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The peaceful warrior

A chain reaction is producing this post this morning. It started with the essential oil blend I will post at the end of this write up that is meant for the peaceful warrior. With so much self reflection this year, I couldn’t help but see some of me in that statement. From the warriors journey that started this blog, to it’s name change of Phoenix rising, I believe more and more I am turning into that peaceful warrior just like the character of Lagertha Lothbrok in one of my favorite TV shows, Vikings. She can fight a good fight if she has to and she is one hell of a shield maiden, but deep inside she prefers peace and exudes wisdom and life experiences. She is growing tired of the fight and a sense of belonging in the simplest of surroundings is quite ok with her.

But even before coming to this conclusion I found myself googling images of the peaceful warrior and came across a movie from 2006 called “The way of the peaceful warrior.” Immediately I’m drawn to the title and I watch the trailer. A tear jerker full of compassion and the human spirit. Something I relate to further and I decide that it is a must see movie I will watch at the next opportunity I’ll get. This is also the moment I realize that this peaceful warrior image search is not what I want to post with my write up and Lagertha pops into my mind. I relate to her throughout the seasons.

I love how things fall into place like this so often. I am in amazement of how these things play out once you learn to tune into them while your awareness increases. How we are given pieces and signs along our journey that guide us along and provide new insights. How new pieces to the puzzle are revealed and find their perfect fit when we are ready to receive and most of all when we are ready to process and utilize them. These pieces become the stepping stones, the important bits that change us forever. That touch something on the insight and stir an old song our soul recognizes. To me without seeing this movie yet, the peaceful warrior resembles the battles that take place on the insight of ourself. I believe that this is where the biggest battles take place and are fought. I believe that so often we are our biggest opponent. So whether this movie has come into my life as a tear jerker because I need a good cry, or to release pressure to start another chain reaction, or to motivate me and to help me realize my own accomplishments, to feel grounded in my successes and achievements, to further motivate me to keep going and riding this wave at the very top, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the timing and not missing the chance to take away the lesson it is carrying. I am sure that the way of the peaceful warrior will instill new hope, new amazement and a sense of an even deeper gratitude. Gratitude seems is what it’s all about for me lately. Gratitude and balance. Gratitude for being guided and always watched over by my guardian angels. I have seen and found a love like no other through it and it’s something that is hard to explain. It’s not tangible and it doesn’t make sense to the rational mind. Yet it is so and the way of the peaceful warrior has arrived as a reward to the harsh lessons learned. I further believe that there are lessons (the hard stuff and the hard work we do) and rewards for it, like the signs and the things that touch our hearts. It’s always up to us to see and acknowledge them. Perhaps this peaceful warrior blend will leave you feeling full of bliss and serenity.

1 drop Bergamot

1 drop Copaiba

2 drops Patchouli

2 drops Marjoram

3 drops Clary Sage

A blend fro gently and lovingly claiming your power back and stepping into your wisdom. Blend with 5ml of carrier oil and rub into your solar plexus, heart and lower back.

Relax and feel the magick unfold.

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Raven Medicine

Raven spirit has kept me company lately, especially around the time of Mom’s Death anniversary. For a few days now, I have seen an increase in sightings, crossing paths wherever I go with this messenger. Whether I hear her crowing nearby with an urgency to get my attention or elsewhere, flying overhead in unusual sightings, she is always settling near me.

Raven / Crow keeper of secrets and knowledge, messenger from beyond the known, I hear your call. Shapeshifter, you move beyond the veil of the unconscious, I know you have a message for me. You who brings universal knowledge and mysticism to remind us that healing and rebirth is upon us. You who encourages us to use the darkness to fan and brighten our light. This time around, beautiful Raven, you remind me of a quote I recently read.

