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Witch’s Bells

I made my first crafty project in quite some time. I came across an original design by the Spirit Den and used it’s inspiration to make my own. I felt immediately drawn to the project for unknown reasons and loved to learn a little more about them. My space is small but mighty, and only meaningful items are within my four walls. It’s a great way to become a minimalist and find yourself surrounded by your favorite things, vs unnecessary “Stuff.”

Hung over an entry door or window, it is said that these bells are symbolic, offering protection for your home. With the recent nearby fires, perhaps there lies a connection in it itself as to why I felt my home could use a little extra protection. Even the materials used have a special meaning as highlighted by the Spirit Den.

Bells: Because of the vibratory nature of bells, they are an extremely effective form of spiritual cleansing. The sound of a bell continues to resonate far beyond the time that you can actually hear it. Bronze, having its own metaphysical properties, is known to clear negative energy and bring good luck. Because these bells are made of iron and bronze they are working double time to bring you protection.

Key of Hecate: symbolizes knowledge, attracts positive energies and helps to open doors of opportunity. Hecate is known as the goddess of magic and the keeper of keys. Protecting us and lightening the way ahead.

Black Ribbon: the color black is the most grounding color on the planet. It is used as a shielding and protective color. Black has a long standing association with mystery, transformation and magic, absorbing negative energy and helps protect from harm and negativity.

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Goddess Lilith

In mythology, Lilith was the first wife of Adam, exiled from Eden because of her independent, uncontrollable nature and disobedience. Lilith refused to submit to the rules of the patriarchy. Unbroken and unbowed, she was painted as a demon because of her rebellion.

She symbolizes one aspect of the Great Goddess and in ancient Babylon she was worshipped as Ishtar, the Goddess of war and fertility. In astrology, it is the feminine sexual nature that cannot be controlled. Lilith is the purest form of feminine sexuality and the symbol for Lilith is a mix of mind and matter as well as the subconscious aspect of the moon.

Lilith teaches us that we may be demonized as we pull off the chains of the patriarchy, but we will be free. Lilith reminds us that we can survive anything. That we can plant our own sacred garden anywhere we choose. Lilith tells us to take back our power. She calls to us to stand in our truth, embracing our darkness and our light equally. She tells us to stop playing small and being afraid of burning too passionately for worry of being misunderstood in the eyes of others. Our fire is not for them, she tells us. It is for us.

Anybody else feeling like Lilith or hearing her call lately?