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Circle of friends

No trip up to Winnemucca Lake is complete without stopping and taking a picture of this tree. There’s something about this tree that makes me pause each time and photograph it as if it was my very first picture of it. It draws me in and I’m not sure what continues to attract me to it. Perhaps just like the tree in my “Barren” post, it is the stark contrast that stands out within the beautiful surroundings. The lush meadows, full of life, the wildflowers, the glistening lake and the mountains that seem to breath life into me and this tree that stand stripped of all life. 

Looking closer, I see many trunks forming a circle. A circle of friends, united as one. Supporting each other to stand strong. I have hiked past this circle many years now and it’s unchanged and just like I remember seeing it the first time. United in numbers, withstanding the harsh Sierra winters of the higher elevations, the tree continues to whisper to me and draws me into it’s timeless beauty. I could look at it for hours and heart feels at peace in it’s presence. 

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It’s almost that time again and I noticed a few trees changing leaves already. The nights are getting cooler and our daytime temperatures have dropped into the 80’s. Many have a favorite time of year and a season they wish would never end. For myself, I enjoy it all and a picture of a familiar place can take on a whole new meaning depending on the variety of seasons and weather. With time pressing tonight, I came across this picture and it reminded me of the changing season ahead. Hard to believe and another year is already nearing it’s end. But for now we have a few weeks left and an Indian summer that is around the corner.

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Off the grid 

It is late Monday night and in a few short hours, I will be up to start my adventure. I’m scheduling a few short posts while I’m out and by the time this one publishes, I hope to have some new beautiful images locked within my camera. I’m excited about the project of trying something new and of course the full sturgeon moon. I’m getting up at 5AM tomorrow and we should be on the road by 7. There are only three campsites at Winnemucca Lake and you can’t reserve any prior as it is operated on a first come, first serve basis, so we want to get there early. 

In the meantime, I hope you can enjoy this picture. It is not of Winnemucca Lake but at another beautiful like spot in the Sierra. I will have my phone but most likely no service way out in the wilderness. Yet I will connect on a deeper level as with wifi and if the stars align and I find a signal, then I might sneak a little teaser so you can see what my eyes and soul are blessed with. 

Xo 🦋💙

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Donner Lake

So much variety to where I live. Came across this pictures and wanted to share, not that I wish for snow already. It’s hard to comprehend that it’s August already and that snow will fall soon again. Some of last years snow has not fully melted in the Sierra and I imagine that this winter will add to last years snow pack before it has a chance to melt. I’m hoping for a one day backpacking trip next week to one of my favorite places where my little critters, the Marmots live. Stay tuned 😉

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Horse Meadow

Wild horses at dusk with the mighty Sierra Nevada in the background. If I could have a horse, it would be a spotted one like the one in the foreground. I think it would actually have more brown and less white but spotted horses like this one, remain one of my all time favorite horses. Can you imagine going for a ride in the country of the wild Wild West and in these surroundings? 

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Sky on fire

The sky was something else tonight and Mother Nature sure put on a fantastic spectacle of light and color. I was captivated by the variations of color and the contrast between the dark ominous clouds and the light that was peaking through in several openings. I sat, while I was watching the sky change and ate what felt like my last meal. After 10AM tomorrow I will be on a liquid diet until Wednesday afternoon when the medical procedure commences and lies behind me. I guess it’s a great way to jumpstart my new dietary lifestyle change for better nutrition and I’m not complaining. I have big goals and I wouldn’t have it any other way.