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I haven’t done a health segment in awhile and here is a quick and easy one we all can do and benefit from.

When you hang eucalyptus in the shower, the steam will activate the oils in eucalyptus to help with decongestion, headache, inflammation, stress, and muscle tightness.

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Beautiful Amaryllis

Oh my goodness, my heart skips a beat admiring this beauty I grew from a bulb that looked like it had nothings going on. Old and shriveled up I soaked it for one hour and planted it in this pot. It is beyond breathtaking to see it in person and that this grew from seemingly nothing. Well I can’t say that it grew from “nothing” as I talk and encourage her every day. 😉

It’s been a journey such as going from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. With three giant red blooms, she is by far the most beautiful plant I have ever grown. It just brings me happiness and is such a joy to greet her every day.

PS. Today is a special day and it’s the birthday of two family members that are very near and dear to me. Sending you both much love and a special birthday greeting with a virtual flower greeting. Love you very much and miss you. 😘

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Palmkätzchen (German) are amongst one of the first messengers of spring. In Germany they are protected by nature laws, and are not to be plugged. They serve as a good source to animals and bees.

On my walk today to get out of the house, I came across this beauty, a giant bush of Palmkätzchen. Their fuzzy little velvet like buds, took me back to my childhood, a time it was still ok to pick these skinny branches. Since they bloom around mid March/April during Easter, Mom would arrange several branches in a tall vase for the Easter Holiday. Hollow, blown out eggs, delicately decorated with ribbons and paintings, as well as wooden little rabbit and other ornaments representing Easter, would hang from the branches, making it a festive centerpiece. Immediately a smile formed on my face thinking back to that innocent, time with all its little traditions. Hours later, the feelings have shifted as reality reminds me that these precious times can never be relived or repeated making new memories in the physical. But the memories will remain and for those I am eternally grateful.

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Switched inspiration

Once again I find myself uninspired with words and nothing noteworthy comes to me. It has happened a few times before and I noticed it’s usually when something weighs on me. When I have something I need to process. The words fail me in times like these, as I feel unmotivated and mentally exhausted.

Another thing I noticed during that time, is that my creativity takes a different turn. I might become quiet, but my energy goes into making things with my hands, and creating. And that’s exactly what I did this weekend with my succulent project. What do you think about how it turned out?

It was fun and relaxing. It was quiet, not even music found it’s way to my ears, although such a great companion most times. This time it brought forth feelings and emotions that set of tears. I missed Mom this Valentine’s weekend.

Wishing you a great start to your week. And thank you for understanding my delay answering your comments. You know they are most appreciated and I always catch up. Thanks for sticking with me. ❤️

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Eatable beauties

The first eatable beauties have sprung in the garden. Not enough to make a salat just yet, but definitely exciting. It will be a first when I harvest those beautiful flowers for a salad, and I am looking forward to a new experience.

Have you tasted any eatable flowers yet?

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The mystery tree

This is the mystery tree from Mom’s backyard. It appeared by itself and is growing quickly. The leaves have jagged edges and a oval shape that comes to a point. The underneath of the leaves is almost velvety feeling. The wood itself is soft and almost yellowish looking. Pruning it is easy and I feels like cutting through butter. The bark is greenish and smooth. It was not a fruit bearing tree, but something loves to eat the leaves, leaving behind tiny holes. We have no idea what tree it is and nobody seems to know.

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Harvest time

Mom has two wild trees in her backyard that she hasn’t planted. One has mainly been unidentified, and I should take some pictures of the leaves and appearance, in the hopes of calling on some of my WordPress friends to help me identify what kind it is. Every time I think I’m close to pinpointing it, something is slightly off and I’m uncertain. The second tree is fruit bearing and today was harvest time. I shared it with Mom, and brought half of the entire harvest. See picture above. The other half I ate, hahaha. Two plums was it on this young, wild tree, but it is Mom’s favorite fruit and she is dreaming of baking a plum cake.

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Dusk is setting in and the world is slowing down. Mother Nature is shining it’s glowing warm light onto the garden, and a bird is singing nearby. It’s serene and peaceful as another day is quieting down, and we bit farewell to embrace the silence. All is calm and puffy’s (clouds) are dancing in the sky to an ever changing display of light. Here and there, peaks of light shimmer through the clouds, illuminating roofs and barns, plants, branches, blooms and leaves.

The garden is watered and I planted lavender today. It’s winter hardy and I love the soothing and calming smell, plus it’s purple color. It looks pretty, as if it was meant to be in it’s metal bucket that has a Art Deco feel to add to the garden beautification. I learned that there are 47 known species of lavender, of which some you can eat. Apparently I picked the pretty kind Lavendula Angustifolia instead of the consumable one. I did plant some edible wildflower buds though, commonly used for a salat and we shall see. It could be fun…

I still have the dirt under my fingernails from digging my hands into the soil. A wonderful feeling to feel the earth between your fingers, and it will stay there until I’m up for a thorough clean up. It was funny to notice that my fingernails have three different lengths, and neither one of them looks manicured or groomed with their jagged edges. Ahh the pains of physical work and gardening, haha. I’m not worried, but I’m reminded of my childhood days and playing in the dirt. I’m lucky I had a chance to play in the dirt and I’m sure there were plenty of times where there was dirt under my nails. I was such a tomboy growing up. Did I mention that my name was to be Frank if I was a boy?

It finally rained the other night, and I managed to get a half drum full of rainwater. The sound of the water trickling into the metal drum beneath my window was simply magical. That, and freshly washed sheets would be a sure success to sleep like a baby, but it wasn’t meant to be. I was wrong, and instead I hunted little vampires once more and turned the zapper on way too late for relief.

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Another Chance

Weeks ago I almost threw Mom’s plant out. It was a dried up mess of brittle, bare branches, and looked awful. The only thing that saved it was that I had no room in the trash can. I was going to toss it the next time, and I’m the meanwhile kept it standing on the window sill. I watered the other plants and poured some excess water into the shriveled up planter. Low and behold it started sprouting new leaves before I ever had a chance to throw it out. And look at it now and the beautiful red bloom it thanked me with. Mom was delighted to see this picture, and it is the little things these days that make her smile. I know the lesson that I took away from this. Do you have one too?