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Golden Gate

Have a beautiful week everyone.

Picture from my recent trip coming back from Germany.

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A walk in the park

Almost three weeks ago as I landed in San Francisco. My first day back was a beautiful, mild and sunny day.

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Layers of life

Just a light dusting on Red Rock mountains. I got to visit this neat place the other day and just sit in front of it and ponder life.

Over the years I have seen the layers of erosion pull back and expose more and more of the beauty that lies beneath. I don’t know why but it made me think about so many of us, trying to preserve our facade, scared to expose our core. For what, because we are afraid of getting hurt, losing layers of ourselves and exposing our vulnerable selfs?

I came to the conclusion that the elements and opportunities will always be there to wash away at us. But gosh, look how beautiful it can be if we choose to surrender and don’t be afraid.

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No way but up

It’s unavoidable to not end up in deep places from time to time. Such is life and the lessons it has in store for us. But think about it, would we grow otherwise without it? Who would we be without our experiences good and bad?

The lows can be painful and dark, but they too shall pass, and after each low there is no other way but up towards the light.

Picture taking during my blogger meeting with my friend Marcus at the museum in Schwäbisch Hall.

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“The look”

Picture taken in Santa Cruz, California.

I will be flying over the pacific soon and be near that spot. There is something soothing in the crashing of the waves and it will feel as if I am coming full circle.

My last day before leaving to Germany was spent at that ocean playing the ukulele. Ten month later my first day back might be spent at that ocean, playing the ukulele once more. Everything in between will remain packed with emotions and the memory of never being the same person again. We constantly evolve and change and nothing stays the same.

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Blogger meeting with Streets of Nuremberg

Last Saturday was a special day for me, I’m not soon to forget. I had my first ever blogger meeting with the very talented Marcus from Streets of Nuremberg. A big shout out and thank you goes out to him for making this day possible. I once said that one of the biggest, most precious gifts we can give another person is our time, and Marcus did exactly that.

After a few suggestions, we decided to visit the town of Schwäbisch Hall and capture some magic. Marcus is a master of the most amazing street photography so it was a real treat to be right there on location with him. Please see his images from our trip in my prior post (re blog) called Rhapsody. I had to smile at each cool shot, remembering exactly how it came to be.

The images here are my own, and my answer in addition to what you already seen from his post. I would never dare to compare myself to him, and yet I believe that we both captured some pretty neat shots that day.

We had a great time and it appeared that we complimented each other in many similar ways. There was great conversation right from the beginning, just like long friends that get together to have some fun. You would have never guessed that this was our very first meeting.

It was so much fun to exchange perspectives and ideas for our shared hobby photography, but also when it comes to few life goals, simplicity, and finding more time for the things we love.

After exploring the city and climbing the majestic Bell Tower, we found ourselves enjoying the arts and culture at local museums and churches.

Just like Marcus, I share a passion for black and white photography, and feel that a monochrome finish can add more drama and impact to a picture. They say a picture speaks a thousand words and it does. It should also bring Mystery and emotions to the table, while taking the viewer to a special place.

The lighting was perfect during our trip. On the outside it was a crisp, but beautiful sunny day, and on the inside the light was following us. Flooding through the windows of churches while castling beauty of light and shadow play everywhere you looked. It made for magic.

There are not enough good things that I could ever say about Marcus. From a professional standpoint to his shining and fun personality, he is one in a million. And he is my friend….friends for life.

Meeting Marcus in Person was wonderful. I didn’t have any expectations going into our meeting, but if I did, he would have blown each one out of the park. A friendship for life was formed a long time ago as our blogs crossed paths, but solidified even more on our blogger meeting this Saturday.

I am grateful and blessed for the time that we shared, and I am already looking forward to our next meeting. Perhaps in the US. You never know.

Don’t forget to stop by and visit Streets of Nuremberg if you haven’t done so by following the link above. You will find posts full of beauty and information. Just simply stunning.

Thank you for everything Marcus. It was a much needed distraction and overall great day for me. I thank you for your friendship and a wonderful time.