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Purpose of a gifted child

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I recently posted about a new term I learned. Existential depression. Please take a moment and catch up with this previous post if you have never heard about it.

I am a gifted child who feels too much. I am an empath who often takes on the burdens, not only of the world, but also the burdens of others. I question things, my life, the deeper meanings, the things that involve my purpose, my mission, my journey in this body, on this plane, called Earth. I am a gifted child and perhaps sometimes my gift hurts those around me who love me, simply because they feel helpless and wished I’d care just a little less. But isn’t that the problem with the world? Feeling too little? Have you ever encountered someone who cared just a little less? Who has been desensitized and no matter what happens, they are always stuck “in business as usual” mode? I bet you got hurt in some way because of his/her actions.

Have you ever wondered what would be if we all cared just a little less? Would this world be in even greater chaos than it already is? Haven’t we gotten enough of that already? Personally I believe that a little extra care and this gift is what is needed more in times like these. I see the gifted but also everyone else who stands up for what is right as a part of an important group, a group that is helping to create a new world. A world that inspires one person at a time, through actions, deeds and one random act of kindness at a time. Yes we do get hurt more, yes it’s painful to watch, even heartbreaking, but it’s also the very essence, our uniqueness and what makes us special in our own way.

There are some things in life I have come to accept without questioning them much further. “It is what it is” seems a good enough explanation and I leave it be. Some of those things have been painful and it’s almost a soul – body disconnect as if my soul is protecting me from learning further truths that could be detrimental and harmful to the emotional, fragile psyche. The vulnerable parts of me, the raw bits that feel too much might not be able to handle them until the time is right.

Yet there are other things, other interests that fuel me. I pursue them with the utmost diligence and persistence. Those are the things mentioned before, the things that have to do with my purpose and the meaning of life. What am I here to achieve? I wonder who I would be if those things no longer mattered? If I was a little more “un-gifted! Would my loved ones be hurt less, now that I am a cookie cutter version of everyone else? If I played it safe, conformed and stopped asking these all important questions!What’s so wrong with everyone else, right? Nothing really, I just believe that we all have different missions, different interests, different goals, agendas, a different purpose. It is no joke to watch a loved one get hurt, watching them in a situation that we might perceive as suffering. One where we see a solution and could remedy things on a much easier path. But perhaps this is only our perception and the suffering is really self inflicted onto ourselves. Do we know that our gifted friend, child or whoever is actually suffering? Maybe their questions fill their purpose! Perhaps it is not the gifted child that experiences these situations the same as we do, and the opinion is entirely ours. In either way it is one of those cases where I’d say “it is what it is.” It doesn’t really need an explanation of who’s opinion is right, or who is wrong and perceives things out of context. We are never able to tell how, and what someone else is experiencing even if we had that experience before ourselves. Chances are that there are differences and our feelings and emotions will never line up a 100% with someone else. We will never be at the exact same place in our journey making it an identical match. Being able to relate however, requires support, an understanding, an unconditional love, a openness and willingness to see beyond one’s own opinion and respect alternative ways and methods. Otherwise your gifted child will feel misunderstood, isolated and lonely, unable to share things with you. Most likely they will shut down, unable to count on you through the rough times.

I am a gifted child and I grew up without that support system. It’s a hard way, one with many twists and turns, many ups and downs, but eventually we find our way, with our without support. More or less painful for our loved ones to watch. Still it has to be that unique path, of the gifted, of the ones that ask the questions and it can’t be yours. They will have to find their own way of what is right for them. If you have a gifted child and your heart is breaking, perhaps this post inspires some hope. Perhaps you can count your blessings, for you have brought an extraordinary soul into this world. Embrace her/him and be their best friend. It’s the best support you can give them in this life and through the process.

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Happy New Year

It’s hard to believe, I am writing the last post for this year. A year that was so hard on so many, and a year that has brought so much learning and growth to all of us. In silence and stillness I look back and give thanks to all that transpired, while looking ahead with a hopeful heart at all that is yet to come. My celebration will be quiet, spend in comfort and within a small circle. I am ok with it and perhaps my years of rushing outside into the freezing cold, chasing fireworks and parties are over. Today I much more enjoy the safety and warmth of a cozy space and there I will be, enjoying the moment and reflecting.

Much has transpired for me this year and as hard as it has been, it will always be remembered as a game changer. A year in history that changed a great many things for me, and made a difference. Again, I ditch the New Years resolution and rather carry on from where I am. From what I have learned and achieved so far. Well, perhaps this is not entirely true, and perhaps you could see it as a New Years resolution that I have vowed to myself to take better care of me from a nutritional standpoint. I was gifted a book “Healing Arthritis” and a new friend put together a wonderful autoimmune protocol for me. I feel it is time to build upon this, and I feel that there are things I can do better. Although I can’t see stress ever being completely absent from my life. Not for awhile at least, but even here, new developments are on the way to lessen the weight. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am content and at peace. I know that the pieces that still need work will fall into place one by one and 2022 will be another game changer year for me. I know that the worst is behind me, that I am no longer climbing that mountain, but I am rather on the downhill descent. I am excited for what’s to come and I know it will develop exactly how it is meant to be. So here we go 2022, I welcome you with open arms and look forward to all the lessons and all the gifts you’ll bring my way.

Happy New Years everyone. May you feel peace and love within your hearts. Tomorrow we will take a closer look at which spirit animal has stepped forward to support the energy for the beginning of our year.