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Paint the sky

Surrounded by “Blue” and wispy clouds, painting the sky at one of my secret spots. Have you ever taken a moment cloud watching? How would you rate your imagination, did you see all kinds of shapes, or did you struggle and thought it was boring?

Lifted by the wind and swooped across the sky in their ever shape shifting forms. To gather at times and to fall apart on others, vanishing into thin air. Thick and puffy one day, transparent and frail the next.

Call me a dreamer as I often sit in silence while watching them dance across the sky. Spotting various shapes, a past-time we surely all have done at some point or another. Perhaps as kids or adults, remembering these precious moments of peace and serenity.

Watching the sky reminds me of the unseen forces at hand that surround our daily life’s. Sometimes lifted by blessings, we soar high and glide along, and sometimes life explodes into a storm to relieve pressures. Neither can be controlled, and while Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with, we also get the chance to make the best out of every given opportunity. Choose wildly 😉

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A swarm of sardines at the Monterey bay aquarium.

Have you ever visited the aquarium and just spent time relaxing there? It was mesmerizing to watch the fluid movement and the synchronized swimming through the kelp forest.

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Little Gold Lake

Another picturesque, serene little place that was a first for me. Just beyond Gold Lake off the Gold Lakes Highway, nestled underneath a granite cliff, lies little Gold Lake. The lake is free of ice but still shows a few snow remnants melting into the shallow waters.

With waters so crystal clear, it was easy to spot rock boulders just beneath the surface. One might think the lake could easily be conquered, walking across without ever fully submerging your body. It might even dry up completely during a year of little snow and moisture, or in the later summer months. But for this trip it was perfect and well worth the flooded spots and wobbly water crossings in the slightly over 7 mile journey round trip.

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An old time favorite

Long Lake, June 2019

It was not planned to make it to Long Lake, and it seemed nearly impossible yet. Another two weeks perhaps and the trail should be more manageable I thought, fighting my way up past snow run off and washed out sections. We ended up making it further than expected that day and I knew the lake was just over that ridge, beyond that massive glacier of snow.

I couldn’t do it, and I couldn’t bare the thought to have come so close, within it’s reach, to only turn around and try again in two weeks. We crossed that glacier, by now completely soaking my shoes and even giving it some new attractive mud color prior to the glacier.

But then it happened, just beyond the ridge and this was the first glimpse of Long Lake. “Hello gorgeous, it’s been two years I have seen you”.

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Sometimes it’s just a matter of how we perceive things. Do we see everything in the same cookie cutter shape, or do we dare to explore out of the box options? Do we perceive bad experiences as victims or do we look for the silver lining and the lessons that can be learned? Do we accept responsibility or are we rather place the blame somewhere else? And what the unjust things that happen from time to time? When people do you wrong? Are you quick to judge and retaliate, or can you see the actions that are born out of pain, with you being caught in the middle of it? Most of the times it’s not even personal, just bad timing.

Being flexible with our views can definitely help us with everyday life, maybe even change our world.

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Volcanic activity

There is something about this rock shaped by volcanic activity and I always look for it when in the area. The area I live in is so rich in variety, filled with so much beautiful landscapes that are completely different from each other, from one direction to another, no matter where the wind carries you. It’s beautiful if you love Mother Nature and can appreciate her many faces. Or you might simply enjoy the variety and the the impacts that volcanos, glaciers and the desert had on the landscape.

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Forever a part of me

Sometimes we love a place so much that it becomes a part of us. It’s a place we feel at peace, where we can breathe deeply and let all the troubles melt away. Where time stands still and everything is ok.

Lake Tahoe is such a place for me that never gets old, no matter how many times I have seen it. And I’ve been lucky enough to live close to see it many times. It’s a magical place that will forever hold a part of me.