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Poem of a Dog

By now I have arrived in Germany and with certainty I am missing this special girl here already. Fact is I have missed her before I even left. Years ago while my other two dogs were still alive, it was enough to know them in good hands, and I don’t remember being “That” attached, although I loved them with all of my heart. It is a huge, huge comfort to know Cinnamon is in the best care while I am gone and with people she loves, so what am I worried about? What’s left are nothing but selfish reasons, of me needing her more than she needs me perhaps. Or is that what I am worried about? I am sure it has it’s place somewhere. I came across a comforting poem by an unknown source and I will read it often while I am away.

Poem of a Dog…

I am the one who always waits for you.

Your car has a special sound that I have imprinted on my senses, I can recognize it among a thousand.

Your steps have magic timbre.

Your voice is music to my ears.

If I see your joy, it makes me happy!

Your scent is the best, your presence is what moves my senses.

Your awakening wakes me up.

I watch you sleep and for me you are my God, I am happy watching over your sleep.

Your gaze is a ray of light.

Your hands on me have the lightness of peace and the sublime display of infinite love.

When you go out, I feel a huge emptiness in my heart.

I wait for you again and again.

I am the one who will wait for you all my life today, tomorrow and always:

I am your dog.

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It’s true this blog is one that stands for inspiration. And while it shares my story, my struggles and my journey of becoming, I write mostly about things that appear easier said than done. Someone who is struggling may even be put off by my ways, thinking that I have no clue about real life and the challenges we so often face. But I do, and believe me I have these days, these moments of darkness that scare the hell out of me and are so painful that sometimes I struggle to cling on to the light. I am not exempt for one bit, but I choose to not stay down there for too long. I break out at every opportunity I get. I don’t want to live there forever. I want to be active in co-creating. I deserve better. But believe me I’m no stranger to it and this is such a post.

Sometimes my heart freezes and skips a beat. If only to become still and take a moment to rekindle and regain it’s glow. Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m made for this world. It’s just too cruel of a place and sometimes the unbelievable breaks my spirit. I want to feel intensively. I want to feel every moment, joy and sadness, for it is those moments, intense, that stand out in our memory. For it is those moments that truly make us feel alive. I want to be alive and not just exist. Yet at times it’s simply too painful to feel at such a level. To feel every detail reaching your inner core, leaving you vulnerable to a world of pain. It crashes over me like a wave that wants to pull me down into the darkest abyss. A dark sky hovers over me, filled with ominous clouds, reaching down, swallowing me alive at a moments time. My light is growing dim. Will I emerge once more and find the strength. Will I summon the will to fight my way back!

Sometimes the biggest heart bleeds the most. Sometimes those who choose to feel with every inch of their being, are the ones who have been hurt the most. Sometimes my heart feels the heaviness of a world, so beautiful yet so ravaged. Sometimes it fills me with sadness and a sense of being helpless. Sometimes the cruelty towards an animal nearly breaks my fragile heart that loves and sees not just an animal, but also a soul. And how we behave amongst each other is by no means any better or one of our proudest moments. Sometimes my heart threatens to shatter into a thousand pieces. Pieces, jagged and sharp made of the stories of my life. Made of the pain encountered, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. Where and when will I pick up these pieces and find the will to go on.

Sometimes there is no simple way to relate. Sometimes the “why me” sets in and replaces the courageous “try me.” Sometimes it’s hard to shake off “life happening” and it’s hard to always understand. Sometimes the pain is too great to fuel the fire of hope. Sometimes it’s an uphill battle to get up after we have fallen, but one thing is for certain, we always do and we always find a way.

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Mysteries too marvelous

“Truly , we live with mysteries too marvelous to be understood. How grass can be nourishing in the mouths of lambs. How rivers and stones are forever in allegiance with gravity while we ourselves dream of rising. How two hands touch and the bonds will never be broken. How people come, from delight or the scars of damage, to the comfort of a poem. Let me keep my distance, always, from those who think they have the answers. Let me keep company always with those who say “look!” and laugh in astonishment, and bow their heads.”

~Mary Oliver, “Mysteries, Yes”

What I especially loved about this was the sentence that speaks about keeping distance from those who think that they have all the answers. Knowledge used to make an impressive resume. Those who knew and had the answers were sought out. Today I see this a little different. I look for a glass half full that still has room and aspirations to learn more and doesn’t stop. Today I know that we will never reach that point where we have all the answers and if we come across as if we do, perhaps the ego and a little arrogance is coming to the forefront as well. We stop growing and it’s a bit of a turnoff for me to be honest.

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Woven in by Ullie – Kaye

On only my second hike this year besides The Wave, I got to take my sweet Cinnamon Girl to my favorite swimming hole in the Sierra’s. It’s late in the season for this higher elevation place, but I am grateful to have seen it at least once this year. And that I made it and continue to build my strength. And of course this is a picture from a different time and I didn’t go swimming yesterday. Burr…that would have been chilly.

It’s been nearly a week now after being shot at and I have done remarkably well. There is nothing that needs to be overcome, no trauma to be processed, nor fear that is waiting to be dealt with. I live my life the same way I have always lived it, at least for the last few years. I am aware of my surroundings and I pay attention. I trust my intuition and my gut feeling. If something doesn’t seem right, I don’t question it but remove myself form the situation just I like did that day. For two days I was keenly aware that this situation could have ended much differently, but even that thought is processed by now and it didn’t end in horror. Therefore there is no need to go back to it over and over. It’s something that doesn’t my time to process it and get over it. I already moved on, but it did bring new layers of gratitude and appreciation. And it did yesterday as I sat, looked out over the water and remembered a beautiful pondering from Ullie-Kaye called woven in.

