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The lovely Dragon Keeper has a wonderful black & white/color challenge and this week I’d love to contribute this rollercoaster view from Knotts Berry Farm in California. 😉

Do you have a preference between the two.

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Beautiful Bavaria

With the busy retail weekend ahead, time is scarce and perhaps it’s the perfect time is tight to remember and reflect back to what was only a few weeks ago. Here is another picturesque shot of beautiful Bavaria Germany. I think it deserves to be shared so it can be seen by you.

And with that said, remember to “Travel often and at every chance you get”

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Monochrome dreams

This is an old picture and probably one of my early on attempts in combining my photography with my visions of fantasy. The original picture is of a Lily flower head that was converted to monochrome. I added the bubbles in the hope of achieving some sort of artistic flair and I loved how the image was mirrored in each of the bubbles.

I came across a round glass lens-ball recently which is on my Santa’s wish list 😉. It’s nothing more than a glass ball that comes in a variety of diameters and which can serve multiple purposes. I guess you could use it for a paperweight or just have it sitting there looking pretty. Me, I want to use it to capture a picture within a picture for my photography. I’m drawn just as I was back then to the artistic aspect and it is the artist in me that is happiest when given the chance to create. I can see it stretch my ability to capture something ordinary, but turning it into something beautiful, perhaps something unexpected. Kind of like the photo contest I once won with a picture of a weed. The wheels are turning and I imagine great fun ahead.

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Two in one

Two of my favorite ladies created fun challenges for us, and I’m late with my play/contribution this week. You know the reason, but this week I am combining both challenges into one post for time sake.

Meet my dear Fairy Sister Roda who created a critter challenge for every Monday. I swear we were fairies in a previous life and roamed the Forests together, protecting all life while sipping on sweet nectar, and soaking up the rays of each new day. All you need to do is grab your camera and snap a picture of whatever critter crosses your path. Personally I collect a critter picture from that week since I don’t always get a chance to adventure on Monday’s and I’m sure it’s fine. I love the challenge because it prompts us to pause and take a moment for all things big and small. Anything is beautiful if we can slow down a bit to notice the wonder that surrounds us.

And then my dear Dragon Keeper Linda who has created a fun black and white, color challenge that presents us with a choice of how we want to see the world. Sometimes color wins and other times it’s black and white that adds more drama and interest. Besides that Linda’s blog is Home to the “Guest in Jest” series and spreads laughter and fun with her sense of humor that won’t allow you to hold a straight face. Pssst. Have I mentioned that the Dragon Queen hates snow? If you know her, this won’t be any news to you and you’re in on a little appreciation gesture to show our love for her.

I’m blessed to know both of these incredible ladies and proudly call them my friends. They are the most beautiful example when it comes to building strong bonds even if you never met in person. After all we are connected by the universe and I am grateful that our paths have intertwined. And this goes for so many of you out there who touch my life on a daily basis. Thank you.

Here is a picture from a visitor and spirit animal I had earlier last week and you better believe that a follow up post about it’s meaning is soon to follow. In the meantime I bring you this flying critter and you decide if it is the color version or the black and white that strikes your fancy. I hope you enjoy.

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Bridge of Sighs

I wrote about beautiful Venice before and it’s a place that captures my heart. The Bridge of Sighs was the last view of Venice convicts saw before their imprisonment. It got it’s name from the small time crooks that would sigh at the glimpse of Venice as they were walking across the bridge, leading from the interrogation rooms to their cells.

I thought it might make a good subject for Linda’s Black and White – Color challenge.

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Blurred focus

I love the color combo of the soft pinks and greens in this one. I love the highlights on the green and the leaves that were touched by light. I don’t mind that the picture is not fully focused and actually it was done so on purpose. See, sometimes things can still be pretty awesome and beautiful even if we don’t see the entire picture crystal clear. Sometimes the softer side is even more powerful than the controlled harsh contours. What to you think?

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Thank you…xoxo

Thank you for the well wishes and for going out of your way to contact me. You made my day here at work and your kind messages touched my heart. Although I’m not a 100% (yet), I’m much better and I can function. Today is day 6 out of 7 and after tomorrow I can rest a bit. The plan is to do few chores and spend some time outside to allow Mother Nature to work it’s magic on me and heal the ill away.

Picture: From a earlier Fall hike this year and experimenting with double exposures.