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The Cellar

Oh how I hated the cellar at Moms House, while growing up. From the creepy, heavy iron door at the entrance of it, my cousins called “The Tresor” (the safe door), to the long, narrow hallway leading into the main cellar, to the oil tanks that would always kick on right then and there, with a noise that scared me half to death, to the spider webs, and creepy crawlers that never seemed to be too far out of eyesight. Mom used to store drinks, potatoes and canned goods in the cellar amongst other things. I would rather go thirsty than go down to the cellar. But of course there were times I couldn’t avoid it and had to summon my courage. Heaven forbid to show fear in front of Mom, although she always knew that I hated the cellar and was afraid to go down there. Still I couldn’t make it obvious. It was a subject that was avoided and we just didn’t talk about it. I remember every time I entered the cellar, I would begin to sing. Maybe to calm my own nerves, and in part because I believed I might be spared if the monsters lurking, enjoyed my singing. What silly things we tell ourselves as kids, but it stuck with me and so I sang the best I could on every occasion with the cellar.

I realized that Mom knew about my fear, the day she hid in a closet nearby as I came out of the cellar. I had just passed THAT closet, as the door silently opened and I felt something tapping me on the shoulder. Scary enough, I turned to find something/somebody, I didn’t know what the heck it was at first, taller than me, draped in a white bed linen, flailing their arms in the air. I couldn’t even scream but I remember the day as if it was yesterday, and to this day I am amazed my heart didn’t stop right then and there. It was awful, although funny now and we have laughed many times about it.

I made a trip to the cellar today. Yep, same feeling, same memories, keeping my eyes on the darn closet, and the creepy crawlies. I didn’t sing though, just come and get me already, ha. The water from a few weeks ago at my arrival, and which Moni (my brave cousin) had run into the day of the bathroom flooding, has almost disappeared. Eventually, I will have to go down there again and mop the tiles and clean up. JOY ♥️. I guess it could be worse. The second reason I went down there was for my boss in the states who loves old, abandoned places. Places of a long gone era where time stands still forever. Although Moms House is not abandoned, it is old for sure and different than the houses in the states. I took a few pictures, ranging from ok, hey this could be a cool space if cleaned up, to downright creepy and horror like. But no nightmares tonight and this picture is from the main cellar at the end of the long hallway.

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BASE jumping creepy crawlies

It must have been a picture of horror and disgust as I recall the day my biggest phobia was born. I was nine years old, standing in my room with my Dad who was about to remove one of the biggest spiders I had seen in my life up until then. Mind you that I was young then and everything appears jumbo sized when you are a child. But there it was, like a giant dark, dark, blackest of black blob, contrasting against my white walls. The body was huge with thick long legs on either side and it still gives me the chills just describing this scene. No way would I sleep in this room with the beast on the loose. I watched in horror as my Dad, Kleenex in hand stepped up on the chair to suffocate the creepy or at least remove it from my room. In slow motion I see his hands reach for the enormous creature but to no avail. The beast decides to BASE jump off of the wall, no safety net, no web, no nothing (I know I joke about this now, but this was actually absolute horror) and it lands on my head and in my hair. Horror is the only word that comes to mind, well…. maybe panic as well. Skipping all the details that followed, I had never seen anything like this, nor have I experienced anything like this since (Thank God) or heard of BASE jumping spiders. But it happened and the incident has left me traumatized ever since. I want nothing to do with spiders. I don’t want to grab them with tissue, kill them, step on them or else and if I would never had to see another, it would be perfect. Of course I had to deal with them on occasion and I always say that they take years off of my life if I have no other choice but to tend to them myself. 

Over the past few weeks I’m left to believe that some creep lives in my bedroom. I go to bed fine, but wake up with a bite somewhere, mostly the face or neck. It’s creeping me out that something is coming out of the dark to feed on me. I read that spiders or bugs don’t like apple cider vinegar and I have a shot glass full of it at my bedside but I’m not convinced it’s working as it should. It was quiet for a few days but they must have gotten passed it and new bites appeared. On to the next thing and spraying everything with peppermint essential oil last night I went. Spiders absolutely hate the smell of peppermint it said. Really, do spiders have noses, but at this point I’m willing to try anything as my own imagination of the sucker feeding on me is getting the best of me. I know I have seen too many horror movies and I don’t want to be an incubator for…..ok enough, I’m grossing myself out. 

So off I go and spray the entire room with peppermint last night. It smells so strong initially that I almost make myself gag and I feel an allergy attack coming on. I survive and go to bed shortly later, feeling at peace and relaxed after another horror vision of a train of marching spiders is leaving my bedroom and is vanishing from my mind. I sleep well, I think I did and I don’t recall anything. I wake up and there is a new bite on my right cheek. 

Conclusion: It was either a goodbye bite while marching away on the way out, or I really pissed it off now and it was showing me that it was after all stronger than the peppermint I sprayed to further aggravate it. 

Next step: Tearing the entire room apart as I fear that I won’t rest peacefully until then. 

PS. You understand that this will be one of the few posts that doesn’t have a picture. 

Oh and one more since we are on the subject and this will be the only time I talk about this. I watched a documentary once and they said that in order to address a phobia, you have to confront it head on. In other words, hold a tarantula in your hands and let it walk all over you. Mmmmh….NO THANK YOU.