I crave solitude. Those fragrant mornings where there is nothing standing between the sky and I. But I crave connection too. There are souls upon souls that live inside of me. From every walk of life. They’re woven in. The ones I cannot even remember never knowing. And those strangers. Those beautiful strangers that cross my path for only a moment but somehow still hum their songs into the landscape of my skin. I am richer for it all.

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The Secret to life – a pondering and original poem

Maybe the secret to life is learning to smile through the storms. To enjoy the uphill battles and know that a grand view is waiting for us once we reach the top. Maybe the secret to life is to dance in the rain, to laugh and play with childlike abandonment and seek more of the things that set our soul on fire. Maybe the secret to life is to live in the now, to be present in this moment because it’s all we truly ever have. Maybe the secret to life is finding a way to be our most authentic self and to be true to who we truly are. Perhaps the secret to life is forgiveness, for those who have hurt us but also for ourselves and the tough standards we aspire to that sometimes seem too impossible to be achieved. Perhaps we need to feed virtue with compassion, love and understanding. Practice patience, kindness and mindfulness. Maybe the secret to life lies in second changes, in believing and trusting, in less control while forcing an outcome. Maybe the secret to life is unconditional love for everything and everyone, including ourselves.

A pondering and original poem by Rhapsody Bohème

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“As I sit with myself”

A collaboration and request from The Reluctant Poet , who spotted poetry in this prior Post . Thank you my friend, it is with honor and great pleasure that I repost this, and dedicate it to you.

“As I sit with myself

I listen to the silence.

She is comforting

and soothing to my soul.

The absence of noise

speaks loudly

and on many levels,

nourishing every fiber of my being.

As I sit with myself

I am content

with all that is,

all that has past,

and all that will be.

As I sit with myself,

I hold the space for myself,

knowing that everything

is as it is meant to be.”

~Rhapsody Bohème

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The Guest House

For many years I have struggled with how hard it is to plan for anything. When you have chronic pain, no two days are alike and you never know how your day is going to be until you wake up in the morning. Sometimes you’re blessed and it’s easier to manage, other times it takes a longer start to get going, and yet other times you can’t seem to get going period. Just recently I posted about the Pain body and how it reached havoc in my days for some time now. From there one of my followers shared “The Guest House” from Jalaluddin Rumi with me and it was divine timing as I had never heard it. Thank you John. I related with it so much, and it mirrored my own journey of trying to Embrace the rain as well as the pain. Rumi reminds us to acknowledge whoever shows up in the morning and to be grateful, for everything has meaning and a place. Yep, even when it hurts like hell and when it doesn’t make sense like so often. You may also take comfort in knowing that God’s and the Universe’s soldiers, it’s healers and light workers will always carry heavier burdens. Simply because they can handle them although it doesn’t seem fair. Still someone needs to share the light and bring those messages to others to inspire and help. This is exactly what I’m trying to do today and thank you to John who has shared it with me, I now share The Guest House with you.

The Guest House by Rumi

This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!! Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of it’s furniture, still treat each guest honorable. He may be clearing you out for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.,


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Breathe In Nature

The Poem you see below, I wrote several years ago..   Nature Heals ~ Sometimes when the world gets too much As our inner mind chews over such and …

Breathe In Nature

I love this poem from a new found friend here on WordPress and I love love love to find such special connections that speak to my soul. More and more the number of “US” is growing and it’s refreshing to find your tribe members and like minded kindred spirits. Life becomes even more meaningful in the process of it.

I would like to share these connections much much more in the future, so that as many people as possible can feel connected in whatever way and form fits their needs. It’s amazing as we uncover our stories, peeling away the surface levels to slowly reveal who we truly are. To be accepted for it, empowered and cheered on. It gives us wings as if there is nothing we can’t achieve. It’s so meaningful to spread motivation and inspiration when we are strong, but also find a place we can lean on each other and rest when we need to or have something on our mind.

Here, within your tribe, you can share those moments. Spread joy or vent and find compassion and understanding for the successes and challenges we face each day. Each one of us has a story and a reason why we are here and why we write. Let’s get to know each other a little better and share those special finds and moments. There is so much wisdom, knowledge and experience here that we can find an endless supply of resources and support. It’s about lifting each other and my friend Sue does exactly that. I hope you visit her soon and say hello for me.


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Sometimeslifeis weird. But…lifeis alsoeverything. Everything. (Every breath…every smile…every laugh…) Even,especially,when it’sbad. (Every sigh…every…


Check out this beautiful poem from one of my WordPress followers. Please stop by her blog and say hello. She is amazing.

This post is my point of inspiration for the day and I am so glad that I read it. Life is everything, throughout each tribulation and each struggle. This message comes at the perfect timing. Thank you so much. 🙏🏼💙

Don’t forget to tune in tonight 7PM PST for our weekly Reiki healing session. I see you there and I am building the energy throughout the day to bring you maximum light and love.

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Vanya – Poetry from a butterfly

Vanya – Butterfly 🦋 Picture taken at the Zoo.

Magnificent beauty, what struggle have you endured. Trapped in your cocoon, tight, unable to move, choking your mere breath.

Bidding your time, out on a limb, patiently waiting, trusting to make it through, unharmed, life’s future in your favor.

An act full of force, finally setting you free, on your terms, timing considered. Outgrowing your confines, “I am ready.”

A crack and a pop, breaking your mold, leaving the old, stretching legs for it all to unfold. Breathing anew and filling your soul, remembering the struggle that now is just old.

Magnificent beauty, born from struggle and pain. The time is here, unfurl your wings. Glorious fairy to the heavens you fly, beautiful, gracious, a dance of delight.