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Walking through a Winter Wonderland

It started snowing and snowing and it would definitely be a white Christmas. By the time everything was said and done we had between 6-7 foot of snow and were snowed in at the tiny abode in the middle of the woods. No doubt could this have been intimidating and frightening to most, presenting a situation where you are not in control. I have to admit there are a few things we can do better to prepare for the next time but given that this was a first, all tests were passed with flying colors. In my mind, it was exactly the Christmas that I needed and I, myself, cherished the silence. It will definitely be one I will always remember.

Christmas morning started in a pure Winter Wonderland as it snowed all through the night. I was barely up for 5 minutes as three Doe’s, followed by a Buck crossed within a few feet of my window. I saw it as a special gift and blessing. How magickal and what are the chances. Being snowed in brought much peace and time to really allow all stress and hustle to fall away. There was time for a special wooden puzzle that Santa had brought, and time for baking and watching movies. Time for naps and snuggles, and time for little home improvements that made a big difference and felt so rewarding and satisfying. Old valance’s with outdated floral patterns were dismantled and new sleeker, modern looking wood shelves with a black finish went up. What a difference. Finally a few days later, a trash run could be attempted, with two bags full of wrapping paper, household trash, and the old valance’s. Shovel in hand, trash in the other, plus a leashed Cinnamon, the first stroll through the Wonderland.

And yet later, sitting at the big window, sipping tea or coffee, there was a beautiful silence surrounding me. It was almost mesmerizing to watch the snow fall and alternate in size from regular to large fluffy flakes. But the shoveling though lol, and sadly I was pretty useless and no help at all. Despite of it all, finally the cars were freed and a path was plowed, courtesy of a courageous soul and a John Deere tractor. Bless his heart for beginning to plow at midnight that one particular night.

This Christmas has held a different meaning to me and something has changed, although I can’t quite put my finger on it yet to name it. Something is not the same anymore and while in reality it never is and we change from day to day, it’s perhaps the awareness of it that is bringing the different feel. Of being able to view life with a different lens. I’m not sure and for now I will say that this was a special little Christmas for me. And if you ask me as to why, you might end up getting a long winded explanation because I can’t pinpoint it in just one sentence.

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Tons of snow and an allergic reaction :(

We woke up to the first significant winter storm. Yesterday’s rain turned into snow late in the evening and this morning we were greeted by a winter wonderland. At least a foot (12”) of snow has fallen overnight and it’s the fluffy heavy kind, perfect for building a snowman or to go sledding and get the toboggan out. Yeah, we will see about that later, but in the meantime it’s nice and cozy on the inside. Still in bed I was looking at heavy covered pine trees this morning, and the views were sheer bliss, although the trees limbs were hanging low under the heavy weight of the snow. I felt a gratitude and gratefulness to be surrounded by warmth and not having to go out in this world that looked beautiful and peaceful. Seeing and enjoying it from the inside while it’s still snowing is one thing, going out and driving in it, is another. I bet there have been accidents galore this morning on the freeways and I know that some interstates along with mountain passes have been closed due to weather. We did had a rock / landslide near the burn scars from this summer and it will take awhile to unbury the road again. This time of year and just learning about the forecast and that snow was on the way used to stress me out, especially if I had to be to work early in the morning. Now I’m blessed to enjoy the serenity of being snowed in and not having to worry about all the other less experienced drivers who speed passed me, only to end up in the ditch down the road because of going too fast.

Cinnamon however, loves it and leaped out this morning, jumping like a little goat through the snow that is belly high for her. She always did love the snow and to her it was a welcome surprise to open the door this morning and discover the white, fluffy stuff. She has tons of energy in the cooler temperatures which don’t bother her one bit and snow brings out her feisty side, which in actuality is seen daily. Snow or not, she is a happy dog with a slight identity crises believing she is human. I noticed what is probably an allergic reaction to her vaccine this morning and she has a blood filled, irritated looking bump / growth on the bottom of her chin. Of course, worried Mom, me, calls the vet right away but no appointment is available and is instructed to call again Wednesday morning for standby openings. In the meantime research suggests that it is not that uncommon for dogs to have a allergic reaction with vomiting, diarrhea, hives, rashes and face swelling to a vaccine and God knows that this little girl is super sensitive. As a home remedy I have given her some Antihistamine and hope that this blood filled zit looking nastiness will clear up and subside as nothing more than a reaction to her shots. She is eating her treats and is active which is a good thing since the article also mentions that in severe cases although rare in dogs, a anaphylactic response and even fatality can occur if not treated. You bet that my eyes are peeled to monitor this little human fur-child. In the meantime all is well and our fingers are crossed it stays this way.

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More to come

Another storm is brewing, and approaching us quickly. We are expected to have 2 to 4 additional feet of snow over the next three days, with 4 to 8 feet predicted in elevations over 7000 feet. At this rate it will be months until I can visit my beloved vortex, (a place of bliss and healing) which is one of my favorite Sierra alpine lake.

Plus the storms are playing a real number on the RA and I am so done with the chronic pain of it. It’s time for a break from this.

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Into the unknown

Just a little of that “White stuff” has fallen in my neighborhood near Lake Tahoe again, and more is on the way. 😳 What a winter it has been, and we are probably close to 150% of average. I’m glad that I didn’t have to drive for most of it, and this could change today or in the near future. I have a job interview. Wow, it’s been so long, and for sure it’s a new beginning of some sort, hopefully to something wonderful and fun. Fingers crossed, and I think I will surrender it all without worrying too much. The universe already has a plan and knows what’s next for me.

February 12th, and I just came across my quote that is titled for that day

“Man can learn nothing unless he proceeds from the known to the unknown.”

~Claude Bernard

Interesting….and perhaps we know too much sometimes, not leaving us open to learn more. Perhaps we have to forget the principles we once held dear, and open ourselves to new growth by embracing the new and unfamiliar. Perhaps this is my new, and times have stranded me with certainty on new and unfamiliar territory.

Here is to new beginnings. Job or not, it is constant work in progress.