen for myself.

“I am the dragonfly rising, on the wings of unlocked dreams, on the verge of magical things.”

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A shamans insight

A shaman was asked:

What is poison?

-anything beyond what we need is poison. It can be power, laziness, food, ego, ambition, vanity, fear, anger, or whatever.

What is fear?

-non-acceptance of uncertainty. If we accept uncertainty, it becomes adventure.

What is envy?

-non-acceptance of good in the other. If we accept good, it becomes inspiration.

What is anger?

-non-acceptance of what is beyond our control. If we accept, it becomes tolerance.

What is hate?

-non-acceptance of people as they are. If we accept unconditionally, it becomes love.

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Angel Message – You Are Magic

It was the day after the unusual Dragonfly encounter that I decided to draw a card from my postcards from spirit deck. The signs were strong throughout the week and whether it was my initial intuition about Moms spirit ready to leave, or the unusual amount of feathers that crossed my path, or the dragonfly sitting on my head, all gently painted towards Mom’s end of her journey.

She was still fighting and declining rapidly. It was hard to believe that just a week ago I talked to her almost as if normal. Neither one of us would know that this was the last normal conversation we would have. Her condition declined almost overnight, and it was hard to see her so out of it, so weak, just mumbling and barely coherent.

The first thing I noticed on the card was the symbol of the dragonfly and the words “You Are Magic” underneath it. No ordinary moments right, but it was the explanation of the card that hit home even more and confirmed my feelings once more.

Dearest You,

There are times when loss is a part of life. Sometimes the loss is welcome, when you leave a situation not in alignment with your highest good. Sometimes the loss is sudden and painful, like when a loved one crosses over to our dimension. Regardless of the nature of your loss and your control over it, your experience is asking to be acknowledged. Tears are necessary, as is grief. When you repress the natural expression of loss and try to move on too quickly, the unprocessed pain haunts you in destructive ways. We don’t want that for you! Instead let your heart break open wide. Feel the loss and integrate it. See the beauty that was, the lessons learned, and know that as you let go of what has passed, evermore of you remains. It gets better, I promise. Your heart expands with more compassion for the world than ever before. Love heals all.

We are loving you, sending you love, always and forever….

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Millions of Years

Photo taken from Pinterest

While spending time in nature recently, a beautiful dragonfly flew into my hair. I could feel her touch on the top of my head, and immediately I knew this wasn’t an ordinary moment. For a moment she just sat there, and so did I….

I saw her fly towards me, but never in a million years did I imagine she would land on my head. What an unusual encounter I thought, and there had to be a valid message she was delivering me. Why else would she get my attention in such a unique way?

Did you know that dragonflies have flown the earth for 300 million years? Dragonflies symbolize our ability to overcome times of hardship. They remind us to take time to reconnect with our strength, courage and happiness.

I’d say there couldn’t have been a more powerful and timely reminder. No ordinary moments….❤️

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5D Consciousness

Maybe life continues to spin at dizzying speeds for you. It sure does for me and I’m holding on tight. The past two years have been filled with lessons, not always pleasant, and sometimes I have wondered, will it ever end. In truth, I know better, and in truth I know we will never be done learning and experiencing new lessons. Life is one big adventure with constant ups and downs, and new experiences to be processed. What is shifting, is how am dealing with these moments and it has changed over the years, allowing me to look back and see the progress.

I have always been pretty calm, not resisting change too much. I think there wasn’t really a need for much surrender as I was always there for the most part. What is new is my viewpoint and welcoming these experiences to the best of my ability. Just like you, I can’t say that I have liked them all, but I have always looked for the meaning and the purpose of any given situation. I feel that I am much more aware today, and I guess in reality we will always feel this way, because we really don’t know any different until we grow again and can reflect back at a later time. Have you ever heard of 5D Consciousness? Entering a higher awareness? Here is what is suppose to happen when you shift into this state.

  1. You see synchronicities such as repetitive numbers, signs, and patterns that get your attention.
  2. You’re re-evaluating EVERYTHING in your life, such as career, relationships, values, and even your sense of self.
  3. You’re seeking a deeper meaning and purpose in your life. Surface level pleasures and stimulation is no longer enough.
  4. You have a new found interest or obsession with spirituality. You’re reading books, blogs, and staying up late watching videos all about spirituality or metaphysics.
  5. You’re going through a sometimes confusing, sometimes scary and yet highly EXCITING personal transformation, and you KNOW intuitively that good things are coming!

I know that many of you will relate to some of these points and I would love to hear your opinion and personal experiences with this. Perhaps this makes sense now and you have felt like this for awhile, not knowing what it was or what to call it. I can’t be alone out here 😉