“Women are taught to be too many things that contradict each other so I’ve decided to just be strange and powerful.” ~Shatara Liora

Magic is in the air and something wonderful and special is unfolding. It indeed is and for weeks now I have felt that I am coming home. Not to a physical home, but home to myself. I have decided to be strange and powerful I suppose. I am remembering to be myself, whatever version that might be. The best version of myself or a version that is in progress, it doesn’t matter as long as I am authentically myself. Everyone else is taken anyways so why would I ever want to be something or someone else! It doesn’t matter who is accepting and who is understanding. It doesn’t matter who wishes I was someone else, who points out flaws, there is no need to defend, but only to allow, accept and move on. This is a time of synchronistic events happening, but there is no need to figure them out. Just noticing them and appreciating them for what they are is enough. And merely doing that is quite magical if you ask me. A big change is on the way and coming soon. Yes it is and the story, my story, continues. I am feeling it with every fiber of my being as I continue to prepare myself for the harvest. Something that has been out of balance for a long time is realigning, breathing fresh air into the stagnancy of the past.

The Raven Code

Hail Odin, Be true to thy self, Seek knowledge, Be wise, Make time to play, Be a friend to the wolf (my best friend is a wolf), Do not fear death, Find the light within the darkness, Use cunning trickery to defeat your enemies, Soar high, Discover new mysteries, Make every moment magical.

Always remember that you are the Magic and you are nothing short of magical.

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Bear Spirit

As the fires are abating in my neck of the woods, what is left behind are things that are out of the ordinary. Life has to adjust to the changes and has to find a new rhythm again. Especially the animal kingdom, who has been scared just as much as we have been, who have fled and run away, who have relocated, and are often driven closer to civilization. Old breeding grounds and their previous homes have been affected in the fires and food resources have been taken away. Winter is coming and it is a time to forage and fattening up for hibernation.

I haven’t been out much this year as far as hiking goes and once again I am fighting through the pain, trying to build back my strength by increasing my activity. Once again I am trying to find the fine line, the balance in between what is not enough and what is too much of a good thing. I took Cinnamon out yesterday and today to stretch the legs and get some steps. I have noticed her more cautious, scanning the area, even stopping and standing still, while listening and staring into the distance. Yesterday she kept turning around, looking, listening and checking, until finally someone appeared on a mountain bike. It was quite impressive and she already sensed them way before anybody could hear or see them. I’ve noticed a change in myself as well given the recent circumstances and being more aware. For two days now, Bear has been on my mind and just like Cinnamon, I scan the area just a little closer as I usually do. I am walking, listening and looking, while my mind is saying “Bear, Bear, Bear.” And then it happened and I saw my first bear of the season. It was almost as if I felt it coming for the past two days, as if I sensed it. To many, seeing one would be a nightmare, scary and intimidating, but it was perfectly fine and we were within the safety of our car. I have to say that I’ve never had a problem with a bear and usually they don’t want any part of us. I have seen plenty in the wild, some of them at a close distance, some of them from afar. Here he/she was and I considered myself very lucky to see this magnificent animal given the little time I have been out. It’s been a few years I saw one in the wild, and some years passed despite weekly hikes and not seeing one at all. My heart was pounding in admiration for this bold, strong, wild, and free creature, I call my favorite animal, besides dogs :). Cinnamon also got to see a Momma and a Cub three days ago, but I missed them staying at home and was initially bummed about it. Now it was my turn and I watched for awhile while being parked nearby. We were playing peekaboo behind some brush and ever so often it stood on it’s hind legs looking if I was still there. Other than that, it could have cared less about me.

Back at home I had to look up the spiritual meaning of Bears and there are no ordinary moments I’d say. With September not quite over yet, Bear reminds us to set clear Boundaries, to not compromise, even if pressured. Ask for what you want whether or not you feel you’ll get it. Get going on that creative project you have in mind. Take some time out from your usual routines and spend time in solitude. You may be in need of physical or emotional healing. Be gentle, and show your love to those you’re close to. To find answers to your questions, go inside rather than reading or consulting others. It’s an important time for meditation and introspection. Balance your activities with periods of rest. Don’t forget to play. Allow any darkness you discover in yourself to teach you a lesson.