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Changing seasons

Our Golden Fall is leaving, giving way to Father Winter.

Today was the last warm day for the season, and the temperatures are falling daily. With overnight frost, soon we will welcome a whole different landscape.

Stay warm out there.

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Fall is in the air

It’s another “Golden October” with mild temperatures and sunshine. We had a few cold days with near frost temperatures overnight, but the sunshine has returned and has replaced the chilly air with warmth’s. The change is obvious and Mother Nature is changing her wardrobe to greet us with hues of yellow, oranges and reds. It’s quite beautiful but short lived.

Have a beautiful start to your week everyone. ❤️

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The Boat House

A picture from my recent trip to Mittenwald and a little slice of heaven. It was the perfect place for a little break and to take in the serene stillness and pristine beauty. The water looked inviting, but would feel chilly at first contact. It didn’t stop a father and son who took a dip along with the family dog who loved it. The weather was an ever changing display with rays of light dancing on the lake, and clouds playing with the peaks.

Wherever you find yourself, make sure to stay for awhile and watch Natur at play. Become still and observe your feelings. Listen to your soul and feel peace fill your lungs.

I’m off to collect more moments today and hope to find a few just like this.

Happy weekend everyone…

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Mountain chapel

Another beauty encountered on our hike was this little mountain chapel. A storm was brewing and it softly rained off and on throughout the day. The peaks were hiding in the clouds at times, but the ambiance and feel couldn’t have been any more peaceful. The trails were deserted and left mostly to ourselves while exploring this prestige wilderness.

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100.000 of years

This was at the entrance to the Leutasch Geister Klamm (Leutasch Ghost Gorge) from yesterday. It is in the Alps more then anywhere else that you still find these traditionally stacked hay stacks. I love them and they are a common part for me when I’m in the mountains here.

The grey granite wall used to be the ocean floor that was thrown up in violent times to stand upright as we see it today. If you look close you can see white lines throughout the rock. It is said that the space between the white lines signify 100.000 years each. Incredible….

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Mid-day Bike-ride

Went out for a short Bike-ride the other day in search of what spoke to my soul.

I found this combination of savannah grass, puffy clouds and a single tree and took a symbolic meaning away from it.

My interpretation of this view is to reach for the heavens and float through the troubles, to stay rooted and grounded even if you have to stand alone, to always remember to keep beauty within your heart, no matter how difficult and how thick things get.