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The significance of the number 12

The number 12 keeps showing up for me lately. So much indeed that I had to look up it’s significance. It’s no coincidence that our trailer is parked in spot #12 and that the new land has some ancient telephone posts that we want to keep. And yes, you’ve guessed it…there is a total of 12 of them. 12 somehow is finding it’s way into most of my days and as always there are no ordinary moments in life.

I almost had to laugh as I learned that the number 12 reflects to the ancient meaning of 12 being the number of perfection. I surely have redesigned over and over the house plans of the structure I hope to build next spring. Considering every detail and making it flow, several drafts were created. In the first one it was a matter of fitting all the essentials. The second draft was concerned with practicality, having enough space, as well as the design to be clever, making use of every nook and cranny. Once that was checked, it was proofed whether it was cool and unique. Whether it would meet that “different” kind of criteria, providing a place and space I would feel at home.

The number 12 is the result of 4×3, 4 elements, 4 corners of the earth and four cardinal points. When these are multiplied the result is 12, the perfect number, the number of God. It is the number of cosmic order. There are 12 months in a year, 12 zodiac signs, 12 Chinese astrology animals (12 years apart) 12 disciples in the New Testament and 12 inches in a foot. It is said that the number 12 is the highest vibration of the 3-dimensional world. It is where the purest masculine energy (represented by the number of one) and the purest female energy (represented by the number two) come together to create all that is and all that will ever be.

But we also find the number 12 in space in time, and time is measured in by two groups of 12 hours. In astrology there are 12 houses in which the planets and the 12 signs travel. In Tarot, the number 12 card is a major arcana card and is the hanged man, a card of letting go, having emotional release and accepting what is.

I find it interesting and by no means am I surprised that this number has surfaced. I relate to it as a number of being on track, about things being perfect as they are and how they must be for the time being. I believe that I am supported by spirit and God and that ultimately everything will be perfect, just how it is meant to be.

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A rare and special day in numerology, with a message from our angels

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Do you believe in numerology and angel numbers? It is said that seeing like numbers such 1111, 555, 444 and others alike have meaning and are messages from your guardian angels to communicate and perhaps nudge you into the right direction. I have seen these numbers a lot lately, almost daily. I have in the past, but never as much as now. It is easily said that during this time of most personal transition, I have needed more guidance or nudges for sure. Perhaps it is now and with ever growing consciousness that I am noticing these nudges. Maybe they have been here before, but I wasn’t ready to see. I am seeing now and who knows, I am sure there is yet more to see that I am currently missing. I know the information will come when I am ready, when my vibrations increase and when I am ready for the next step.

This has been a whirlwind of a month and we have been evolving at a rapid rate. I am feeling it and I am sure you have been too. It has been an emotional rollercoaster, euphoria and sometimes a sense of drowning, being overwhelmed and pushed right to the edge. And supposedly this energy shift started on 2.2.22, the beginning of February when everything we’ve worked on intensified and took us to another level. Today on this day also known as “Twosday” we are adding another 2 into the mix to make it 2.22.22. It is however the last day and this supercharged portal is closing, signifying the ending of an old chapter and marking the beginning of a magnificent new beginning. What makes today rare is that we will not experience another date with only 2’s in it for another 178 years, making today a once in a lifetime date. That is pretty cool in itself, but for me it has been all about the progress, the journey, the arriving here, where I am today. And what a journey it has been. It is still changing, still evolving as one piece after another slowly falls into place. The weight is getting lighter, I can feel it and a burden is lifting, although there is work to be done yet, but on this day of positivity and powerful energy, I don’t feel overwhelmed but a sense of serenity washing over me.

The number 2 relates to balance, harmony, friendship and relationships. It brings positivity, so we can expect genuine connections to be renewed or strengthened. 2 is a karmic number, and it is possible to experience many energy shifts throughout today, feeling old stagnant energy clearing as our vibrations elevate.

Number 22222 is an important message from your angels to pay attention, to be mindful and follow your intuition. It is also a sign that your prayers are about to be answered by divine guidance, support and help. 22222 is the universal code for receiving very clear messages from your guardian angels. It is a sign that all of our hard work and care will be rewarded. It also lets us know that we have one last effort before we notice this change in our life for good.

In numerology, angel number 22222 is here to guide us, to show us love and support to find our direction in life. We can expect confirmation that we are on the right path to attaining spiritual enlightenment. That we should continue walking the spiritual path we choose without felling guilty about it. And again we are reminded that we are at a point in our lives where we need and seek balance. Balance seems to be coming up so much lately and for me it has been a key word. One that is rooted deeply and just like love is the answer to all.

Happy Twosday….

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The law of attraction

I’ve briefly mentioned it before but here is the low down and how the story goes. It was only a few weeks before we sold our house, with hardly any time left before we had to vacate, that I started to run errands to the grocery store to buy food and other necessities for the new humble abode. It would be different for sure in this new place for on my me and the Cinnamon Girl.

On three different occasion my total purchase at the register ended up being $111. I’ve noticed the second time, but the third time it happened really got my attention and I knew there was a message waiting for me.

I remember being distraught the first time I shopped by myself, for me, not for us, not for a common home. I walked through the aisles like a zombie, in my own world, suppressing the tears and all the hurt I felt inside from all the newness I had to adjust to. Surely it was by choice and yet it was in those moments that reality caught up saying “this is it, it’s really happening.” And then a message appeared.

After the third magical checkout and a total of $111 yet again my attention was on full alert and I had to look up the meaning of the number 111. Here is what I found.

The meaning of the number 111 is that you are manifesting what you’ve been focusing your attention on. Whether your past thoughts, feelings and actions were positive or negative, you’ve put yourself in a place to attract things (people and places) that match your energetic vibration. This is the law of attraction.

The universe was speaking to me and as little and subtle as the message was it was also very powerful and big for me. It was a nudge to keep going, to confirm that everything would be ok and that I was on track. The message was delivered and the number 111 had served its purpose. It didn’t show up again but the next shopping experience brought the number 112 as the new total for my purchase. Needless to say it got my attention from the very beginning since I wondering already if 111 was going to make a comeback. Instead a message arrived with 112.

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Happy 7th Month Birthday Cinnamon

Yep the little rascal has taken over my bed, leaving me most nights like a question mark, scrambling for the covers. Of course she has discovered that the warmest place of the heating blanket is usually in the middle of the bed and it is there that you will find her.

Anyways, the little rascal is turning 7 month today. Lucky number 7. Also a number that signifies completion and perfection. Number 7 is also linked to exoneration and healing, to a fulfillment of promises and oaths.

This might sound strange to you but animals have soul contracts as well and many come to earth to guide you. It is no coincidence they find you, and help you with your struggles. After all they made a promise, and there is a soul contract at work, a fulfillment that calls for completion and healing.

Thank you my little Cinnamon Girl for bringing such healing to my life. Here is to you and your 7 month birthday.