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The law of attraction

I’ve briefly mentioned it before but here is the low down and how the story goes. It was only a few weeks before we sold our house, with hardly any time left before we had to vacate, that I started to run errands to the grocery store to buy food and other necessities for the new humble abode. It would be different for sure in this new place for on my me and the Cinnamon Girl.

On three different occasion my total purchase at the register ended up being $111. I’ve noticed the second time, but the third time it happened really got my attention and I knew there was a message waiting for me.

I remember being distraught the first time I shopped by myself, for me, not for us, not for a common home. I walked through the aisles like a zombie, in my own world, suppressing the tears and all the hurt I felt inside from all the newness I had to adjust to. Surely it was by choice and yet it was in those moments that reality caught up saying “this is it, it’s really happening.” And then a message appeared.

After the third magical checkout and a total of $111 yet again my attention was on full alert and I had to look up the meaning of the number 111. Here is what I found.

The meaning of the number 111 is that you are manifesting what you’ve been focusing your attention on. Whether your past thoughts, feelings and actions were positive or negative, you’ve put yourself in a place to attract things (people and places) that match your energetic vibration. This is the law of attraction.

The universe was speaking to me and as little and subtle as the message was it was also very powerful and big for me. It was a nudge to keep going, to confirm that everything would be ok and that I was on track. The message was delivered and the number 111 had served its purpose. It didn’t show up again but the next shopping experience brought the number 112 as the new total for my purchase. Needless to say it got my attention from the very beginning since I wondering already if 111 was going to make a comeback. Instead a message arrived with 112.

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Happy 7th Month Birthday Cinnamon

Yep the little rascal has taken over my bed, leaving me most nights like a question mark, scrambling for the covers. Of course she has discovered that the warmest place of the heating blanket is usually in the middle of the bed and it is there that you will find her.

Anyways, the little rascal is turning 7 month today. Lucky number 7. Also a number that signifies completion and perfection. Number 7 is also linked to exoneration and healing, to a fulfillment of promises and oaths.

This might sound strange to you but animals have soul contracts as well and many come to earth to guide you. It is no coincidence they find you, and help you with your struggles. After all they made a promise, and there is a soul contract at work, a fulfillment that calls for completion and healing.

Thank you my little Cinnamon Girl for bringing such healing to my life. Here is to you and your 7 month birthday.